Mixed Breastfeeding: These Are Its Benefits

Practically all mothers are very clear about the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding the exclusivity of breastfeeding up to six months of age and its subsequent continuation until at least two years. However, after 6 months and as part of a diversified diet, the reality of many mothers is totally incompatible with exclusive breastfeeding, either for work, emotional or both, and they find it necessary to incorporate  milk from continuation for babies  in your child’s diet.

Highlighting the  benefits of mixed breastfeeding from six months  as part of a diversified diet becomes a must to support those mothers who have decided to take this step, therefore, today we tell you what are the main  benefits of breastfeeding mixed , which to tell the truth , there are many.

Provides nutrition and immunity

The first notable advantage of mixed breastfeeding is that your baby  will receive all the nutrients he needs to grow and develop properly , while obtaining the immunoglobulins present in breast milk.

It is estimated that the child’s immune system has not fully matured until two years of age, so after six months and onwards, mixed breastfeeding is an excellent option to continue providing the baby with the immune support it needs from breast milk.

Provides freedom for the nursing mother

Many mothers need to enter the world of work within the first six months of giving birth. If you find yourself in this situation, mixed breastfeeding will be of enormous benefit, allowing your baby to be fed by another relative while you are working.

In addition, there are women who  feel the emotional need to continue enjoying time alone , whether it is to exercise, go shopping or have a coffee with a good friend, and mixed breastfeeding will help you while another family member takes care of feeding your baby. Contrary to what many people think, being a mother does not mean giving up what you like; As long as you play your role responsibly, there is nothing wrong with taking time each day to do whatever you want.

Increases the possibility of rest and the connection of the baby with other family members

Being able to  delegate some of the feedings to the baby’s father or a close relative  allows you to rest and disconnect for a few hours a day. Bear in mind that with exclusive breastfeeding the demand for breast by the baby is usually constant; Combining the breast with follow-on milk  allows you to take turns with a loved one, giving you time to relax during bottle feedings.

On the other hand, most parents love being able to participate in the process of feeding their child. Mixed breastfeeding allows the parent-child bond to be strengthened, providing numerous benefits in the father’s relationship with the baby and vice versa; And in the same way, grandparents or uncles will also be able to enjoy a unique and valuable moment with the little one of the family.

Facilitates the weaning process

Sooner or later your child will end up weakened, either of their own free will or because you decide to speed up the process. The fact that a baby is used to the bottle and follow-up milk greatly facilitates the final weaning moment, so having a mixed breastfeeding established is a good way to guarantee a fast and respectful weaning.

Remember to  introduce mixed breastfeeding with love and respect always . Start by trying to get him to accept the bottle with breast milk and once your baby has adjusted to the nipple, incorporate the follow-on milk in some feedings. A progressive change in your baby’s diet should not cause problems for you or your child.

If you have doubts about how to apply mixed breastfeeding, go to the pediatrician; he will know how to answer each and every one of your questions. Finally, do not forget to be patient and do not despair at the possible refusals of your child, think that it is a temporary and necessary process that will compensate you with enormous benefits.

Important Warning : Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies. The pediatrician is the one who can best advise you on the care and feeding of your child, and on the foods that you should add to the diet as he grows.

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