Bagomycin: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Bagomycin is a broad spectrum antibiotic that falls into the group of tetracycline antibiotics, its active principle is minocycline . It works effectively against different Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, it has no effect against fungi or viruses.

Minocycline is considered long-lasting, it reaches concentrations in saliva and tears that help to act against the carrier of meningococcus. The dose varies according to the type of disease that is present. The most common is 100 mg every 12 hours.

Like the other tetracyclines, minocycline under the name Bagomycin works perfectly to treat acne and can be used to treat severe cases before proceeding to Isotretinoin medication, this being the most expensive option if it has a monetary value. We are talking.

Its medical prescription is almost always given as a treatment measure for acne and to complete and enhance its effect it is prescribed with some topical ointment or cream also for said pathology.

It is an antibiotic that, in addition to eliminating all those bacterial foci, also helps to reduce inflammation of the affected areas, thus giving them relief and a much more effective and quick recovery.

On the other hand, this drug is also fat-soluble, which means that it is very easy to absorb in the human body and its distribution throughout it is complete, being able to reach organs such as: the kidneys, lungs, livers and the muscles in general. .

Although it is usually highly medicated for skin conditions such as acne, its use from the beginning was intended to treat all respiratory tract infections directly associated with the lungs such as pneumonia. Today, infections in the lymphatic system have been treated with this drug.

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What is Bagomycin used for?

In summary of what has been said above, Bagomycin is an antibiotic used to combat all types of bacterial infections , whether of the respiratory tract, urinary tract and also of the skin, such as: acne, it works by preventing the proliferation of bacteria and let it grow. Eliminates bacteria that lodge both in the nose and in the throat.

One of the most recent effects attributed to Bagomycin is its effect against rheumatoid arthritis, since in synovial tissue it inhibits collagenase activity.

In addition to these uses, Bagomycin is used to treat infections caused by pests and is administered in all those patients who cannot be medicated with penicillin and any of its derivatives.

It is also used to treat all infections of the nose and mucous membranes, and in more extreme cases it can be administered to combat infections of the meninges of the brain or bacterial meningitis.

It should be noted that Bagomycin is not used to be administered in cases of flu or common colds, since the action of the active principle is only aimed at counteracting bacteria and not viruses.

If the case is extreme, Bagomycin can also be administered intravenously under the name of Tetracycline injection you can find it , this method is used for serious and urgent cases where it is necessary for the drug to enter directly into the bloodstream.

Bagomycin, as we said before, is used to treat cases of rheumatoid arthritis because it helps to reduce inflammation of the joints or joints of the bones and cartilage respectively.

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Precautions before taking Bagomycin

  • You should inform your doctor of any allergies or sensitivity to the formula or active compound of the medication, or any of the additional excipients or supplements that the extended-release tablets contain.
  • You also have to notify your doctor about each and every one of the medications that you are taking or have recently taken, since in this way he will know whether or not the medication with this drug is convenient.
  • Avoid as much as possible ingesting infusions or medicines based on natural plants, since the principle or compound of action of these can negatively interfere in the absorption process of Bagomycin.
  • Take into account that stomach antacids containing magnesium, aluminum or calcium, vitamin supplements with calcium and iron and laxatives interfere with the effectiveness of Bagomycin; To avoid this, you should ingest Bagomycin 2 hours before or 6 hours after ingesting the drug.
  • Inform your doctor if you suffer from asthmatic attacks, intracranial pressure, migraine episodes, serious illnesses such as lupus or cancer, and kidney or liver diseases, all of this so as not to run risks that the drug could harm or complicate these other conditions.
  • Bagomycin is an antibiotic of tetracyclines, so it is not advisable to expose yourself a lot to the sun while taking it, as it can cause photosensitivity.
  • If the patient is going to receive prolonged treatment with Bagomycin, it is recommended to carry out liver and kidney monitoring and control.
  • Vertigo episodes can occur, therefore it is recommended not to drive during the administration of Bagomycin.
  • It should not be administered during pregnancy, as it has been proven to affect the bone formation of the fetus.

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  • Tetracyclines decrease the effectiveness of contraceptive pills and all those hormonal contraceptive methods, that is why you should use double protection with latex condoms or consult your family doctor if there are other non-hormonal contraceptive methods.
  • It should not be used in conjunction with penicillins.
  • Never self-medicate a child with Bagomycin, since the indiscriminate use of this drug before 8 years of age, can damage and stunt the growth and bone system of the infant.

What to do after a Bagomycin overdose?

First of all, an overdose occurs when an exaggerated intake of this or another medicine or drug occurs, which can cause serious consequences to the body and can even lead to the death of the individual or person who has taken it.

If the overdose was due to an error, either due to ignorance of a dose or due to an accident with a child, it is called an accidental overdose because there was no predisposition to carry out or commit said act.

