8 Weeks of Pregnancy – Complete Gestation Step By Step

From Body Carre we are going to see two pregnancies by two friends, from two different perspectives and countries, one from Latin America and the other from Spain. I hope you like it and see if you are able to find those little differences.

Yes, your baby grows and develops every day! With fetal development, the eyelids and upper lip begin to appear, the ears take on a more familiar shape, the dental buttons are also emerging, and the blood vessels can easily be seen through the thin skin. Its neck is longer and more erect, the fingers are already individual, and it no longer has a tail! Now that it is about 20 mm and is the size of a bean or bean. The baby grows before our eyes and it is very important that the mother is taking folic acid to help its healthy growth. In an ultrasound, at this stage you can see the small hands clicking the face and neck. You may even have a finger in your mouth. It is exciting to see this scene!

The baby moves well inside the mother’s womb, but cannot feel it yet. There is a large space between the uterine wall and the fetus. It can only be felt when the baby leans against the uterine wall. Their movements will be perceived through the nerve endings, but Mom can swear to feel something, this is due to the movements of the uterus itself, and even a gas!

The internal sensations of the mother in the 8th week of pregnancy

8 weeks gestation: The mother’s body is more apparent each week of pregnancy. If you feel bad due to illness, consult your gynecologist to prescribe a medication that can help you with this discomfort. I’ve heard a couple of times that salt water wafers decrease dizziness, I’ve tried it once and it worked, who knows, it might work for you too. In fact, talk to your doctor, if you have not started the prenatal control yet, don’t wait any longer, go to the consultation as soon as possible! Prenatal care is important for the mother and the child.

Are your prenatal tests ready? You will be able to see some changes on the test, but don’t worry if the toxoplasmosis IgG test is positive. This indicates that you are immune to the disease. It is the same with rubella! If you have doubts, talk to your doctor as soon as possible to remove any concerns that may arise.

Do you feel like you ran a marathon? It’s normal! Cramps, back pain and heaviness in the legs appear, with everything! It is because of the hormonal discharge that your body is suffering. To loosen the abdominal ligaments, the body produces a hormone that makes all the muscles tender. Therefore, it is very common to see pregnant women complaining of pain in the legs and back and of course abdominal pain that looks like menstrual cramps. However, if the pain is very severe, it is worth remembering to seek a doctor to see what is happening. Be sure to ask your doctor for a type 1 urine sample if you haven’t had one yet.

Sensations and external factors in the 8th week

I loved during my pregnancy and the ultrasounds to see the reports made by other mothers to check the fetal development. So I saw a little more in reality what was happening inside me. I think you will also have this curiosity, and there is a video that shows a bit of this mystery that is the fetal development of our beloved babies.

At 8 weeks pregnant, you are ending your second month of pregnancy. And while you can’t show it yet, it is undeniable that you are finally beginning to really feel the gestation. Like most women, you may have your first prenatal appointment on these days. In this visit, through an ultrasound it is possible to determine how far your pregnancy has progressed. At this stage, you can even hear and see – the baby’s heart. How cool is that?

How big is the baby at 8 weeks?

During week 8 of your pregnancy, your baby is as big as a raspberry and weighs about 0.04 ounces and measures about 0.63 inches. The baby is growing about a millimeter every day.

8 weeks pregnant, how many months?

Almost 2 months pregnant at 8 weeks.

Symptoms of pregnancy at week 8

What smells or scents stink? Probably ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Your hormones are doing some stirring things in week eight, giving a superhuman sense to your smell, causing your stomach to go haywire. At eight weeks pregnant, there are a number of pregnancy symptoms you may experience, they can include:

