30 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body Carre we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

At 30 weeks pregnant, your baby can now weigh between 1,700 to 2 kilograms! She is big and her fetal development is impressive. You get fatter and fatter, but only 2% of your weight is fat. It measures about 38 cm and is very active. Make sure you talk to the baby, who listens, and the sound of your voice is very positive, because it calms and soothes him.

In the 30 weeks of pregnancy, the development of the baby is marked by the evolution of its sensitivity in the eyes. Now he can respond to light stimuli by playing under the belly and differentiating the lights when it is light or dark. Their body and limbs are fully formed, they developed and they are very plump, now they have toenails. You don’t have full control over your hands yet, but you may already have hair and pull your hair out when you find them. At this stage, the baby is sharing space with about 1 liter of amniotic fluid, which is extremely important for its survival in the womb. This fluid will be reduced naturally following the growth of the baby, but it will be monitored through an ultrasound ordered by the gynecologist.

His lungs, as well as his respiratory and digestive system, are already able to work, from now on his growth will be slower and focused on weight gain, which will be very fast until birth. His skin is smooth and rosy in color due to the accumulation of fat already under his skin. You may feel that the movements slow down, but do not worry, it is normal, due to the little space that the baby has as it grows.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 30th week of pregnancy

Feeling heavier? How much have you increased so far? The normal and most appropriate is to gain 9 to 12 kilos during pregnancy, do not overdo it, but you can also allow yourself some luxuries during pregnancy. During the 30 weeks of gestation, the mother always has to eat well every 3 hours. As of this week the consultations will be fortnightly and not monthly as before. In some cases, the doctor will request weekly appointments, but this will depend on the health of the mother and the baby.

Your belly is already quite large and heavy and causes you severe fatigue and general malaise. Your mood, which had stabilized, again begins to be a nuisance, since you have moments of sadness that invades you for no reason, try not to recharge too much, rest whenever you can and be careful. Spending a day at the salon to take care of your nails, hair and skin can be a good option to feel better. Don’t forget that even pregnant you can keep your beauty and self-esteem a priority.

At 30 weeks gestation, a new symptom may start knocking on your door: shortness of breath. This is a result of the weight of the uterus pushing on the diaphragm, but in a few days it will be missed when the baby presses down on the hip.

Sensations and external factors in the 30th week of pregnancy

Clothes are getting harder and harder to find and nothing suits you? This makes you have no desire to leave the house and feel even more angry. Try to wear more comfortable clothes and not worry so much; after all, the pregnancy is almost coming to an end and soon everything will return to normal, or almost.

Are you starting to feel pretty uncomfortable in your belly? Your 30 weeks pregnant belly is making it quite difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep at night. Your belly has become the center of attention. Everywhere you go, someone seems to have a comment on what you look like, which isn’t always that funny. And without a doubt, you have found one or two people who do not think before speaking and saying something embarrassing or painful. Try not to take these comments seriously, but you should only take those comments from the heart into account. Like when someone tells you they notice a different glow on your skin, believe it. It’s great! Take advantage of some of the advantages that this body change provides you. When someone offers you their seat on a crowded train, take it!

How big is the baby at 30 weeks?

At 30 weeks pregnant, your baby is the size of a zucchini. Your 15.7-inch, 2.9-pound, 30-week fetus continues to grow about a half pound and a half inch each week.

30 weeks pregnant, how many months?

