Bear Oil: Contraindications, Benefits, Risks And Uses

There are different oils that we can find in the market and many of them are based on nature, which has been characterized by providing compounds that are essential for us, whether they are extracted or synthesized. They have stood out for their properties that provide endless benefits, making their use very widespread and these are the most sought after.

Among the many types of oils that can be offered as an option is bear oil, a compound that has transcended generations and cultures. Standing out for its curative effects in medicine and as protective in cosmetics. It arises through local beliefs that over time gave way to what is known as this oil.

However, through its use we can also find various negative effects that they cause. These are mainly due to not knowing what bear oil is and how it is composed, for this reason it is vitally important to know everything about this oil and its presence in products that we can purchase on the market.

Through the development of this article we will give you the most outstanding information about bear oil . We seek to provide you with the data you need if you decide to use this compound (be it a recommendation, on yourself or someone else). As well as presenting it to you, as an option to treat different health and aesthetic problems.

What is bear oil?

Bear oil is a thick and thick substance obtained from the fat of the animal of the same name, the bear . This animal has incredible characteristics, among which is the ability to accumulate fat throughout its body (which is also a survival strategy, since they use it to protect themselves from high temperatures).

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This fat is due to the fact that they feed for a period of 6 to 9 months and in the remaining time they hibernate, a period where they accumulate said fat. Is this oil really obtained from the fat of bears? It may scare you to know but yes, in the past, where they discovered its properties.

However, currently some laboratories have discovered how to produce a mixture with different ingredients and replicate the original formula of this oil, without containing fat (from bears) and obtaining the same effects (benefits). They have called it “bear oil” and it is what we are going to find to use.

This bear oil is not very well known today , if we compare it with another type of oil such as vegetable and animal. However, its use, characteristics and particular smell have become very pronounced.

Origin of bear oil

Its origin dates back to more than 400 years ago in America . Where the Native Americans had tried everything to find a cure for the loss or lack of hair in men (the now known baldness), from natural remedies, different herbs to other substances that were found .

It was those who were in charge of hunting and killing bears for food who first tried to taste this fat. After selecting the meat that would be his food, they used the remains as an ointment and placed it on his head; The idea came from seeing the wonderful, abundant and continuous fur of bears.

If bears had that amount of hair, maybe they could get it from their fat (by treating hair growth). Little by little they were discovering the different and varied properties. So many that these arrived in Europe in approximately 1653. Their use became popular in this area for the same purposes (treating hair loss in men).

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These reasons gave rise to the trade in bear fat, mainly in the form of ointments. The cosmetic companies that were in charge of distribution (including the London company called Atkinsons as the best known) marketed with this product until the First World War .

The convenient and expensive demand for this product (especially in the 19th century) was the reason why in some regions of North America hunting of bears became popular and profitable . All with the aim of obtaining this fat and with this to bear oil. Currently it is still marketed and associated with the stimulation of hair growth.

What is bear oil for?

What made bear oil a demanded product and still in force were all uses, discovering everything it serves as such . In this chapter we take care to provide you with a list of the major conditions for which this oil is useful in the form of treatment.

  • Treat baldness problems
  • Grow hair
  • Eliminate dandruff from the scalp
  • To treat diseases that have to do with the respiratory tract
  • Protect the skin from cold weather (especially face and hands)
  • Rejuvenate the skin

How is bear oil obtained?

From the beginning, this oil was obtained from the fat of bears . Specific species were sought (which stood out for their fur), including those of brown bears. After extracting the fat, it was combined with a “perfume” that masked its strong smell. This perfume was composed of essences of roses, lavender or the very oil of almonds (bitter).

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The transformation of this fat to oil occurs because that way it is better preserved for a long time and the consistency is ideal. Many considered the fat of the Russian bears the best, leading their demand to cause the disappearance of these in some forests. So manufacturers were faced with the difficult task of replacing this oil (fat) with fats from other animals.

The formula that the factories have created to replace this “natural fat” is obtained from the mixture of ingredients such as organic jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, petroleum jelly, vitamin E, collagen, some derived from coconut fat, and other compounds.

Bear oil benefits

Among the benefits that bear oil can provide us thanks to its incredible properties, we will mention some of the most important.

  • For the hair, especially in problems related to baldness (loss or breakage).
  • It benefits in providing shine, resistance, strength and silkiness that it provides from the root to the tip.
  • Avoid dryness.
  • In the moisturizing and hydration of the hair, in a natural way.
  • Ally to fight against various fungi.
  • Benefits the skin and facial hair.
  • Ideal for skins that are seen in the aging stage.

