21 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Bodycarre we are going to see two pregnancies by two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

The baby, at 21 weeks of gestation (it may sound crazy, but it’s true) is able to hear the sound of your voice and can even recognize it. Babies love hearing their dads voice when they are in the womb! The male voice more easily passes through all the layers that surround the baby (uterus and amniotic fluid) and therefore makes it possible for them to recognize the voice of father, grandfather or uncle shortly after birth. Another thing that is familiar to the baby after birth is the sound of mom’s heartbeat, a roar from heaven to them. Now it can weigh around 360 grams and measure around 26 cm! How much it has grown!

At 21 weeks pregnant, the baby has entered the fifth month of pregnancy and its main development this week is the bone and the start of red blood cell production. Their blood vessels are totally clear under the skin, which is still pink and transparent. Her small body does not have much fat, which is going to change in the coming weeks, in which she will tend to accumulate fat for use as an energy source and also to resist the temperature after birth.

The baby swallows amniotic fluid all the time and what is accumulating is meconium. Meconium started to be produced in the 12th week of pregnancy earlier and will only come out when the baby is born. In some cases it occurs earlier and it may be necessary to make an intervention or an emergency delivery, so that the baby does not suck the stool.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 21st week of pregnancy

Now the complicated adaptation phase is completely over. Mom is happy to see her growing belly and feel her baby move. The gynecologist will likely order blood tests from the second trimester of pregnancy. It’s great to see how your health is doing. Tip: always ask to have your urine tested, because preventing urinary tract infections during pregnancy is very important.

Up to this stage, the uterus has grown a lot compared to its normal size. Your belly is already rounded, pointed, but it is quite common to hear women question this week about the size of their belly, even if it is not too small. Each pregnancy has a different development and the size of the belly does not define the health of the baby, much less its size and weight.

This week the frequent appearance of vaginal discharge is likely, but if this discharge does not have any strong odor or different coloration, you should not worry. Some women tend to start bloating at this stage, and physical activity helps control swelling and fluid retention. Talk to your gynecologist and he will guide you on which sport is suitable for pregnant women and for your particular case.

Your appetite is doing very well and controlling what you eat and what your menu contains is extremely important, since nutrition is as much for you as it is for your baby. Foods rich in sugar and fat do not provide any beneficial effect in controlling the accumulation of body fat. In addition to causing excessive weight gain, they affect cholesterol. So be careful what you eat at this stage!

Sensations and external factors in the 21st week of pregnancy

Anxiety could affect your nights of sleep this week. It is natural that you feel concern about all the details, the trousseau and everything related to the baby. Pregnant women have become more sensitive about normal worries and even little things. Try to relax, enjoy the moment, and do one thing at a time. After all, what you are experiencing is a unique and magical moment!

Your emotions one hundred percent! Still haven’t found the perfect baby name? It seems that future parents can get to choose the name of the baby quickly and easily, or they begin to feel tense all the way to birth, hopefully not your case. If you have not chosen the right name for the new member of your family, take a look at the extensive lists with a variety of baby names, you will probably find that of your baby. Modern names, beautiful names, popular names and much more. Whichever name you choose, you may think that it is even more perfect when you meet (and fall in love with) your future little offspring who will fill you with joy. At 21 weeks pregnant, not only is this the ideal time for you to pick a name, but you are working hard to prepare your home. Of course, changing some things like the table pads can be difficult to decide, but try not to emphasize it at the 21st week of pregnancy. Trust us, baby won’t mind if you choose a bedroom set with huge furniture and eye-catching ornaments.

How big is the baby at 21 weeks?

At 21 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a head of endive. Measuring between 10.5 inches and about 12.7 ounces, the baby is big enough now that you’ve probably been feeling his fetal movements more intensely.

21 weeks pregnant, how many months?

21 weeks of pregnancy is 4 months and about three weeks. Now that you are very close to starting five months of pregnancy, your baby is already more than halfway to birth!