In case of taking an overdose of Bagomycin, nausea, abdominal pain, vertigo, lethargy occur and it can induce a coma in very serious cases, this last symptom is very rare to appear, however, it is better to keep prevention by informing the people with whom live about your medication.

The most important thing if you ingest more than necessary, of this medicine is to go to the doctor immediately or call the emergency room, and use gastric lavage treatment, milk of magnesium, and others.

Bagomycin and Dermatology

The family of tetracyclines to which Bagomycin belongs has been the most used treatment in dermatology over time, followed by ointments or ointments based on corticosteroids. To treat a lesion such as acne or rosacea, treatment is long, but effective for 3 to 12 weeks. Generally they are prescribed is with the presentation of 100 mg.

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The success of the use of this type of antibiotic in dermatology lies in its anti-inflammatory effect and good management of infections, in rosacea or acne rosacea that is characterized by an inflammation of the sebaceous follicles and the person develops red pimples, which get worse with age.

Acne vulgaris is an obstruction of the follicles, pimples also appear but many times they do not turn red, unless they are pinched. Bagomycin treats it in two ways, reducing inflation and stopping the growth of bacteria.

In puberty, adolescence and in some cases adulthood, Bagomycin is one of the great allies to eliminate impurities and skin infections, this antibiotic should be used as a last resort before resorting to using Isotretinoin to end acne or rosacea.

The best and most versatile thing about this drug is that it can be used in children who are entering the stage of puberty without perceiving any opposite effect or that may threaten their body.

This drug is generally prescribed for adolescents dermatologically speaking, since these are the ones that have a higher incidence of skin problems than adults, although these are not entirely exempt.

The advantage of Bagomycin in cases of acne or other dermatological conditions is that it acts by directly attacking the problem with complete efficacy, but its consumption should not be abused for that reason, especially if the doctor has not previously prescribed or suggested it.

Its way of attacking the problem is totally different from that of other conventional antibiotics, since since it is a bacteriostatic antibiotic, it is not responsible for eliminating bacteria, but rather that it eliminates the protein source of these bacteria and, especially, the causative bacteria . acne.

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In short, it reduces the recurrence with which pimples appear and all its variants, in addition to accelerating the recovery process, being able to observe a quite remarkable improvement in an average of two weeks.

The administration of Bagomycin can be accompanied by other products such as acne creams so that its effects are fully enhanced and there is no risk of presenting the annoying and distressing relapses of the disease.

Generally, after prolonged treatments for acne, only the topical treatment is left, which will serve as a maintenance treatment for a few months after having finished the medication with Bagomycin respectively.

How is Bagomycin taken?

Its mode of use is intravenous or oral . It has good tissue absorption, however its absorption may decrease if it is administered in conjunction with compounds that have chelating ions such as magnesium, iron, aluminum.

  • Orally, for adults, the tablets come in 50 or 100 mg, preferably starting with a dose of 200 mg and then continuing with takings of 100 mg every 12 hours.
  • For children between 8 and 12 years old, 4mg per kg is used at the beginning of the treatment and then it is increased to 2mg per kg every 12 hours.

In general, doctors recommend and prescribe taking one or two pills of this drug daily depending on the case or severity of the disease in each patient, in turn the weight of the person will also influence the amount of the necessary dose.

Doctors most of the time recommend that the drug be ingested alone and not during meals, since these take away a large part of its effectiveness, as the components of this usually damage the stomach, it is recommended to ingest it one or two hours before each meal.

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Its intake should be solely and exclusively with water because food or dairy drinks interfere and cause adverse reactions in the body; These foods include: yogurts, cheeses, ice cream and milk.

The bioavailability of compounds that can interfere with medication

Tetracyclines such as Bagomycin should not be ingested with antacids , tablets containing magnesium, magnesium salicylate, multivitamins containing iron, manganese, calcium or zinc.

All preparations that are laxatives and contain magnesium are also contraindicated, as are some antidiarrheals. Doctors often warn about the use of dairy products when they are administering antibiotics such as Bagomycin, since they contain calcium salts and magnesium salts that can alter its absorption.

The absorption of Bagomycin is directly related to its absorption with the pH of the intestine, and this in turn can be easily altered when oral sodium bicarbonate is ingested, which also alters the gastric pH, if it is strictly necessary to ingest it should be done with differences of about three hours between the two.

Sevelamer interferes with the absorption of antibiotics, therefore, to improve this absorption, antibiotics should be administered one hour before or three hours after sevelamer.

There is a criterion that bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics should not be administered at the same time since the bactericidal action can be minimized with the bacteriostatic antibiotic, therefore the use of penicillins with cephalosporins is not recommended.

