Best Baby Carrier Backpacks By Types

When you have a baby and you hold him for the first time in your arms, you want to protect him, cuddle him, keep him warm and never be separated from him; This feeling is natural, and that is why baby carriers exist; so that you can have your baby close to you and in a comfortable way, leaving your hands free for you to do other things while keeping him close to you ; the baby will feel safe and confident because he will be listening to your heartbeat; those who heard inside the womb.

In addition, using a baby carrier will strengthen your baby’s emotional bond with his father, so both will give you a few minutes so that you can do your homework without listening to the baby crying, because he will be calm since being in a comfortable position that even reduces colic , the baby will have no reason to cry; although if he gets hungry you should stop what you are doing since it is important that you breastfeed him if he is less than one year old.

The baby carriers are ideal for newborns although there will be opinions of pediatricians who do not recommend it and the reasons are because the baby does not hold his head even firmly, and also that they still cannot sit down; However, there are ergonomic baby carriers specially designed for them , so that the newborn baby can be on your chest with all the confidence and safety, without running any type of risk.

Using baby carriers offers many benefits, both for you, and for the father, as well as for the baby; At that age they want to be by your side always, perhaps many mothers choose to leave them in the pens to do simple tasks, or they put them in a stroller to be able to go to another place, for example to visit their grandmother; although these are options that are always going to be taken and can be taken; If you have not stopped to observe, the baby is separated from you; a minimum distance, but really nothing compares to being able to have it close to you, everything possible.

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Among those other benefits are the economy; Well, if you compare it with a stroller, the baby carrier is much cheaper; in the same way comparing it with that same stroller, the baby carrier does not take up so much space; and in terms of weight it is also much lighter; but later I will talk about this, about the strollers to transport the baby vs the baby carriers.

If it is your first baby then you will have many doubts, and it adds to these doubts: What is the best baby carrier to carry my little one? That is why I have prepared this article for you; if you are a newcomer and you don’t know which one to choose or if you already have babies but it is the first time you will practice carrying because with the first baby the grandmother told you “don’t give it too much arm, because it gets used to it”; when practicing carrying is the most beautiful thing you can do since your baby will be the right size to be carried with you only for a limited time ; you better charge it now that you can.

When your baby grows up, and you can’t stop him because he will want to run from here to there; and you have to chase him just to be able to kiss him on the forehead, you will know then that carrying him for a long time was the best you could do, because carrying him in a baby carrier allows you to give him many kisses, allows you to observe his eyes closely and Expressing how much you love him with your eyes , carrying him in a baby carrier will make him feel that nothing will happen to him because your arms are there to protect him at all times.

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And for this reason, the decision to buy the best baby carrier on the market is not an easy task; I recommend that you look for an ergonomic baby carrier; What this means: is that they are specially designed to adapt to the shape of the body, and the weight of your baby while distributing it properly between your body, by the shoulders, back and hips so as not to injure or injure him. These ergonomic baby carriers place your baby in a position that does not harm him, it is usually called the frog position with the back curved in the shape of a C, when they are not ergonomic then you will notice it because your baby will be hanging and neither will be comfortable, neither you nor the baby.

By virtue of this, there are already many models of baby carriers and backpacks are one of the best alternatives, they are safe, specially designed for the comfort of your baby and yours, most are adjustable so that anyone who wants to carry a baby. your baby does it, for example if dad is chubby than mom there will be no problem, they adjust to the size of the body, so all members of your family can create that important bond with your baby, because that close contact with him in their first months of life is extremely important.

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Imagine being able to move around the city, going shopping, going up and down stairs, cleaning the house, talking on the phone, reading; And all this without the need to leave your baby on the bed, playpen or stroller; You simply load it into the baby carrier and start doing all your chores with it, so your baby will interact with his environment, he can also take a nap while they are out for a walk; There are many advantages of a baby carrier as you can see.

It goes without saying that you cannot run while you have it in the baby carrier, or practice risky activities or get on a bicycle or motorcycle since you will subject the little one to every impact and it can be dangerous; However, you can do many things with your free hands, it is only a matter of practicing carrying and living the experience without anyone telling you about it; your baby will grow up feeling the body heat that you want to give him all his life.

