Belara: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Belara is a hormonal contraceptive that is administered orally; in the form of a light pink pill, stored in a practical case with enough content for a whole month or cycle.

This contraceptive method is born as a result of the combination of two hormones whose secreted substances are: Ethinylestradiol and Clomardinone Acetate , both are produced by female hormones called estrogens .

In addition, it is part of the ” generation B” or last generation contraceptives . This drug is listed as one of the most effective innovations in the field of contraceptives , because it does not have side effects as notorious as those of other drugs.

What are next-generation contraceptives?

Before knowing more about Belara, let’s know what the latest generation contraceptives are: they are those whose pharmacological advances make their administration much easier , they are also friendlier for your body and in turn have a much more effective effect and no side reactions.

Another advantage of these, as well as Belara, is that they have aesthetic benefits , that is, they do not cause significant weight gain, do not cause acne breakouts on the skin, help eliminate fluid retention in the body, improve the health of the skin thanks to its antiandrogenic effect and eliminates the symptoms of premenstrual disorders.

In general, these last generation contraceptives are the result of the mixture of the compounds secreted by the different female hormones , helping to prevent and eliminate the biological effects that are caused by androgens or male hormones.

Benefits of medication with Belara

This contraceptive pill has two basic and fundamental benefits as it is; preserving beauty without losing security. On the other hand, it is a product that is totally reliable, safe to consume and meets the needs of women.

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Among the benefits that it offers us we can find: the reduction of severe dysmenorrhea, maintains stable body weight, decreases hair and skin fat, increases sexual interest, great contraceptive effectiveness, reduces irregular bleeding, prevents hair loss , in addition to eliminating and preventing acne.

Side effects

To acquire this contraceptive pill, it is not required to have a doctor’s prescription , however it is advisable to consult the health expert beforehand so that he can carry out a preliminary evaluation test, since it can bring side effects in some people such as:

Stomach ache

The ingestion of Belara , can cause in some women adverse effects in the stomach like; nausea and vomiting in the first 3 months of treatment with the pill. These symptoms will begin to disappear after continuing treatment with the medicine regularly.

Tender breasts

There may be a mild or moderate sensation of pain in the breasts, since the breast tissue can be affected with a small swelling , thus making the mammary gland feel full and more sensitive than usual. It should be noted that this can occur in the first days of treatment.

Irregular vaginal bleeding

This side effect usually occurs in the days between a woman’s regular menstrual period. In this case, the blood is usually of a much lighter color than characteristic of menstruation, although this drug with daily use tends to eliminate menstruation completely.

Headache and fatigue

They are usually of mild to moderate intensity, also causing a lack of concentration in study or work environments. The pains usually reappear after taking each dose of the drug, so if these symptoms continue, it is best to eliminate their intake and consult a doctor .

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Mood disturbances

These symptoms are very rare, although if this happens, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately as they can cause anxiety, nervousness, depression, irritability and sudden bad mood, leading to bad interpersonal relationships.

Skin conditions

Although Belara is recommended to heal skin conditions such as acne and dryness, it can cause other pathologies such as discoloration in some areas of the skin, unusual hair growth or hair loss. It is recommended to consult a doctor before continuing with the medication .

What to do before you start taking Belara?

If you plan to start taking Belara due to its benefits, it is prudent that you first go to the doctor for a series of physical evaluations, among which are; rule out a possible pregnancy, perform a hormonal examination and a thorough gynecological examination. Once the treatment has started, it is recommended to do it once a year as a preventive measure .

When should Belara not be ingested?

Although the drug does not have high biological risks , starting the intake of it with some diseases or pathologies is not convenient, that is why a medical examination must be carried out to rule out any silent condition, once you know the result you should not ingest Belara if you have the following clinical conditions:

  • Allergies or hypersensitivity to any of the active components of the formula, including the compounds with which the drug is coated, but full caution should be taken to hypersensitivity to Ethinylestradiol or
  • Heart problems and serious circulatory problems such as blood clots in the veins and arteries ( deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks or strokes ). It also applies if these occurred in the past.

