Hydrance Optimale Uv-Light From Avene, Analysis And Alternative

A moisturizer with sunscreen is always fine, plus Avene gives us an SPF 20, which is quite high.

It has a very light texture for the most sensitive skins, from normal to combination; but the Hydrance range also has another moisturizer with a richer texture, for drier and more dehydrated skin.

It talks about a moisturizing complex, which we will know later, that is combined with protective ingredients and Avène Thermal Spring Water, which results in great hydration, protection from free radicals and relief and calm against the irritation of these sensitive skin .

Do you want to know more moisturizers? Discover the analysis of the Best Moisturizing Creams on the market, along with a lot of information about moisturizers in general.

Hydrance Optimale UV-light Analysis De Avene

De Avene Hydrance Optimale UV-light analysis summary

Chemical sunscreens report quite a few concerns regarding irritation and more serious health problems, and in this formula they rank high.

I am concerned about Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, since its use is approved up to a concentration of 7.5%, and in the INCI it appears as the second ingredient. I just hope it doesn’t exceed the amount.

Also worrying is the inclusion of ingredients that are so highly recommended such as silicones, PEGs, potentially irritating, harmful and toxic ones, and other preservatives that can cause allergic reactions or contact dermatitis.

Of course, this is not recommended for sensitive skin (or for any other type of skin), the public to whom the cream is directed.

And to hydrate, I have only found a couple of emollients and a moisturizer, and all in too low a concentration.


It is not a moisturizing cream that I would recommend, so I propose a better alternative, such as Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream, valid for all skin types.

In addition to hydrating in depth thanks to Hydrolyzed Collagen and other emollients in high proportions, it works by filling and preventing wrinkles. You have all the information and the analysis of the cream in the link above.

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