Belei Anti-Aging Eye Contour For Ultra-Sensitive Skin, Analysis And Alternative

The skin around the eyes is already fine and sensitive, and that is why it needs a specific care product that protects and hydrates it adequately.

Belei wanted to create a formula that also preserves the signs of premature aging , without neglecting the issue of sensitivity.

For this, as the same brand mentions, it has eliminated the perfume and possible irritants that cosmetics usually have.

In addition, it has put its trust in a Swiss laboratory that prepares all its formulas, knowing the good work and neatness for which they are recognized.

The product is presented in a 15 ml tube container , a fairly low quantity, but which spreads quite a bit as a small quantity of product is necessary for each application.

It is suitable for all skin types, and especially those that want to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. Although those that already present them, they will not be able to eliminate or reduce them with this cream.

But before launching to buy it, I am going to analyze all its ingredients to see if its composition is really worth it.

This is one of the many cosmetics in Amazon’s new beauty range, the Belei brand. If you are interested, here is an analysis of all their products .

Belei analysis Anti-aging eye contour for ultra-sensitive skin

Summary of Belei analysis Anti-aging eye contour for ultra-sensitive skin

The first ingredients on the list are the ones with the highest concentration, and therefore, the ones that will have the most influence on the formula .

According to the INCI, there is a high presence of emollients and moisturizers , which means that it is basically a contour that will provide hydration and a pleasant sensation of smoothness on the complexion.

There is also a good amount of lubricant, which is used to give a smooth and smooth appearance to the skin , it is mainly there to improve the feel of the product.

And this is precisely what we feel when applying it, and we relate it to the fact that our dermis is more hydrated, which is not true.

Some of the ingredients that follow manage to penetrate the skin and reduce water loss by forming a barrier in the epidermis. All of this is to prevent it from drying out.

The vitamin E is also present in the formula, an antioxidant against damage from free radicals and damage to the epidermis, but yes, in a much lower concentration.

The same is the case with Panthenol (provitamin B5), which abounds in Belei’s formulas as a moisturizing agent and its properties to help reduce inflammation , something that is of great interest in this area so prone to bags and swelling.

The most interesting assets are found, as usual in the Amazon brand, at the bottom of the list, that is, in very low concentrations.

This is what happens with hyaluronic acid , an excellent moisturizing and plumping ingredient that could well have been at the top of the list.

Sensitive skin is usually prone to itching, also in the eye area, so they have included a peptide that helps relieve the discomfort of itching , a slight improvement that is a welcome extra.

It includes another peptide, the latter helps increase the natural production of substances that support the skin to make it firmer and smoother. Unfortunately, it is the last ingredient on the list and its effect is minimal.

One thing that worries me about the formula is the amount of preservatives it has . It is essential that any cosmetic have some type of preservative in its composition, since otherwise the cream would go bad in a very short time.

The problem is that many are included. Obviously there are no parabens and other more harmful preservatives, but in the end their low amount accumulates with each application, which is called the combined effect of cosmetics.

You may not notice the effects immediately, as it is a build-up problem that shows long-term problems.

In summary, this eye contour is very basic, it will hydrate the skin well thanks to the large amount of moisturizers and emollients that make it up, but it does not have much chicha.

It may be sufficient for a young person without blemishes, but it is insufficient in their thirties as it does not solve real problems. Also, I don’t really like the preservatives thing.

For all this, I propose a better alternative.


This is the Nezeni Cosmetics eye contour , an anti-aging option that helps reduce the depth of fine lines and crow’s feet, as well as reduce puffiness.

And it does all this thanks to its natural ingredients, and a high concentration of active ingredients , including Cobiolift, hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Its effects are much more visible and noticeable with regular use. So I can’t tell you more to try it.

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