4 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body Carre we are going to see two pregnancies of two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

The first thing to form is the baby’s neural tube, which will carry the spine and brain. This is the structure of the entire spine and brain. Let’s say that this is the key of the week, and the good formation of this tube is imperatively important for the correct development of the baby. Now the baby is divided into layers that will form bones, organs, skin, eyes and mouth. In the middle layer it begins to show its small heart and circulatory systemin microscopic vessels. This is also when organs like the stomach and intestines begin to build. By the way, the digestive system as a whole begins to be formed (bladder, liver, pancreas). Your baby does not have the structure of the head, trunk and legs. It is more like a “comma”, but soon it will look more like a human being.

The yolk sac is a simpler version of the placenta, nourishing the baby until the placenta forms and takes its place . On ultrasound it may appear even before the baby is seen. Its appearance resembles a small balloon floating in the gestational sac. By the way, the gestational sac in some cases can be seen, but do not be alarmed if it has not appeared in the ultrasounds of the 4 weeks of pregnancy. The baby at this stage is smaller than a grain of rice, measuring about 2mm!

The internal sensations of the mother in the 4th week of pregnancy

In this phase, some women are beginning to feel their bodies differently. The HCG hormone begins to be released at its peak and progesterone to be excreted by the corpus luteum in large quantities to maintain a healthy pregnancy. This hormone, common in all women, is responsible for all symptoms, and then makes the mother sensitive to smells, tastes and is the cause of nausea. In some cases, women do not realize that there is already a new life in their womb. But soon the symptoms will intensify and a pharmacy or blood test will be done, as I have done in my four weeks of pregnancy.

The first sign is the delay of menstruation, when it passes 5 days. The ideal is to investigate if there is a new life that grows, and when that positive finally comes out, it is a surprise and joy without size! However, some women may have bleeding at this stage of pregnancy. This is more often than you think. Bleeding can be due to embryo nesting or even low progesterone secretion. In this case, the woman should go to the doctor as soon as possible, because when in doubt, the opinion of a professional is better and in this way detect what may be happening.

At this stage of pregnancy, the belly may get harder and the breasts become very sore and swollen. It is normal for the stage of pregnancy, but it is not totally necessary for the pregnant woman to have symptoms. The fourth week of pregnancy may or may not bring symptoms! As a symptom-free pregnancy can happen, just make sure the HCG is growing as it should . When in doubt, take a quantitative beta HCG test to determine how your hormones are evolving. It is also the time to find a good gynecologist and get started!

Sensations and external factors in the 4th week

If the woman is not prepared with a daily folic acid intake, it is very important to start as soon as possible! This vitamin has the power to prevent neural tube malformation in the baby. Women may also notice a difference in their body, but even before you have a chance to do a test, the endometrium releases clots. In this case, the pregnancy is unlikely to continue . This episode is called a micro abortion. If you suspect the volume of bleeding, you can diagnose with the advice of a gynecologist.

Congratulations! If you already know that you are 4 weeks pregnant, you heard the news before many women (because you took a test as soon as you missed your period, or even a few days before, instead of waiting longer). She is probably quite excited, or it may be that your mind is just getting used to the idea of ​​having a baby. Either way, you may not feel different (for now, at least), as pregnancy symptoms usually don’t show up right away. It’s definitely time to celebrate this wonderful news with your partner, but they may not want to tell the whole world… yet. The first call in week 4 of pregnancy should be to your doctor to schedule the first prenatal visit, where he or she will confirm the pregnancy with a urine or blood test.

How big is the baby at 4 weeks pregnant?

When you are in your fourth pregnancy, the baby is smaller than a poppy seed, practically microscopic. The baby is now known as a blastocyst, a little ball of cells, and it is busy establishing itself in its new home (the uterus), preparing for all the crucial development that will take place over the next six weeks.

