Best Seats For Baby Bath

When you have a baby, the most important thing is to invest in their care, for this reason we must have all the necessary implements to make their upbringing a simpler and safer job, in this way we avoid accidents and discomforts that may be caused by the lack of practice or precarious conditions in space.

If we detail each of the products that we can purchase to take care of a baby, we will get a wide range of these, which will go from hygiene to food, passing -of course- through their transfer.

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And is that a baby is very delicate, so you have to have total control of the details that have to do with the state in which it will be in each of the areas that give it, since any carelessness can mean a serious trouble.

In the range of products for babies we can achieve much more than just bottles and pacifiers, we will even get adaptable furniture, bathtubs and toilet seats . In this case, we will pay special attention to the latter, since they are an extremely necessary tool for the care of a baby in its first months of life.

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We know that newborns are more delicate than a baby who can at least sit up on his own , since they are very fragile and cannot carry out movements consciously or by themselves, so we must take into account that we must move them carefully for everything what they need to do, which in that case is simply to carry them from the crib to the arms, although when we think about the time of a bath, things get a bit complicated.

Obviously a baby needs to bathe, it is something that we cannot ignore in any way, since hygiene is important to avoid contracting diseases or infections, in addition, the use of a diaper affects the genital area a lot, so it needs cleaning. But, in the case of a newborn baby, how do we face a bath? these cases need special care, since we cannot throw the baby in a cup of water and we cannot put it under a shower.

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This is where the bath seat comes into play , since it is a very useful and comfortable instrument to give the baby comfortable baths, without forcing his body or putting him in danger. With this furniture we can put the baby in a strategic position where it can rest quietly while being cleaned.

For the hygiene of the babies we can also get special bathtubs , in this way bathing becomes easier since the bathtub has a good height and we can rinse and wash the baby comfortably for us, but the problem of newborns continues to arise. Since there may be bathtubs with an accessory that allows a baby to be comfortably bathed that still cannot sit up by himself, however, this may not be the case in other products.

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Or, there may be people who do not have these bathtubs, but have another option at home in which a bath seat is ideal to add versatility to the baby’s grooming process , especially in their first days of life. So we can use the sink or even a normal bathtub to bathe our baby.

Therein lies the importance of this product, although it is not essential for raising a child, but it brings comfort to the complicated process. Looking at it from this part, we could think that it is a perfect tool for those who are new to baby care, although there are no limitations, anyone who wants to make the baby bathing process more comfortable can choose to use a bath seat, for sure. you will not regret the purchase at all.

Every expense that we make for the well-being of a baby is money well invested, since there is nothing more stormy than a rampant and complicated upbringing, as long as there are more tools to facilitate care this will be better and more bearable, not only us, but also for the baby, since they feel comfort and discomfort, just as it happens with any detail in someone’s life.

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Importance of a good baby bath seat

Bathing time is important for adults and children, this cannot be denied, since hygiene is extremely important in every way for people. Only with a good cleanliness can we have a good state of health, since we avoid infections caused by the accumulation of waste and we also obviously smell better, we look better and we feel fresher.

Bathing is essential for people and must be applied on a daily basis, since only then are we sure that we are not accumulating many bacteria in our body and we are not generating a bad smell.

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Bathing is taught to us as a routine and we take the habit of doing it up to more than once a day , however, this is something that must be introduced from a young age, although we know that a baby cannot clean himself.

When a baby is over six months old, bathing becomes easier and can even be a fun time, since the baby can sit and play with the water , so this time becomes a pleasant time. But, when the baby is in its first days of life, bathing can be much more complicated to the point that there are those who prefer to avoid it.

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A newborn baby can not even hold his own head, so the grip of these must be careful and it cannot be exposed to very high or very low temperatures , so bathing must be a very meticulous process, only in this way we can do it successfully and without putting the baby at risk or disturbing it. In these cases a seat for the bath is the most indicated to be able to place the baby on it and to be able to bathe him with total comfort.

However, those older babies, five months and older, who can sit still without problems, may also need a little care, as a little security is always necessary. That is why, although we think that they can stay on their own in a large bathtub, it is best to implement a bath seat that guarantees us that the baby is not going to fall or accidentally drown in water.

