Aloe Vera Oil: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Aloe vera is the crystalline content that is inside the leaves of the aloe plant , sometimes we can get both under the same name, or it can also be known as: Aloe from Barbados or Aloe from Curaçao.

What is aloe vera oil?

Aloe vera oil is a liquid, slightly viscous and transparent substance that is extracted from aloe vera crystals. These crystals are often used as a gel, due to their compact and smooth consistency. But, in the same way, these crystals can be used in many other ways.

Thanks to its properties, aloe vera is part of many cosmetic products , both for hair and skin. And it can also be used at home as a treatment and remedy against certain diseases.

Origin of aloe vera oil

The origin of aloe vera is not certain, some research has the hypothesis that it comes from Arabia and that it was later naturalized in other regions with more tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, as well as in the Mediterranean.

Today, aloe vera or aloe can be found in various parts of the world , but especially in warm areas.

What other names is aloe vera oil known by?

Aloe vera can be obtained under different names , as it is a plant that since its discovery has been used for many purposes in all parts of the world. So well, thanks to its popularity, it has been named in different ways, in which you highlight names such as: aloe, aloe de curaçao, aloe de barbados, acíbar, azabila, gamonita, pita zabila, babosa, zadiba, zambana or aloes .

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Benefits and uses of aloe vera oil

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins , minerals, enzymes and amino acids, which is why it can provide many benefits both for the health of the body, as well as to improve the condition of the skin, treat scars and nourish the hair.

Aloe vera is a primary ingredient in many cosmetic products and processes . It is used for the preparation of natural remedies to cure cold, cough, allergy reactions, dermatitis, eczema and acne.

What are the benefits for hair?

There are different treatments based on aloe vera aimed at the care and strengthening of hair . When we use aloe vera oil we can get a product whose beneficial properties are at a higher level of concentration, since aloe vera oil extracts and contains all the active principles of this plant.

So if we apply aloe vera oil to our hair , we can provide the nutrition and benefits necessary to make it look brighter, silkier and more manageable. In addition, we can prevent hair loss, increase growth and strengthen hair fibers.

Aloe vera oil can be absorbed very easily and we can also apply it together with other ingredients to prepare a more powerful treatment. You can try mixing aloe vera oil with olive oil, avocado or egg, mix and prepare a mask, apply this to the entire scalp, massage a little and let it rest, finally, just rinse your hair very well. Perform this treatment once a week and you will notice the changes in your hair.

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Is it beneficial for skin and stretch marks?

Aloe vera oil has very powerful regenerating and moisturizing properties , is rich in vitamin E, and can help improve skin. Thanks to this product we can make our skin as smooth as a baby’s, we can even erase marks, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Aloe vera is not only used to refresh and heal skin problems such as dermatitis, hives, psoriasis and eczema, but it is also used in different treatments for its aesthetic care.

The use of aloe vera can help us maintain elasticity and collagen in the skin , which prevents the development of aging marks, such as wrinkles, sagging, marks, blemishes and fine lines.

You can prepare a mask based on aloe vera oil, almond or coconut oil, or also aloe vera crystals, mix and apply on your face, wait for it to dry and let it rest and then rinse with cold water. It is important that you perform these treatments with completely clean skin, in this way you can absorb the properties of the mask well.

Perform the treatment a maximum of three times a week, you should not overdo it as it could cause an unfavorable reaction. It is recommended that you apply the mask at night, to avoid reactions when in contact with the sun.

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Why is aloe vera oil good for scars?

Aloe vera oil can help us reduce skin marks , increases the healing process and contributes to the regeneration of tissues. This is why it is a highly recommended treatment to make the scars heal faster and that they do not leave very noticeable marks on the skin.

Apply an aloe vera treatment directly to the affected area, do this on a daily basis and over time you will notice that your skin will heal in the best way and you will not notice such serious damage to it. Similarly, it should be noted that there are cases where it is impossible for the scar to disappear completely, what you can achieve is to minimize it as much as possible so that the problem is not so noticeable.

The healing power of aloe vera is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other substances that give it beneficial properties for skin healing.

What properties does it provide for the face?

Aloe vera oil can help us on the face especially to cure acne . This product helps reduce redness, kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and regenerates the skin to eliminate the marks left by acne on our face.

The best thing is that you use an aloe vera treatment every night and over time your skin will heal little by little. Make a routine where you exfoliate your skin, then hydrate and apply aloe vera and finally wash with cold water, this will help you remedy your problem.

With this treatment you can also reduce the excessive production of sebum , that is, you can control oily skin, and if you have spots or scars, you can also reduce them until they are almost imperceptible.

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Pregnancy and aloe vera oil

Aloe vera is a great cosmetic ally during pregnancy , as we know that at this stage the body swells and changes noticeably. Thanks to aloe vera we can avoid stretch marks and reduce the different inflammations that we can suffer.

The most recommended is that you apply an aloe vera treatment daily on your skin, especially in the belly area, in this way you will prevent stretch marks from developing, since you will keep your skin hydrated and with the best elasticity to face all the transformation of this process.

You can also massage with this oil in areas where you want to improve circulation and reduce inflammation , as well as the feet or legs. Aloe vera oil will be a great ally throughout your pregnancy.

Cosmetic properties of aloe vera oil

There are many cosmetic properties that aloe vera contains , this is the reason why we can get it in many beauty products, as well as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers, protectors and it is even part of various types of makeup.

Aloe vera oil provides hydrating , moisturizing and regenerating properties. It adds shine, softness and repairs damages such as marks, spots and scars. It is used as a healing agent, to eliminate stretch marks and heal acne marks.