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Symptoms of pregnancy at week 4

The same pregnancy hormones that gave that positive pregnancy test can also cause some of the more typical 4 week pregnancy symptoms. These hormone levels rise very rapidly, so while it’s normal to be 4 weeks pregnant with no symptoms, be prepared: nausea and vomiting may be in your near future. Here’s a bit of what to expect at 4 weeks pregnant:

  • Swelling . You’re probably a bit bloated thanks to the pregnancy hormone progesterone – break up your comfy pants!
  • Mild cramps In the fourth week of gestation, colic could be a worrying symptom for you, but in reality it can be a sign that the baby has been implanted correctly in the wall of the uterus. However, any cramps or severe pain in the 4 weeks of pregnancy is something you should report to your doctor immediately. He or she will want to examine this symptom to rule out any problems.
  • Slightly stained. Mild bleeding can also occur during week 4 as a result of implantation. You shouldn’t worry, this is a totally normal symptom too. In the same way, we can advise you that: if it is a lot of blood, such as a period or heavier, lasts more than a couple of days, or if you are worried in any way, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • Moodiness . It is not your imagination, the mood is quite bad, mainly due to the changes generated by the hormones. (But perhaps also due to stress and because your mind is racing trying to organize multiple doubts.) Mood swings during pregnancy are most drastic during the first 12 weeks. After that, the hormones will level out a bit, making you less likely to cry at every life insurance commercial you watch.
  • Morning sickness. Experts say that about 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women suffer from some type of morning sickness such as nausea and often vomiting. So even if you haven’t had an upset stomach yet, you probably will at some point. Morning sickness tends to be most severe around 9 weeks of pregnancy and then gradually begins to worsen and usually disappears completely in the second trimester.
  • One of the most common symptoms in week 4 of pregnancy is total exhaustion, as your body is working hard to grow that little ball of cells into an embryo.
  • Pain in the breasts Yowch! Your breasts are swollen and tender due to the hormones that emerge, letting your whole body speak: “There is a baby coming. Better start preparing the milk ducts ”.

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Development of pregnancy at week 4

A 4-week pregnant woman might be a bit bloated, but she almost certainly doesn’t look pregnant yet. However, you need to begin to internalize that in a short time the baby will be born and that means that you must prepare your body to provide everything necessary for its development and growth to be adequate.

The baby is already experiencing significant development in week 4 of pregnancy, so start taking a prenatal vitamin. Look for a vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and remember to take it daily. We know that doubts assail your mind at this stage, but since folic acid has been shown to help prevent birth defects, this is very important.

As your comfortable pants become more difficult to button, you shouldn’t be shy about wearing some looser models and styles of clothing. Think stretch pants, leggings, drapey shirts, and cardigans. There are tons of loose clothing options to help you look stylish, comfortable and beautiful during your pregnancy.

Ultrasound in week 4 of pregnancy

During week 4 of pregnancy, the ball of cells is dividing into the embryo (your future child) and the placenta. The baby’s neural tube, the building block of the spine, brain, and spine, is already formed. The amniotic sac and fluid are forming into a protective cushion for your baby. And on an ultrasound done in week 4 of pregnancy, all of that looks like a tiny dot, called the gestational sac.

Most likely, you will not have an ultrasound in the fourth week of pregnancy. When you call the obstetrician to tell them that you are 4 weeks pregnant, they might congratulate you on the happy wait and then make your first prenatal appointment for about a month starting this week. We know that waiting for the long-awaited appointment can make you desperate. But if you are in good health and there is no risk of pregnancy complications, you just don’t need to be seen by a doctor just yet. There will be much more for the Obstetrician to see (including the heartbeat). Around week eight or nine. In the meantime, eat well, drink plenty of water, avoid unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking, and try to relax. It’s hard to relax, but you should try to do it.

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 4

Reminders for the week:

  • Find a trusted Obstetrician and organize the first prenatal appointment.
  • Put aside your drinking and smoking habits.
  • Start taking a prenatal vitamin.
  • Tell your partner that you are pregnant.
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