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So if you are pregnant with your first or second baby, or simply going to practice carrying for the first time, I recommend that it be one of the things that you include on the shopping list for the baby before birth; or when it is born, just don’t wait so long to practice carrying, buy your baby carrier as soon as you have the opportunity and take into account the following tips:

  • Make sure you buy an ergonomic baby carrier , that is, it adapts to your baby’s body and distributes its weight on your body as I mentioned above.
  • Choose a model that offers ease when adjusting it to be able to introduce the baby without problems in the backpack.
  • Think how old you would like to carry your baby and buy one that supports from a few kilos for a baby of first months to several kg for a baby of a year or more.
  • Check the seams, it is important that they are intact, so that they offer you the resistance that is required to carry the baby.
  • The best thing is that you choose a model that has small compartments , these pockets will allow you to store the baby’s things in a small size so that you can transport him and his things at the same time and with the same baby carrier.
  • Verify that your baby carrier is padded in the straps and in the belt that surrounds the waist to give you more comfort, also they should not be so close to the neck but on the shoulders.
  • Finally, make sure that the material of the baby carrier is resistant, soft, and non-toxic or that they have small or sharp ornaments.

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When to use a baby carrier?

Today the models of baby carriers are very varied, and you can buy them to carry your baby practically from birth ; Since they are specially designed for them, they have a bra that will support their head and establish a minimum weight of three and a half kilos. They are also comfortable so that you can breastfeed on demand, from birth they take their teat every hour, every two or three and if it is in the baby carrier you can breastfeed it in total comfort; You just have to make sure that the backpack you are going to buy is for newborns or with a minimum weight of three kilograms .

When your baby is in the first months of life, you should place him face to face with yours and with his legs open, by the time he is seven months old and can stay seated, you can carry him on your back or place him on his back to see your surroundings and enjoy everything you see as it stimulates some of your senses.

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Then the use of these backpacks from birth is already possible if you are looking for the right one; Before they were totally contraindicated but with the passage of time there is already a variety of baby carriers available that can be used from the first month of the baby’s life, you just have to make sure that it is appropriate. This doubt is generated due to the fact that the baby carriers were initially designed for babies who were already six months old and who already knew how to sit and of course hold their head; but I repeat to you; that’s a thing of the past, now you can get ergonomic backpacks on the market from birth.

This means that these baby carriers can be used from the first month of birth, look for those that have an appropriate design, that can support the baby’s head, that allows you to adjust it as it grows, and also that makes the task easy. to breastfeed ; These must support from three kilograms to fifteen kilograms. Later I will talk about the time limit that you can use this baby carrier both for the freedom of movement that the baby needs at a certain age and for your back.

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Types of baby carrier

Baby carriers are the best invention ever to carry your baby as close as possible, but without stopping doing your things; gives them security and protection; and that is why today there are many types of baby carriers, including backpacks; Let’s talk a little about all the types that are available to hold your baby next to your breast giving him body heat, overprotective and cozy.

The first type is the protagonist of this article, baby carrier backpacks : they are made with a resistant material and their shape is like a backpack , hence their name; They are also known as kangaroos and there are ergonomic ones, they are the ones that respect the natural posture of the baby, although you will also find some that only leave your baby hanging and you must be careful.

The second type of baby carrier is the Mei Tai, it is a method inspired by Asian mothers who work with their babies on their back doing field work. It is a rectangle-shaped fabric that has four strips, one at each end; These go through your shoulders and waist and you just have to tie them in different ways according to the baby’s comfort.

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In third place are the Pouch or Sling , this is a fabric sewn in a tubular shape without hooks or anything like that and does not require any type of knots, it simply allows you to carry the baby in a fetal position when it is newborn and then You can wear it sitting depending on your age, you place it in front of you or on your back.

In fourth place we have the ring bandoliers ; These are a long piece of fabric, which incorporates a ring at one of its ends so that you can adjust it to any size that suits you, just place it on one shoulder and it will allow you to carry the baby in several different positions from birth.

The fifth type of baby carrier is the scarf that is also a piece of cloth but quite long , about four meters by one meter wide so that you practically wrap yourself in it and knot where you prefer so that your baby is inside the scarf in the positions possible, some are made of stretch fabric and others are rigid fabrics.

Perhaps you will find many other types of baby carriers, but I wanted to mention the most used ones, especially the baby carrier backpack, which is the one I want to talk about in this article, because although all types give you comfort, with the backpack you only have to put the baby because it already comes with a special and approved design ; It is like using disposable diapers that already come with seams and special material, but prefer cloth diapers to which you must adjust the diaper shape yourself; And it is not a mistake, it is perfectly normal because both have their advantages, innovative designs and a long fabric, in any case the idea is to have your baby close to you.

