35 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body carre  we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

At 35 weeks pregnant, the baby is moving a lot and the vitality of fetal development is impressive, vigorous movements can be surprising at this stage. The famous dimples make pregnancy even more impressive. With full fetus development, the baby now gains about 30 grams per day; the accumulation of fat is necessary for the baby to gain weight properly. It is true that the baby’s weight gain is not proportional to the mother’s weight gain.

This week, the baby already has the exact characteristics that he will be born with and all his organs are already up and running, but his lungs are maturing by processing fluid, ensuring that they will not stop working when the baby is born and begins to breathe. A 35-week-pregnant baby can measure about 44 cm and weigh 2,200 kg . She is in the final stages of development and is now gaining weight daily. Its movements are increasingly scarce due to the lack of space in the uterus , but it is still possible to feel the sudden movements that mark the belly, especially when passing an elbow or a foot.

At this stage your kidneys are already working and the liver can do its job of filtering substances properly. The amount of amniotic fluid is decreasing every day, this is a consequence of the baby’s occupation inside the uterus is getting bigger and bigger. Your uterus has grown so large to meet the size of the baby that it is about a thousand times larger than its normal size.

The internal sensations of the mother in the 35th week of pregnancy

Mom is in the house resting! Now the anxiety can start to take over you and Dad, but don’t let those moments distract you from how delicious it is to feel your baby and I advise you to enjoy every moment. All pregnancies are different from each other, even if you have more children, each pregnancy is unique, with its peculiarities. If you are having twins, from now on you can keep the yellow light on, because usually births occur between 35 and 36 weeks. Of course, everyone has their exception, there are not so rare cases in which the pregnancy reaches 39 weeks .

In the 35 weeks of gestation, the training contractions and sleepless nights (try these tips to improve sleep and discomfort ) and cramps can torment the mother , but calm, the moment of delivery is coming and when you see your baby to the face, everything will pass, and the feeling of reward is one of the best in the world! Mom, if you haven’t sorted everything out yet, it’s time you did. Soon the baby will give the alarm that he wants to be born and it will be a race against time to have everything ready upon arrival as you expected.

Sensations and external factors in the 35th week of pregnancy

Pee queen! This is the way the mother can feel the last few weeks. It would be great to do a lymphatic drainage session, which helps to eliminate fluids and reduce the urge to urinate, but hydrate yourself, because it is necessary. Drink water, coconut water and natural juices, and avoid teas and other diuretic drinks that can increase the urge to urinate. Keep an eye on your blood pressure, as it is dangerous for pre-eclampsia at this stage. Have you decided what kind of birth you want? Typically, your health status and wishes will help you decide whether it will be a vaginal delivery or cesarean section.

At 35 weeks, some mothers may feel like they have a ton of things to do before the baby arrives. Others can hardly wait for their baby to make his debut. Either way, try not to get too anxious about the early arrival. Your baby will be born when he’s ready and he won’t mind if you haven’t gone through all the details on your huge to-do list. As long as you have a safe place for your baby to sleep and a child safety seat for the trip home, this will cover the baby’s basic needs initially.

How big is the baby at 35 weeks?

At 35 weeks pregnant, your precious baby is as big as a pineapple. Baby is about 18.2 inches from head to heel. From now on, your baby will have no more time, but will continue to grow. Your 35 week old fetus now weighs around 5.3 pounds and will put on a pound or more of baby fat before meeting you.

35 weeks pregnant, how many months?

35 weeks pregnant is seven months and about three weeks pregnant. This is the last week of your eighth month. There are about five more weeks for your baby to be born.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 35

As your eighth month ends, you are probably experiencing some of these 35 week pregnancy symptoms:

  • Need for frequent urination. Yes, your bladder is still under pressure from the weight of your baby (or babies, if you are 35 weeks pregnant with twins). You are probably in the best position in your lower pelvis, you are almost ready for birth. Don’t let constant trips to the bathroom discourage you from drinking enough water. Because dehydration puts you at risk for preterm labor, so drink as much water as you need.
  • The constipation. We previously suggested it to you, that’s why at this stage we remind you: make sure to include foods rich in fiber in your daily diet. If you’ve tried everything and are still struggling to combat constipation, ask your doctor if it’s okay to take a fiber supplement, or if he doesn’t suggest another effective solution.
  • Aches and pains in the hips and pelvis These aches and pains continue and you are surely feeling some new ones. As you are struggling to cope with the discomfort, think on the bright side of these aches and pains: it is a signal from your body to indicate that it is ready for your baby to be born. Yes, all this pain actually has a purpose! Your ligaments are loosening so your baby can make his way out of your uterus and open his eyes to the outside world.
  • The contractions. At 35 weeks pregnant, you may have noticed an increase in the number of contractions. This is all crazy, that it is difficult to understand what is going on in your belly. Just pay attention to the contractions; try to rest and drink enough water.

Development of pregnancy at week 35

They have both kept growing, growing, growing. By now you’ve reached 35 weeks pregnant, your uterus has grown to 1,000 times its original size, a number that may sound exaggerated to other people, but it probably feels more like a million to you. You can expect to gain about half a pound each week until it is time to give birth.

35 weeks pregnant is a good time to check your signs of labor. You may think it’s early, but about 11% of singleton mothers give birth prematurely, while mothers who are 35 weeks pregnant with twins are almost considered full term at this time. To recap, here are the real work signs, it’s time to call your OB and take your bag to the hospital if:

  • Possible rupture of the water bag. To verify that the bag of water has been broken: You may experience that the amount of one more flow increases like water. There may be a large stream or a slow trickle that comes on suddenly.
  • Painful contractions Those false contractions don’t compare to real contractions. If you suddenly have a sensation of pain in your 35 weeks pregnant in your belly or back, instead of being a leisurely ache, this is probably the time.
  • Regular contractions True contractions occur on a regular basis and do not stop, becoming more frequent and more painful. Your doctor will probably ask you to call him and give him information about your contractions. An excellent rule of thumb is to call when contractions are about 5 minutes apart, for a gilt. If you notice that the contractions are more in a row between 10 and 15 minutes apart, the following ones tend to be shorter.

Not sure if any symptoms at 35 weeks pregnant could be a sign of labor? Then you should always call the doctor just to be sure that there are no complications or advances in the delivery.

Ultrasound at week 35 of pregnancy

Your baby’s hearing is now fully developed, and your 35-week-old fetus responds better to high-pitched noises. If you are pregnant with a boy, you would see on a 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound that his testicles have probably fully descended (I bet you hadn’t thought of that).

This week or the next, you can have a Group B Strep Test. To do this, your doctor will take a sample from your vaginal area and rectum, which will be transferred to a laboratory to test for the bacteria called Group B Strep. This bacteria is common and will not make you sick, but it could be harmful to your baby if he or she is exposed to the bacteria at birth, so knowing if you have it is important. If the baby is exposed to it, antibiotics will be given during birth to prevent exposure, and that’s it. Easy peasy.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 35

  • She is ready to announce the baby’s arrival.
  • Recognize the true signs of labor.
  • Program the important numbers into your phone.
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