  • Pain in the breasts Right now your breasts may feel bigger, heavier, and let’s face it, hurt. That’s because the milk-producing lobes in your breasts are starting to expand. It’s all for good reason – they’re getting ready for breastfeeding.
  • You should try to get enough sleep at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Why? As your hormones fluctuate, your body produces more blood for the baby, and blood pressure along with blood sugar levels are lower than they were before pregnancy. What is the best solution? Sleeping more is what you need. We know it sounds easier than it really is, but that should be your number one priority: get to bed early, nap especially on the weekends.
  • Morning sickness. The nausea could be very strong at 8 weeks, again the pregnancy hormones cause it again. Try to stay hydrated and try to eat healthy snacks throughout the day. If you are experiencing severe nausea during pregnancy at 8 weeks, it can be difficult for food to stay in your stomach (so you should try to eat healthy), it is an excellent time to find options that really suit your stomach . Some moms have opted for ginger, acupressure bracelets, and vitamin B6 to help with morning sickness – it’s all worth it to make you feel better.
  • Greater sense of smell . Along with morning sickness comes another amusing symptom: a strange sense of smell. Smelling a strong scent – maybe something that’s totally harmless or never bothered you before – could make you nauseous, so it’s best to avoid smells you’ve become sensitive to.
  • Cramps in pregnancy At 8 weeks pregnant, cramps are normal. These are caused by the ligaments in your abdomen, which are stretching as the uterus expands. If the cramps are severe or worry you in any way, it’s best to call your doctor immediately.
  • Constipation. If you have trouble going to the bathroom, don’t worry as this happens frequently. Constipation during pregnancy happens to about 50 percent of pregnant women. You can treat this problem by drinking enough water, eating fruits rich in fiber and vegetables, taking several walks a day. If you still have problems, talk to your doctor about other medicinal options.
  • Strange dreams. If you have weird and realistic dreams, guess what, they are totally normal during pregnancy. It is not clear what causes these dreams, in part it could be due to new thoughts and anxieties. You certainly have a lot on your mind these days.
  • It may be alarming for you to discover bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant because, yes, blood can be a sign of miscarriage. But there are other causes of first trimester spotting, including sex (as your cervix can be more sensitive these days). Inform your obstetrician immediately, so that he can rule out any problems.

If you are 8 weeks pregnant with twins, you may feel extremely tired and nauseous, as you probably have a higher level of pregnancy hormones, necessary for the development of two babies.

Remember: if you feel nauseous, extra hungry, or extra tired, it’s all because your baby’s growth is going well and because your body continues to adjust to all those hormonal changes. Don’t forget that all these discomforts will finally pay off. (Especially once you hit the second trimester, when you will feel more recovered from all these unpleasant symptoms and with more energy.)

Also, you should know that no symptoms of pregnancy at 8 weeks are totally normal. So don’t worry if you don’t feel too different yet. We are sure that you will soon feel it!

Development of pregnancy at week 8

Wondering if your belly is the correct size at this stage? At 8 weeks pregnant, showing a little is normal, but not showing is too much. That’s because every mom and baby are different. You should know that in your 8 weeks pregnant belly, the uterus is expanding, but it just takes more time for others to be able to notice it on the outside. If, for example, you are 8 weeks pregnant with twins, it may be easier to tell you that you are pregnant, on the other hand, if you are a mother with a single pregnancy, the wait is a bit longer.

Starting in the second trimester, your OB will probably start measuring your pregnant belly, but for now, size doesn’t really matter. Healthy first trimester weight gain for you is about one to two pounds each week, so by 8 weeks pregnant, you may have gained 4-6 pounds. If you’ve been dealing with morning sickness, though, you’ve probably gained a few pounds. It is acceptable too. Let your doctor know if you have any questions or concerns related to your weight gain or belly size.

Ultrasound in week 8 of pregnancy

You may have your first prenatal checkup around this week (an 8-week pregnancy appointment), if you do, you can get a glimpse of the 8-week fetus through ultrasound. Surprises: You will surely be surprised to see the baby’s arms and legs moving around like crazy inside your belly. You can’t feel it yet, but it really is happening!

At week 8 of pregnancy, the baby’s fingers and toes are now slightly webbed, and his tail (yes, there was one) is gone. Fun fact: baby’s taste buds are forming, getting ready for their first meals.

At your first prenatal appointment, a blood sample will likely be drawn so that the doctor can perform the appropriate tests. The doctor will need to know your blood type, if it is Rh positive or negative (because if your blood type is negative and the baby’s blood type is positive, you will need medications to prevent complications). Your hormone levels, red and white blood cell levels are also checked to confirm normality. The blood will also be tested for hepatitis B, STDs, HIV, and certain immunities.

A Pap smear will also be done to check for infections and abnormalities. It’s time to get ready to urinate into a cup, because at this appointment – and probably every appointment – you will need to leave a urine sample, so your glucose and protein levels can be monitored to rule out gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. , respectively. Welcome to your new normal version!

Considerations regarding pregnancy at week 8

  • Schedule your 12-week prenatal visit.
  • Decide if you want to take a CVS test.
  • Think of fun and creative ways to share the good news.
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