This is extremely important in terms of the baby bath seat , in short, it is an instrument that helps us to make the bathing process an easier, more comfortable and safer moment, both for small babies or newborns, even babies a little more. large. We know that it is not an essential accessory, just like any other accessory, these are only an extra, but we have to consider that it is an extremely useful product for both first-time parents and more experienced parents, because you do not have to go through the same process with each upbringing and if the advances allow us new implements that make things easier, why not take them.

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Features to look for in a baby bath seat

In this case, the most important thing in a baby’s bath is that it is safe , since there is nothing more important than maintaining the integrity of the baby completely safe and this is not something that is easily achieved, since they are very small and They cannot know for themselves what is right and what is wrong, they simply act out of instinct and curiosity, and many accidents can occur in the process.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that normally bathrooms, be they bathtubs or showers , are very slippery and this can cause the baby to fall and bump, so it is essential to use a toilet seat that is anti-slip, thus preventing it from slipping and causing the baby to fall.

There are also seats that use different types of materials, in this way we can get a great variety of seats , there are some that are more similar to the shape of a chair, while others have more innovative designs and can allow the baby to lie down or until they lie down completely, which is very beneficial when they are very young babies, since their spine is still very weak and they cannot and should not sit until they can do it on their own.

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In this way we can arrive at two considerations: if we need a bath seat for a very small baby, we must opt ​​for one that allows us to put the baby tilted backwards, as well as it may also be best to obtain one with a soft design. On the other hand, if the baby is already a little big and can sit by himself, we have another range of choice, in this case we can choose between classic seats or others of different design and that allow mobility to the baby’s body.

Thus, we can say that the characteristics of a seat can be very varied and it will depend on our need to choose one or the other , since we will only choose the model that best suits us. There is no fixed rule that tells us which chair model is the ideal one, but there are many different characteristics in each bath seat and it is up to each person to choose the one that is closest to what their baby requires.

Even the variations can be so drastic that we can get bath chairs, hammocks and rings to help the baby stay seated while taking the bath , so it is totally clear that the choice will be influenced by the type of use that parents need.

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From what age and until what age should the baby bath seat be used?

Normally, these products are designed for babies from 6 months to one year of age, however, there are other models that are suitable for smaller babies, since they are specially made so that the bathing process in newborn babies is not so complicated .

In the same way, the use of these seats can be prolonged depending on the size of the baby and its weight, since it may be the case that a baby is older than one year, but its size still allows the use of the seat, so in this way the limit will depend on the baby, both on its size and on the usefulness it gives to this product. Therefore, if your baby is still using your seat after a certain age, there will be no problem as long as he feels comfortable in it and can use it without any inconvenience due to its size.

In this way, we can take the age ranges indicated by the products as a referential guide, that is, to have a notion of how old the babies should be to use the seat, however, we can see if the baby is suitable for the seat simply by seeing how the use of this product is going, if we notice that it is already causing discomfort, we will know that we must desist from its use, or otherwise, if we notice that it is still very small we must wait a little more time until the baby’s age allows him to be able to use his seat correctly.

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Angelcare blue bath hammock

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The AngeCare brand bathing hammock is a bath seat specially designed for babies in their initial stage, that is, from 0 to 6 months, since the shape of this seat is indicated so that the baby can rest on his back. comfortably while being bathed. In this way we avoid discomfort and fear on the part of the baby and whoever handles it when holding it and pouring water on it.

This seat is ideal to provide comfort during bathing and also safety, the design of this brand combines strong materials that provide good support to the product and also uses other soft materials, such as the surface, which makes the baby can rest. comfortably on this.

The design of this bath seat also allows water to drain while it is being poured on the baby, that is, it does not accumulate or form wells under the baby, but it can fall and thus the baby can feel more comfortable. Also, the seat is made of extremely soft TPE plastic, one of the advantages of this detail is not only the comfort it provides, but it also makes the baby stay warm because it takes the bath temperature quickly.

