Best Baby Thermos For Solid Or Liquid Food

Becoming a mother is a unique experience that will change your life; if before you knew how to take care of yourself, your health, your well-being; now you will look after your son’s health and his well-being before yours; and enter so many things that you will learn, one of them is that you need to be quite efficient when preparing his bottle, and later his food; since babies when they get hungry the least they have is patience; Imagine if an adult loses it when he does not eat on time, although simply because he is an adult he understands the situation, he forgot to take his lunch to work, I come home late and Mom was not there; and left the food in the refrigerator for her to microwave.

An adult knows how to solve this type of situation, he simply goes and buys food in case he has forgotten it, or takes the one that was left in the fridge and is obviously cold, puts it in the microwave for a minute and that’s it , but a baby is differently, a baby will not know how to wait, you have to have his food ready when you already calculate that his time to eat is approaching and you must try to keep it warm in case he does not eat it as soon as it is ready. If he gets cold and starts asking for it, you can’t give it to him all at once, not until he warms it up; And if you don’t act fast, get ready because your baby will start crying.

They act as they should, according to what they feel; he feels hungry because he will cry and this is why it is important that you have a thermos of food for your baby ; you prepare it for him and ready you keep it there until he asks you for it; it will be warm and will not have to wait for you to heat it; This is one of the benefits of having a thermos at home, just like the one with liquids; because if your baby still does not eat solids I imagine that you give him his bottle; Then imagine that at midnight he gets hungry, you must get up sleepy and heat the water to prepare his milk.

If you have a thermos of liquids then before going to bed you can boil the water, generally these are capable of keeping it warm from a minimum of five hours to a maximum of ten hours ; And another benefit is this, that you keep the water from the bottle in the thermos and if you do it at ten at night, even at three in the morning it will be hot; it is very good to have a thermos for liquids or solids; They will get you out of a jam more than once.

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Thermos of food and liquids for babies is a really necessary investment, you will use them at all times, to keep the food and the water in the bottle warm for many hours ; you can go for a walk with your family, and take the baby’s food with confidence, you take their favorite homemade dish and no matter where you go, their food will be hot so they can eat it as soon as they get hungry; It is an advantage, because the baby’s stomach when it is very small does not tolerate many meals, and when you stop at a restaurant to eat with your husband, you cannot buy the baby a menu because you do not even know who prepared it.

In addition to saving you a possible stomach disease, you also save money; This is why it is very convenient to use these thermoses, to always carry your baby’s favorite food with you and be sure that it is prepared as it should be; without risk of making your little one sick; and if he has a strict diet, there is nothing better than preparing his food yourself and taking it with him everywhere; without it going cold , because eating it cold may not like it and it is not recommended either .

There are thermos that keep the heat and also the cold, so get a thermos so that you can also load your baby with fresh water for a hot day; You can also save its juices, its porridges and purees; Everything as you like , you can buy several thermos because there are different capacities and so in your baby’s backpack you pack his food, his juice, and his water at once, and everything will maintain its temperature for many hours.

Although these are its main advantages, the ones I just mentioned there is also another very important one, and that is that you should not heat your baby’s food in the microwave; It can be very fast and comfortable, but it is not recommended; since a microwave oven generates high frequency radio waves to raise the temperature of the food you place inside; So when you expose the baby’s food for example its vegetable porridge, it will lose the natural properties and the nutrients that your baby needs to consume.

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So you will be feeding it just to satisfy hunger but if there is no protein and nutrients then you really are not doing anything feeding it, and the consequences of this nutrient deprivation can be serious. If you prefer to heat baby food in microwave ovens instead of storing it in a thermos and leaving it hot as it is when you take it out; then you should know that this generation of microwaves will alter the chemical structure of food and even the antioxidant benefits will be lost.

If you steam the vegetables they only lose 15% of the nutrients but when you do it in the microwave then you lose up to 90% of them; This was a study that was done in Russia and such a loss was found; so it is not convenient to use the microwave oven; preferably invest in thermos, as many as you want, look for economy together with quality; buy the liquid one and also one for solids because you have already seen its benefits and uses.