In the 30 weeks of pregnancy we are talking about six months and two weeks of pregnancy. Only 10 weeks (maybe fewer weeks) to the time of birth.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 30

At week 30 of pregnancy, your dreams can get weirder, if you’re really sleeping, because bedtime starts to get complicated. That could be the result of your hormones, but it could also be anxiety, so consider doing some activity beforehand that will prepare you to help you rest easier. You can take a test drive to see exactly how long it takes them to get to the hospital. Then maybe you will stop having nightmares about giving birth in your car. Here are other common symptoms of 30 week pregnancy:

  • Heartburn. If you have a burning sensation, start paying attention to the foods that can be the cause of this symptom (often very fatty foods, heavy foods, spicy foods, or acidic foods). Avoid as much as you can eat, especially before bedtime, since this annoyance of 30 weeks pregnant, makes it significantly difficult for you to sleep.
  • Trouble sleeping You are tossing and turning in bed trying to find the most comfortable position to sleep, plus some doubts about pregnancy from now on can contribute to lack of sleep. This cycle leads to another symptom: fatigue.
  • Swelling. You can expect some swelling, but you can decrease the inflammation by placing your feet up for a period of time. Only sudden or severe swelling can be a sign of a problem, try to stay alert for this symptom.
  • General malaise Thanks to your huge belly, you have back pain, pain in your hips and feet. Everything really hurts!
  • Shortness of breath At times when you are inside a place with many people, you may have some difficulty breathing. Your baby presses on the top of your ribs during pregnancy at 30 weeks, but should move to a lower position within the pelvis in the next few weeks of pregnancy (probably 33 or 34 weeks). You will feel calmer because your baby will allow you to take a deep breath again. Do not worry you are closer than you think.

Development of pregnancy at week 30

You may notice that your 30 weeks pregnant belly gets quite hard and tight at times. Yes, at 30 weeks pregnant, Braxton Hicks contractions are quite common. These represent how your body prepares for the main event (labor, of course). Contractions tend to happen after exercise, sex, or when you’re tired or dehydrated. If you receive them, sit or lie on your side, relax, and drink plenty of water. If the contractions don’t stop or if they already have four or more in an hour, call your doctor. It could actually be a sign of preterm labor.

In your 30 weeks your weight gain at this time of pregnancy should be 18 to 25 pounds. However, if you are pregnant with twins, it can be more like 25 to 40 pounds of weight gain. The fundamental height (the distance between the pubic bone and the top of the uterus) should be about 11 to 12 inches.

Are you worried about gaining weight? Do not worry. The extra kilos that you have gained will serve as a reserve to help you breastfeed the baby. There is no need to stress over them or rush to remove them. It took you nine months to put the weight on and it will take at least that long to take them off. However, keep an eye on the scale, as sudden or drastic weight gain could be a sign of a serious pregnancy complication called pre-eclampsia, so you should notify your doctor immediately if the number on your scale jumps further. than you normally should have week by week.

During pregnancy at 30 weeks, your baby’s position is still head-up. Your 30 week old fetus will comfortably float in about 1½ pints of amniotic fluid. It may seem cramped there, but he or she still has room to move. Over the next several weeks, your belly will grow even beyond your rib cage to accommodate your baby, but he or she will continue to take up more space as your due date approaches.

Ultrasound at week 30 of pregnancy

If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you probably won’t have a 30-week ultrasound. But, if you could see what the baby is doing, this is what you would detail: the skin of your 30-week fetus is getting smoother, but his brain is becoming wrinkled, that is, it is time to give way to all that essential brain tissue. Your baby at 30 weeks is now strong enough to grasp a finger. That is a skill that he or she will surely use after birth.

But if you are 30 weeks pregnant with twins. Until now, your twins have probably been growing at the same rate as any other baby in the womb. But sometime between the end of this week and week 32, they could slow their growth a bit.

Around week 30 of pregnancy with twins, your OB may order a biophysical profile to be taken on your babies. This is a pair of tests that includes a 30-week ultrasound and a non-stress test (NST). For NST, they will place sensors on your belly to detect and measure the babies’ contractions and heart rates. The test is designed to check how a baby’s heart rate responds when he or she moves. If everything looks fine with the NST and ultrasound, your doctor will rule out fetal distress, to ensure that your partner is in good condition.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 30

  • Schedule your 32-week prenatal visit.
  • Get help at home to prepare for the baby’s arrival.
  • Practice moving from your home to the hospital.
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