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In this case, due to the fact that it is a “hammock” type seat, it must be taken into account that these products are specially designed for a range of age, therefore they have a resistance limit in terms of weight and size is not suitable for the seat to continue to be used after the baby exceeds the established limit. In this way, its use is recommended only up to 6 months, since the maximum estimated weight that the product resists is 14 kilograms, if the baby weighs more than this amount, accidents may occur or the product could break.

Something quite important to note is that this seat has an anti-slip base , in this way we can place the product inside a larger bathtub and it will not move to either side, thus preventing the baby from falling or sliding, which is ideal in these cases because babies can be very restless and this causes the chair to lose stability if it does not have enough support.

In addition, the AngelCare brand seat has a water level indicator , with this we can guide ourselves to know how much water is recommended to have under this seat, since this way we can avoid accidents in case the baby gets out of the seat. chair, that is, we avoid possible drowning.

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The design of this seat is ideal for very young babies and provides comfort to parents in every way, since it eases the work behind the bath and also this product itself can be dry cleaned and has handles on the sides to be transported easily and without problems.

The dimensions of this product are 58.5 x 33.5 x 22.5 cm and it weighs 748 grams , which gives us the impression of being a not very robust or heavy seat, which makes its use simple, it can be transported without problems and thus allows you to take it on a trip easily if necessary.

Finally, those who have already purchased this product positively rate its quality , highlighting the fact that the mesh used so that the baby can rest seems resistant and allows water to drain, they also add a comfortable use as it allows the baby bathe without slippage problems and its compact design is easy to store after use. In conclusion, it is a very useful product to facilitate the bathing process of a newborn baby up to approximately 6 months of age.

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Jané yellow bath seat

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When babies already have the ability to sit up on their own it is remarkable that when it is time to take a bath , it becomes more exciting, since they can splash and play with their toys while they float on the water, this makes the duration of the bath can be seen more extended, but it is complicated if we have to be there taking care that the baby does not fall backwards or slip.

That is why a bath seat for babies of this age range is necessary in these situations . Contrary to the bathing hammock, this seat is not designed to make the baby lie down, but to stay seated with a support on his back and a front support, in this way the baby will not fall in any direction.

We can think that the problem in this case would be the chair overturning , but the one designed by the Jané brand comes with several suction cups at the bottom of the seat, in this way the chair is fixed to the surface of the bathtub and thus is prevents the baby from falling together with the chair.

In this way, the Jané brand seat allows the baby to be secured to the structure of the product thanks to the fact that on the front it has a folding piece that functions as a front support and allows the baby’s legs to be free, as well as the rear base and the suction cups at the bottom. This makes this product ideal for the baby to have long hours of play in the bathtub without risk of falling or drowning.

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The front part of this product works as a kind of seat belt, but with the difference that it only supports the legs and the lower part of the torso. In addition, it contains an opening to remove the legs and is foldable, so putting the baby inside the seat and taking it out is extremely simple.

The weight of this product is only 2.1 Kg and its dimensions are 18.2 x 43.4 x 38 cm , so we can realize that it is a somewhat robust product, but this confirms its quality and strength in regarding the materials that the brand implemented.

The design of this seat is extremely simple and basic, there is nothing innovative in this product, but this does not mean that it is of poor quality or of little use, but that Jané simply opts for the basic and practical. Therefore, we can buy this product without any doubt if we only want a bath chair for a baby of 6 months or more.

This chair is recommended for children up to 1 year , although it will depend on their size and weight whether the child can continue to use the chair after this age, as well as the need they have, since, if they no longer need it or you are uncomfortable with its use, there is no reason to keep putting your baby in the chair.

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Most of the ratings that this product accumulates are positive , since those who have purchased this chair confirm that it works in a great way and allows the baby to stay comfortably in the bathtub and free from all dangers, they also confirm that the mechanism used is effective, since the chair is well fixed to the surfaces where it is placed and it is impossible for accidents to occur with the baby inside it.

So, if you need a bath seat for a baby 6 months and older, you can opt for this option without any doubt, since it will allow you to leave the baby alone in the bathtub for a moment while playing and you will not feel worried about any type of accident, as the seat will keep you safe and hassle-free.