Do not worry if you feel lost, you do not know how to look for it in the market and even less which one to choose from so many options because that is why I am here, to simplify your life because I have prepared a list of the best baby thermos; so your decision is reduced to a short list and not to thousands and thousands that you get on the web; They really are the best and I invite you to see their characteristics and benefits so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Types of thermos for baby food

Among the types of thermos for baby food you will find plastic , stainless steel , aluminum and glass thermos all can vary in size, capacity, also in design; some are more heat resistant than others, and some are for liquids and some are for solids; and there are thermoses that include neoprene covers. Different types of thermos can keep food hot from five to eight hours or ten, and when it comes to keeping it cold, there are thermos that keep it up to 24 hours.

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Which to choose?

When choosing the best thermos for your baby take into account the following considerations:

  • Manufacturing Material : One of the first things that you should take into account when acquiring a thermos is its material, because as I mentioned there are plastic, glass, stainless steel, and aluminum; those that are bought the most because they are of excellent quality are those made of stainless steel; So remember this recommendation when you have already decided to buy a thermos for both food and liquids, or two in one.
  • Capacity in ml: the capacity of the thermos will depend on your need; sometimes for any mother 350 ml is enough; however you may need more ml in case you have dark-skinned; 600ml would be enough for you to store the food for the two babies.
  • Time that maintains the temperature: The time will always vary according to the quality, and the type of material; There are those that maintain the heat for five hours, and others are capable of maintaining them for eight hours and up to twelve hours; generally this information tells you the characteristics of the same thermos.
  • Design: There are many different designs, some in bold colors for babies, others with simple designs for normal use; so this decision is not a priority, it will only be a matter of taste.
  • Additional accessories : There are thermoses that include a neoprene bag to protect the thermos, and to facilitate its transport and also to ensure that the heat remains for longer; thermos for liquids sometimes include a plastic cup, and thermos for solids can include silverware and lunch boxes. This is great if you see that there is another similar in price but that does not include accessories then the decision would be obvious.

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Precautions for use

When you already have your baby thermos, the safest thing is that it includes a guarantee of manufacturing defects but it will not cover a breakage caused by a blow: so you must be very careful of this in the days of warranty that the manufacturer gives you , avoid be hit at all costs.

When you buy it for the first time then you should wash the inside of your thermos with neutral detergent and rinse with hot water.

When you want to keep hot water or hot drinks, you should add a little hot water, not boiling, little by little, this is to avoid a thermal shock . Close it and keep it like that for approximately five minutes so that later you empty that water and proceed to fill it with the liquid you want to keep warm.

When you want to keep cold water or cold drinks instead of hot water, you should add a little cold water, without ice, little by little, this is to avoid a thermal shock. Proceed to close it and keep it that way for five minutes; T ranslate that time, you can fill it with the juice or cold drink that you want to stay that way for many hours.

Do not try to store any type of soda , as the overpressure will cause the cap to be expelled and will also damage the thermos.

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It is not recommended that you put your thermos in the freezer; not even in the fridge.

I recommend that you always use the full capacity of your thermos; you can leave it with about two centimeters below, this ensures performance by maintaining the temperature.

It is generally not recommended to use dairy or any derivatives in these thermoses as these products are perishable and the bacteria in the thermos would spread very quickly.

Do not bring the thermos to radiant heat because the plastic parts of your thermos can be damaged.

When you fill the thermos with hot water you should keep your face away from it.

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You should not drink from the thermos directly as if it were a common container, this could cause serious burns. It is best that you pour the contents of the thermos into an appropriate container and do not trust yourself, also keep your fingers away from the liquid.

You should always verify that the cap or lid of the thermos is well located in its place, you can check it if there is no liquid leakage.

Although most are anti-spill thermos, I recommend that you keep it upright and support it on flat surfaces but never place it between your legs or anything like that.

If your thermos is made of stainless steel, you should know that it is an excellent material that supports deformations but not cracks that you can easily perceive with or without; Since if you drop it and the blow causes this break, its effectiveness will be lost due to the fact that the temperature maintenance properties are lost and your thermos will become a common container.

The maintenance of temperature in the steel thermos is produced because it avoids the three forms of heat transmission such as: conduction, convection and radiation; and this material is porous, so there is a gaseous exchange in the walls of the thermos that degrade over time, so I recommend you replace your thermos when you notice that its effectiveness is diminished.

You must purchase thermos that are approved and that have been controlled, these usually carry their tax stamp.