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Which baby carrier to choose?

At the beginning I mentioned the things you should take into account when choosing a baby carrier; here I want to deepen about this since first of all you must make sure that the backpack ensures a correct posture for your baby , it must be comfortable for both you and the father, and for this it must be adjustable so that you can stick to your body to the baby.

To make the best choice you must take care of things such as the age and weight of your baby as there are designs that are manufactured based on this; as well as the frequency with which you want to use it; If to transport it when you go for a walk or to the supermarket or to take it around the house, and all this should be based on the budget you have for the baby carrier that you want to buy for your son or daughter, as there are all kinds of colors, or prints for girls and boys.

Remember that the important thing is that when you buy the baby carrier you will be promoting contact between you and your baby, and also between your father and the baby; and this should provide them with security, comfort and correct support , since compression zones such as the straps need to be padded and soft, as well as wide so that they not only provide comfort to the baby but that the person who carries it is comfortable, because you will have it for a long time, or a long walk.

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It is also important that its fabric is appropriate to the climate , that if it is summer it must have a breathable and washable fabric and if it is cold it must have accessories that allow you to shelter it, as for example some incorporate a hood; If you have a sufficient budget, then you could buy two baby carriers; the one that will serve you from birth and the one that will serve you when you are older; The latter could be one that includes a stool for the baby to sit on, that is to say, rest their bottoms on a stool that is shaped like a backpack, some of them remove the strips and remain as a seat for when they are standing and waiting. baby wants to sit up.

As long as the baby carrier is ergonomic and does not have a mattress , whichever you choose will be fine if it complies with everything I just mentioned, when it does not comply with this then the consequences will be suffered by your baby since they are harmful because they make them adopt a poor posture that can cause serious problems to your legs and hips, and you don’t want this; You just want to be able to have the baby close to perform some tasks by leaving your hands free , while giving them confidence and security because nothing will happen to them with mom.

The baby carrier that you should choose then will be the one that complies with everything I just told you , be very careful because there are those who say they are ergonomic but they are not, the decision is in your hands; choosing the best one will be up to you and your partner; And if you don’t even know where to start because you are afraid to choose one that is not ergonomic, or among so many brands and models, choosing one is not easy at all; I will help you with this; I have a list of the best baby carriers on the market, I will present their model, brand and characteristics so that you know how to look for it when you go to buy it so that you are not lost.

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Are they recommendable?

The question that many new moms ask themselves: are baby carriers recommended? Since there was a time when pediatricians were totally against it because it damaged the hips and legs of the baby, but this has changed, and today the designs have been manufactured with them and the mothers in mind; So the answer is that they are recommended as long as you choose a suitable design for the weight and age of your baby.

And it is that being able to carry your baby on your chest but with your hands free gives you many advantages; from alleviating the crying of the baby because they do not like to feel alone to strengthen their psychomotor learning because they will be interacting and moving with you; Not to mention that the bond they have will be strengthened; the baby can be breastfed on demand, and can even enjoy a pleasant sleep while you do your errands.

The benefits of carrying your baby in a baby carrier are many; From those already mentioned to the developmental level, when the baby is in the backpack, dysplasia a congenital dislocation in the hip of some babies can be prevented or cured if the backpack respects the baby’s physiology with the lower limbs and with your spine; As well as it also avoids a deformity in the head of the babies due to the bad posture of this; it is known as plagiocephaly.

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In addition to this, it strengthens the back muscles and allows the baby to socialize since being in your arms with each sensory stimulus facilitates language and many other learning ; For these reasons, using the baby carrier is recommended, but you must be careful, you must carry the baby at the height of your chest, respecting the position of a frog, and if it is under six months you must have a baby carrier that supports its head, and also that it is safe and that it supports the weight of your baby according to his age.

You are no longer in grandmother’s times; Today these baby carriers are manufactured and tested to ensure you and your baby a good experience while he is young and wants to be by your side; When he begins to walk, you should allow him free movements so that he strengthens his muscles and learns to walk on his own.

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Up to what age to use it?

When you already have a baby carrier you will not want to stop using it , that special connection with your baby must change at some point, you will no longer be able to carry it close to your heart, feeling its breath close to you; since as time passes your baby will grow and become heavier; And that is not good in carrying, that is, in carrying it when they are already very large because you can hurt your back and hips; there comes a time when he doesn’t need it; I know you do not want that day to arrive, but it is inevitable, after the porting comes the stage where you will go after the running.

