25 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body carre we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

With 25 weeks of gestation, your dear baby weighs about 700-750 grams and measures about 35 cm, yes it grows and every day. They gain around 30 to 50 grams per day! Now it is formatted, he puts his finger in his mouth and it is a magic to see it through the small screen of the ultrasound or if you can perform a 3D, 4D or 5D ultrasound you will see it much better. Now you feel him moving more often, his fetal development is more than evident, even to Dad! You can play at talking to him right at the foot of the womb so that he hears the father’s voice and becomes familiar with him even in the womb.

At 25 weeks the sixth month of pregnancy begins and its main milestone in this stage is the brain. It is that day after day it prepares itself for its proper functioning after birth. His hair is already well positioned, as well as the color and tone it will have when it is born, as well as all the contours of the face, which can be clearly seen by a gynecological examination. Yes, you can check through an ultrasound whether or not the baby has hair! Just be lucky enough to get an obstetrician with trained eyes to check it out. Nose, contour of the mouth, ears, everything is well defined and your baby already has the characteristics with which he will be born in a few weeks.

The baby keeps moving constantly, even if the space in the uterus is getting more and more difficult. You can see him on the ultrasound touching his own face, sucking on his fingers and even moving his little feet, which is part of his motor development and self-knowledge. Amniotic fluid is swallowed and the accumulation of this fluid in the small bladder can be visualized.

At this stage it is also possible to stimulate their movements and the tastes of sounds. Many babies respond with kicks and movements when they hear some voices or recognize a sound, or even, for example, show that they are uncomfortable with a song. Of course, it is impossible to find out how dissatisfied or happy the baby is with sounds, but we know that they respond promptly to these stimuli.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 25th week of pregnancy

25 weeks pregnant, sixth month! Now, with more than half of the pregnancy, at week 25, the mother feels very pregnant! Although the ultrasound and all the tests up to this stage were done with a still small belly, it is now much larger and well-formed. Are your breasts already releasing colostrum? It is very normal! This is a sign that the body is preparing to breastfeed. Be very careful with stretch marks, feared by many women.

It is not uncommon for them to appear. Creams are the best weapon for this villain, apply abundant cream on the belly and breasts, except on the nipples, which must be prepared to breastfeed by rubbing them with a soft sponge, at the intensity you can bear. You can also prepare them taking a little sun: the best time is in the morning.

Religiously take the vitamins that your doctor has prescribed, which help nourish the mother and the baby, leaving them strong and ready for childbirth, vitamin complexes do not make you fat, they simply supplement in case some vitamin is lost in the body. It’s the perfect time to do a glucose curve and see how your blood glucose is doing. Ahhh, did you get the baby’s room ready yet? Time is running out my friend! Some stores take horrors to deliver furniture, so hurry up.

Sensations and external factors in the 25th week of pregnancy

25 weeks of pregnancy is a comfortable time for pregnant women, because nausea is no longer a bother, belly weight is still not a bad thing, and goodwill is 100%. Your only concern at this time is in relation to your clothes: due to the size of the stomach, your pants, blouses and dresses no longer serve you. This ultimately forces the mother to renovate part of her wardrobe (this is a good obligation, huh?). Choose the largest pieces, such as more comfortable coats and dresses, that you can wear even after the birth. Stay beautiful every day, after all, you are experiencing a beautiful stage.

You are now 25 weeks pregnant and you probably have expectations related to when your baby will finally be born. Although this is a bit scary for you, it is undeniable that it is also exciting. The cool thing is that most hospitals will allow you to pre-register for your delivery time, which means you can fill out all the admission paperwork ahead of time, so you don’t have to fill out a ton of forms when your due date arrives. of your baby.

How big is the baby at 25 weeks?

By now your baby at 25 weeks is as big as a head of cauliflower, measuring 13.6 inches long and weighing almost 1.5 pounds.

25 weeks pregnant, how many months?