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  • Presence of the first symptoms or signs of a blood clot , embolism, inflammation in the veins, such as; fleeting stabbing pain, chest pain, or a tight feeling in the rib cage.
  • Problems with diabetes, glycemia and high blood pressure or that it is difficult to control, as well as the presence of considerable, rapid and sudden changes in the blood vessels.
  • Affection in the bile and bile flow , regrowth of the liver by viral agents that have not yet been cured, considerable increase in bilirubin in the blood or conditions of inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Constant headaches, simple migraines and accompanied by episodes of sensitivity and movement, visual and atrial problems in relation to perception, paralysis or sudden epileptic seizures.

How to take Belara?

You should take 1 tablet or tablet daily every day at the same time (if it is at night much better) for 21 consecutive days, followed by a 7-day break, in which no more tablets will be taken. After the 7 days have passed, the cycle will be repeated with a new box of pills.

If you have not taken any contraceptive pill before menstruation, you must take the first pill on the first day of the female natural cycle , that is, day number 1 of menstruation, starting from this moment the contraceptive protection. Despite this, it is recommended to use barrier methods during these initial days respectively.

If in any case you were already taking a contraceptive pill and you want to switch to the use of Belara, you have to start taking it in the interval or rest period of the other drug to avoid being unprotected by the change of components.

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With this contraceptive you can change the days of your menstrual cycle if you wish, for this you will only have to reduce the days of the rest interval (you should never extend it) , that is, if these days end on a Friday, you will start again the three days before, in this case on Tuesday.

On the other hand, if you want to delay your menstrual period, (despite not being recommended) you should start another box of tablets without taking the 7-day rest break , with this you will be able to postpone the bleeding. Once the second case is finished, the recommended rest or pause must be taken.

It is important to note that, when you stop consuming Belara , your ovaries will quickly resume their activity and if you do not take care of yourself, you will have a chance of becoming pregnant . If this medicine was prescribed to control acne, it could reappear if the product is not continued.

Therefore, the more you take the pills you forget, the greater the risk of becoming pregnant, just as if the forgetfulness period is longer than 12 hours, the protective effect of Belara is not assured.

What does Belara contain?

The active principle or the main substances of this product are Ethinylestradiol and Clomardinone Acetate . One coated tablet or tablet contains 0.30 mg of Ethinylestradiol and 2.0 mg of Clomardinone Acetate .

Apart from its active principles, it is also made with other compounds such as; Lactose Monohydrate , Corn Starch, Polyvidone K30, Magnesium Stearate, Hypromellose, Macrogol 6000, Propylene Glycol, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Red Iron Oxide.

How to store the medicine?

Belara has the advantage of easy storage and without special conservation measures, it should only be out of the reach of children and it is recommended not to ingest it when it passes its date of issue marked on the presentation box and on the blister. The issue date refers to the last day of the indicated month.

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Belara or Yasmin, which is better?

Contraceptive pills such as Belara and Yasmin are very popular in the contraceptive drug market , ranking them as favorites by the vast majority of women and in family planning.

As we already know, Belara has many positive effects thanks to its revolutionary formula in its active compounds, on the other hand Yasmin has the same components as Belara but in greater amounts than the latter, bringing with it more harmful adverse effects.

In This case, Belara can be ingested by any type of person , as long as your physician prescribes it, if you choose to take it without prior medication, no problem OCCURS but the perfect is that you ‘ consult a professional.

Instead, Yasmin must be strictly medicated by a doctor , since the amount of hormones is much greater, producing multiple adverse effects and more if you have diseases such as; diabetes or circulatory problems.

If we talk about vascular risks, the Belara formula is the most indicated for these cases due to its low risk of forming venous thrombosis or blood clots, Yasmin on the other hand is not recommended for people who suffer from these pathologies , because they could experience a high risk of developing this pathology.

In short, Belara pills offer greater safety, both in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and in the preservation of the overall health of the person who is using it.

Belara, Yasmin or Diane-35 Which one to choose to avoid gaining weight?

It is true that consuming contraceptive pills can lead to considerable weight gain as a side effect and more if its consumption is for a long time, which makes it lose a bit of aesthetics and become a great image problem.

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However, this side effect can be avoided only by choosing a good product , there are many well-known and very popular brands on the market in addition to Belara , such as Yasmin and Diane-35 pills .

The effect renewed Belara , makes it one of the most ideal pills among these three names mentioned above, since it has a technology completely renovated just to try to eliminate all these modest effects on the female body.

This happens thanks to the hormones contained in these pills, which cause an insufficiency or failure of insulin in the body, causing weight to increase and fat to accumulate in the muscles and in areas such as the hips, thighs and breasts.