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Safety 1st swivel toilet seat

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We know how much a baby likes to be able to play in the water, but this becomes a problem when we have to stay there watching that they do not slip or fall because they are just learning to stand upright and taking into account the surface of most bathtubs. But, it should be noted that this has a solution.

In this case we have the Safety 1st chair with a swivel seat, whose novelty or outstanding feature compared to other products is that this seat can be fixed to a surface, but at the same time the chair can be turned without having to move the base. In this way, we can turn the baby according to what we need and there will be no problems with fixing the base.

It is important to note that fixing the base is essential for the use of these products, since otherwise the baby could overturn inside the chair, which would be more serious than simply falling while sitting freely, because It would be more complicated to get up on your own, so you have to be very careful and meticulous with this detail.

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On the other hand, the design of this seat is quite safe , it has supports that surround the entire body of the baby, so that it cannot fall in any direction and also so that it can lean its back from the seat and thus be more comfortable in its water play moment.

This bath seat is made for use in children from 6 months to approximately 12 months, however, the weight that the seat supports can be taken into account as a guide, it ranges from 9 to 18 kg maximum . Thus, we can deduce that if the baby is over the age of one year and the size of the chair still fits its dimensions and it has not exceeded the price limit, there will be no problem in the baby wanting to continue using their chair.

It should be noted that the seat works with suction cups in the lower part, this allows the base to be fixed to the surface , which for this reason must be smooth so that the mechanism remains attached more easily. For its part, the shape of the seat is ergonomic, so the back of the chair is designed to provide perfect support to the baby’s back.

The dimensions of the product are as follows: 34.6 x 31.4 x 24 cm and the total weight is 1.4 kg , we can consider that for this reason it is a compact product and easy to move, since it does not have robust dimensions nor does it have a very high weight. It should be noted that the design of the chair has a ball integrated in the front part, this is rotating and it can be of great entertainment for the baby to play with it while bathing, this is perfect in cases when the moment of the bath is not the child’s favorite.

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Safety highlights many positive features of its product, but when we see the ratings of its buyers we can change the image we have about the brand, since many of them claim that this chair is not of very good quality and does not deliver what it promises. Many users claim that the rotary mechanism does not work, since when trying this the suction cups end up being detached from the bases, so this “innovative design” is not very promising.Also, there are those who allege that this bath seat has an uncomfortable design and that babies do not feel comfortable inside this product. However, it should be noted that there are also those who consider that it is a simple product and that its quality is commensurate with its cost, so they do not issue complaints, but consider that it is an adequate product in terms of price and value.

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Jané front opening toilet seat

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We know that when a baby is in its first year of growth it goes through many stages and one of the most significant is the process in which its body gains strength and resistance to stay upright. This process develops little by little throughout the year and we can highlight two important points, when the baby can sit up on its own and when it learns to stand up and walk.

However, we know that this does not happen from one moment to another and therefore for a considerable time the baby needs a little help and requires that we be alert to hold them and keep them seated correctly, since when they are just learning this they tend to sway a lot and that is when they can fall backwards, especially when they are learning to sit.

For this reason, it is impossible to leave a baby alone sitting in a bathtub and it is also the reason why we need to adopt uncomfortable positions to hold them while we bathe them. But, to remedy this discomfort we can use a baby bath seat, this allows the baby to remain seated without problem and secured so that it does not fall.

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In this case, we have another model of the Jané brand, this is a very simple bath chair model, it is made of plastic and has anti-slip so that the baby does not slip and also so that the chair as such does not slip. move from the surface where it is.

However, this chair is more robust than some other model of the brand , it can look wider and highlights that its front part has several toys for the child to spin and play while being bathed.

The Jané brand bath chair has an opening in the front together with a folding piece that allows to secure the baby’s legs , the fact of the folding mechanism allows the baby to be removed and put inside the chair very easily. In addition, this product allows you to make other folds in your pieces so that it can be easily moved or stored.

