Belei Lifting Effect Tissue Mask With Hyaluronic Acid, Analysis And Alternative

In addition to its cream version , Belei, Amazon’s new beauty brand, has just launched a selection of sheet or tissue masks, those that are placed directly on the surface of the skin so that it absorbs all its concentrated nutrients.

In this case I am going to analyze the Lifting firming mask that has the popular hyaluronic acid .

In addition to mentioning the asset in the container, it is also announced that the formula is rich in natural collagen and vitamin E .

These 3 compounds will help reverse the effects of time and return your face to its firm and youthful appearance .

Likewise, it is also promised to protect and hydrate the skin with these ingredients, and restore the natural glow that mature or damaged skin once had.

The package includes 10 units , and is priced at € 21, so each unit would cost € 2.10.

Its use is a little different from the cream format, but much easier, since you just have to unfold the fabric, remove the protective plastic and put it on clean and dry skin.

The fabric is divided into two parts, one that is intended for the cheekbones, around the lips and chin, and the other that covers the nose, the eye contour and the forehead.

The performance time is 15 to 25 minutes. After that, you can already withdraw. The remaining liquid on the skin must be gently mashed so that the dermis absorbs it completely.

Generally, the masks have fairly concentrated assets, so that they can be more effective and, therefore, their results are visible from the first moment.

But before we venture to buy it for its magnificent promises, I am going to analyze its INCI (list of ingredients) to see if it really is a cosmetic that is worth it.

And since the brand has more products, I recommend that you take a look at this summary of all of them that you will surely like.

Belei Analysis Lifting effect tissue mask with hyaluronic acid

Summary of Belei analysis Lifting effect tissue mask with hyaluronic acid

The first part of the formula belongs to the fabric with which the mask is made, a mixture of polymers that form a film, thickeners, cellulose gum – fibrous substances derived from the cell walls of plants – and white clay.

The actives begin with Ginkgo Biloba, although before this is sodium hydroxide, which is a compound that regulates pH levels.

This ingredient has a risk, and that is that it causes irritation to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes , in addition to other harmful effects; That is why it is recommended to avoid contact with the skin and eyes, something that is impossible with this mask.

The worst thing is that it is in a high concentration, and it can cause problems in sensitive skin – and those that are not. This is not the only ingredient that causes problems, as we will see later.

As I said, the Ginkgo extract is the first of the assets that we are going to find. Its benefits for the skin are many, but especially its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and defensive properties .

In addition to increasing circulation in the area, it helps stimulate the creation of natural collagen and form fibroblasts – skin cells.

It is followed by glycerin, an excellent humectant, and hyaluronic acid; but in between the preservative phenoxyethanol and perfume, in a higher quantity than they usually are, strain us.

The hyaluronic acid they use is made up of low and medium molecular weight molecules. The low molecular weight penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin, and the medium stays more in the superficial ones, so that the hydration and the benefits are distributed evenly.

The other great asset is hydrolyzed collagen . Being hydrolyzed, the molecules are smaller and can penetrate well into the deep layers of the skin. This achieves greater elasticity, firmness and hydration.

By increasing protein to create more collagen naturally, it reduces dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a firmer and more youthful appearance.

I already anticipated that other ingredients would appear that cause damage and problems to the skin, and this is the case of benzoic acid, a pH regulator and preservative, which has been shown to cause allergic skin reactions in some people , in addition to being a irritating to the eyes.

Although safe to use in concentrations up to 5%, the cumulative effect can take its toll in the long run.

This is the same for the issue of preservatives, and there are several of them in this formula.

Masks have the advantage that they are not used daily, but once or twice a week, so they do not usually give many problems. But these harmful ingredients are also present in the rest of the cosmetics that we use. And hence the cumulative effect is a real problem.

Returning to the list we find the horse chestnut seed extract, whose main benefit is to reduce inflammation. But he’s not the only one.

It also has a powerful antioxidant effect, and protects cells.

The Vitamin E is present but in much lower concentration than the other assets. Its presence is very beneficial, because being a powerful antioxidant , it helps protect the dermis against the visible signs of aging, in addition to soothing and hydrating.

Preservatives are very present in the last part of the list, but they should not be disregarded for that, as they can present problems, as I have already said before.

It can be said that the Belei Lifting mask is really hydrating thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen and glycerin.

But unfortunately, it does not produce that “lifting” effect that it advertises , -or at least it is not long-lasting-, because it does not have enough ingredients for it.

It is true that it has several antioxidant ingredients, but these are not enough to create an effect of these characteristics.

It can hydrate, lightly plump, and even protect skin from the possible signs of aging, but it is not anti-wrinkle or a tightener.

Each mask is for single use, although it seems a bit expensive for the concentration of active ingredients it contains.

Also, you have to take into account ingredients that are potentially irritating. It can bring complications in some skins, so you have to be aware. I would certainly not recommend it for sensitive skin. But if I can make you another recommendation.


The one that gives me the best results, and the one that I recommend to everyone: the Nezeni Cosmetics Vitamin C mask .

It is not made of tissue, but of cream, and it does not intend to achieve a lifting effect, but to purify and detoxify the skin with white clay, and fill it with antioxidants as beneficial as vitamin C.

In this way, the assets are more concentrated, they do their work better and more efficiently and the results are seen in less time.

The result is super smooth skin, really clean and balanced, hydrated and ready to face the signs of aging.

That is why it is the one I recommend in the article on The Best Facial Masks on the market .

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