Why Is My Child Crying? Reasons Why Your Baby May Cry

Crying is something that goes hand in hand with babies. Moms and dads, you know it well. Through crying, babies express all kinds of sensations and feelings . He may cry from hunger, from a dirty diaper, or simply because he is tired.

Normally, a mother learns to differentiate the types of crying from her offspring within a few weeks, but especially in the beginning, new parents experience tremendous anguish when their baby begins to cry and they do not know what is happening. Relax, practice is essential to get to know your child , and surely in a few weeks, you will know what each type of cry means. But until that time comes, here are 9 reasons why a child can cry .

1. Hunger

When they are hungry, babies cry with a pleading tone, progressively increasing the intensity of the cry. If you also see that he clicks with his lips, that he puts his hands to his mouth, it is clear that he is hungry. A good technique to know if the baby wants to eat is to carefully put one of our fingers in his mouth. If you see that he begins to suck, do not hesitate and feed him immediately.

2. He is sleepy

If you see that he has been yawning for a while, that he puts his hands to his eyes, or that he half closes them while crying, the baby wants to fall asleep. As a tip, never wait until he’s tired to put him to bed. Sometimes, the child cannot fall asleep due to fatigue, and they become irritable until we are exhausted, so it is better that you put him to sleep as soon as you sense that he is sleepy.

3. The diaper is dirty

Who likes to go dirty? Many babies protest and cry out that it is time to change the diaper. The smell will be essential to know if you need to put on new diapers. If so, gently wash her bottom with warm water and change her diaper.

Remember not to abuse soaps, as they can alter your skin and cause irritations.

4. Cold or discomfort from clothing

If our baby cries, and you have ruled out hunger, sleep and diapers, then it is very possible that the little one is cold, or perhaps hot. Touch her feet, hands, or arms to see if they are cold or too hot.

Also check that the clothing is not too rough, or that it has labels that we have not cut, lest it rub against the skin.

5. You have to release gas

Babies still do not control their bodies, and when they feed, they swallow air. Some babies erupt on their own, but many others must be helped to get the air out of them. Obviously, if they don’t erupt, the air can make them uncomfortable, and they can cry about it too.

6. Wants more attention

In many cases, the baby cries because he needs more attention from you. Babies need a lot of affection, and if they feel like being held, they will cry until they get it. In fact, it is a vital necessity for babies to maintain contact with their parents, and especially with the mother.

Smell is essential in the relationship between mother and child in these first months of life, and hearing the voices of their parents will also reassure inconsolable babies. In addition, a good trick to calm them is to take him in your arms and bring his ear close to the mother’s heart, since the sound of the heart has a sedative effect for babies.

7. His teeth are coming out!

The exit of their first teeth is one of the most feared moments by parents. The small teeth are making their way between the gums of the baby, causing pain and discomfort to the babies, causing them to cry. Even if you can’t see the gums, if you touch them and notice something hard, the tooth is about to come out.

8. Tiredness

Yes, the baby needs time to play, discover the environment around them and be the center of attention of the family. But at the same time, they also need their time to adapt to everything. If you see that a baby begins to cry, that the cry sounds like a complaint, stops, and explodes again, it is that the little one is demanding to rest. Take him to a secluded place, and try to calm him in a dimly lit room to reassure him. Picking him up and patting him gently on the back also helps calm them down and restore that peace they crave.

9. Pain

If the baby has an intense cry and totally different from the previous cries, it does not calm down in any way and you have ruled out the other causes for which it may be crying, then your little one may be sick. They tend to have a frown, and their eyes are closed much of the time, or they are slightly open. If you see that the child does not stop crying and you do not find a reason, it is best to notify the doctor so that he can visit the little one and determine the causes of the crying.

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