Bellaface: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Bellaface thought for them , because every woman has her sacred right to decide about her body and her health. In this way, each woman is free to choose if she wants to have children, at a certain point in her life or not, this will depend on her sentimental, social and economic situation and the stage in which she decides to become a mother.

In the market, there are currently an infinity of oral contraceptive products to choose from, in addition to intrauterine devices, and intradermal devices, but everyone must choose the one that best suits their needs.

Birth control pills work because they inhibit ovulation, and without an ovum there is no fertilization, in addition they make the cervical mucus thicker, which does not allow the sperm to move easily, that is, it makes the path slower.

Contraceptive pills are 99% effective, but in case you have doubts when using them, it is better to use a condom every time you have sex, and thus you will be safer and also protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the Bellaface?

The Bellaface is a hormonal type oral contraceptive , which has estrogen and gestagen as components. This pill is also recommended as an antiandrogenic effect, this means that it is used for acne, alopecia, seborrhea.

Each tablet contains 30 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol plus 2 mg of dienogest .

This contraceptive does not allow the production of gonadotropins and thus the production of ovules, it also induces the production of thick cervical mucus, which helps to block fertilization by slowing the sperm journey.

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How is Bellaface taken?

This contraceptive pill begins to be taken, from the first day of menstruation , one tablet daily, for 21 days it should generally be taken at the same time every day, recommended is at night.

Once the 21 pills are finished, the intake is stopped and left to rest for 7 days, after which the next box begins.

Bellaface contraindications

The Bellaface is contraindicated in case of pregnancy or its suspicion and in the lactation period, also in cases of breast carcinoma, circulatory problems such as deep vein phlebitis or thrombophlebitis, cerebrovascular diseases, abnormal bleeding without a previous diagnosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes severe.

Pulmonary embolisms or thromboses , heart attacks can occur in situations where other factors coexist such as (overweight, high blood pressure, that the person is a smoker, very recurrent consumption of high doses of alcohol, previous venous infections).

Also at the beginning the patient may manifest decreased sexual desire, depression, also little tolerance towards contact lenses, vaginal infections can be recurrent such as candidiasis. In some patients prone to skin blemishes , prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended because dark spots may appear on the face.

Drug interactions

The Bellaface is not recommended for use in cases where the patient suffers from any of the following disorders such as: depressive disorders , suffers from a disease that causes seizures, suffers from high blood pressure (hypertension), hypoglycemia, circulatory problems.

Since the medications used for these ailments can decrease the contraceptive effect of the pill or cause sudden bleeding out of season.


It is recommended that before using this medication, the patient undergoes a complete gynecological checkup , which includes cytology and colposcopy, mammary ecosonogram and ovarian ecosonogram, to rule out any problem that may exist, this checkup should always be repeated once a year as minimum.See our article on  Evening Primrose Oil for Polycystic Ovaries

It is also important to remember that smoking and excess alcohol increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, therefore you must reduce it to its minimum if you want to lead a healthy life.

It is good to remember that Bellaface has a temporary contraceptive protective effect and does not lead to sterility . That when stopping treatment it may be that for three or four months the ovulation cycle does not occur but this is completely normal. And after this time has elapsed, the woman returns to her natural fertility level.

Side effects of taking Bellaface

With most oral contraceptives there will always be collateral or secondary effects , with Bellaface we can name the most common, without indicating that we have to present any of them necessarily. There are people who have never had any symptoms during the treatment or use of oral contraceptives.

Changes in the menstrual cycle, we can observe shorter cycles, longer cycles, irregular bleeding, little or a lot of bleeding. In some cases there is sacred out of season, strong colic, headaches, nausea, vomiting, arterial or venous thrombosis, arterial hypertension, thrombophlebitis, circulatory problems, varicose veins, neuroretinitis.

Causes of a pregnancy while taking the pill

Birth control pills have a 99% effect, but many times it happens that you get pregnant due to errors in taking the contraceptive.

Among these errors we have:

  1. You forgot to take the pill for a day or two, and on the third day you take three pills to make up for the days that were not taken, as this is a big mistake, because this alters the hormonal balance and therefore ovulation. For this reason, it is always recommended to use an additional method when having sex.