Contraindications and side effects of bear oil

Until this chapter we have described bear oil as a unique product, capable of attacking and protecting against a wide range of diseases. However, the use of this oil presents, like other medications , several contraindications and some side effects on the body. Here we leave you some of the main contraindications.

  • Do not use, it can cause gallstone diseases, more specifically, during the exacerbation.
  • In diseases of the biliary tract, these contraindications may occur.
  • Do not use in pregnancy and lactation.

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  • Cause allergies (in the respiratory tract or on the skin).
  • Individual intolerance to oil and its composition.
  • Precautions in case of obesity and in the presence of other drugs (especially those that are heavy on the liver).

We recommend not using this kind of “drug” lightly . Bear oil should be consumed under medical restriction, furthermore, we recommend using a supplement instead of the dry substance. Before buying and consuming it, we advise you to read the composition of the compound in detail and in detail.

You should check that it is “natural” bear oil, that is, synthesized by a licensed drug company. That the other components (if present) are also natural and that they do not present any allergic or tolerance reaction to the product .

To test the latter (if the treatment is suitable for our body) we recommend two ways to do it.

  1. Take a kind of “exam” or practice test. It consists of starting the use of this oil with a low dose (less than you need), preferably your doctor who indicates it. But here we leave you an example.
  • Less than half a tablespoon (standard) for adults
  • Less than a quarter tablespoon (standard) for children

See the level of reaction and suspend if any of the contradictions appear.

  1. Direct application. Place a small portion on the back of the hand and apply to the skin, if apparent reactions are seen, do not use.

Bear oil as a natural treatment

Bear oil is said to be a natural treatment since instead of being made with synthesized chemicals, it produces them in the form of properties for the body . It is generated as a 100% natural compound, a product of the fat of an animal, the bear. It is used to attack and prevent diseases, recommended by many specialists (doctors).

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Its synthesized form (the one we currently consume as bear oil) used from a certain time, has ingredients that are obtained from natural products. As these are 100% natural, they make the formula developed with them also so .

Bear oil uses

There are many uses that we can give to bear oil and in various areas . In this chapter we have dedicated ourselves to highlighting these most important areas and what they are. We hope they will help you to know if you are going to use it.

In the skin cosmetics industry

This oil has been used to make cosmetic products for the skin, in order to rejuvenate (preventing the appearance of wrinkles and stopping the aging process), provide the elasticity of the epithelium and restore integral firmness.

These products, which are widely used mostly by women , include creams (sunscreen, wrinkles), masks and natural bear oil as a base cream for cold days (providing warmth to the skin).

In the hair cosmetics industry

The cosmetic industry has benefited greatly from this bear oil , although it originates as a product of its kind. Currently drugs use it to treat hair problems and for this reason its use has become widespread in this environment.


Baldness, a common problem for both sexes, strikes from the scalp, causing hair to fall out at the roots . Bear oil has been used since its origin to combat this evil and is currently still used, either the oil or some product made with it.

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There are two ways to use it, the first is to apply it before bathing. Place a few drops in a container (glass) and heat in the microwave (or in a “bain-marie”). You apply it all to the hair, while still covering some parts. Once removed (after 10 to 15 minutes) you massage in circular movements for a couple of minutes.

Use the product again in the same way on the hair, this time with a cap and a towel (preferably humidity and that the water is hot), wait the same amount of time and remove again, then apply the traditional shampoo until well removed Oil.

The second way is to apply it after bathing. When the hair is free of impurities and completely dry. You apply a small amount of drops (maybe two) with slow movements, but that it covers everything. Done, your hair will be perfect.


Dandruff is a kind of “fungus” that seriously affects many women and men . A dry shell layer (can be dissolved) stuck to the scalp and difficult to remove. Bear oil is seen to be used to counteract this problem.

With just a few drops that you use is enough , it consists of applying the oil directly on the root, on the scalp. In a continuous and neutral way, you should leave it there for 20 to 25 minutes and then remove with a lot of water, try to do it at least twice a week and you will see the results.


It is used to give lashes properties that make them longer and more striking. This oil has an indirect effect , how so? By itself, this oil does not have the ability to make eyelashes grow, only to promote the conditions that are ideal for their care, such as that they are healthy and hydrated, and as a stimulant for the growth that we want.