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How to sterilize the baby food thermos?

By the time you have the thermos that seems best to you, you should know how to sterilize it since it will be like a bottle that you must sterilize every time you are going to use it to avoid possible illnesses due to bacteria; it is no different with your thermos; for each use, be it for liquids or food; you must wash it and its sterilization will be as follows:

Fill the thermos with hot water , and add a spoon of baking soda ; cover it and let it sit with it overnight ; the next day pour that water on it, and rinse it again with hot water; In case you do not have baking soda , vinegar, lemon or chlorine also works , you can add a few drops to the water only, and do the same procedure.

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After you have sterilized it, otherwise you are going to use it immediately, leave it uncovered , and if you used it and do not plan to wash it immediately, also leave it uncovered because this will prevent unwanted odors from accumulating. Likewise, sterilized or not, always rinse it before each use with hot water.

Most of the thermoses are not dishwasher safe, so you will have to do it manually; and with all possible caution; without using chemical products such as alcohol or any of its derivatives, as well as abrasive elements; Try using a mild, neutral liquid soap.

It is important to always maintain this hygiene; Some people advise pouring rice inside it when it is not being used to absorb moisture. You can learn this and many tricks by having your own thermos for liquids and solids; If you still do not have it, do not worry, we are going to go to the list of the best thermoses on the market to help you a little in your decision.

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Reer 90430 stainless steel thermos for baby food

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The first one I will start with will be Reer 90430 stainless steel thermos for baby food; because it not only ensures a warm meal for your baby but also gives you the assurance that the food that your baby will eat will not spoil so quickly, and since there is nothing better than you prepare his food yourself, there are no excuses for do not bring home-cooked food, you can go for a walk with confidence, because you will not have to buy food in restaurants of which you do not know who it was who cooked or how he did it; for many this is insignificant, but not for a mother who always protects her baby.

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With Reer 90430 stainless steel thermos for baby food you can store all kinds of food and drinks ; since its capacity is 350ml ; enough even for you to save two servings, and be prepared no matter if you go to a place where there is no kitchen because having this thermos makes you worth two; As they say, “a cautious woman is worth two”; In this way, nothing will take you by surprise, because if you have to go with your baby for a walk without prior notice, you just have to prepare his favorite food and keep it warm for him to eat later wherever you take him.

It is an excellent alternative for when you go on vacation, you are in the mountains or on the beach; You do not have to buy food for your baby prepared by a stranger, what gives you greater security is that your baby eats what you cook at home with the necessary measures; no one is going to worry about your child more than you; That’s why acquiring Reer 90430 stainless steel baby food thermos is a great idea.

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This thermos, as you have already been able to read, is made of stainless steel in its entirety , really a quality and unbreakable material; so it will be quite durable; and it assures you that it will work as it should and will keep you hot or cold, whatever the case, for many hours; its effectiveness is guaranteed since it is well known that stainless steel is the best to maintain the temperature for a long time; In addition, Reer 90430 stainless steel thermos for baby food has an insulating silicone safety closure with PP cover material .

Like most thermos, this one must be washed very carefully, although it is resistant and of the highest quality, Reer 90430 is not suitable for the dishwasher ; For this reason I recommend that you do it the way I taught you above in this article; If you are reading it and have not yet purchased Reer 90430 thermos for babies, then you already know that this model should be hand washed and delicately.

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Nor should you put it in the microwave oven, or in the freezer ; If you are going to fill it with hot liquid, do it as soon as you come down from the kitchen, you will only make it cold, then fill it with water or cold drink as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator; and if it’s food, then make sure it’s freshly cooked and put it away before it gets cold; since you cannot heat it in the microwave or cool in the freezer; Reer 90430 maintains the temperature of what is inside without the need for anything else, you just have to keep what you are going to store at the temperature you want it to be preserved.

And another thing I must mention to you is that you cannot store milk or dairy products in Reer 90430; However, if you are trying to make a hot teapot for your baby, you can keep the water quite warm; and use it just when your baby wants his bottle. Remember that this thermos is 350ml, a sufficient capacity for you to store both food and liquid.