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  1. Contraceptive pills should be taken every day at the same time , to prevent their components from getting out of control.
  2. Interaction with other medications: some medications such as antifungals, or antibiotics, those used as anticonvulsants and for tuberculosis have effects on the hormones of the pills, making them assimilate more quickly, therefore they may stop having their contraceptive effect .
  3. Take St. John’s wort or St. John’s wort, this herb is used for depression, it accelerates the metabolism of the liver, which can cancel the effect of the pill.

We also observe certain myths that people think can nullify the effect of birth control pills, such as:

Being overweight, which has nothing to do with the effect of the contraceptive pill , drinking alcoholic beverages, as long as it is normal and not excessive, does not cause any problem in contraception, taking pills that already have their expiration date, has not been shown to have an immediate effect on conception.

But it should only be for a few days because of an oblivion, that I couldn’t go out to buy the new ones because I was very busy, but we must buy the new ones as soon as possible. Since it is not good to play with destiny in this way and it is better to be safe than sorry .

It is better to heal in health as our grandmothers said, the more foresighted you can be the better, and the day you go out to buy if your purse allows you to buy several boxes to keep in reserve and not fall into the same mistakes again.

Bellaface and Aesthetics

The woman of our days wants to feel attractive, pretty, desirable and in turn wants absolute control over birth, this is what the big pharmaceutical houses are looking for when manufacturing contraceptive pills. The Bellaface is a last generation pill, and that is why it can offer you contraceptive protection through its components Ethinyl stradiol and Dienogest.

And it is also awarded a contribution of beneficial aspects such as:

She decreases the side effects of all contraceptives

  • Tension in the breasts.
  • Fluid retention
  • Vomiting

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As is known, all women also produce androgens or male hormones , when they are produced in excess, it is called hyperandrogenism and is a very frequent phenomenon in reproductive age; This results in increased hair, very greasy hair, acne. The dienogest component is a very powerful anti-androgen agent.

In surveys carried out several years ago, it was determined that 80% of women said they were very happy with this product because it eliminates excess fat in their hair and another high percentage said that the fat on their face decreased with this product.

It also appears giving good results when talking about very abundant hair and hair loss. She helps improve your appearance, makes it more manageable, silkier and smoother when combing your hair. Now regarding acne , dienogest helps, because it makes the skin less greasy and this prevents the appearance of pimples and improves itching and the discomfort that they have.

Reflecting in this way a skin that is much more fresh, shiny, smooth to the touch and to the eye.

What is the difference between soft Bellaface and Bellaface?

Both forms of birth control pills are equally effective in terms of protection against pregnancy, but if they are taken according to the indications of the treating doctor.

The difference between the two lies in the hormonal amount of both. Bellaface is a combination of hormones in which the concentration of ethinylestradiol is at higher levels than in soft Bellaface, hence the soft end of the presentation.

Both presentations of these pills are used not only for the prevention of pregnancy, but also as a treatment for aesthetic problems such as acne caused by a hormonal imbalance of androgens in the body, hirsutism, alopecia, among other conditions.

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Bellaface has a presentation of 21 pills which makes it different from the soft Bellaface whose presentation is 28 pills . This creates an advantage for women who are not used to these types of medications that must be taken strictly on time and daily.

That is to say, that soft Bellaface complies with its pills a complete female cycle, so there is no vice of it, which allows the woman a faster adaptation and therefore better results in terms of its effectiveness as preventive of pregnancy and in aesthetic treatments.

Bellaface and Pre-menstrual Syndrome

Pre-menstrual Syndrome is a series of discomforts that can become very unbearable for some women, as they can cause pain, irritability or changes in mood, failure to rest-sleep due to the same hormonal imbalance that occurs.

It is because of this condition that many women have heard of the fame of oral contraceptives in keeping PMS under control and therefore one of the main reasons for their use.

Likewise, contraceptive pills help to regulate the menstrual cycle by stabilizing the hormones of the same and propitiating that if you had painful and abundant periods, they are also regulated and you can experience a great difference and improvement.