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At the base of the chair, the product has several suction cups, which serve to adhere the base of the seat to the surface and this allows it to not move. In this way, the chair is prevented from tipping over together with the child inside, which is very important, as it is one more point of safety that must be taken into account. Although, in the same way, this product is large enough to be dumped, but with this feature we can be more relieved for that part.

This chair is intended for children from 6 to 10 months of age , however, those who have already purchased this product claim that it is not large enough for a child of even five months, as they have exposed several cases where they mention that the child’s legs baby are very thick for the seat, so it does not close or are extremely tight and they claim that they are children between the range mentioned by the brand and even smaller.

For its part, the dimensions of the product are 40.6 x 35 x 13.8 cm and its weight is 1.2 Kg, which, although it seems a bit small and light, we might think that it is very compact, but in In reality, according to the opinions of buyers, this chair is very uncomfortable to use due to its shape and size.

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We can say then that the ratings of this product are not very positive , they go from neutral to negative, as there are people who did work with the chair and were satisfied, but in other cases –as mentioned above- the chair did not. It did what it promised and one of the most worrying factors is that the size is not suitable even for the legs of a baby under six months to enter.

Therefore, at first glance this product seems not to be highly recommended, so if you decide to buy this or the design calls your attention, you can take these aspects into account to think carefully if it is a good decision, since it runs by your account any inconvenience that you present in the future due to this bath chair.

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Safety 1st toilet seat in pink

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For a baby it will always be fun when he has to bathe in his bathtub or in a tub, this if we talk about a bath for cleanliness reasons, because if we go a little further we can achieve that the pools and others places where you can play with water are also his favorites.

But , without delving much into the subject, a daily act such as bathing can be the favorite of a child, especially a baby, since splashing and playing with floating toys is something new and fun for little ones who barely they are getting to know the wonders of the world.

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However, before the child is at least one year old, it is a bit difficult to be able to keep him in a bathtub for a long time , since he is in a strengthening process in which he barely knows how to stay firm, for they lose their balance a lot.

A baby first learns to roll over while lying down, then he can raise his head, then he can move a little more until he finally manages to sit up, but when learning this they still do not know how to stay seated on their own and even when they perfect the technique these are very prone to falls backwards because the balance is too little . For this reason, a baby cannot be left alone in a bathtub with water, since this factor works against it and the chances of falling are many, in addition to the fact that bathtubs are always slippery, which makes the situation worsens.

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In this way, there are times when mothers or fathers have to stay holding the baby for a considerable time while it plays and has fun, which can be a bit tedious, that is why there are – or were devised – bathroom chairs . These implements help us so that the baby remains fixed while sitting, the seat has a support that adheres to the surface of the bathtub and its structure supports the baby’s torso so that it does not fall and can remain seated throughout the as long as it takes. This allows the mother or father to put the baby down for a moment without worry, or at least avoids the need for the baby to need to be held.

In this case, the Safety seat has an innovative design , this in addition to being another seat that adheres to the surface, uses a rotating mechanism, which allows the baby to be rotated so that in this way it can be cleaned – or bathed. – more easily. However, those who use this product note that it is difficult to turn, since the suction cups come off easily when doing this movement.

It should be noted that the product is aimed at children from six months to a year, but this may be more depending on the size and weight of the child, in short we mean that, if the baby exceeds the age limit, but still fits in the chair and likes to use it, because there is nothing wrong with it.

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In this case, Safety presents this product with a color variant , this seat is totally pink, so if you want a seat that looks mostly like a girl, this may be your perfect option. In addition, in the front part, this chair has an integrated ball for the baby to play by turning it. The seat has a removable piece, which is what allows the baby to be placed and secured in the chair, as well as allowing it to be taken out of it.

Despite the appearance of the suction cups that can detach easily due to the rotating mechanism, the rest of the opinions of the people who have used it are positive and highlight that it is comfortable and fulfills its function, it allows the baby to sit to play quietly in the water so you don’t have to hold it while you are bathing Therefore, if this toilet seat looks and fits what you are looking for, you can take this consideration into account.

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Innovations MS swivel bath seat

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When we have to bathe a baby, the story can get complicated , since we have to be careful that it does not slip, fall, lean too far forward or drown with water and we know that when a baby does not has learned to stay seated by himself, this can be a complete disaster.

