Tips to Take Care of Your Skin After Childbirth

The extra weight we gain during pregnancy makes those unwanted friends appear on our skin (cellulite, orange peel…) that we find so hard to get rid of. We tell you five tips that can be very useful to take care of your skin after childbirth .

One of the great problems that arises in this society and that more and more women cry out to the sky at such occurrences, is that celebrity mothers seem to go through the postpartum as if it were a day in the sales. Without pain or glory, that’s right, while real women end up seeing how the belly can take weeks to disappear, cellulite becomes the faithful friend and we need to make a significant effort to get back to our pre-pregnancy size .

Each woman and each body will need a different time, some more and others less, but it can always be achieved with a little extra care and dedicating a little time .

Weather? Many of you will be thinking, where are we going to find time when babies depend so much on us, when the crying, diaper changes, breastfeeding, hormonal ups and downs, the fears of whether or not I will be a good mother and Why will the baby cry now?

I know, of course I know. But you have to find that little hole for each one because it will be what keeps us sane. Look, I am no longer telling you that it will keep us beautiful and with firm skin, no, I tell you that it is necessary that we have a little time a day to take care of ourselves, to pamper ourselves , to breathe deeply.

One of the ways to take care of yourself and pamper yourself is to do your best to look good, so we get started.

exclusive tricks for postpartum skin care

Take care of your diet

Sometimes we do not realize that the most basic, the simplest steps, are the ones that will determine how we find ourselves inside and out.

It is likely that after the delivery you have received many flowers, some stuffed animal, clothes for the baby and a lot of boxes of chocolates. Often happens! And how difficult it is to resist the sweet taste of chocolate melting in your mouth …

Well, my dears, we have to resist. Or, eat each chocolate, enjoy it as if it were the last, because as soon as you finish them you have to take care of your diet again . We must bet on antioxidant foods , fruits, vegetables, omega 3 and goodbye to fats. As you take care of yourself on the inside, this is how your skin will look on the outside.

Stretch marks treatment, before and after childbirth

If there is any mom who has not yet given birth, you know that as stretch marks can be caring and during pregnancy , not to wait until the moment of giving birth to start caring.

There are natural vegetable oils that can be great for your skin and that, adding with the rest of the tricks that we offer, can have spectacular results. The rosehip is well – known for the benefits it has on the skin and especially with stretch marks.

Apply it twice a day every day. This can be your pampering routine because the best way is to massage the areas where you have stretch marks or take advantage of and hydrate your entire body.

Do not be alarmed, with the hormonal lack of control that comes with pregnancy, it is very common that acne and pimples can make their big appearance both in pregnancy and later.

My best advice is to use a neutral soap for the skin, which helps you eliminate the extra oil that your skin does not need. You can use moisturizers from cosmetic firms or choose natural vegetable oils such as argan that will help you hydrate and also fight against possible wrinkles.

Another very interesting option is aloe vera , as is, the one from the plant that comes without chemicals. You can make your own masks or use it fresh, it is excellent for the skin.

Skin hydration

A hydrated skin is a healthy skin, a skin that you want to caress, which will be much easier to regain the lost elasticity.

For this reason, to the aforementioned vegetable oils we are going to add avocado, almond or jojoba oils as a great option to hydrate the skin and help it regenerate as needed.

Spots on the skin

Have you heard of chloasma or melasma yet ? It may seem like some strange words right now but they come to tell us about the spots that can appear on the skin during pregnancy.

These spots tend to disappear over time, without the need for you to do anything extra, but you can always help them a little through a gentle exfoliation and taking care of the sun.

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