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It is used as a base or compound ingredient to make other products (such as mascara or ointment), most of these are combined with olive oil, almond oil or castor oil. Which if they have the ability to grow eyelashes, they do not have negative effects and are highly recommended.


It is used by men as a beard shaper , conditioning facial hair. There are not many beard products and fewer that use this oil in their composition. Ideally, rub a small amount (4 drops) with your fingers and massage in circular motions.

How does it work? The hair follicles are stimulated , which will help to greatly improve blood irrigation and this will have a positive effect on the weaker areas where hair needs to grow.

Risks for pregnant women from bear oil

It is recommended not to use this product during pregnancy , many specialists have been in charge of demonstrating the negative effects of using this oil and it is they who do not recommend it. The biggest precautions are with regard to allergies and reactions, as well as possible respiratory failure.

Bear oil for children or babies

Specialists and we do not recommend giving this bear oil to children under three years of age . This is not a time where you need it, after three years yes. But what benefits does it bring? All that it owns. The recommended dose for children is 1 tablespoon (standard) per day.

We advise you to apply it on the hair of girls mainly . Its incredible properties make this oil ideal for taking care of the hair growth of little girls, providing all its benefits, from shine to abundance. In this case the application of the oil is direct on the hair.

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Bear oil expires?

Yes, it expires . Products made by the cosmetic industry have a space in their presentation where they display this information . So check it out before you buy a product that contains it and see what its expiration date is.

When we talk about natural bear oil, it is recommended to heat it before applying it. It is because we advise you to keep it in a cold place because if you do not run the risk of losing all its regenerative properties (since components such as vitamins and proteins are lost when exposed to a lot of oxygen) and it will be damaged.

Homemade Bear Oil Preparation

You ask yourself, should I kill a bear and extract its fat to prepare the oil? Calm down, you don’t have to. You don’t have to hunt and kill a bear to extract its fat . As we have already mentioned, bear oil can be made naturally and synthesized.

You can do it by implementing a formula discovered long ago , which is used by many companies in the industry to make this compound. It consists of the mixture of other oils and compounds (all natural) and as a result you have a little bit of bear oil without extracting it from the fat of a bear.

The main ingredients (but not all), since some of them cannot be easily found in the market, are the following. It should be noted that the natural label is because that is how these products should be, not synthesized imitations.

  • Organic (natural) jojoba oil
  • Virgin olive oil (natural)
  • Castor oil (natural)
  • Sunflower oil (natural)
  • Almond oil (natural)
  • Vaseline
  • Some vitamin E capsules (preferably in pearls)
  • collagen
  • Coconut fat

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Bear oil to relief joint pain

It has been used in medicine to counteract certain types of pain , including those in the joints. Turning out to be an effective and painless treatment , since it consists of applying a few drops of bear oil on the affected area and rubbing in a circle (without using much force) twice a day until you are satisfied with the results.

Other therapeutic uses with bear oil

Its therapeutic property has made it perfect for treating this type of problem , mainly in the form of a massage on the affected area. A few drops of this bear oil in each area goes a long way. These therapeutic massages can be of any type .

Another use is in the preparation of balms, which are effective to relax the body. These therapeutic massages are used to alleviate the following ailments and problems, which are only some of those that we can mention in this chapter.

  • Sprains
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • The various pains in the bones
  • Tendon discomfort
  • Discomfort in the muscles
  • The discomfort in linkages
  • In burns caused by the sun’s rays on the skin

Also used as an emergency treatment in case of frostbite, used as a compress on scratches and open wounds, as medicine for ulcers and pressure ulcers, in gastrointestinal diseases and many more that continue to be discovered.

Home remedies with bear oil

From home you can create some mixtures that serve as a remedy to solve certain problems . This oil gives you the ability to do it in its natural presentation . In this chapter we leave you some of those recipes.

Remedy against stretch marks

Bear oil has not stood out as a source of cure for stretch marks , scientifically it is not useful for it. But there are those who say they try and they work for them . For this reason we recommend you try this product , the ideal is to mix it with another (argan oil, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil or coconut oil) and apply directly to the affected area .

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Remedies against hair loss

It consists of adding to the shampoo, cream or mask that we normally use, a few drops of this bear oil before applying it to the hair, mixing well and then placing it (in case you do not have one of these oil-based products or want to use the oil in its original form), leave it to act for 5 minutes and rinse.