The worst of these cases is that normally babies get too excited when they start splashing in the water and therefore lose control of their stability more quickly , so it is much more necessary for an adult to be in the bath all the time holding and taking care that it does not fall or swallow the bath water.

This is undoubtedly a tedious job and that is why bathroom seats were designed, these are implements that allow us to safely seat the baby in a bathtub, this to avoid the hassle of holding it at all times and also to be able to use a larger bathtub in case you do not have a baby one, or it may also be the case that the baby bathtub was too small and we had to resort to the normal one.

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In this case, the Innovaciones MS brand bath seat is considerably large, it can be said that it is the largest on the market due to its dimensions, this product measures: 41.4 x 33.2 x 16.8 cm and weighs 8 Kg , which may seem like a lot to us, but it is actually adequate to prevent the seat from moving. Similarly, this seat has anti-slip material to be fixed to the surface and it should be noted that the base of the chair is swivel, so you can turn your baby without having to lift the entire seat.

The mechanism of fixing the chair is through suction cups that adhere to the bathtub , these work effectively because in humidity they adhere better and this guarantees that the seat will not move or tip over.

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This product uses a kind of mat at the base of the seat, this to make a softer support to the baby and is made of anti-slip material to prevent the baby from slipping out of the chair. It should be mentioned that this seat does not have a separator on the legs, but that the space is continuous, which some of its buyers criticize, since they allege that simply by raising the upper safety the baby is uncovered and can easily get out of there.

The opinions of the buyers also emphasize that the mat used in the base is of poor quality, although it does fulfill its anti-slip function, those who have acquired the product assure that it wears very easily, it peels off after two uses and even the The same baby can begin to remove it from its position, which indicates that it is a product of poor quality.

For its part, the design of this seat is quite striking and different , it uses cheerful colors and several toys are integrated in the front part for the baby to press and turn while bathing, which is a great source of entertainment. However, it seems to be more of a game chair than a bath seat, due to the poor security it provides. Although, in the same way, a few other users claim to be satisfied with the purchase and affirm that the aforementioned problems have not been inconvenient for them, since the baby can learn to raise and lower the insurance, but he knows that he should do it when he has already finished the bath. Therefore, the quality of the product remains part of the experience of each buyer.

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Jané evolutive bathroom hammock in assorted colors

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Having to hold the baby while playing during his bath time can be a very tedious job and would tire even the strongest, because you cannot have the patience to stand for more than twenty minutes watching and holding a baby in a bathtub. That is why implements such as the one we will describe below were devised.

In this case we have another product from the Jané brand, this is a hammock-type bath seat, but there is a key factor, this product is “evolutionary”, that is, it changes through the need of the person, so it can be used from when the baby is two months old until he is one year old, since the chair can be modified so that it adapts to what the baby needs.

With this product it is not necessary to buy a seat for the newborn baby and then another one for when the baby learns to sit , but we have the solution in one place, which is a great benefit in many ways, especially economical and of space, because we save a purchase and we also save having to store two implements that are for temporary use, since at some point the baby will no longer need his seat to stay seated in the bathtub.

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As well, this product is extremely innovative due to its evolutionary nature , which makes it gain in price and quality, since it uses better materials, more durable and also the design is unique to be able to count on the transformations that the seat allows.

The design is very practical and beautiful, it does not look complicated, with just a few folds we can change the shape of the chair from an inclined hammock to a seat with firmer and straighter supports. The only unfavorable point that can be limited by the design is that the base seems to be very high, so the bath must be filled to a considerable level so that the baby reaches the water at least with his feet.

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The dimensions of the product are 36 x 21 x 42 cm and it weighs about 2.5 kg , which is quite low, so it seems to be a compact product. In addition, the seat structure has several suction cups in the lower part to allow the base to adhere to the surface, in this way we add security to this type of implements, since we prevent it from slipping or turning over.

The seat of this product is padded so as not to hurt the baby’s body , especially when it is used in babies with a short time of birth. In addition, the material of the seat allows it to maintain the appropriate temperature for the baby’s body, thus not causing discomfort or discomfort during bathing.

