Brightening Face Cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm, Analysis and Alternative

This luxurious cream is a 24-hour moisturizer that helps to even and refine skin tone and gradually minimize blemishes and visible signs of pigmentation.

It has extract of garden cress sprouts that brightens the face and minimizes the appearance of dark and yellowish spots.

And ginseng extract , which improves the skin’s defenses against free radicals and UV-induced environmental stress.

It also incorporates hyaluronic acid to leave the complexion super hydrated for 24 hours.

And particles of shine that will leave the complexion radiant immediately.

The result, the brand promises, is brighter, more uniform looking skin.

From the brand they also tell us that the cream is free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances .

At the moment it looks good, but before we get ahead of buying this cream, we are going to analyze its ingredients to see if they are effective and if they can really erase the stains.

Perhaps, what we like least about the product is the price, since it exceeds € 150 for a quantity of 50 ml. After analyzing its ingredients, I will tell you if it is really worth paying for it.

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Brightening Face Cream Review by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Brightening Face Cream review summary by Dr. Barbara Sturm

A couple of emollients top the list of this cream, which will have an effect on a very soft and silky sensation. And so it is, anyone who has tried it can attest to this very nice texture.

Also in great concentration is the star active ingredient that includes practically the entire range of Dr. Barbara Sturm: the extract of purslane .

It is an antioxidant whose function is to preserve the barrier function of the dermis, a characteristic that will benefit all skin types, because if the barrier is damaged, all the skin will have problems.

It is followed by more emollients and softeners, until reaching vitamin E , another very valuable antioxidant to fight against the damage of free radicals that are formed by UV rays and pollution. And this time it’s in pretty good proportion.

It also contains panthenol, a well-known vitamin that has anti-inflammatory properties.

However, you have to go down the list quite a bit to find the main depigmenting actives.

The first that we find is the ginseng extract , which not only has lightening properties for the skin , but it will provide us with numerous benefits: it increases the formation of collagen and the natural repair of the skin.

Next is hyaluronic acid, a great moisturizing active that keeps the skin moist; an emollient, and Alteromonas ferment extract, bacteria that hydrate, protect the barrier, and help reduce inflammation.

And already at the bottom of the list we find the extract of garden cress , which inhibits the formation of melanin, brightens, blurs discolorations and evens the tone. A good lightening asset that should be higher.

The soy isoflavones are also a good addition to reduce the loss of collagen and combating free radicals.

The vitamin C , though in a low concentration is also present. I don’t think it can bring us all its benefits.

And finally, we find iron oxides and titanium dioxide, optical pigments that what they are going to do is light up the tone slightly. It’s not like you put on an illuminator, but it does show a slight natural glow that looks great.

In short, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Brightening Cream has very good ingredients to reduce pigmentation, hydrate and maintain healthy skin in general. But many of them are not in the right quantities to be able to demonstrate their full potential.

Does it help reduce blemishes? Yes, it is possible, although it will take several weeks for you to see good results.

And considering the price it has, I have to say that it is not the best option. You can find many other creams that will serve us better for this purpose, and they will not be so expensive.

I must emphasize that it does not have any harmful ingredient for the skin, just mention the presence of alcohol and a silicone, in case some skin wants to avoid it.

It has also caught my attention that it does not have perfume or synthetic fragrances, something that sensitive skin will value positively.

It is true that it leaves the skin very hydrated, although this can be achieved with a normal moisturizer.

So I leave you a better alternative.


We find that La Roche Posay cream is better value for money. It has good lightening actives, it does not have any harmful ingredients, and it is more reasonably priced.

Another positive point is that it includes sunscreen, which comes in handy to prevent the formation of new spots.

You have more information about this product in the article on the best anti-blemish creams on the market.

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