31 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Bodycarre we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

At 31 weeks pregnant, the baby weighs about 2 kilograms and has limited space inside the mother’s tummy. As it is getting tighter, the baby’s movements tend to slow down and be more problematic for the mother. With longer arms and legs , they are more proportional to the body and head of the fetus. If an ultrasound is done it will be very possible to see the baby sleeping, they love to sleep at this stage, as it is warm and cozy within the safety of the womb, and of course, to hear the heartbeat, their favorite sound!

At this stage, the baby is already “intelligent” and responds to external stimuli such as the voice of the parents and caresses in the belly, which become a great joy and a sense of family to see the movements of the baby when called . At 31 weeks of pregnancy, your lungs are almost ready and surfactant production begins to prevent the wall of the alveoli from sticking together, making it difficult to breathe.

Baby yawning is a delight to behold, isn’t it? Imagine seeing him do this through ultrasound. At this stage they tend to sleep a lot and yawn too, so you can be rewarded with a scene during the ultrasound exam. Your baby at this stage of 31 weeks of gestation, is this big: it measures about 38 cm and weighs 1.5 to 2 kg.

The accumulation of fat under the skin becomes more and more evident, which prevents the blood vessels from being clear and sharp as before. You are in the final stretch, there is little left for your baby to finish developing and be ready to reach the world. Prepare your heart for all the emotions that await you!

The internal sensations of the mother in the 31st week of pregnancy

Definitely in the 3rd trimester! Now, with the belly already raised, it is very pleasant for the proud mother to parade it, but also taking a simple walk can be very exhausting. Leg swelling is common, so you should be monitored by your doctor, who should also monitor your blood pressure .

The incidence of pre-eclampsia has risen and, unfortunately, it is due to the poor diet of pregnant women, due to the supply of fast food and frozen food. Excess salt ends up becoming a villain and therefore good nutrition should be made with vegetables, fruits and natural juices, which are very good for mother and baby.

At this stage your breasts will be even larger, the areola is darker and some spots may appear around the breast. These are signs that your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding and is part of the milk production process. Sensitivity in the area will also increase, so wear more comfortable bras at this stage. Your belly is huge and a dark line can divide your abdomen in half! This black line will remain until a few months after pregnancy , but worry, it disappears!

Sensations and external factors in the 31st week of pregnancy

Bedtime is getting harder, right? You can’t find a comfortable position and when you do, it starts to hurt and your breathing gets worse. Try to lie on your left side with a pillow between your legs, which helps you relax and be more comfortable. If you are very anxious, you can have a good passionflower tea ( check here the properties of the different types of teas ) before going to bed to help you relax and let sleep come more peacefully.

Can you believe that the five senses of the baby are fully developed at 31 weeks of pregnancy? The baby looks better too! In the meantime, you might feel a bit silly. No, you’re not! You are just one of many moms who act absentmindedly during the third trimester. Some say that the “pregnancy brain” is not a real thing, but can you honestly think of another time in your life? When have you had as much on your mind as now? Not really. It is quite reasonable to be a little forgetful in the 31st week of pregnancy.

How big is the baby at 31 weeks?

t 31 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a bunch of asparagus. Right now your baby is already 16.2 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds. Your baby is getting so big, it is likely that he will put a little pressure on your lungs, which is why you may find yourself out of breath when taking a normal walk up the stairs.

31 weeks pregnant, how many months?

In your 31 weeks of pregnancy, it refers to six months and three weeks of pregnancy. You are finishing month seven at the end of this week.

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Symptoms of pregnancy at week 31

Starting at week 31 of pregnancy, you are bound to feel many of the same symptoms that you have already been experiencing. Some can get worse, and some you can tolerate. Here are the most typical 31 week pregnancy symptoms:

  • Difficulty to breathe. You could start to have more problems as your body becomes heavier: mainly shortness of breath. Remember not to undergo too much physical activity that causes complications when breathing. We know this symptom is uncomfortable, but exercise is good for both of you, you just need to make sure you take the necessary breaks to rest.
  • Dry and brittle nails. You may have noticed growth on your nails, although you probably feel dry and your nails become more brittle. Some moms are often successful with an oil cuticle moisturizer. This is a perfect excuse to make an appointment at a manicure and pedicure spa.
  • Contractions To cope with the discomfort of contractions, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and changing positions often. This will prevent contractions that speed up preterm labor. If you have certain pregnancy complications or are at 31 weeks pregnant with twins, there is an increased risk of premature delivery.
  • Breasts ready to breastfeed. You are probably already producing that yellow liquid that will become your baby’s first food. This liquid is called colostrum, and your body is almost ready for the baby.
  • Frequent urination Your bladder like your lungs is affected. There is not much you can do about that. Except, mentally planning visits to the bathroom, within your routine of daily activities.
  • Back pains. Make sure to stick to a stretching routine to ease your back pain. A prenatal yoga class can help you a lot in this.
  • Trouble sleeping It’s no wonder you can’t sleep when your back hurts, your belly contracts, you can’t find a comfortable position, and you have to keep getting up to pee.

Development of pregnancy at week 31

At 31 weeks pregnant you have probably gained about 21 to 27 pounds. If you are 31 weeks pregnant with twins, you probably gained 27 to 42 pounds.

Your 31 weeks pregnant belly is making it difficult to do some everyday things like: tying your shoes and having sex.

Ultrasound at week 31 of pregnancy

Your 31st week fetus is undergoing significant brain and nerve development. Since her eyes are developing too, the irises can now react to light (a little light shines on your 31-week pregnant tummy sometimes). In fact, the baby’s five senses are in good working order.

What is the position of the baby at 31 weeks? Head down at least he or she is probably in this position. Your OB will check your position to make sure the baby is in good condition at your next appointment.

Women who have pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes or who are 31 weeks pregnant with twins can have a 31 weeks pregnant ultrasound to check on the baby (or babies). But if that’s not your case, this week then you will be free from an ultrasound.

We know it, we know it. You are dying to know what your baby looks like inside your 31 week pregnant tummy. Some curious parents choose to have a 3D or 4D ultrasound later in the pregnancy, usually sometime between 24-32 weeks (so 31-week pregnancy is the perfect time).

In a 3D or 4D ultrasound, you can see the entire surface of the baby’s face in one image. Yes, the image is three-dimensional. In the 4D ultrasound you can see your baby move on the screen in 3D. That means you can see your 31-week-old fetus blinking, thumb sucking, and maybe smiling or frowning. You’ll probably take home a video of him too.

There are medical circumstances that might require a 3D or 4D ultrasound at 31 weeks of pregnancy. But if your doctor doesn’t order one, you have the option of getting a 3D or 4D ultrasound at an independent imaging center. In this case, the 3D or 4D ultrasound is an elective procedure, so insurance will not cover it and you will have to pay out of pocket for it.

It is quite exciting to be able to see the baby in such detail, so if you want one, and your doctor authorizes it, you can go immediately for a 3D or 4D ultrasound.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 31

  • Prepare your pets for the arrival of your baby.
  • Learn to distinguish the signs of preterm labor.
  • Prepare the room with the most essentials for your baby.
  • Order a baby scrapbook.
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