6 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Bodycarre we are going to see two pregnancies by two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

In the sixth week, the embryo already has clear eyes and a more familiar appearance with a human being. The head is taking shape and the limbs like hands and feet are beginning to emerge, but they look more like a straight fingerless, shapeless mitten. Have you ever seen the legs of a duckling? Your baby also has webbed fingers and toes. You can already see the appearance of buds that will eventually be the baby’s ears. Your little heart can be visualized and eventually heard through a Doppler ultrasound. The baby’s heart rate can reach 160 beats per minute ! The smaller the baby, the faster his heartbeat will be. If you can hear them this week, it will be the most beautiful sound you will ever hear!

The development of the fetus is very fast and the cells multiply more and more every day. The genitals begin to be formed at this stage and, of course, the internal organs as well, spine, brain, veins and heart are in frequent change; the stomach, kidneys, liver, lungs, and spleen are still quite small, but they already exist so they can develop more quickly in the future.

It is now the size of a grain, and can be more easily identified on a transvaginal ultrasound. His large eyes are disproportionate to the size of his head, he has no eyelids, and his nose begins to appear. Anyway, he’s looking more like a baby. This embryo will already move so that it can be perceived by its mother. It is the miracle of life!

The internal sensations of the mother in the 6th week of pregnancy

At this time, the mother will not see as many changes in her body. However, the hormones are on full blast! You may not even suspect that a new life is forming, but you can tell from the symptoms or the lack of menstruation that there is something different there. Your sixth sense can sometimes be giving you signals, but mistrust, fear or insecurity bring doubts. The right thing to do is to get tested as soon as possible to check for HCG, the hormone responsible for maintaining pregnancy. At 6 weeks, the levels can be high enough to give a very satisfactory positive result for both the doctor and to surprise Dad. Speaking of him, do you know about the pregnancy? Not? So how will you make it a pleasant surprise for him?

Dream … That 5 letter word can define the pregnant woman. You can sleep even sitting down. For some women it is common to have changes in the amount of time it takes to fulfill the rest of your body. Perhaps the 6 hours you are used to are no longer enough, and now you need 8. It seems that the day never ends and sleep keeps you company. I once fell asleep standing inside a bus on the way home. Hunger and fatigue can also appear and are common, do not be alarmed.

Pain at this stage is a constant complaint among new mothers. Cramps, back pain, leg pain, throbbing and heaviness in the lower abdomen are common. Let’s see, if the pain becomes stronger and stronger and it is only on one side of the lower abdomen, you should go to your doctor to check if the pregnancy is in the right place , that is, in the uterus and not in tubes .

A moment that marked me and will always be in my memory is my daughter’s first ultrasound. It was exciting to see such a small heart beat so hard, it is indescribable! His development was perfect and in a couple of weeks he was already huge.

Sensations and external factors in the 6th week

If you haven’t already told your friends and family members, they may notice something different about your behavior. Even if the possibility of pregnancy was not raised, some close people may notice some changes. Those closest to you can also smell a different smell. Odor? And it is! A pregnant woman can transmit a different smell than usual . This is due to hormonal changes, and it is likely that your mother, father, husband or close person will notice the difference.

Have you already confirmed the news? At week six, pregnancy is new to you, so it is normal to feel a little charged with emotions. Add to that some pretty uncomfortable early pregnancy symptoms (including hormonal fluctuations that can feel like PMS), you are understandably miserable. Did we mention nervous and insecure? All of this will be part of the pregnancy for the rest of the entire 9 months to adjust to the pregnancy. Of course, it is also because the baby needs all that time for all his organs to function in an organized way.

How big is the baby at 6 weeks?

At 6 weeks pregnant, the baby is the size of a sweet pea. The average embryo at week six is ​​about 0.25 inches and will double in size again next week. Woohoo!

6 weeks pregnant, how many months?