Soft Bellaface is a great alternative for young women who need to control the discomfort caused by PMS and regulate their period, so it could be the first choice.

Of course, a good medical study should not be ignored with respect to the symptoms that are being experienced to determine if it is the product of the hormonal changes of the female cycle or are coming from other pathologies that are manifesting themselves.

It is important to note that not every woman experiences these ailments or symptoms during her cycles , so each organism is unique and responds in a different way to hormonal changes, sometimes these changes are imperceptible for some women and that is not why it is globalized. they cannot occur in others with greater intensity and discomfort.

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They are normal changes as a result of the action of hormones and according to their functioning they can cause discomfort or reach ailments that are very difficult to bear, so it is necessary to resort to the use of medications seeking improvement and relief.

Therefore, the fact that a woman may be affected during her cycle by PMS should not be underestimated so that she should go to the doctor for solutions such as: the intake of contraceptive pills to reduce a great measure the discomforts caused by this action of feminine nature.

Why is a good choice of birth control important?

It is important that because it is a contraceptive method, it is given due importance in its proper management , so it should be indicated by a specialist and not taken lightly or self-medicate.

The adverse effects that the reaction of each organism to exposure to the drug can cause in the body despite being taken in a global or universal way are individual, so if a person did well with its use, they do not want say that the same thing happens in another person.

Therefore, the conditions of the person must be evaluated individually with the performance of the corresponding studies to determine the contraceptive method that best suits their body.

Bellaface is characterized by being a relatively new hormonal contraceptive, so it belongs to the last generation, that is, contraceptives with very little hormonal load, so it has reduced the possibilities of serious or extremely dangerous adverse effects for the maintenance of Health.

If we talk about soft Bellaface, its hormonal content is much lower, so the side effects of its taking are the same but they occur in a much smaller proportion.

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Today’s woman needs to feel safe, confident, attractive, motivated by this Bellaface comes to the market to address all these concerns, since it not only provides protection against pregnancy but also acts very effectively in aesthetic problems.

But what is the magic of Bellaface? This question arises when seeing the wonder of its benefits that outweigh the risks even more than other contraceptive brands. Its magic is in the hormonal combination it contains using ethinyl estradiol and dienogest which induces a reduction in side effects and therefore its health risks.

Dienogest is characterized by being a powerful antiandrogen , so it will significantly improve hormonal problems that lead to the excessive production of male hormones, which generates in the woman’s body the appearance of acne, hirsutism, alopecia, among other unsightly and serious diseases. concern for women.

A lack of control in the production of androgens in women can be the cause of the appearance of oily skin and hair, so Bellaface would be the most immediate solution to such a situation offering short-term results.

In countries like Uruguay, Dienogest is endorsed by Servimedic, for its reliability demonstrated through clinical evidence carried out through marketing studies, resulting in great safety when used by women.

For this reason, this laboratory devised and brought to reality PRS Femicare, which is a program where women receive support and sexual and reproductive education, which is essential and even more so with the aesthetic demands of today’s women.

Can birth control pills hide serious illnesses with their use?

The answer is yes . Birth control pills tend to hide the symptoms of some very dangerous diseases, such as insulin resistance due to hormonal imbalance.

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This situation is affected or is evident at the moment of stopping taking the pill, since it is where this condition manifests itself in a more aggressive way than when the treatment with oral contraceptives was started.

Other situations that must be taken into account is when the person takes contraceptive pills or pills for medicinal purposes in cases of alopecia, hirsutism, acne, irregularity of the menstrual cycle, infertility caused by hormonal lack of control, among others. In which, when the treatment is suspended, they can recur.

Can Bellaface birth control pills make existing health problems worse?

If the woman to whom Bellaface is prescribed suffers from any disease and this in turn warrants the regular taking of medications to control it, it should be investigated and the effects that may occur in the body if an action of the type occurs antagonistic to the contraceptive pill .

Cases such as depression or the use of antidepressants are clearly affected by the use of oral contraceptives of any brand, including Bellaface.

