16 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body Carre  we are going to see two pregnancies by two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

With the 16th week of pregnancy you can see the baby’s parts in the ultrasound and now the gynecologist can tell you if your world will be blue or pink! One trick you can use is to eat chocolate or candy 30 minutes before the ultrasound , since once your baby is active, the chances that he will spread his legs increase significantly. Its measurements can reach 1 1.6cm and 80 grams , it grows very fast! It is already fully formed and it is only growing and getting stronger by birth. Remember that prenatal care is very important for you, but especially for your baby! If you haven’t started it yet, it’s about time!

The 16 weeks of pregnancy marks the fourth month of pregnancy. Their eyelids are still closed, but they already have a certain sensitivity to light. His inner ear is fully formed and now he begins to hear sounds and will soon be able to recognize the voices of Mom, Dad, and close family members, and respond to stimuli. At this stage, your eyebrows begin to appear and your lips are already more defined. The muscles are already formed and fully active. His skin is pink and so thin that all of his veins and arteries can be seen.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 16th week of pregnancy

At 15 weeks pregnant, your abdomen is rounder and more visible, starting to make it clear that you are pregnant. The nausea seems to have completely disappeared. That uncontrollable first trimester sleep can take a break at this stage, allowing you to get to enjoy yourself throughout the day. Your appetite can also increase at this stage, so it is good that you redouble your care about what you eat, since you do not want to gain more weight than you should, right? Be aware of the foods you are putting in your menu and what they offer for your health and development of your baby.

Divide meals into small portions throughout the day so that you don’t feel hungry and always choose healthy foods. If it does not pose risks in pregnancy and your obstetrician allows it, you can start doing gentle exercises such as walking. In addition to helping your body prepare for childbirth, it will help you control your weight gain.

Your breasts can be twice the size of when you discovered that you were pregnant, this is because they are already preparing for breastfeeding. At this stage the sensitivity of the breasts that was so uncomfortable at first will be gone, but wearing a bra with an appropriate size will provide you with greater security and comfort.

Sensations and external factors in the 16th week of pregnancy

During pregnancy you must be careful with excesses, choose good foods and worry about your well-being. Don’t abuse people’s goodwill, but why not take advantage? Enjoy the pampering of family and friends, because when the baby is born it will have all the attention!

Now that you are 16 weeks pregnant, things are getting very exciting. You can have another prenatal visit this week, where you will have the opportunity to hear your baby’s heartbeat again. Even more exciting will be when you feel every kick from the baby, which could happen starting this week; So pay attention to the special moments in your belly of 16 weeks of pregnancy, it really is a time full of emotions for you. Another interesting fact, your baby begins to have the ability to hear your voice, and he or she will recognize it at birth, so feel free to talk to your baby.

How big is the baby at 16 weeks pregnant?

At 16 weeks pregnant, your baby is the size of an avocado, measuring 4.6 inches long and weighing 3.5 ounces.

16 weeks pregnant, how many months?

16 weeks of pregnancy corresponds to three months and about three weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 16

You already have more reasons to celebrate: in these 16 weeks of pregnancy your symptoms are definitely really good. For example, some mothers notice positive changes in their hair and nails, they grow faster. Your hair can appear thicker and shinier, and your skin can appear radiant and youthful. Learn here is more of what you might be feeling at 16 weeks pregnant:

  • Back pain. You may have some back pain, in part due to the effect of pregnancy hormones. To avoid these back pain, try to do low-impact exercises. Sitting and standing regularly will benefit your body.
  • Larger breasts. Your breasts have probably changed in size until today, and by the end of the second trimester, they will be fully prepared for breastfeeding.
  • The constipation. Constipation represents one of the symptoms caused by the pressure that the uterus generates on your intestines. Consume foods rich in fiber and enough fluids a day, this way your intestines will be moving.
  • Lack of memory. Nobody knows for sure what causes forgetfulness in pregnancy, but definitely forgetfulness at this stage will be very frequent, so you should not worry. Although this may have biological causes or is simply the result of having so many doubts in your mind in the 16th week of pregnancy.
  • Dry, itchy, and tender eyes. This is due to hormones once again. You could try some eye drops, but first you must be sure that they will not have any negative effect on your baby, consult your Obstetrician first.
  • Shiny skin. Finally and one of the most beneficial symptoms, you can show off a glowing skin that attracts glances.

If you are sixteen weeks pregnant with twins, your symptoms will probably be no different than they would be for a mother carrying a baby at this time. You should definitely keep your doctor informed about all your symptoms, because a twin pregnancy is considered to be at higher risk, so your doctor will want to keep up with all the changes that occur in you and the babies.

Development of pregnancy at week 16

Sooner than you think, you will start to feel your baby moving all over your 16 week pregnant belly. At first, these movements might be mistaken for gas or a muscle contracture, but over time, as the baby gets bigger and stronger, they will be unmistakable. If you’re 16 weeks pregnant with twins, you won’t feel kicking earlier than a single-pregnant mother, but over time, mothers of twins definitely feel more kicking their babies.

Of course, feeling those movements has other effects, like having your lungs tighten from the constant growth of the baby. That could make it a bit difficult to catch your breath from time to time.

Ultrasound at week 16 of pregnancy

Inside your 16-week pregnant belly, the baby is listening to your voice, thanks to the tiny bones that form in its ears. Already the 16 week old fetus is growing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. It is the time when your taste buds are forming.

You will likely have a prenatal visit in the sixteen weeks of your pregnancy. As usual, you will likely have a urine test. The obstetrician checks your urine for signs of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. You may have a 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound at this appointment.

The best news of the week? Once your OB obstetrician looks at the normal 16-week pregnancy ultrasound, your chance of miscarriage drops to just 1 percent. Sigh in relief!

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 16

  • Schedule your 20-week prenatal visit.
  • Schedule your ultrasound mid-pregnancy.
  • Begin to organize a list to choose the baby’s name.
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