This product is very practical and versatile, since we can adapt it to our liking, even when the baby can sit down we can recline the seat a little so that it can lie down comfortably if desired, this makes the product worthwhile, since it does not remain in a single main function, but provides variants that can be used.

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In this way, it can be said that it is undoubtedly one of the best products in this category, since it provides what is necessary for the care of the baby during the bath and not only for one stage of its development but for all those that it can go through in the first year of life.

Most of the ratings of this product are positive , the only negative aspect that stands out is the issue of the height of the base, but it is something that is easily solved, you just have to fill the bathtub a little more with water; On the other hand, buyers highlight the quality of the seat, the materials and the good functioning protecting and ensuring the baby’s position while bathing.

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Vtech Infantil bath chair to play in the bathtub

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For a baby it is very fun to play with the water and also in it, so an implement that mixes the safety to be in the water while also providing games and sounds is ideal for any baby between 3 and 12 months, and this is what Vtech provides us in this case.

We know that this brand produces a wide variety of children’s toys, from the most basic for small babies, to more advanced ones for children up to 5 or 7 years old. But, in this case, it brings together the line of baby care supplies along with the fun of a toy.

From this mixture comes the so-called “Aquasilla” , which is a bath chair that has several botos and toys on the front bar that light up and sound to entertain the baby while taking the bath. This device uses double AA batteries and uses waterproof technology so that the device is obviously not damaged while the baby plays with water. This so-called “activity panel” has four buttons with six melodies and a song, in these songs the baby can discover the shapes and animals of the sea.

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On the other hand, the toys that are in the activity panel are a penguin that can expel water -which any baby loves-, a seal that can pour water and a wheel that is responsible for activating the melodies of the panel.

You can see that the brand has gone to great lengths to put a lot of their creative talents into children’s games in this bath chair , but they did not neglect the design itself. The bath seat has four thick suction cups at the bottom, this guarantees that the chair – after being attached to the surface – will not move and the baby will not be able to tip over inside it.

The activity panel of this product is removable, so the baby can be put in and out of the chair very easily. It should be noted that the dimensions of the chair are 50.8 x 37.8 x 18 cm and its weight is 2.4 Kg, this gives us the impression of being an easy product to handle and move, since it does not seem to be very large or bulky.

This product is specially designed for babies from 6 to 16 months , in the same way if the baby, due to its size and weight, can continue to use the chair after this, without a doubt it can do so without any inconvenience, what the producer recommends is that is between these ages, since it is stipulated in the capacity of the seat due to the weight it resists. In the same way, when the baby is old enough it is very rare that he requires a chair, although we do not rule out that possibility.

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Most of the ratings for this product are positive, all buyers say that it is a great design and can keep any baby entertained when bathing, it also fulfills its function of holding the baby while in the bathtub and this seat does not slides thanks to the suction cups on the bottom. In terms of design, we think it is a very nice bath seat, it uses bright colors and its interactive panel is something that no other brand uses , so it highlights the fact that it can provide entertainment as well as safety.

OKT Kids anatomical baby bath seat with hippo design in lilac

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A newborn baby, although it can do very little in terms of movements, having to bathe them is a very delicate matter and it is that here it does not affect the movement factor but the fragility of their body, since these barely have a little resistance, although in the same way they cannot even lift their heads on their own.

This complicates a lot when taking a bath, since you have to hold them with both hands, with one hand the body is supported and the head with the other, but this leaves us without options to drink water and soap, so we need help. But what if it is the case of being alone and with no one to turn to? Well, you have to figure out how to wash the baby or opt for a tool that facilitates the process, as well as what we have below.

The anatomical seat of the OTP Kids brand is a bath seat designed for babies from 0 to 6 months of age, this allows us to place the baby on the seat fully lying down, but in a position that does not make the water form a well or accumulates, but the water runs off and drains as the seat is tilted down.

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This product has suction cups at its base so that they adhere to the surface of the bathtub and thus the seat does not move, since with a baby lying there the accident could be worse if the bath seat fails, turns over or is slides.