This product contains high levels of vitamin, especially complex E, which is essential for skin care and nutrition. It is also rich in many other components , such as antioxidants and minerals.

These properties are not only used in the industrial area to create cosmetics, but we can also use them at home , as there are thousands of treatments that we can prepare at home and apply without the need to go to a beauty salon or spend a lot of money. on market products.

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Is aloe vera oil good for massages?

Aloe vera oil is fully recommended for massages , as it acts as an excellent stimulant and also provides relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. If we use this oil for a relaxing massage we can achieve greater results than simply releasing tension.

Aloe vera oil can be used for therapeutic massage , either to relieve a bruise or a sprain. Thanks to this product we can relieve pain and relax muscles, and in case of wounds, these can heal faster thanks to the healing action of aloe vera.

Wounds and aloe vera oil

Aloe vera oil is a product with healing , regenerating, moisturizing and repairing properties. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended to use this as a treatment when you suffer from an injury or want to treat a scar.

Aloe vera oil nourishes the skin and repairs it deeply, this is why we can heal wounds and scars, as well as skin diseases such as dermatitis and different types of rashes and irritations.

You just need to apply the product to the affected area, let it act for a while, approximately 30 minutes and then wash with cold water. You should do this daily until the skin looks better.

Can aloe vera oil be used on burns?

Aloe vera oil can help refresh the skin and heal burns, it has the power to deeply hydrate and relieve inflammation and pain. However, the most suitable to use is a gel with aloe vera, rather than the oil itself. Instead, the oil can be the last thing we apply to treat the skin, so we can prevent spots from developing in the burn area.

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Contraindications of aloe vera oil

When used correctly, aloe vera oil is not toxic and has no negative effects on the skin. But, if we overdo it and apply its use improperly, we may experience adverse reactions and side effects.

Keep in mind that we are talking about an oil , which has a higher concentration of all the substances contained in the aloe vera plant, that is, it is an extract that contains all the components and concentrated nutrients, therefore, its action is stronger compared to a compress, an infusion or a product with a certain concentration of aloe vera.

It is for this reason that we must be careful with supersaturating our body with the substances contained in the oil, since in that case we could experience: irritation, sensitivity, allergic reactions, among other secondary symptoms.

How to make aloe vera oil at home?

It is possible to prepare aloe vera oil at home, since we only need to join an oil that serves as a base and add the properties of aloe vera. To prepare this oil we will need:

  • Almonds oil
  • Gel the aloe vera
  • Rosehip oil

This preparation can be done with any other essential oil , however, we recommend the previous ones because they are the ones that can cause the greatest benefit to skin and hair care.

With this preparation you will obtain a powerful moisturizing , anti-inflammatory, relaxing, fungicidal and regenerating treatment. This will be perfect for massages and masks.

All you have to do is combine all the ingredients in a clean jar with a lid and store in a dry and cool place, do not leave it in the sun. In this way you can keep the remedy for longer.

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How to make homemade aloe vera oil soap?

If you want to have a soap with the beneficial properties of aloe vera, the best thing you can do is combine both products. If you have a liquid soap, you can add a few drops of aloe vera and mix. And in case you get a neutral soap or solid glycerin, you can melt it and add the aloe vera, place it in a mold and let it dry to return it to its original state.

In any other case, you can always find aloe vera products on the market , from soaps to shampoos and lotions. The variety is very wide and all are very beneficial to take care of our skin, moisturize it and favor it.

Homemade aloe vera shampoo, how is it made?

The shampoo is prepared through very specialized processes , if we wanted to be able to prepare a homemade product to wash our hair we would have to handle chemicals and other products that result in a preparation that cleanses without damaging the hair fiber.

Therefore, if we want a shampoo with aloe vera, it is best to get a neutral shampoo and add a part of aloe vera oil or aloe vera crystals and mix. In this way, we will be providing the properties of this plant to our shampoo and thus we will nourish the hair without causing any damage or negative effect.

Use this shampoo as you normally do and you will notice that your hair will look more shiny , you will prevent loss, you will enhance its growth and you will reinforce it, in short, you will have healthy, soft and manageable hair.

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Recipes with aloe vera oil

Aloe vera is used for many things and that is why we can get thousands of homemade preparations to perform different types of treatments, for cosmetic and also medicinal purposes.

The best known and most used recipes for cosmetic treatments with aloe vera are the following:

Aloe vera, honey and olive oil

Aloe vera, along with honey and olive oil are an effective remedy to improve the condition of the skin . With this treatment you can heal the effects of acne, wrinkles, sagging, blemishes on the skin and fine lines.

To prepare this treatment you only need:

  • aloe vera
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • A teaspoon of olive oil

If you have aloe vera in leaves, you must cut the thorns and extract all the crystals, place these in a blender and add the honey and oil. Process until you get a homogeneous preparation.

Use the mixture to apply to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, the mask will laugh with cold water. Your skin will be soft and smooth, if you continue using the treatment every week you will get better results such as: reducing wrinkles, acne and acne marks.

Coconut oil and aloe vera oil

Coconut oil has great moisturizing and regenerating properties, thanks to the fatty acids this oil is perfect for taking care of the skin’s condition. Therefore, if we combine coconut oil with aloe vera, we can achieve a powerful treatment against wrinkles, stretch marks and other signs of aging.

To prepare an effective treatment you will need:

  • Aloe vera oil or aloe vera pulp
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil or the one of your preference


Pour all the ingredients into a container, mix until they are well combined and apply the mixture on the skin, it can be on the face, legs, abdomen or wherever you require its effect. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Perform the treatment regularly and constantly and after a couple of weeks you will notice the change in your skin.

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