Autism In Children And Adults: Possible Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

Establishing an emotional relationship with another person has always been a bit complicated, there are people who are very outgoing and making friends is easy for them, but there are other types of introverts who find it difficult to communicate and create friendships or express their ideas and thoughts. Being shy is not a disease, it is just a way of being (character) , but what happens when a person becomes an island?

By nature the human being seeks company and affection, living in a herd is our most endearing primitive instinct so two is always better than one. When the features of a person are defined as being asocial and not very communicative (they do not like to talk, or look into the eyes, or human contact and create obsessive habits) it is time to turn on the alarm. This is how we define a person with autism as someone who does not like social interaction.

It is easy for parents to realize what character their children develop as they grow up and although all children are different if something is wrong in the infant’s social relationships, it is very likely that a thorough evaluation should be done to rule out autism. For their part, adults with autism are more difficult to detect since they have matured with their character and have learned to cope with social relationships in their own way. Whatever the case, having good affective relationships is the most practical way to lead a healthy life, if there are negative aspects in the social life of any person, the healthiest thing is to stand up and solve the problems.

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Disease or condition?

First, we must define what autism is if it is considered a disease of the neurological range (development) better known as generalized developmental disorders (PDD) or (ASD) autism spectrum disorders, as every condition presents neuropsychiatric clinical pictures, it can also be caused by internal organic factors (hereditary) or external factors (contaminating pathogens). Each patient is different and the disease presents differently in each individual, that is, there are mild and severe cases. The profile of the patient is everything so giving the diagnosis of this disease is a bit complicated for specialists, but in most cases it can be detected from 3 years of age.

Although autism is a defined disease, you have to be realistic and understand that autism is a special condition.with which the patient will have to live his whole life, like all the people around him, in most cases it is the parents who detect the abnormality in the behavior of the affected children, but there are also cases where the parents do not notice the traits and it is someone outside the family (teacher-aunts, nannies) who do. Regardless of where the doubts come from, the important thing is to know how to take the effective and social life of the affected person in the right direction and not allow them to be displaced or rejected due to their special condition, discrimination is a double-edged sword for those who suffer abuse and harassment or rejection should not be allowed to affect the cognitive and social development of individuals or children with autism.

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Autism in children

Autism is a pediatric disease, that is, it begins in the non-lactating life of children (30 months ), a very particular case of this pathology is that according to the numbers it affects more boys than girls. But in general, this pathology begins in infant life and as it has no cure, it is a condition that lasts the entire life of the affected person.

The proper development of children should be the main thing for any parent, so it is important to be alert to any symptoms of inappropriate behavior, their future is in our hands.

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Causes, symptoms and consequences


As for the generating causes of autism, we can mention the following, but it must be taken into account that each autism patient is different and that the causes can always vary.

  • Genetics: although in few figures there are data that reveal a genetic mutation of the chromosomes known as the X syndrome , it is the generator of the disease, that is, there are some people with different chromosomal connections, there are some affected who do not present these signs due that this theory is in question, but the data of these investigations are highly respected.
  • Biological: among the biological causes we find brain malformations due to autoimmune diseases or failure of brain growth and development in uterine life.
  • Biochemicals: the neural development of the fetus or infant is compromised by the exposure of toxic compounds (lead among others) causing brain and neuronal development to be interrupted or impaired by contaminating external pathogens.
  • Parenting: raising an infant is always the basis of character in a person, there are studies that show that abused and lack of affection children will always have quasi-autistic behaviors. If a child is not treated with affection, limits and respect since he is a baby, he is very likely to develop autistic behaviors. Child abuse and neglect makes the cases of this pathology increase, this theory is the basis for believing why in the last century we did not see as many cases of autism as we see them in the 21st century. Since detached or permissive parenting is increasing with the culture of this century.

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As for the consequences, we can mention the saddest, is that the affected person does not develop a behavior accepted by society, turning him into an asocial being and in more drastic cases even a sociopath, rejection and lack of opportunities can turn life of people with autism in a real hell.


Regarding the symptoms of autism in children, we will mention the following:

  • Social disengagement, the child is not able to interact with other people, whether adults or children, does not like physical contact and does not make eye contact.
  • The development of language is impaired (do not speak).
  • He tends to be a child with invariable patterns ( he resists change ) even in games he has difficulty accepting changes.
  • His mental development is impaired, he is very passive, does not show creativity and does not acknowledge being called by name.
  • There are cases where they are very imperative, do not respond to calls for attention and do not know how to handle frustration .

Is there a relationship between autism and vaccines?

