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Kathie Sand

Kathie Sand

Hello! Welcome to the blog! I am Kathie and I am a Biologist with a Master in Human Nutrition, Beauty  and Health Coach, specialized in Hormonal Health from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I also have the title of Expert in Natural and Holistic Nutrition from the Holistic Institute of Vital Hygiene and I am currently training as a Senior Technician in Dietetics.

My purpose is to help people, share important information about nutrition and debunk many food myths that are ingrained in our society, as well as share recipes that show that eating healthy does not have to be difficult or boring.

My philosophy:

Eating healthy should not be a phase to lose weight but a lifestyle and therefore you have to make it as simple and delicious as possible so as not to fall into monotony. It is neither about diets nor deprivation. Remember, eating should always be a pleasure.

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