In the same way, the seat has a non-slip rubber so that nothing is out of place when making contact with the water , this provides comfort and safety for both the baby and the mother or father who is using it. This device allows the baby to lie down in the seat without being able to slide, as happens in bathtubs without any other element.

Although this product is lost when the baby learns to sit up by himself, it is very useful since it greatly lightens the work in the first months of the child’s life , which are so difficult and delicate, so you may not feel that This is an essential product, but it will really help you to a large extent to take care of the baby more comfortably, especially in that tedious process as it is time to bathe.

When taking a bath you have to be very careful , since the baby moving, plus the water, the slippery bathtub and the soap that worsens that aspect, the chances of an accident occurring are high, that is why implements like these that allow us to let the baby rest while we wash it are very useful.

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Those who have already tried this product assure that it is of good quality and have been able to take advantage of the purchase, as we already said, it is not a product of life or death as a bottle could be considered, but it can facilitate many things and comfort is something very important when caring for a baby is at stake. So well, it should be noted that most of the ratings for this product are positive, which guarantees that this is a good product to choose if you need a seat for a baby under 6 months.

BabyDam Bathwater barrier for whirlpool bathtub in white / pink color

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When you have a baby you can spend a lot of money on implements such as the crib, a stroller, bottles, pacifiers and even small bathtubs to be able to clean them more comfortably. However, we also know that a baby from the moment it is born is constantly growing and therefore there are things that it loses, as well as there are other things that must be constantly replaced due to its size.
In this group of replaceable things there is one that is lost in the very short term in addition to clothing and it is the bathtub. A baby bathtub is a useful thing, it is not essential, but it can help make the job easier, however, this bathtub may only be used for six months or sevenDepending on the size of the baby, since when it is very large, baby bathtubs are uncomfortable due to the whole process that involves using them, in addition to that the baby needs more space.

For this reason, people usually end up using the normal bathtub , that is, a common bathtub, which has more space and although it is not at the height of our chest, by the time the baby has to use this bathtub. it sure can sit on its own. But what happens in this case? There are quite a few negative points in terms of using the bathtub for a baby, first we have that it is extremely large for a baby, it has to be filled completely so it uses more water, the filling time is longer due to the size so the bathing process takes much longer.

These factors may be somewhat problematic, as they may not be inconvenient to others. But, the fact is that there is a way to make the use of the tub a little more comfortable, even with this solution we can do without the baby tub from the beginning, since this implement allows us to convert a normal tub into a small tub for reduce space and water consumption.

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It is a barrier for bathtubs, this is from the BabyDam BathWater brand and allows us to save time, space and money due to the reduction of water used in each bathroom . This implement allows to use only part of the tub, thus turning it into a small baby tub.

This barrier can be placed at the desired height , in this way we regulate the space that the baby needs and the amount of water that we will use so as not to waste it. This implement provides us with a solution to the issue of the baby’s bathtub, we can save both on that purchase, as well as on the water bill, since the amount of water that is not wasted thanks to this simple accessory is really impressive.

Also, returning to the issue of durability, a baby or young child bathes in the tub at least until they learn to do it on their own, and in that case this bathtub barrier can be used as long as necessary, This product will not run out or deteriorate, so it can be used for as long as the baby uses the bathtub to avoid having to fill it completely .

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This product is extremely practical and comfortable , it does not take up much space or need energy, you simply have to place the barrier and we can now enjoy a smaller space for our baby’s bath.

If we take into account the opinions of people who have already purchased this product, we will not find ourselves at a crossroads , since opinions differ as to the quality of the actual operation of the product. There are users who indicate that it is a product that works perfectly, only that you simply have to adjust the support that goes in the bathtub well so that the water does not pass; while there are other people who claim that it is a very poor quality product and that it is impossible to make the base adhere well to the bathtub, so it falls off very easily or does not resist water pressure at all.

What we can say about the balance between the ratings is that in total this product has a neutral rating , so the experience you may have if you buy this product is random, you may be satisfied or you may not get a great disappointment, so the decision is up to you.

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