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Miniland Food Thermo Steel

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The next thermos is about Miniland Food Thermo Steel, because I know that you are looking for the best of the best to be able to keep your baby’s food warm, and go anywhere without having to worry about it; since heating food for a baby in a microwave is not recommended because you know that studies have determined that 90% of the nutrients are lost while if you steam it, only 15% are lost; And so that your baby can count on that 85% so important in his diet to be able to grow healthy and strong you must try to keep his food warm to avoid having to reheat it in these microwave ovens.

Miniland Food Thermo Steel is a very light thermos; Although it has a greater capacity than the previous one, which was 350ml; This has a 600 ml capacity ; In this way you can have enough capacity to store food for your baby and also for his brother; or simply to reserve a double portion since this thermos is capable of maintaining the temperature for many hours; because its closure is a double screw cap to ensure this conservation of heat and it is 100% safe because it is free of Bisphenol A.

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This thermos of baby food is made with an excellent quality material, the best to preserve the temperature; It is made of stainless steel, 18/8 (304 steel) inside which has low thermal conductivity and good resistance to high temperatures ; the double walls are made of steel with an exclusive layer of copper. None as tough as this one; Although in the same way you must take care that it does not receive any blow or dent because if there is a crack, the thermos will no longer do you any good more than a common container and any since it would lose its effectiveness when keeping the heat or cold of what keep inside.

The time the thermos will keep the temperature of solid food is the maximum, really great because Miniland Food Thermo Steel is capable of keeping food hot for up to twelve hours no more and no less; and if what you want is to keep them cold, the same; for it will keep them cold for the same twelve hours; You can confidently prepare your baby’s porridge, and anytime he is hungry, just serve and taste to make sure you don’t burn the baby.

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It also includes a neoprene cover that will facilitate the transport of the thermos and will also help to maintain the temperature of the food, so this thermos becomes the most suitable for everything from porridges (baby’s first foods) to solid foods of all kind can be kept for a long time; This bag is excellent as it has a velcro closure handle , so you can hang it anywhere with total and absolute comfort; It is very important that you have this neoprene bag because it also isolates changes in environmental temperature and this contributes to keeping its contents warm for twelve hours.

Miniland Food Thermo Steel has an elegant design, it is metallic with super soft finishes and another with a rubbery touch on the outside; it is also free of bisphenol A and BPA; a safe and effective alternative to always keep your baby’s meals warm, because Miniland Food Thermo Steel offers you the best features as you can see.

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Chicco porridge thermos in stainless steel with two containers

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I told you about a thermos with a capacity of 350 ml, then one with a capacity of 600 ml that also includes a neoprene case; Now I want to talk to you about a thermos that only measures 24 centimeters, whose capacity is 500 ml ; enough to keep your baby a good portion of food, to keep the baby’s bottle included; Well, most thermoses do not allow you to store milk in them or any derivative, but with Chicco Thermos you can store the small bottle directly inside the thermos because its mouth is large, it is compatible with the Natural Feeling range of bottles and the physiological ones.

The size of the opening of the Chicco Thermos Thermos of Porridge in stainless steel is the perfect one so that you can insert the two plastic containers that it includes , they are the maximum because this way you can combine the baby’s food without it becoming soup when it is actually solid; you can store your rice in one, and your vegetable porridge in another; You introduce one by one into the thermos and voila, each of these containers has a capacity of 250 ml.

The material of Thermo Chicco of porridge is the best to maintain the temperature for enough hours; the same one that the previous thermoses that I have been talking about have; it is in stainless steel ; really an unbreakable material, quite resistant; However, you must take care of it from strong blows, not because it will split, that will not happen, but because any slight fissure will reduce its effectiveness in preserving the heat of the food.

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Such effectiveness in Thermo Chicco of porridge in stainless steel is able to maintain for nothing more and nothing less than for five hours the temperature of food or bottles ; and any drink you pour into it; what it means is that if you go out at around ten in the morning with your baby, and in his two containers you saved him two servings, then you can give him one at twelve noon and the next at three in the afternoon with all confidence and assurance that it will be in perfect condition and warm.

In addition, this thermos is very practical, not only because it includes those two cups or because it keeps food hot all that time, but it is very practical and versatile because its lid is multifunctional , that is, in addition to covering the thermos it also serves as a a cup for you to serve in it the content that is in the thermos; and not only that; Chicco Porridge Thermos in stainless steel also has a hidden pocket in its elegant design that can be used to store a spoon .