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 21

The symptoms of 21 weeks pregnant, are like a preview of the third trimester. This is what you might feel in the 21st week of pregnancy:

  • Heartburn and / or indigestion. Avoid consuming spicy, greasy foods, and other triggers. If the source of your discomfort is uncertain, maintaining a daily food menu may help you find out.
  • Contractions Your uterus may occasionally feel tight as it is practicing for delivery. This is totally normal, as long as the contractions go away when you change positions. Inform your doctor of any frequent pain or contractions.
  • Sinus duct. Your milk ducts will be fully developed at the end of this trimester, just in case of an early arrival of your baby.
  • Dry and itchy skin. Your skin is stretching over the growing lump, making it more irritated during the day. You can help yourself with a mousse, pregnancy oil, or lotion to help your skin stay hydrated and hopefully less itchy. Also, if you notice that you develop a rash, inform your doctor immediately, as it could be a sign of a bothersome pregnancy condition called PUPPP.
  • Stretch marks on the skin. Your skin thins as your baby grows, causing tiny tears under the surface of your skin. Stretch marks are more common for some women simply due to family history, or due to sudden weight gain. They are also more common in women who are 21 weeks pregnant with twins. There is no way to really get rid of stretch marks, but they need to fade significantly after birth.

Development of pregnancy at week 21

This week, you can look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Where have I come to?” By 21 weeks pregnant, you may have gained around 13-14 pounds and up to 21 pounds if you are 21 weeks pregnant with twins.

Your new curves will make you feel quite sexy and confident, after all, you are the center of attention wherever you go! But the extra weight can also make you feel like you’ve put on a lot of fat, don’t worry because you’re pregnant and you’re supposed to gain this weight. It is good for you and the baby.

In fact, all the weight you gain during pregnancy is not just for the benefit of the baby, it is really worth it, for having a healthy and beautiful baby. Here’s a logical way to think about it: Of the roughly 30 pounds you’ll gain throughout your pregnancy, there is much more than fat. This is what makes up more or less your weight:

  • Your mid-term baby = 7.5 pounds.
  • Placenta = 1.5 lbs.
  • The uterus = 2 pounds.
  • Amniotic fluid = 2 pounds.
  • Storage of breast fat, protein, and other nutrients (required for breastfeeding) = 7 pounds.
  • Breast tissue = 2 lbs.
  • Increase in liquid volume = 4 pounds.
  • Increase in blood volume = 4 pounds.

You see? All those pounds are doing a lot of good, keeping your baby alive, healthy, and saving good things to nurture after birth.

Whenever you feel a little worried about your body, think about all the incredible things that are happening. Now, at 21 weeks, the fetal movement is noticeable and the baby also has reflexes. If you gently press the palm of your hand on your belly, you may feel a little push back. Wow, indescribable!

Ultrasound at week 21 of pregnancy

Wondering what’s going on with your 21 week fetus? As your baby’s digestive system prepares for the outside world, he or she is making meconium – the black tarry substance you’ll find in their first dirty diaper.

I bet you hadn’t even thought about your future grandchildren, but the reproductive system is also developing. If you are a girl, you already have a lifetime supply of eggs in your womb – about six million of them! Are you going to have a boy? His testicles are still located in his abdomen but will drop in the next few weeks once the scrotum is finished developing.

You can catch a glimpse of that cute 21 week old baby if you have your pregnancy ultrasound in the middle of this week. This 21 week ultrasound will leave you speechless! Not only will you see the baby on the screen, you will also be able to see some impressive details such as the hemispheres of the brain and the chambers of the heart. Let your technician know whether or not you want to know the sex of the baby.

Finding out if it’s a boy or a girl is a very exciting time! But you can also save that moment for later, if you prefer. Some parents wait until the baby is born to find out the sex. You could also ask the technician to write down the baby’s gender and put it in an envelope so you can take it home. So, you could already plan a party to reveal the gender of your baby, where it can be discovered in a surprising and special way, while you are surrounded by your family and friends. It will be very fun!

Ask if you can get some impressions of the images, because if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, this may be the last medical ultrasound you will get during pregnancy. Now go show those photos of your treasure and let yourself be enchanted by the coolest name on the long list of options.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 21

  • Schedule your glucose tolerance test.
  • Begin planning your baby shower now that you have chosen the name.
  • Pick the perfect name from the baby names list.
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