At 6 weeks, you are a month and a week pregnant, although it has probably only been a week or two (or even less) since you found out you were expecting. This is because pregnancy is measured from the first day of your last menstrual period. You have probably conceived in week 2 or 3 (depending on the length of your menstrual cycle) and did not discover your pregnancy until you missed your period around week 5.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 6

Because your gestation period is still early, you may not be experiencing symptoms yet – at this time, some women are very nauseated, while others feel almost nothing. At 6 weeks pregnant, it is normal, but the most common symptoms of 6 weeks pregnancy include:

  • You are so exhausted because your body is still getting used to your changing hormones. Get more rest if you are very exhausted.
  • Sickness. Although it may seem obnoxious, we can tell you that morning sickness does not happen only in the morning, it can even be an all-day affair and if you are the expectant mother with six weeks of twin pregnancy, you could have even more intense nausea. It is a good idea that you can find foods that help settle your stomach and keep a snack on hand regularly, since if your stomach is empty, episodes of nausea can be triggered.
  • Pain in the breasts Your breasts are attacked by pain due to increased blood flow. Can you believe that your body is already beginning to prepare to breastfeed the baby? Yes, even in just six weeks!
  • Frequent urination If you need to urinate more than usual, you don’t need to worry because the pregnancy hormone hCG is directing the extra blood flow to the pelvic area. Having to go to the bathroom more often is normal, but if you have pain when urinating or feel like going but can’t, tell your doctor right away. These are signs of a urinary tract infection, the risk of starting at week 6 of pregnancy is higher.
  • Gas and bloating . The pregnancy hormone progesterone can cause these stomach problems. Drink plenty of water and eat high-fiber foods to avoid constipation, which contributes to bloating.
  • Moodiness . Irritability and emotional extremes are frequent episodes thanks to hormones. Fatigue and fluctuations in blood sugar can contribute as well, so try to give yourself a break and eat healthy meals and snacks regularly to keep your mood (at least some kind of) in check.
  • Colic and spots . As early as the sixth week of pregnancy – and at any time in early pregnancy – colic and spotting are normal. We know that these symptoms can cause you to worry about problems like ectopic pregnancy in the sixth week of pregnancy, in addition to other types of miscarriage. You should know that if you have any severe abdominal pain (stronger than period cramps) or if the bleeding becomes heavy like a period, then you should call the doctor.

Development of pregnancy at week 6

Although it is common to be swollen at 6 weeks pregnant, you may not be able to notice the pregnancy at all. Inside your six-week pregnant belly, the rapidly growing pea-sized embryo will soon take up a greater amount of space in your belly. So, if you’re not ready to share the good news with everyone, you can enjoy your little secret for a little longer. Of course, if you are 6 weeks pregnant with twins, the belly expansion will happen a little earlier than it will for other moms with singletons.

Ultrasound in week 6 of pregnancy

If you’ve informed your doctor about your six-week pregnancy, they may have asked you to go to your first prenatal appointment right away, but they may also have told you to wait a few more weeks. In fact, usually the first prenatal check-up is around 8 or 9 weeks. So unless yours is a high-risk pregnancy, you probably won’t have a 6-week ultrasound. We know that excitement is killing you!

However, you are probably wondering about what is going on inside your 6 weeks pregnant belly. Well, many of the crucial stages of baby development have already begun. The circulating blood of the baby whose circulatory system is increasingly sophisticated. The baby may even be moving his hands and feet like paddles. Your 6-week embryo is about to shrink too, as a nose, eyes, ears, chin, and cheeks are beginning to sprout in him or her.

If you had a 6-week ultrasound, the doctor could see a fetal pole or fetal heartbeat, a clear sign that you have an embryo developing there. However, if the doctor doesn’t see a fetal pole or the heartbeat, don’t panic, it may not be as far away as you thought. The doctor will likely ask you to come back in a few days or a week for another ultrasound.

And yes, if you are six weeks pregnant with twins, you will be able to see two different gestational sacs on ultrasound at this stage of pregnancy. In fact, twins develop between 4 and 10 days after conception.

While you wait for your doctor’s appointment, you probably have a million questions on your mind. Write them down so you have them ready to ask your obstetrician at your first prenatal visit. (Until then, we hope we have responded – and can continue to respond – a lot to clarify your doubts.)

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 6

Reminders for the week:

  • Prepare for your first prenatal appointment.
  • Review the life insurance policy.
  • Take a pulse of the relationship.
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