Insulin insufficiency can increase more at the end of the consumption of these pills , so you can gain much more weight even though you are no longer consuming or ingesting the medication.

That is why choosing Belara is your best option thanks to all its benefits and that it prevents the accumulation of fat in these areas, especially that it can be consumed by all public, even people who suffer from diabetes or insufficient insulin in the blood.

On the other hand, Yasmin and Diane-35 despite being very popular bring this little immersed side effect, also by investigations it was determined that contraceptive Diane-35 , can be dangerous and for those who suffer risk of vascular accident.

Can a man consume Belara?

Without a doubt, Belara’s prescription is only for female consumption , understanding in this way that no man should take this pill since its content is two female hormones that are not present in large quantities in the body of a man. .

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If only one or two Belara pills are consumed , no problem would occur since it would not be able to alter the correct functioning of the male organism, something simple such as nausea or dizziness may happen , but if the ingestion is carried out continuously and periodically by the function of the organism can be clearly affected.

Undoubtedly these effects caused in the male body, are more intense than the side effects that occur in the female body, this occurs because the male body does not produce in large quantities female hormones such as; neither estrogens nor progesterone , considerably increasing their production.

With the intake of Belara, a man can become more feminine because the female hormones would superimpose on the male ones , bringing some effects like; decrease and disappearance of body hair, decrease in muscle mass, increase in breasts, reduction of testicles and fat production in areas such as; the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Other consequences of self-medicating a man with this drug is, the increased probability of suffering from prostate cancer and having erection problems and therefore fertility, in addition to presenting a decrease in sexual desire.

Belara to be beautiful

Without a doubt, Belara is one of the greatest innovations in the field of contraceptive products, since they belong to mini-dose contraceptives , which is why their doses of hormones are minimal.

By having in its active compound the same hormones and amounts found in the female body, its side effects are minimal, which is a good point to preserve our desired appearance.

This virtue of Belara makes it ideal, since it provides a good appearance to the hair and especially to the skin, preserving its shine and vitality. On the other hand, as we mentioned before, it does not make you fat, it even helps you lose some weight but not in an excessive and uncontrolled way .

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Decreases the few side effects of Belara

With the intake of Belara there may be some adverse effects that although they are scarce, they can be a bit annoying and unpleasant , but you should not worry since you can help your body to get used to the medicine without having to stop consuming it or change to another method.

At this point the diet you eat is key , because many symptoms can be exacerbated by the presence of some foods, especially if they are processed or contain many calories, sugars, dyes, preservatives and excipients.

Remember that most of these symptoms are presented by the presence of large amounts of estrogens in our body, and more if we consume pills with the presence of these hormones as the main compounds.

The Advantage That You Should Take Advantage of When ingesting Belara Is That it has very few doses of estrogens , ITS levels being very similar to Those produced by our body , Which Means That the small changes That It May produce can be reversed by our own Means . .

Next we will give you some nutritional tricks that will surely help you very well to solve these small and specific cases that occur in the body, specifically if they are problems of slight increases in weight and height.

To lose weight taking Belara you will only have to maintain a good daily diet without depriving yourself of eating your favorite foods , since this will bring a rebound effect when you reach your ideal weight. The estrogens are responsible for the increase in size and production of fat cells.

The first thing you should do is ingest large amounts of water and infusions, this will help you eliminate the retention of liquids that are stored in the body. The water causes a washing effect in the body causing you to eliminate all toxins, on the other hand, teas or infusions have analgesic and relaxing effects for headaches.

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Control the intake of calories and sugars and more if when ingesting Belara you notice that your appetite has increased considerably, if this happens, you should implement snacks with natural sugars such as those contained in fruits, in this way you will satisfy your cravings in a healthy and healthy.

Keep the same time to take your pill, as it helps maintain better hormonal control in the body, also stabilizes your metabolism, mood and appetite. It also helps control anxiety and lack of energy for exercise or outdoor activities.

Take advantage of the fact that Belara contains very few amounts of estrogens, so you can help your body eliminate toxins by exercising daily, on the other hand you increase your capacity and control anxiety. Exercise helps to keep our skin and hair alive and to keep our circulatory system in shape.

If you want to go further you can do weightlifting, this activity brings with it an increase in muscle mass, understanding that, if the muscle mass is greater, the burning of fat and calories will also be .

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