Another very good thing about the Chicco Thermos of porridge in stainless steel is that there is no risk of dripping because it has its screw cap apart from its multifunctional lid; a really good thermos; that offers you excellent characteristics and advantages such as being able to store the bottle directly , and also if you want your milk directly in the thermos but it cannot exceed two hours in it.

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Laken KP5-RI thermos with colorful cover

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Let’s talk now about Laken KP5-RI as it is one of the best thermoses on the market due to its high thermal performance; what you are looking for in a thermos to guarantee your baby a food with all its complete nutrients; since there is no need to microwave; and a safe food since you will prepare it yourself at home with all the love in the world; and you will not need a restaurant meal prepared by some stranger.

Laken KP5-RI thermos keeps your baby’s food or drink for many hours, some have tried it and say that the puree lasts super hot up to five hours, others say that it is capable of holding up to eight hours if the thermos is kept tucked into the neoprene bag that includes; a very striking bag that also has several designs available ; therefore various colors; so that you can choose the one that seems most ideal for your baby, as it is his, although you are the one who should use it.

This neoprene cover that it includes, is very beautiful and it is not only for its colorful beauty that you should choose the Laken KP5-RI thermos with colorful cover, but the cover protects the thermos from shocks. Although it is of the best quality there is, food grade stainless steel with 18/8 alloy and of course free of bpa and other harmful substances; double walled to increase high vacuum performance; and it is a very light and compact design; in addition to being safe because it has its screw-type screw cap to make it totally hermetic.

Laken KP5-RI thermos with colorful cover is capable of storing up to 500 ml , enough quantity to be able to keep your baby up to two portions of food to keep him warm for many hours, from his baby food, to more solid foods, or drinks and juices. Because I told you that it is airtight and you will not risk spilling, even when it is only water; Apart from the neoprene bag, transport is easier and safer.

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Olmitos thermo papillero

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Olmitos thermo papillero is a nice and practical thermos to keep the food of the spoiled of the house very hot; or your favorite cold and refreshing juices at all times; really the use of thermos for a mommy is essential; Nor is it said if the baby is impatient, because he could want his food at a time that you still do not have it ready, or hot then you can imagine the tantrum; something that you can avoid having a practical thermos, as soon as he asks you for food, it will be ready and hot to serve only.

Olmitos thermo papillero is very light and fulfills its function effectively; if it is hot food or hot drink, or if it is cold drink or some cold dessert; This thermos will keep it at its temperature for many hours, and it has a very wide mouth so that you can insert the containers that it includes , because according to indications, the thermos cannot be filled directly with food and drinks, but must be used strictly the special containers to put them in the thermos and to maintain the temperature.

These containers are of two sizes , one is smaller than the other; and they serve to keep the food of two different contours and avoid that they mix; the containers are made of plastic while the thermos is made of stainless steel; the best material to preserve the temperature of everything inside the thermos, be it hot or cold; many hours will pass before these foods or drinks are cold. You can then bring the prepared food to your baby without fear of losing its temperature; after spending about five hours.

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Its design is very beautiful, ideal for the tenderness of a baby you have, be it a girl or a boy ; Although the little one is not going to use it, but the mommy, it is really sweet that its appearance is ideal for the spoiled ones, that will differentiate it from any other thermos you have at home, for example for coffee; yours is yours and the baby’s will be untouchable when you see that it belongs to the baby.

It also includes a bag to make it easy for you to transport it , because it has a handle to take it from there and take it with you wherever you want to go with your baby, on a walk to the park or to the pool; you will always be prepared to meet your baby’s basic need such as eating; and this cannot wait; Adults know how to wait (sometimes) but when a baby is hungry, you have to have his food ready immediately.

This thermos has excellent characteristics of which I did not tell you exactly; Although I told you that it includes two containers, one larger than the other; I did not mention the capacity, which is very important because it is one of the things that is taken into account before anything else; And it is that with Olmitos thermo papillero you have a total capacity of no more than 820 ml ; more than any of the thermos I already told you about; This quantity is divided into a 250 ml container and the other 570 ml.

Another thing that I must mention is that Olmitos thermos papillero cannot be washed in the dishwasher , it is better that you use the recommendations that I gave you at the beginning of the article; and you are not going to put it in the refrigerator either, none of that and much less in the microwave ; If you really want to keep your appliances and your thermos in good condition for a long time, then you should avoid what I just told you. And I will also mention that it is very safe because in addition to its lid it has a non-spill silicone ring .