It is proven that colestipol reduces the action of tetracyclines by approximately 50%, for this reason it is recommended that oral doses have a wide time interval between one and the other for better management.

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Warfarin increases its effect when used in conjunction with Bagomycin, but the use of both simultaneously has no side effect.

Some adverse reactions of Bagomycin

Like all antibiotics and drugs, Bagomycin can cause adverse effects and can range from simple stomach upset with vomiting or diarrhea to skin rashes and severe headaches.

These headaches or migraines can be caused by cranial hypertension produced by the dilation or inflammation of the blood vessels and joints of the neck. In very rare cases we can evidence the appearance of induced hepatitis, which produces the characteristic yellow color in the eyes, mucous membranes and the skin.

Among the most common adverse reactions when Bagomycin is ingested orally or intravenously are:

  • Some gastrointestinal effects such as: vomiting , diarrhea, abdominal pain, can be reduced by taking the dose with a lot of water, and not taking it at bedtime.
  • Rare cases of esophagitis and esophageal ulcerations.
  • Liver enzymes slightly elevated.
  • Photosensitivity , such as burning and itching of the hands, nose, and feet.
  • Dark pigmentation of the skin, avoid wearing a lot of sun, while being treated with Bagomycin.
  • Skin rashes, should not be excessively exposed to sunlight.
  • Myalgia, arthralgia, joint swelling.
  • Dizziness , dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, headache.
  • Change in color of the teeth to a darker tone of each person’s natural enamel, this occurs in both children and adults, but is more frequent in children.
  • In pregnancy it is not recommended to use Bagomycin, because it is within risk category D. Since it has a detrimental effect on the bone development of the fetus.
  • It should also not be used during breastfeeding , because it can present absorption problems due to the calcium in breast milk, and it ceases to fulfill its antibiotic functions as such, this results in that it is often used for an infection, but it does not improve. .

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  • When there is a very compromised or altered kidney function, the adverse effects can be very delicate, among which hyperphosphatemia, acidosis and azotemia stand out.
  • For people who are looking to have children, the use of Bagomycin is not recommended since according to studies carried out in this regard it is believed that it has negative effects on the production of sperm, that is, it reduces its production.

Most of these symptoms diminish or disappear when the treatment with this antibiotic is finished , what happens is that sometimes the treatments are prolonged and that is why the patient complains of the symptoms that are brought about with the taking of this type of antibiotics that have very good results for different ailments caused by bacteria, but that carries all these side effects.

Storage form of Bagomycin

This and all medicines should be stored in preferably high places that neither children nor pets have access, they should not be stored in humid places such as the bathroom, nor where there is excess heat such as the kitchen or gardens, they should be at average temperature.

On a shelf that is found in the home library or in a storage room that exists in the home, some medicines require storage in the refrigerator, but each one is specific if it does not have this indication, do not keep it there.

In case your pet accidentally ingests an antibiotic or any other medicine, it is essential that you take him immediately to your veterinarian because he will indicate the fastest procedure to follow to avoid poisoning.

Likewise, if a child accidentally ingests any medicine, he should immediately go to his trusted doctor and tell him the medicine he ingested, many times a gastric lavage is indicated. Or vomiting is induced.

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Bagomycin and infections

Bagomycin, as we said before, is an excellent antibiotic prescribed for infections and diseases caused by the action of bacteria in the human body. These bacteria are responsible for triggering diseases that, although not treated in time, can be fatal.

The mechanism of action of Bagomycin is the same for all types of bacteria, since it is responsible for eliminating the protein source with which the bacteria feed, thus preventing them from continuing to grow and advance faster.

Bagomycin and susceptible strains that cause infection are:

Mycoplasma pneumoniae

 It is the bacterium that causes all those serious respiratory diseases such as atypical pneumonia and tracheobronchitis. They are small bacteria that live more freely than other types of bacteria. They have a very peculiar appearance since they do not have any cell wall and membrane of this same characteristic.

These diseases are caused when this microorganism attaches itself to the epithelial walls of the respiratory system, which are formed from a cell and are fed by a protein called adhesin.

Chlamydia Psitassii

This bacterium is also the cause of pneumonia, it is a bacterium that is transmitted between mammals either by inhalation or ingestion of it. In humans, flu-like or common cold-like symptoms can begin to develop into pneumonia.

The most common form of contagion is presented by birds as excellent reservoirs. The most effective treatment for this type of bacteria are bactericidal antibiotics such as tetracyclines or Bagomycin.

Chlamydia Trachomatys

 It is a bacterium with intracellular origin that is only contagious and harmful in humans, it is the cause of many damages to health and can develop diseases such as; pneumonia, blindness, viral arthritis, oculogenital infections and blindness.