Due to the antagonistic effect that occurs when they are used together, which decreases the action of the antidepressant, producing an increase in the probability that said health condition manifests itself.

Contraceptive pills tend in some organisms to cause as a side effect an accumulation of fat in areas such as the breasts and hips of women, so it is not surprising that if they suffer from obesity problems the person experiences according to the response that her body before contraceptives increased weight, which would worsen her condition.

Bellaface can cause (like the rest of contraceptive pills) a decrease in libido, this is reflected by the control that the pill exerts on the production of male hormones that are an important part in the maintenance of libido in women.

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Therefore, by controlling the androgens produced by the woman, it is also promoting that the effects of this in the body are not reflected, such as libido or sexual desire, which is of concern for the woman and therefore for her partner. .

It is an unwanted effect of contraceptive pills, from which Bellaface does not escape, for this reason and trying to mitigate these problems that can be generated by the amount of estrogens in the pills, is that Bellaface was created soft, with a load decrease in hormones, thus mitigating many side effects including decreased libido.

If you already have a condition that affects blood circulation or blood clotting factors, special care should be taken with the use of oral contraceptives, because it interferes with clotting, promoting the formation of thromboembolism .

Likewise, it is said that it can interfere with the normal values ​​of blood pressure figures and affect the cardiovascular system, of course, this condition does not occur in all women due to the use of the pill, but in those organisms that are susceptible to the hormones contained in the pill and they already have a basic pathology.

These and other important pathologies can be affected by the use of oral contraceptives, which can mask the symptoms and once the treatment with them is finished, the disease can emerge with a high degree of probability of producing serious consequences on the health of women. .

Therefore, it is worth highlighting and repeating once again how important it is to notify the treating physician of each of the diseases and commonly used medications, which include vitamins and stomach antacids, in order to determine whether the use of the pill Bellaface is suitable or look for other alternatives or medications that outweigh the benefits of it.

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Bellaface and Cancer

A true impact of Bellaface (as an oral contraceptive) causing or leading to cancer development has not really been determined, researchers have only relied on observational studies.

Observational studies offer data for which this fact cannot be definitively stated, so more research is needed on this topic.

The fact is in the incidence of this disease in women who use contraceptive pills is that they go to the doctor more regularly and therefore, have a better control of health in general, notifying the treating doctor of changes in their body both internal and external effects that may manifest themselves as a result of the ingestion of the pill.

This fact leads to a meticulous study of the woman’s body in general and, if a tumor occurs, it becomes evident during them. Therefore, it is often detected in time to act and preserve life.

The studies carried out could offer an advantage in terms of the risks of endometrial, ovarian, colon and rectal cancer, but the same does not happen with breast and cervical cancer, increasing the risks of suffering it with the use of the contraceptive pill.

Bellaface offers as a contraceptive pill the possibility of giving the female body protection against colon, endometrial, and ovarian cancer for up to thirty years after stopping the pill.

The opposite case occurs with breast and cervical cancer, increasing the possibility of contracting this disease even ten years after having stopped using the contraceptive pill.

These statements arise after studying a group of women for years, who were followed both with contraceptives such as Bellaface and with other contraceptives from other brands that have the peculiarity of changing phases during the cycle with different levels of estrogens during it.

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The result highlights that there is a greater chance of contracting breast or cervical cancer when using triphasic and quadphasic contraceptives than when using contraceptives such as Bellaface.

It should be noted that contraceptives are increasingly being studied, which is why pills such as Bellaface Suave are presented on the market, with a lower level of hormones, which have been taken into account in order to avoid the recurrence of damage to the body, so lethal as is cancer.

It is sought that this type of contraceptive can avoid this type of adverse effect and promote a better quality of life for women who worldwide prefer this contraceptive method, which are a very high percentage of the world’s female population of reproductive age .

How does the use of oral contraceptives influence the risk of Cancer?

Influenced by hormones such as estrogen and progesterone , these hormones are naturally produced in the female body fulfilling an important cycle in it, but they are also capable of stimulating the formation and also positively interfere with the growth of some malignant tumors. .

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