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Baby Due Pic-Nic

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Two Baby Due Pic-Nic lunch boxes are the ones I want to tell you about; since these are ideal for storing your baby’s food, they maintain the temperature and the best thing is that you can also use them in the microwave oven; When you need to transport your baby’s food with Two Due Pic-Nic Baby Lunch Boxes it will be very easy to do so, and its temperature can remain the same for several hours.

Two Baby Due Pic-Nic lunch boxes are made of extra shock-resistant plastic ; so your lunch boxes will remain in the family for a long time intact and always fulfilling their effectiveness; This material is free of toxic substances such as phthalates and free of Bisphenol A ; guarantees safety and protection.

Besides being able to use it in the microwave you can also put it in the freezer ; and you can safely wash it in the dishwasher ; The only detail is that you should not pour liquids on it because its lid, although very safe, is not spill-proof; you can transport, store and also preserve solid foods safely but not liquids.

The capacity of these two lunch boxes, one of 300 cc and the other of 400 cc for you to prepare your baby’s portion of food, and if it is of two different contours then you do not have to mix it since you can use both containers to use a contour in one, the other different in the other container; and the best of this Pack Two Baby Due Pic-Nic lunch boxes are compatible with Baby Due Termaline thermoses.

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Skip Hop Zoo Dog

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Another magnificent thermos I want to talk to you about is the Skip Hop Zoo Dog thermos. It is the most tender and beautiful thing on the market because if what you are looking for is a special thermos to store your baby’s food only and exclusively; This is; Maybe your baby cannot use it as he uses a bottle that he manipulates himself, but with Skip Hop Zoo Dog he will know that the thermos belongs to him; you can choose between several designs of various colors such as red, blue, yellow, orange and green; with drawings also different ; the one that your baby likes the most among a smiling bee, a monkey, an owl, a cute puppy and a Catarina ; really wonderful nothing more for this but it has other characteristics that I will talk about next.

If you wonder what you generally want to know before anything else about a thermos about What is its capacity? Well the answer is that Skip Hop Zoo Dog has a 325 ml capacity ; Enough so that you can keep your baby’s food ration, or the porridge, or the juice of your choice since Skip Hop Zoo Dog can keep the temperature both cold and hot of whatever you want to keep in it.

This beautiful and super cute thermos includes a nice and very useful spoon / fork ; not that it is a spoon and also includes a fork; Instead, the spoon he brings has the shape of a spoon and at the same time has the tips of a fork; what is called two in one; The spoon does not have to be thrown everywhere, since Skip Hop Zoo Dog has a support in its design so that you can place the spoon there and carry it with the thermos always, wherever you go.

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This thermos is free of those toxic substances such as BPA, PVC and Phthalate, so you can feel safe; Skip Hop Zoo Dog has the best of the materials that is the most used for the thermos because they are the ones that guarantee the most the conservation of the temperature; this material is undoubtedly stainless steel ; capable of making Skip Hop Zoo Dog maintain the temperature of hot for about seven hours and cold for about five hours .

For this and for the security that it offers you since its lid is screwed to avoid spilling the contents of the thermos; is that Skip Hop Zoo Dog is a good candidate to take into account when choosing a thermos that keeps your baby’s food warm, either because you are going for a walk or because you are at home and want to have his lunch ready from breakfast; or maybe it’s because you’re going to visit your mother-in-law and you prefer to feed your baby with your own recipes since grandmothers give everything to their grandchildren and mom is the one who must set limits.

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Set 2 Baby Thermos Due

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Previously I told you about the lunch boxes that are to be used with Baby Due thermos; This time I want to talk to you about a Set of 2 Baby Due Thermos; because you are a mommy who always prepares the best food dishes for her baby because he deserves the best; So if you make it a rich puree and also make it an oatmeal cereal for its snack, you can keep both foods warm thanks to this set of two thermoses that I want to talk to you about.

These thermos have a very practical design , they are wide-mouthed so that you can store food easily , and of course with the same ease to be able to take it; They measure approximately twelve centimeters in diameter by 9 centimeters in height, each one of the thermoses separately ; an excellent measure so that you can take it with you without taking up a lot of space.