There are currently no clinical studies that reveal a real connection between vaccines (causes) and autism. In short, this theory is false and has no theoretical or research foundations to prove it, it can be said that it is a poorly founded myth or a rumor without a source. This rumor was based mainly because in 1998 the British doctor Andrew Wakefield, conducted a clinical study that yielded unfavorable data for the triple viral vaccine, in short, the data made the vaccine guilty and placed it as the number 1 factor generating autism . But years later specifically in 2010 The British General Medical Council(GMC) conducted a series of investigations as rumors spread of a financial intention by Dr. Wakefield.

The results of the investigation showed that the clinical trial of Dr. Wakefield was a fraud and only altered the numbers to have many economic gains on the part of the pharmaceutical and hospital competition, as expected all those involved lost their licenses and their credibility. The moral of this real life story is to show all parents or future parents that vaccines are safe and beneficial for their children and that not doing so would be a serious mistake, which can also have deadly consequences. Specifically, it can be said that clinical studies demonstrate with real facts the benefits of vaccines and that despite bad intentions they do not create diseases, much less autism.

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How can it be detected?

For sure there is no test that immediately diagnoses autistic disorder that a person may have. The diagnosis begins by observing each of the symptoms that characterize this disease, which is why the main recommendation is to seek the help of an expert on the subject to make a true and timely diagnosis.

Despite this , seven (7) steps can be followed to personally recognize this disorder:

  1. Verbal and non-verbal communication: In this case, he has problems to identify each object around him, in addition to not imitating the gestures that people make, making it difficult for him to develop skills such as speech during his early years.
  2. Social Relationship: The autistic person avoids for any reason exercising any relationship with others of the same age and adults. At times such as family gatherings, he looks for a hiding place so as not to be observed, thus avoiding eye contact.
  3. Stereotype of behavior: The infant can establish specific routines that are completely out of the ordinary for his age. To better exemplify this behavior, we can mention the exclusive use of the same object, maintaining a meticulous order in shoes or clothing. When trying to change or correct this behavior, the autistic person becomes aggressive.
  4. Passive-Hyperactive: Autistic children can go from running around uncontrollably to being completely still in one place without wanting to be touched or disturbed.
  5. Inattention to danger: This aspect is one of the most dangerous, since it gets to cross the street without paying attention to the cars that come.
  6. Extreme sensitivity: They become very sensitive in every way, for example a bugle or the sound of a blender can make them react to the point of crying non-stop for a long time. The same happens with the touch, smell and taste of certain foods that irritate them.
  7. Limited Behaviors, Interests, and Activities: Autistics have very special and different interests from other people, so their attention may focus on a single object, logo, letter, or piece. It is difficult to notice because they do not share their taste with someone else and the play sessions become repetitive and without imagination. In addition to this, they perform body movements such as swinging, turning or fluttering.

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Risk factors for autism during pregnancy

As it is known everything that a pregnant woman goes through affects the fetus, there are particular cases where pregnant women who go through the factors mentioned below have a higher risk of bringing a child into the world with autism.


If a woman in condition lives mortified and takes everything to heart as if it were the end of the world, without having a quiet life during pregnancy there are many possibilities that the cognitive development of the fetus will be affected.

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Folic acid

Pregnant women need twice as much folic acid supplements. Your body is forming a living being and all nutrients are essential for the proper formation of the fetus, in particular folic acid is the nutrient necessary for the formation of fetal cells and neurons.

If a woman in condition does not receive adequate doses of folic acid, it is very likely that a baby with autism will be brought into the world.

Autism in adults

Adults with autism are almost always misunderstood and lonely people, who do not feel comfortable anywhere. The thing about these adults is that they didn’t have a proper diagnosis as children, or they just ignored the signs.

It is important to note that overnight adults do not suffer from autism as this is a disease that begins in the first three years of life. Treating an adult with autism is always more complicated than a child, their condition turned them into someone hard and detached who will not understand the nuances of their disease and in more crude cases they become sociopathic people capable of hurting other people without understand the real reasons.

Characteristics and symptoms

People with autism are harsh, they tend to be more pointed and make unceremonious judgments, on the other hand they are also people who never had stable affective relationships with anyone (fathers, mothers, wives, children), among the main symptoms we can mention the following:

  • Lonely person with no close friends or family to show affection for each other.
  • Sociopathic or psychopathic traits.
  • Person with various enemies, they are always hurting others without measuring the consequences.

Recommended treatments for autism

The options are diverse as a treatment for autism and if the autistic person suffers from hypotonia or low muscle tone, physical therapy is the best option. In addition to this, drug treatment is required to attack specific targets , for example hyperactivity, very common in these cases, they are benefited with the use of stimulants such as Adderall, Ritalin or Dexedrine, this because they tend to reduce movements improving the Attention to your surroundings.

For obsessive compulsive disorders, the use of selective serotonin reuse inhibitors (SSRIs) is specified and among the best known worldwide are Prozac, Paxil and Celexa. In certain cases, antidepressants such as Lurox and Zoloft are a good option, helping the autistic person to concentrate.

