Aloe Vera Magnaloe 10000 From Canarias Cosmetics, Analysis And Alternative

Magnaloe 10000 is an anti-wrinkle, regenerative and firming cream whose crown jewel is aloe vera. This asset comes from the Canary Islands, a large producer of this plant.

With local produce they make products such as this anti-aging cream that serves to reactivate the vital functions of the skin , leaving the complexion smooth, rested and firmer.

To enhance the beneficial effects of aloe vera, the brand has added other functional ingredients, such as calcium, germanium 132TM, magnesium, or plant collagen.

Calcium and magnesium are responsible for maintaining cellular metabolism; Germanium 132TM is an element that neutralizes the damage inflicted by free radicals, thus slowing down cellular aging. While plant collagen increases hydration and smoothness of the complexion.

A combination that aims to delay the signs of aging and achieve new skin in just one week of use.

Let’s see what more ingredients the cream has, and in what concentration is the aloe vera analyzing the INCI.

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Analysis Aloe Vera Magnaloe 10000 from Canarias Cosmetics

Aloe Vera Magnaloe 10000 analysis summary from Canarias Cosmetics

The main ingredient in this cream is aloe vera, it does not have even water, since it is not necessary. It doesn’t have too many ingredients, so the ones that are at the top of the list are going to be concentrated.

This is the case of glycerin, a very interesting humectant; which is followed by other various emollients. This ensures that the cream deeply hydrates the skin.

The hydrolyzed collagen (so that it penetrates the dermis better) is lower, although its function is basically as a moisturizer, and it will provide the necessary protein to form more natural collagen.

There are some good actives later on, like allantoin, with soothing and exfoliating properties; panthenol, which also provides hydration; a pair of anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and vitamins E and A (a derivative of retinol), which support the anti-aging benefits of aloe vera.

Its concentration is lower, but it is an added extra that always comes in handy. And further down the additives that reinforce the potential of aloe vera begin to appear: calcium, germanium and magnesium.

I’m not really sure if this addition is really positive, as germanium in particular can be dangerous. In this cream it is not in a large quantity, but I do not feel very safe using a product with this possible harmful element.

What we have not liked either is the amount of fragrances and perfume that have been added. We have counted 8, thus increasing the risk of sensitivity and irritation in the most sensitive skin.

We believe that this abusive use of fragrances is totally unnecessary.

Otherwise, it is not a bad cream. You can use it if you want to give your skin a complete repair, using it morning and night on the face and also the neck.


Although the Canarias Cosmetics cream is not bad at all, of all of them we liked the anti-wrinkle cream with aloe vera, snail slime and rosehip from Pere Marve Cosmetics the most.

Its ingredients are more anti-aging, and the regenerative power of aloe vera is enhanced by the benefits of snail slime and rosehip. So we recommend that you try it too.

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