13 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Bodycarre  we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

By 13 weeks of pregnancy, your baby can already be 8 cm from head to toe and, if she is a girl, she already has some of the eggs that she will store throughout her life and at the appropriate time they will be released during each menstrual period. . Fetal development makes your sexual organ more prominent, and although it does not give to objectively distinguish, it can give an idea during the ultrasound and perhaps it can become a very fun game with the family, the game of guessing the sex of the baby! baby!

This week, the baby’s neck will already be better developed, so he can move his head from side to side, although the weight of the head is still slightly greater than the rest of the body. Your fingers begin to take the correct shape and your thumbs are much larger than the rest.

The hands and feet are already fully formed and now the stiffness of the muscles and joints of the whole body begins. The central nervous system is already complete, it only remains to mature and develop fully until the baby reaches its first year of life. His urinary bladder is already functioning normally, and since he ingests amniotic fluid every 30 minutes, it is normal to pass it through his urine. And yes, don’t be alarmed, the amniotic fluid has pee! But this fluid leaks from time to time through the placenta.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 13th week of pregnancy

13 weeks of gestation. Now you have just officially entered the second quarter! By 13 weeks of pregnancy, in most cases, about 99% of the risk has passed. You may have already lost many favorite pants and maybe even some sweaters, due to belly growth. In some women the pregnancy is already evident; in others, it may seem like just weight gain. But one way or another, they have the belly that makes the woman more beautiful!

Unwanted symptoms, such as nausea and morning sickness, begin to go away. In some cases they can persist until the end of pregnancy, but few women go through that. The veins in the chest and belly are more prominent at this stage, but don’t panic!

The intake of foods rich in calcium should be doubled during this period as it will be necessary for the development of the baby’s bones that begins at this stage. Include milk-based foods on your menu, such as cheese and yogurt or even a good broccoli salad, which is rich in calcium, and very tasty.

Sensations and external factors in the 13th week of pregnancy

Your belly is more rounded than the previous week and your desire to show the world that you are generating life is more and more intense. The achievement of feeling a baby growing inside you is inexplicable, and the anxiety is stronger every day. Enjoy the quiet days to take care of yourself, do some little shopping and take care of the wardrobe. Doing everything calmly and calmly will allow you to prepare for everything to go as planned on the day of birth. This feeling is special and unique, enjoy every moment!

Congratulations! You have made it through the first trimester! We’re not talking about going through those work meetings without falling asleep or throwing up. We are talking about how you are now 1/3 of the way through your pregnancy. At 13 weeks pregnant, your fetus has grown to have vocal cords, teeth, and even fingerprints. You have probably kept this incredible news (most of the time) secret while you wanted to shout it from the rooftops or at least use it as an excuse to be late for work.

Around the 13th week of pregnancy, many parents start spreading the news about the baby on the way. But you should know that there is no rule regarding the right time when you should spread this wonderful news. It could be after your next prenatal appointment, once you start to see yourself with a more extended belly or wait for an important family event where all your friends and family are together. At this point, most likely most of your acquaintances have noticed.

How big is the baby at 13 weeks?

At 13 weeks pregnant, the baby is as big as a lemon. Your 13-week fetus is about 2.9 inches long and weighs about 0.81 ounces, and in proportion, its head is now about 1/3 the size of its body instead of ½.

13 weeks pregnant, how many months?

When we speak of 13 weeks of pregnancy, we mean 3 months of pregnancy. This is the last week of the first trimester.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 13

Now you may notice that around 13 weeks pregnant, the symptoms change a bit. You may actually be able to get through the day without nausea (if not now, it will surely be soon) or feel the need for a nap. But you may also be experiencing some of these symptoms as well:

  • Visible veins You can see all those blue lines under your skin because blood continues to flow in large amounts.
  • Increase in your energy. The second trimester is known as the least symptomatic – and the most energetic. You will see that you begin to feel more comfortable with yourself and you will feel full of energy, you will even want to get rid of many things that are off your list. Also, if you spent a long time fatigued to do your exercises, now is the ideal time to return to your routine. Exercise will be beneficial for you and of course for your baby. Even the daily work shift will be easier to meet. It’s worth it for your baby!
  • Increased sexual desire. If you are in one of the luckiest stages of your pregnancy, no rolls in this week 13… just enjoy. You may notice some spotting after intercourse this week. This represents a normal symptom, because your cervix at this time is more sensitive. However, if you notice that the bleeding is very heavy (similar to your menstrual period), you should call your doctor because this can be a warning sign.

Sorry, if your case is a twin pregnancy, because at 13 weeks with twins, you may still be experiencing morning sickness and fatigue. That’s because as a twin mother you can have a higher percentage of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your systems. If your nausea and vomiting are very severe, without hesitation you should call your Obstetrician. If you are able to maintain food and fluids, but you continue to feel ill, just have a little patience and wait.

Development of pregnancy at week 13

Your uterus is now big enough to grow out of the pelvis. That means you are starting to look pregnant. It’s really wonderful, because you’re already a third of the way down and you can finally ask for a seat on a crowded train.

From this point on you will need to continually gain weight, so your belly will continue to grow as your uterus widens to provide what is necessary for your baby. In general, your doctor will recommend weight gain in the healthiest way possible, that is, the gain should be slow and steady throughout your pregnancy. These are the weight gain guidelines established by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG):

If you are underweight (Body Mass Index less than 18.5):

  • The weight to gain should be between 28 and 40 pounds.
  • During the second and third trimesters, your goal should be to gain about a pound (1 to 1.3 pounds to be exact) per week.

If you have an average weight (Body Mass Index from 18.5 to 24.9):

  • During pregnancy, the ideal weight to increase should be between 25 to 35 pounds.
  • In the second and next trimesters, your goal should be to gain between a pound or a little less (0.8 to 1 pound to be exact) per week.

If you are overweight (BMI 25 to 29.9):

  • The recommended weight gain is between 15 to 25 pounds.
  • Your goal should be to gain a little over 0.5 to 0.7 pounds per week.

If you are an obese woman (BMI of 30 and over):

  • The recommended weight gain is 11-20 pounds throughout the pregnancy.
  • The goal is to gain about a half pound (0.4 to 0.6 pounds to be exact) per week.

If you are 13 weeks pregnant with twins:

  • During your pregnancy it is advisable to gain weight by 37 to 54 pounds.
  • In the first half of pregnancy, your goal to gain weight should be one pound per week. But in the second half of pregnancy, he will need to gain a little over a pound per week.

Of course, these figures do not have to be a cause of tension for you, they are simply recommendations. The important thing is that you eat a healthy diet, rich in a variety of foods, eat around 300 additional (nutritious) calories per day, more than you consumed before pregnancy, and get plenty of exercise.

Ultrasound at week 13 of pregnancy

Taking a 13-week ultrasound can detect the baby’s gender, but since it can be quite difficult to distinguish the genital areas of a baby that is so small, your doctor will probably wait until the mid-pregnancy ultrasound (around 18-22 weeks) . , when it will be more obvious, look and distinguish if you are expecting a girl or a boy.

If you have chosen prenatal cell-free DNA tests, also known as non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPTs), to detect chromosomal abnormalities, you will be able to find out the sex when you have the results of the test. Are you excited? We are sure that it is, because you can already know if it is a girl or a boy.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 13

  • Tell your boss that you are pregnant.
  • If you are expecting your second child, prepare your child for the new baby.
  • Start thinking about childcare.
  • Due to the advancement of your pregnancy, you should change your pregnancy workout.
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