These baby carriers will distribute the weight evenly, they are so comfortable that you will not realize that your baby is increasing every time; If you use it to do chores at home, there will be no daily time limit, you can use it all day; and more if you and your baby feel comfortable. However, the day will come when your back will tell you no more, this is where I come! You will feel it; Because perhaps the backpack you bought is so good that even when your baby has exceeded the recommended weight (it will depend on the model) it continues to hold it and you, as you are clinging to your baby, and you do not want to realize that it has grown, you will want to carry it at all costs and a lifetime if possible.

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Many recommend that a baby carrier be used until the first year of life because already when they are in that stage they need to have freedom of movement, they are already learning to take their first steps and if you insist on treating them like a newborn then you could delay this development that corresponds to him when entering the first year of life.

But there are many mothers who claim to have used the baby carrier even when the baby is three or four years old and they do not report any inconvenience or delay in their gait; so everything will depend on you; because the limit may be when your baby refuses to be carried in it, or when your back can no longer; it can be the first year or three years ; Make sure you buy a good baby carrier to hold the weight until you and your baby are ready.

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Baby carrier or stroller?

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When you find out that you are pregnant, the first thing you do is a list of things that you should buy for your baby, and among them is the stroller ; Well, with it you plan to transport the baby from birth to four years old; but at that moment you don’t think that there is no way to get it on public transport, or that you have to go up and down stairs ; and although there are models that call them umbrella type because they are foldable and are very similar to an umbrella, with this you can carry your baby on long walks and when you have to board a bus you can ask someone to pick you up so you can ride quietly with the baby in one arm and the stroller in the other hand.

That’s when you see that using a baby carrier is much more comfortable ; you can go up and down stairs, you can ride from bus to bus, you can do shopping since your hands will have total freedom; you don’t need help from anyone; it will just be you and your baby at all times; they don’t take up much space and they don’t weigh down compared to trolleys. This is why the best is a baby carrier since your baby will be close to you and will feel loved and protected.

Due to this and everything that I have told you throughout this article, it was time to let you know which are the best baby carriers on the market; I have prepared a very varied list for all tastes, and all sizes; as well as so that they fit your budget and your decision is a little easier. Let’s move on to the best baby carriers:

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BabyBjörn One

I want to start with BabyBjörn One, a baby carrier that meets all the necessary characteristics, which is why it is certified by the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia, which considers it suitable for your baby’s hips; That is where I wanted to start because the first thing a baby carrier should offer is safety; For this reason BabyBjörn One is the ideal one since it is ergonomic and serves both a newborn and a three-year-old child.

You can use it from the first month of birth as it can be adapted to the child as it grows and supports up to the weight of a three-year-old child without the need for additional adapters, BabyBjörn One its design allows the baby to carry its legs open as It is recommended, since it has a wide area measuring 32 centimeters so that the baby can adopt the most suitable position when you carry him facing you or if you place him on his back towards you; It also allows adequate rest for their hips, thus giving you the assurance that it is an excellent baby carrier that guarantees the safety and well-being of your little one.

The shoulder straps pads are specially designed to avoid shoulder pain , they are padded, enough so that it does not generate any discomfort when you are carrying your baby in the baby carrier ; and to give you greater stability it has an abdominal belt that allows you to distribute the weight between your back and your hips; This improves the posture you take when you have your baby inside the backpack so that both of you feel comfortable.

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Besides this BabyBjörn One is manufactured with the best quality materials; This first-class material will not harm the baby’s skin and will not intoxicate him in any way if it is put in his mouth; It is fortunate that this backpack has thought about this because it is not only about allergic reactions on the skin but that they at some point go through the stage of wanting to put everything in their mouth and their backpack will not be the exception.The good thing or the most outstanding feature of BabyBjörn One is that it allows you to alternate the position of your baby in four different positions as he grows ; From the newborn position, take it from the front, from the back, in front of you but facing yourself. The special position for newborns is to have it facing inwards and by carrying it at the height of your chest with the head support you will not run any risk, just keep it up, so you can watch it from the front and see its breathing.

For when they are older, the position is lower, that is, when they are four months old, you can use a lower height, so you will feel more comfortable and so will your baby, because you can adjust the size of the opening of the legs in two different widths; Well, as your baby grows, BabyBjörn One will grow with him and you will not need to buy another baby carrier.