The manufacturing material is the same that we have talked about throughout the article; the highest quality that guarantees the preservation of food, whether hot or cold, this material is made of stainless steel free of toxic substances harmful to health . This Set of 2 Baby Thermos Due is used to store all kinds of food, both solid and liquid; the latter will not spill since the lid of this thermos is screwed and closes the thermos hermetically.

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The good thing about it is that by having two thermoses you have more capacity; since each of the thermos has a capacity of 500 ml ; In other words, with two you will have a liter of capacity; enough for your baby’s food and also for you; then you will have such capacity in hot food for many hours; itself around eight hours ; Enough to go for a walk first thing in the morning and return relaxed in the afternoon.

If you are looking for a thermos that is of quality, durable, and resistant, then you have found Set 2 Thermos Baby Due, it has a double interior steel wall that in turn has a vacuum chamber to provide even more maximum performance when maintaining the interior temperature of any contents of the thermos; And also when I tell you that it is of the best quality is that all the characteristics these make the thermos practically unbreakable, rather than shock resistant , it is extra resistant.

The best of all is that Set 2 Baby Thermos Due includes a nutrition guide and also its thermos holder bag so that you can keep the two thermoses together in one place and take it everywhere with you in total comfort. Of all the alternatives that I have presented, it is the only one that offers you two thermoses for an affordable price, it is not a thermos and a container, they are two thermos both made of steel and both are to maintain the temperature of liquid or solid more than eight hours.

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Baby Due – Thermos for liquids

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Thermos for all tastes I have brought you in this list; here are the best on the market; and it could not be left out Baby Due – Thermos for liquids; I wanted to finish with this, since most of those that I have been talking about are both solid and liquid, but this is only for liquids; but the best of the best the truth.

It is a thermos that comes in different capacities depending on your need; the main one is 300 ml ; more than enough quantity to keep your baby’s bottle water ready and hot for a long time; There are also 500ml and 1000ml, the latter you can always have your baby’s water purified, and that amount is also enough to reach you to prepare your coffee; You can also boil the water at night and if your baby asks for his bottle at dawn, have the Baby Due – Thermos for liquids on hand as the water will be ready without you having to get up to go to the kitchen.

Baby Due – Thermos for liquids has a practical liquid valve that locks by pulsation ; You cannot wash this valve in the dishwasher and you should not expose it to a temperature higher than 85 ° C; but the rest of the thermos if you can wash it in the dishwasher with complete confidence; Although from time to time you must sterilize it according to the recommendations that I gave you at the beginning of this article so that you can eliminate possible stains from the inside of the thermos.

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It is also ideal for hot times such as summer, since it is not only a thermos to preserve high temperatures, but it can also keep temperatures cold for many hours , that is, you will have a refreshing drink no matter how sunny it is; You will keep your baby cool and hydrated either with water alone or with a rich juice of tropical fruits that come very well cold.

It is a very safe thermos since its lid is screwed , and it has a double inner steel wall with a vacuum chamber that guarantees that your Baby Due thermos – Thermos for liquids is unbreakable and that it maintains maximum thermal performance; It is a stainless steel that contains non-toxic materials, that is, it is free of polluting and harmful chemical substances.

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The height of Baby Due – Thermos for liquids is almost eight inches with a diameter of six and a half centimeters. This thermos includes a nutrition guide and a thermos bag so that you can transport it with absolute comfort and take it with you everywhere because if you go out very early and take your hot water for the baby’s bottle then it will last more than eight hours at that temperature, there are those who say that ten hours have passed and its effectiveness does not diminish.

Baby Due – Thermos for liquids is an excellent alternative if you want to keep your liquids hot or cold for many hours, and if you also want to keep food warm then take a look at the ones above; read and re-read its characteristics so you can see which one best suits your needs and make an excellent choice.

This decision will not be difficult since I brought you a lot of variety in thermos, from those with a smaller capacity to those with a full liter capacity; others that are two 500 ml thermos, and others that include accessories, some spoon, other pair of containers and other neoprene cover; some with metallic design, and others with the most tender and beautiful designs of animal drawings; the choice is yours; If you have a baby or two, pay attention to the main characteristics that I told you about and make sure you buy the best of the baby thermos .

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