Aquasource Biotherm Gel Moisturizers, Analysis And Alternative

Biotherm Aquasource cream is one of the most popular moisturizers, even I have used it on occasion.

Its best asset is an intense hydration that lasts up to 48 hours.

This hydration capacity is given by the Aura Leaf, “a plant with miraculous properties” as mentioned in the description. And in addition, they also have the repairing action of Life plankton, so in addition to hydrating, it regenerates the skin.

Its texture is a joy, it is like a refreshing gel that comforts the skin as soon as it is applied. But we are going to focus on what is important, on its ingredients.

You have more analysis of creams in this article with the Best Moisturizing Creams , so you can choose the one that best suits you among several.

Aquasource Gel Biotherm Analysis

Summary analysis Aquasource Gel Biotherm

It’s a pretty long list, so let’s start with the most important, the first 5-6 positions. In them we find an alcohol, a silicone, a lubricant, an emollient and a humectant.

The actives that provide hydration are lower. There’s shea butter, provitamin B5, and several more moisturizing and emollient ingredients. There is a ceramide that helps retain water in the skin, and several amino acids that increase collagen and elastin, which is always fine.

The assets are correct, but their proportions are not.

But what I reject this formula is because of the large amount of parabens, preservatives and fragrances that it has. Many of these ingredients irritate the skin, are harmful to health, and can cause allergic reactions.


You will not have these problems with the option of Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen Cream, a formula that avoids the combined effect of these harmful ingredients. Instead, there are more assets and in a better proportion.

It also has some anti-aging actives to, in addition to hydrating, trying to delay the effect of time on our skin.

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