Bio10 Anti-Stain Shock Treatment Of Bella Aurora, Analysis And Alternative

Bella Aurora is one of the brands that has the highest rating in the field of the fight against stains.

And in the search for a product that really helps us eliminate hyperpigmentation, I have found this anti-blemish shock treatment .

It is not the only product that is intended for this purpose, but this has caught my attention because it is precisely a shock treatment, instead of a normal anti-blemish cream.

The brand claims that its formula attacks the 7 depigmenting mechanisms, eliminating existing spots and also preventing the appearance of new ones .

To do this, it uses active ingredients such as Mitracarpa and Gayuba extract , lactic proteins, Pantetein calcium sulfonate or hyaluronic acid to keep the area hydrated.

And they have not forgotten to include an SPF to combat one of the skin’s greatest enemies, UV rays.

Although it states that for you to see results, a minimum of 6-10 weeks of continuous treatment must pass. Obviously, you have to be constant in its use, and it is useless to throw it out once and forget about it.

It is an option for skin that has both dark spots, such as melasmas and chloasmas, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation .

In addition, there are several versions depending on your skin type: normal to dry, combination to oily and sensitive.

I am going to analyze all the ingredients in this cream to see if its active ingredients are really effective and in what concentrations they are found.

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BIO10 Analysis Anti-Stain Shock Treatment of Bella Aurora

Summary analysis BIO10 Anti-Stain Shock Treatment of Bella Aurora

A sunscreen appears first, as is logical in a product with photoprotection.

And in subsequent posts we find moisturizers, lubricants and silicones, which will give the product a very pleasant texture and a smooth finish.

The jojoba oil is in a high concentration , a restorer ingredient that is very similar to our skin lipids, and is non – comedogenic.

More moisturizers complete the formula to make it a hydrating lotion too.

And below are the two main anti-blemish ingredients: Bearberry Extract and Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate.

The bearberry extract is used quite active in this type of cosmetics for its lightening properties. It can brighten the skin, heal UV damage, and banish sun spots and melanomas.

Studies show that this lightening effect of bearberry is due to its unique combination of antioxidants and other phytochemicals.

These include hydroquinone, one of nature’s most effective skin lightening agents, and ursolic acid, which has been shown to have powerful anti-cancer effects.

For its part, Calcium Pantetheine Sulfonate is a derivative of Vitamin B5 that inhibits melanin production .

Several emollients follow in the formula, followed by panthenol, an anti-inflammatory, and another lightening active, the Mitracarpus Scaber extract.

Mitracarpus Scaber extract, in addition to being effective against bacteria, acts by preventing the action of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is the enzyme that forms melanin .

At the last part of the list is vitamin E, a good antioxidant; milk protein, which softens and also acts as an antioxidant; and other agents such as Bisabolol, which soothes, heals and softens the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is in a very low concentration, so its benefits will be very limited.

And what I like the least is the lower part of the formula, which although they are in a low proportion, there are several ingredients that are very not recommended.

I’m talking about a bunch of preservatives, 5 parabens, synthetic fragrances, and perfume .

Both preservatives and parabens can have negative side effects , both on our skin and on our health, as they mimic the function of hormones, which can lead to long-term reproductive problems.

Synthetic fragrances and perfume can irritate sensitive or allergic skin to some compound, and a moisturizer that I have found in the first positions is also an irritant and sensitizer.

This low part of the list spoils the rest, and the depigmenting assets it has. My recommendation is that you do not use cosmetics or any other skin care product that contains parabens, as research has shown its adverse effects.

You may not notice them at the same time you apply the product, but you will notice it in the long term.

For all this, I propose a better alternative.


This is the PigmentClar Anti-Stain Cream from La Roche Posay, which avoids irritation and skin problems as much as possible by excluding parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Its star ingredient is niacinamide, which works by suppressing melanin, which prevents the formation of spots.

And it also contains several sunscreens to deal with the biggest threat to spots: the sun.

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