Belei Eye Contour Reducing Dark Circles, Analysis And Alternative

Dark circles are one of the biggest concerns around the eye contour for both men and women, as they make you look tired and older than you are. Therefore, its reduction or elimination is always in our sights.

There are many cosmetics that promise to get rid of dark circles, but their effects leave much to be desired. Today we are going to analyze one of the newest: the eye contour reducing dark circles from Belei, the beauty brand from Amazon.

Its mission is very clear: to reduce dark circles as much as possible . It uses a Swiss formula with derivatives of vitamin C and vitamin E . In addition, it also promises to hydrate and protect the delicate skin around the eye, for a fresher and clearer appearance.

The brand does not reveal if there are any other ingredients that can help minimize coloration under the eyes, or in what concentrations are the active ingredients that are mentioned.

So I’m going to explain the full INCI, ingredient by ingredient, to get an idea of ​​what you can achieve.

It is a very attractive product, as it has a very reasonable price ; although it must be taken into account that the container is small (15 ml). But if it does not fulfill its function, it is useless if it is cheap.

This is one of the outlines of Belei, but there is more. You have all the information about their products here .

Analysis Belei Eye contour reducing dark circles

Summary analysis Belei eye contour reducer

Glycerin is the most concentrated ingredient in this formula, a good moisturizer that prevents skin from drying out, which can help keep the area smooth and smooth, leaving wrinkles less marked.

Another ingredient that leaves a smooth and soft appearance and offers a good feeling on the complexion is the emollient that comes next, Dicaprylyl Ether.

Added more conditioning, softening and smoothing emollients that basically prevent the skin from drying out and give it a good appearance. One of them can even protect the complexion from free radical damage.

But it is clear that the bulk of the formula simply serves to moisturize the skin, leaving it soft. This would be fine if it were a hydrating contour; But this is not the case. Are we going to find a functional ingredient that can do something to erase dark circles? Let’s check it out.

After the first 8 ingredients (those that have the most strength) we find a colorant and Panthenol (provitamin B5), which as we have seen on other occasions (it is usually in practically all Belei products) in addition to being moisturizing, helps reduce inflammation, something that always comes in handy.

Below is vitamin E in duplicate, one of the assets mentioned in the product explanation. This antioxidant protects the complexion from free radical damage, while soothing irritation. But it is also not used to fight dark circles.

The formula includes papaya extract, a mild exfoliating agent that can remove dead skin cells. Its regular use helps to minimize acne blemishes, scars and damage caused by the sun; but once again, no sign of dark circles.

Also, be careful, as this ingredient can be a skin sensitizer and is not recommended for daily use. It is true that its concentration is not high, but it can be harmful for very sensitive skin.

We also find extract from the sprouts of garden cress, which can neutralize oxidants and prevent the formation of melanin (the pigment), brightens the skin, reduces the appearance of discolorations, and evens the tone. This would be the main asset to fight against dark circles, although at such a low concentration its effect will not be as impressive.

Another interesting asset is Disodium Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Its function is to hydrate, soothe and help reduce the appearance of the signs of aging .

And the active ingredients are completed with a derivative of vitamin C, with high antioxidant properties that help against premature aging and brightening the complexion. However, it can intensify skin damage after being exposed to the sun.

Be careful with this, even if it is in a low concentration it has this potential, and I would only use it at night (although the brand recommends using it interchangeably morning and night).

What remains of the formula is a compendium of surfactants (cleaners), emulsifiers, binders, conditioners, preservatives and other ingredients that give consistency to the cream. One of them is irritating to highly sensitive skin, and the preservative can also irritate.

All this tells us that the eye contour reducing dark circles can intensely hydrate and leave the look more rested, but its effects against coloring will be minimal.

If you are really concerned about reducing dark circles, this is not the most suitable product for you, since the concentrations of the ingredients that can really help you achieve it are minimal.

Belei recommends applying it every day, morning and / or night, with a gentle drumming motion, from the inside of the eye to the outside. I wouldn’t use it in the morning because of the sun problem, but if you do use it, don’t forget to apply a sunscreen on top.


To reduce the signs of aging in this area more effectively, I always recommend Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage Eye Contour.

Although it is not specially designed to reduce dark circles, it does do a good job of minimizing crow’s feet and other wrinkles, and puffiness under the eyes, something that also helps to refresh the look.

It is also quite hydrating, and its texture is lighter and absorbs more quickly. But what I like the most is that it does not have any irritant, it can be used by all skin types, and its preservatives are minimal, which avoids the combined effect of cosmetics, a problem that has unpleasant long-term consequences.

You have the complete review in the article with the best eye contours on the market .

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