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To detect any disease caused by this bacterium, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate clinical studies, being able to apply much more exhaustive techniques such as direct cultures, serologies and genetic techniques.

Gram negative microorganisms that are usually susceptible to Bagomycin

The microorganisms that receive the name of Gram-negative, are all those that when exposed to ultraviolet light do not stain a dark blue or violet color according to the Gram distinction. The vast majority of these microorganisms are the cause of diseases in the body such as meningococcus.

Most of these bacteria are immune to the wide range of antibiotics on the market, however they can be susceptible to antibiotics such as tetracyclines since they have a bactericidal origin. Among the microorganisms susceptible to this drug we find:

  • Echerichia Coli.
  • Enterobacter aerògenes.
  • Some species of Klebsiella.

Many times when penicillin does not have a good effect or is contraindicated for an infection, Minocycline Hydrochloride is used .

  • Infections in women caused by Neisseria Gonorrhoeae.
  • Anthrax caused by Bacillus anthracis.
  • Meningitis caused by Neisseria meningiditis.
  • Syphilis caused by Treponema pallidum.

Bagomycin presentations

There are several presentations on the market, Bagomycin, but the most common are:

  • 50 mg pill pack. Usually brings 60 or 30
  • 100 mg pill pack. It usually brings 15 tablets.

Bagomycin can also be found in its generic form such as tetracyclines, these are a much cheaper and more accessible variant to find it, if you have not used it yet you should read the instructions in the box together with the ones that gave you the doctor .

On the other hand, you can also purchase this product topically or as an ointment, being more effective for all those serious, mild or moderate dermal pathologies.

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It should be noted that before starting to use this cream, you should wash and sanitize your face very well, remember that hygiene is another super important factor in the treatment of these pathologies such as acne or all those whose proliferation has a bacterial origin . On average it should be applied twice or up to three times a day.

Tips for using Bagomycin for Acne

When you suffer from severe acne characterized by having many blackheads and pimples on the skin, the first thing is to stop using that many cheap and common creams that are recommended everywhere. And take into account that they should never pinch their skin, because in the long term this damages it and leaves marks that will later be very difficult to hide.

In case the itching is unbearable, apply alternate cold water and warm water compresses , at night, you can also place a few drops of lemon in the water to be used and impregnate the compresses with this lemon water, it is important note that these compresses should only be used at night.

After applying the compresses it is important to wash the face well with warm water, with a neutral soap preferably glycerin, to soften and neutralize the skin, It should be noted that you should never apply these compresses in the day and go out to wear the sun, since it is proven that lemon juice exposed to a lot of sun can stain the skin of the face.

Now any allergic reaction to lemon, much burning or redness of the skin is recommended to use only cold and hot water alternately.

Buy 50 or 100mg Bagomycin and start a treatment for 4 weeks, the first two weeks take 100mg a day and then 50mg daily. From the second week the effects begin to be seen, as the pimples begin to dry out.

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It is also recommended to buy an ointment called benzac ac 5% and place it on the face every night for a period of one month, this ointment contains Benzolium Perioxide.

It is important to be attentive if you feel very dry or flaky skin , or burning, this ointment should be suspended for about two days, and then start again. It is recommended after the first week to use a gentle exfoliator for the skin of the face to begin to eliminate all the excess dead cells that will be produced with this treatment.

They do not necessarily have to be very expensive exfoliants , it can simply be a little sugar with baking soda, and apply at night with a little cotton and water and massage gently until a creamy effect is achieved, this preparation can be left for 30 minutes and then remove with lukewarm water, using circular motions around the eyes.

In this way the skin is cleaned and the dead cells accumulated with the Bagomycin treatment are shed, and little by little the skin will breathe more and will look fresh , eliminating that thick effect caused by pimples.

The main thing with this treatment is to maintain consistency, not give up because you see that a week goes by and you do not see results, you have to be very patient, and keep the foresight not to pinch the pimples, because that would not allow you to heal, if you have a lot anxiety because you see them very inflamed, put the ointment on top to hide the appearance.

If during the treatment you feel any effect, such as: dizziness, nausea, it is best to suspend the use of Bagomycin, for about three days and then restart, it must be remembered that not all organisms react the same, it may be that to a person does not give any effect as it may be that it causes many effects to another, but it is a matter of molding the body.

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Little by little until it no longer presents any complications and can fully comply with the treatment, thus achieving a notable improvement that is what is sought, and can project a much more harmonious face. It is vitally important not to stress too much about the physical aspect in this case of our face, since this can have consequences in other aspects.

So much so that many people develop depression and anxiety due to excessive concern about the appearance of their face . Let’s learn to accept ourselves as we are, of course we have to look for solutions to improve aesthetics but without going to extremes that can have consequences in other areas of our life. Always remember that mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

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