Remedy for lack of abundance in eyelashes

If you cannot find a mascara based on this bear oil, you can create a mixture where you can put the mascara “brush” before applying it . It consists of mixing 2 drops of bear oil and 2 drops of almond oil, stir until it is compacted, apply with the “brush” (a swab, if you do not have mascara), repeat the movement until all the eyelashes are well covered .

Alternative uses for bear oil

In addition to the different uses that we have already mentioned, there are also other more particular and not very common alternatives . It is because some of these have already become extinct and others have been replaced by more effective ones.


Bear oil is used for gastronomic purposes , in the kitchen it is an ideal ingredient. Especially as a frying oil, chefs and housewives have used it for this purpose. As well as in the preparation of cakes, precisely to make the crust, recommended as the best in the market for this activity.


This oil is used as a repellent for various insects in many areas of the United States, being very effective and increasingly recommended. A couple of companies have used it in the development of their repellent products and advise its use.

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When electricity had not been discovered yet, the use of oil lamps was very common (noting that after the discovery, this continued to be the case for a long time), these lamps needed some type of oil as fuel to function and oil from bear made his presence .

It was used as fuel in these lamps to generate the flame that offered its light , one of the qualities for its use was that it did not provide any type of smoke. These used up to 50 grams of bear oil, which was enough to keep the spark burning for more than an hour.


Bear fat was directly used for hardening materials by Indian tribes. When applied to certain surfaces (bows, leather clothes, skins, pieces of iron or metal, knives, barrels or any object with wood) it had the ability to offer durability and resistance, both for use and with the passage of time.

It is mainly due to the waterproof properties that characterize this grease, which gives it the power to stop corrosion and oxidation (mainly caused by humidity). This use has become rare today, and is no longer in demand for this purpose.


Can Coconut Oil Make Any Predictions? In ancient times, according to some records, yes. They say it was used as predictors , specifically about the weather. How did they do that? It consisted of putting the fat in a pot (bowl) and then taking it to a window or space with air that was located in the south direction.

The appearance of this bear fat was the one that helped in the prediction of the climate, since the different changes that it presented would be subject to the various changes in pressure and temperature of the climate in the environment.

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Bear oil and bear grease are they the same?

Not actually. Bear oil is not the same as bear fat . We must understand something mainly, in the past this fat was extracted from bears and it was traded as an oil to treat baldness problems, but it does not receive the formal name of “bear oil” until the factories in charge of synthesizing these components in a formula is given.

That is, bear fat is the compound that makes up the body of the bear under the fur and on the bones . While bear oil is a formula, with a list of standard ingredients that are mixed to achieve the texture and appearance (as properties) of this fat.

Many argue that if it is the same, in cases where the oil does come from bears. But these practices have been banned almost everywhere in the world. It is also due to the fact that the oil has a greasy form, which is why many associate them in this way, which in a way is true.

Where to buy bear oil?

It is a product for commercial use , but increasingly difficult to find on the market . The places where you can seek it are pharmacies (some doctors ask for medical restriction) and in pharmacies (which is very unlikely at present). Depending on the region where you are, you can buy this compound.

Another way to find it and perhaps the most effective is on the web , many pharmacies have created a portal in the cloud where you can order and buy this product while they have it , with shipments to other regions (in case you are not nearby) . There are some web pages dedicated to informing you about this oil and they can facilitate its sale.

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If you want bear oil, but you would settle for some form of “supplement”, there is a considerable range of products on the market that use this oil as a base or at least use it among the ingredients of its preparation . That is, you can search and buy products that contain it, pharmacies and the web are still a good option for these cases.

Bear oil, another additional fact

One piece of information that we can add to this article is anecdotal. In the past, when this compound became popular, there was a small town in Arkansas that produced a large quantity of this product, so much so that it was named “Oil Trough . 

Some bear oils do come from the fat of bears, this is seen more in natural stores, near forests and places inhabited by them. Thing that influences what has been the greatest controversy, obtaining this oil by hunting these incredible, wonderful and untamed animals. While other oils provide the same benefits, without sacrifice.

A very particular use that was given to it in its discovery, not exactly for baldness, was that given by the men and women of the American Indian tribes. They used it to wear (show off) a long and shiny mane on a daily basis (which was a symbol of power and authority) .

In conclusion, this is the most important and salient information about bear oil. Now that you know it, you know what it contributes and how it works, surely you wanted to try it. So go ahead and incorporate it into your shelf, you will notice the resulting advantages soon.

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