Each of these drugs was scientifically tested and significant improvements were shown after years of studies . It should be noted that some autistics can develop irritation or be agitated with the use of SSRIs, but there is no doubt that they are the safest medications to try.

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Physiotherapy and music therapy

There are many ways to approach the problems that generate autism, below we will detail physical therapy and music therapy as medical alternatives.

  • Most children with autism mostly have muscle atrophy, that is why their muscles must be strengthened through physical therapy to help them walk or grasp objects, these therapies are always mostly performed by a specialist but there are exercises or massages that can be given at home, always with the recommendation of a doctor.
    Physical contact in these therapies can alter the child, that is why a bond must be created before proceeding , it must be remembered that each step carried out with autistic children must always be done with great caution so as not to create trauma or complexes in the infant .
  • The music therapy helps combat stress and anxiety , these two are symptoms very deep in children with autism, most of them feel absorbed into an unknown world, they do not support new things, or sounds new or new people, ie many things bother them, they don’t know how to handle frustration.
    But through music they can achieve a middle ground and learn to live in different environments without losing control. Music is used as a relaxant and helps combat many negative autism behaviors.

Educational games that can fight autism

Imparting knowledge to a child is not an easy task, making them capture all the information is always complicated, but when we talk about children with autism (cognitive delay), the learning path is longer, educational games are always a great ally to get there knowledge to children. There are many skills and attitudes that can be taught through a simple game.

Educating a child is not brave and more a special child, but using didactic strategies to educate nothing is impossible, here is a game:


You just have to look for an alarm clock and set the alarm, place it in different places and have your child look for it, this simple activity will stimulate the child’s senses , as well as become familiar with strange sounds.


Find a large beach ball and have the child stand next to it (help him if he is not walking yet), gently move the ball back and forth, have the child follow the rhythm of the ball, use a song or your simple voice to encourage him, the idea is for the child to develop his motor skills through exercise.

Is autism cured?

Autism is a lifelong condition, that is, it has no cure , what should be done is to seek all the professional help necessary to know how to help affected people, usually these people need guidance to learn basic things such as greeting from the hand to people or just talking, so patience is the key with this pathology.

The psychological, psychiatric and pedagogical guidelines are the lines that must be followed to bring autism on the right track, suffering from this disease is not a sentence of leading a different and disadvantageous life, on the contrary we must fight for the rights of autism so that they can live in a world without discrimination and inequalities.

In conclusion, the disease has no established cure, but with special medical care , a quality life can be led without major consequences.

Nutrition, diet and feeding for children with autism

There are many clinical studies that link gluten intolerance with autism, it is all because medical studies believe that there is a connection between the intestines and the brain, these clinical trials are still in debate but any specialist will always recommend special diets for children. children with autism, below we will name the most important:

  • Gluten-free diet: most children with autism are gluten intolerant, it is recommended to avoid wheat flour foods such as pasta, breads, cereals and starches.
  • Caffeine-free diet: caffeine alters hyperactivity in children with autism, caffeine in soft drinks should be avoided.
  • Dairy-free diet: most industrialized dairy products contain casein and this component compromises the cognitive quality of children, so avoid yogurts, milk and cheeses and look for calcium from other food sources such as vegetables, salmon and other alternatives.

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Is it considered genetic or hereditary?

The origin of autism has been and still is a subject of wide debate among the international medical community, some specialists affirm that it may have its bases in the mutation of a series of genes of various kinds not related to each other, however its hereditary nature is something that is still far from being affirmed since there is no solid evidence to confirm or deny said hypothesis.

Differences between autism and asperger

Asperger’s syndrome is a trait or condition that falls within the characteristics of autism, that is, it could be called a type of autism (high-performance autistic ), there are similarities but there are also great differences, the first and most important is that people with Asperger’s are called high achievers because they can become ordinary people without any type of social or cognitive restriction, although social relationships are difficult, they feel comfortable in comfort zones, without major difficulties to be totally independent .

Compared to autism, this does not develop in childhood since the traits of delay do not appear, it is more in adolescence or early adulthood (when the social world of people begins to grow) where some characteristics stand out. of the Asperger, although there are cases where they can be noticed from the seven years of age , among the characteristics of the Asperger we can mention the following.

  • Small social circle, has normal social development but has few or sometimes no friends
  • Learn to read alone, make up phrases or repeat strange languages
  • Focuses on issues very deeply
  • Take obsessive routines like eating specific things or in a specific bowl

General recommendations to take into account

If there is suspicion that someone in your family suffers from autism, it is best to seek help and advice to know how to handle the situation, currently there are many support and help groups for autism, social support groups are always a good option to drain energy and of course to seek advice from people who have also been through similar struggles.

On the web and on social networks it is also easy to find support groups , but currently in each country there are special support groups where you can get multiple tools.

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