25 weeks pregnant is five months and about two weeks pregnant.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 25

You still feel quite energetic, but you will most likely start to feel heaviness in your lower body, as your baby grows bigger every day. Symptoms of a 25 week pregnancy can include:

  • Trouble sleeping It may be difficult for you to fall asleep because you are very nervous with the birth of the baby, it may be due to hormones or it makes you uncomfortable sleeping on one side due to the size of your belly. Try different strategies so that you can easily fall asleep. For example, you can drink more water first thing in the morning, then as the day goes on you begin to decrease your water intake until close to sleeping hours. In this way, you will not need to make several trips to the bathroom and you can rest better.
  • Increased urination Now your baby is putting a lot of pressure on your bladder, increasing the times to pee.
  • Constipation. Exercise (which is as simple as taking regular walks) is essential to combat constipation, try to drink plenty of water and eat enough fiber-rich foods, so you can go to the bathroom without problems.
  • Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are common in the second half of your pregnancy because the growing baby puts pressure on your digestive tract. Constipation contributes to this symptom. Therefore, you must control constipation to avoid inflammation of the hemorrhoids and discomfort.
  • Gas and bloating. Your hormones are affecting the digestion process, resulting in excess gas formation.
  • Heartburn. This symptom represents another of the disorders related to your digestive tract. Your growing baby affects your digestive system, including the stomach and esophagus. An excellent solution is antacids, it is a safe way for your 25 week pregnancy (consult your doctor in advance about the use of any antacid), it also contains significant amounts of calcium as an additional benefit. Avoid consuming greasy and spicy foods (especially before sleeping), remember that these kinds of foods can stimulate heartburn.
  • Slight contractions.These small “contractions” usually appear around 28 weeks, but in some cases expectant mothers have slight contractions before that time. If you are one of them, you will find that your uterus becomes quite hard, tight and finally returns to normal. Fortunately, contractions are not frequent. If you change your position, the contractions go away. In case your contractions are generated repeatedly with greater force and with regularity, this can be worrisome. It is best to go to your obstetrician immediately, since it is likely that you are at risk of premature delivery. If your pregnancy is twins, the contractions can mean a risk of premature labor; That is why it is important that any contraction is attended to in time to avoid early labor.

Development of pregnancy at week 25

You’ve probably gained about 15 to 18 pounds in total so far. Are you 25 weeks pregnant with twins? It’s probably around 25 to 40 pounds for you.

When you’re 25 weeks pregnant, weight gain can be an anxiety-causing factor. We have already recommended that gaining slowly and steadily is healthier, although it is also very common for weight gain to vary significantly in the second trimester. This is probably due to the amount of water accumulated in mid-pregnancy. Although, to be honest: gaining the same amount of weight each week is just not going to happen (naturally there will be some fluctuations), your doctor just wants you to try to gain enough weight to keep you and the baby healthy, if possible throughout the pregnancy. (Also so your third trimester is not so heavy, because you are carrying a lot of extra weight).

So there is nothing wrong if you gain a few extra pounds, just try to keep up with your diet and do some exercise. If your weight gain becomes a problem, your doctor will inform you. Try not to focus too much on your weight, focus better on everything that is happening inside that 25 weeks pregnant belly: your baby continues to grow and develop at an accelerated rate, as the weeks of pregnancy progress.

Fetal movement at 25 weeks can be noticed, as at this stage it has intensified and you will likely notice some patterns. When you feel a lot of kicks, this is a sign that the baby is awake, and when you don’t notice any movement, he or she is probably sleeping. Regular movement is a clear sign of a healthy and active baby. If you haven’t felt the baby move in a while and you want to reassure yourself that everything is fine, drink some ice water, put on music or ask your partner to give you a light massage, your little one will probably wake up and give you some hits.

Ultrasound of pregnancy at week 25

Your baby is already enjoying his new sense of balance (yes, your 25 week old fetus is now learning which way is up and which way is down). In 25 weeks of fetal development, your baby is growing more hair and has more fat.

You will most likely not have an ultrasound at 25 weeks pregnant, unless your doctor has ordered extra monitoring of the baby. You will see your OB once this month if you haven’t already. Starting from week 28, your visits will be every two weeks.

Your glucose test screening will happen between weeks 24 and 28, so if you haven’t been there yet, check to make sure you have an appointment. Your doctor may ask you not to eat for several hours in advance (not so much fun when you are 25 weeks pregnant) and then drink a sugary solution. Your blood will be drawn, to see how sugar is processed by your body. This test can rule out gestational diabetes or raise an alert for this problem, in which case your doctor may order new tests.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 25

  • Acquire the latest trends in maternal fashion.
  • Take one last trip before the time of birth.
  • It is time to organize the baby shower.
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