11 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body Carre we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

The fetal development of the baby at 11 weeks of pregnancy has caused it to grow to about 4 cm from head down. The fingers and toes are practically formed and already with the nails. Your teeth are now also buttons inside your gums, which will be born at the right time. His nose is already formed, but it is nothing more than a nostril without a skin cap.

At this stage, the eyes and ears are already well formed and can be well observed during the course of the ultrasound. But the ears, which are already in the exact location, are still not working properly , because the internal connections in the brain that are responsible for proper function are not yet fully formed.

Your eyes already have small lids that open and close all the time, but you can’t see light yet, because your optic nerve is under development at this stage. The baby begins to open and close his mouth and these movements can also be seen during the ultrasound examination.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 11th week of pregnancy

Week 11 has just arrived and it is not known if the woman is pregnant or has just gained a little weight. For some women the belly is immediately apparent, but for others it may take a little longer to lose the waist and begin to have the silhouette of a pregnant woman. The mother’s face may now show hormonal signals, as the progesterone makes the face rounder and in some cases the nose more swollen, but honestly, it is a pregnancy charm!

The signs of the body begin to be more evident and the episodes of nausea and malaise begin to decline. This truce may be the right time for the pregnant woman to start preparing the trousseau and taking care of the details. Take advantage of the fact that the belly is still almost imperceptible and preview details of the room and the decoration, which can take time and later it will be very difficult physically to do so.

Sensations and external factors in the 11th week of pregnancy

Anxiety at 11 weeks pregnant can affect your sleep. The desire to discover sex soon and start preparing all the trousseau in the way you dreamed and the colors you want will be inevitable. But wait a little longer to verify the sex of the future son or daughter with the ultrasound. Take the opportunity to rest, to take care of yourself more and enjoy every second, the gestational stage goes very quickly!

You can now travel! The 11th week of pregnancy is a good time for you to start planning something special on a “babymoon”: a romantic getaway with your partner. We recommend going on this trip in the second trimester, as this is when you will feel most energized, we already doubt that you want to do many trips once you get to the third trimester. A babymoon is not just a cool way to celebrate your pregnancy; It is an opportunity to connect with your partner before the baby starts to take a lot of your time and attention. Maybe you can relax a bit too. So, take your mind off the discomfort and start discovering some babymoon destinations now, in the 11th week of your pregnancy. And if you need another detour, imagine your growing baby, quiet there and more and more developed.

How big is a baby at 11 weeks?

The baby is now as big as a lemon! Your 11-week fetus is about 1.6 inches long and weighs about 0.25 ounces. He or she has about a 1: 1 head-to-body ratio (which sounds weird, but that’s going to change).

11 weeks pregnant, how many months is it?

When she is 11 weeks old, it is two months and two weeks pregnant. In another couple of weeks, the second trimester will begin.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 11

At around 11 weeks, your mind and body are still totally baffled. It’s probably hard to feel calm right now, as your hormones are still raging and you can still feel quite nauseous. But don’t worry, you should know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there are only a couple more weeks left in the first trimester, which is indisputably the worst of pregnancy symptoms! Here’s more information on what you’re likely to feel at 11 weeks pregnant:

  • Even if you are still a bit fatigued, you can still expect an increase in your energy in the second trimester. For now, you better give yourself a chance to rest and get some extra rest.
  • Sickness. The nausea continues, we know that you feel sick and tired of being like this for a long time. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll start feeling better about yourself soon.
  • Sorry, but problems with your tummy are in order in the 11th week of pregnancy. Of course, you must maintain a good diet (try to eat foods that help keep them inside the stomach without causing havoc) and try to avoid foods that cause gas, among them we have: beans, cabbage, fried foods and desserts. Drink enough fluids, in addition to including foods rich in fiber.
  • The mood swings. Try some mind and body exercises, like yoga, to help you feel better about yourself. To the best of your ability, avoid stressful situations (being surrounded by a lot of people enjoying a game, better stay at home resting).
  • Leg cramps. You can feel painful pressure in your muscles probably at night and interfere with your sleep. Try to drink plenty of water to prevent leg cramps so that you can stretch your legs during the day. Check your diet very closely to make sure you are getting enough potassium and magnesium.
  • Darkening of the skin One morning you might wake up and think, whoa! that dark line down the center of my belly, why is it there? Well, this is a normal pregnancy symptom which is called the “black line”; which is caused by hormonal changes, but do not worry because this line is not permanent (although you could keep it for some time, after the baby is born, especially if you breastfeed the little one). All of this is related to the hormones involved with breastfeeding.
  • The vaginal discharge . Well, from what you can see you are probably going to want to invest in some panty liner, because the amount of vaginal discharge increases thanks to pregnancy.

Women who are 11 weeks pregnant with twins often have elevated hormone levels, which can mean double the symptoms and increased weight gain. Both are normal, although you may also experience increased energy and decreased nausea in the coming weeks.

Development of pregnancy at week 11

Your 11 week pregnant belly is starting to develop a lump where the baby is, rather than just gas and bloating, but it can be hard to tell. Especially if it is your first pregnancy, you may not be showing a very bulging belly at 11 weeks. Women who are pregnant with their second babies and those who are 11 weeks pregnant with twins tend to start to show a bulging belly earlier compared to mothers whose first pregnancy (this is probably the case for you).

While your belly may or may not be visibly changing, you may be surprised to see that your breasts have changed noticeably (which can be welcome or unpleasant, depending on what you prefer). We recommend that you buy some new, comfortable and stretchy bras at this stage of your pregnancy. If you are planning on breastfeeding, a nursing bra can be used now and put into practice after the baby is born. Also, nursing bras are normally made to fit changing bust size, and are likely to serve you for a long time.

At 11 weeks, the possibility of a miscarriage could be on your mind. It’s hard not to worry, welcome to motherhood! But now that you’ve seen the baby’s heartbeat, your risk of miscarriage is only 3 percent. It will drop even lower over the next month, so those miscarriage fears slowly fade away.

Ultrasound at week 10 of pregnancy

You can’t see it, but the baby is moving smoothly and gracefully inside your 11-week-pregnant womb. The 11-week fetus has transparent skin, but is on its way to becoming duller. At 11 weeks, the baby’s toes and hands are no longer patted. Tooth buds, hair follicles, and nail beds are forming as well. Great, huh?

Right now, between weeks 11 and 13, you may receive a first trimester exam. This is a combo of a special ultrasound called the Nuchal Translucency Test (NTS) and a blood test. During the 11 week pregnancy ultrasound, the technician or doctor will measure the back of the baby’s neck; an abnormal measurement could be a sign of a chromosomal abnormality. Then the blood test will detect too low or too high levels of hormones in your body. Taking into account the results of both the NTS and the blood test, your doctor will advise you about the baby’s risk of having a chromosomal condition. Waiting for the results can make you a little nervous, but knowing the results will probably give you peace of mind.

For women who are 11 weeks pregnant with twins, an ultrasound at this point would show the babies’ umbilical cords and a placenta or two. If the babies share a placenta, the fetuses are probably identical twins. If they have two separate placentas, they can be identical or fraternal. Identical twins who share the same placenta often need more frequent checkups to make sure they are both getting enough nutrition. Yes, even in the womb these brothers already have to learn to share.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 11

  • You can now buy the best style of maternal clothing.
  • Acquire a babymoon plan.
  • Start registering your baby in specialized stores.
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