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You can also place it facing forward when it enters its five months; since you can fold the head support and allow your baby to look forward; Or you can also leave it as when it was a newborn looking inward and forward because it already has mobility and control of its head and its neck, hips and spine will have developed enough for you to carry them in this position that allows it to see the world better.

When your baby is one year old, you can place it on your back with your BabyBjörn One baby carrier, since the straps are firm and adjust to your body, so it guarantees safety whatever the position in which you carry your baby. , since it is an easy-to-use, comfortable, ergonomic and safe backpack, and with its four positions it makes life with your baby easier, as I told you; take it upright as if protecting it but letting it breathe, you can also carry it with its arms and legs free to move them and develop muscles, balance and motor skills, you can also carry it facing you, or looking out, and even carry it in your back with all confidence.

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Rakuka Embrace-02 Baby Carrier

Let’s continue with the list of the best baby carriers on the market and at this moment I want to talk to you about Rakuka Embrace-02 Baby Carrier Backpack , because since your baby is born what he will need from you is that you protect him and make him feel safe; You know that when he leaves the place where he was for nine months, he will miss his mommy’s heartbeat; and the best way to calm him down and keep him close to your heart is with a baby carrier.

The Rakuka Embrace-02 Baby Carrier has an ergonomic design , it is special to provide your baby with incredible comfort, while protecting the pelvis during its development, it is important that it is an ergonomic design because you know that there are backpacks that do not respect the proper position, and what they do is hang the baby, not sitting with their buttocks but with their limbs, which can cause damage to their hips; but it is not the case with this backpack; You can rest assured that the Rakuka Embrace-02 Baby Carrier improves the baby’s support and has wide cutting lines, these will allow the baby to move the legs freely.

This design offers comfort to both your baby and you, because it has a support that is suitable for the head , as well as protects the neck, back and hips, so you can carry the baby in different positions to as it grows; And it is for you, since it is easy to use; It adapts to the size of your body and the baby, it adjusts according to your needs and you can put it on and take it off without help, it is very simple, and you can let dad also carry the baby so that the baby can also hear his heartbeat and the bond of father and son is stronger.

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You can use the baby carrier to carry the little one in the position you want , you can place it facing you, or if it is old you can place it facing the opposite direction; to stimulate their senses while they entertain themselves by looking at everything around them; since Rakuka Embrace-02 Baby Carrier has a belt and shoulder straps that are padded , enough to give you comfort and to distribute the weight evenly between your shoulders, back and waist; leaving your hands free so you can do other tasks with your baby close to you.

Likewise , the head support is padded , it is a pad designed to provide protection to your baby’s head, providing extra support, if he still does not support his head; This will promote the correct development of the neck; It is something really necessary because without this feature, this Rakuka Embrace-02 baby carrier would not be suitable for babies from the first month of life, however this is the perfect backpack that adapts to the size of the baby from birth.

It is a resistant baby carrier , as it has high quality stitching , it was firmly sewn to support the weight, it is also reinforced in each and every one of the support points for the same, so it can support the weight as you your baby is growing; It also has a safety buckle on the shoulder straps to prevent them from slipping when you carry the baby; These are security measures that the Rakuka Embrace-02 Baby Carrier has and that give you the confidence and security you need, and even more so if your baby is gaining weight quickly, this baby carrier will not disappoint you.

The best thing about all this that I have mentioned is that Rakuka Embrace-02 is designed with a breathable material; It is a 3D mesh fabric that allows air flow so that the baby stays comfortable and cool; It is very important because it will be tucked there together with the body-to-body heat but thanks to its breathable 3D mesh fabric you will not feel heat because the air flow will pass and cool you. Likewise, if you see that it is a very hot time, try to wear cool clothes for yourself and your baby because although this backpack is not going to cause a lot of heat, being hand-to-hand will.

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Dehang 2 in 1 dark red color

When it comes to talking about the best baby carriers, I have to include you the Dehang 2 in 1 dark red, the backpack you need when you are a mother, because you want to do your things without neglecting the baby; because their protection and care are your priority; and because keeping it with you is the most beautiful thing you can do since you had it protected within you for nine months; And the best way to keep protecting it is by carrying it close to your chest with the Dehang 2-in-1 dark red backpack.

It is a special baby carrier for little ones who have already learned to sit, who are more than six months old ; It has its padded straps , to give comfort to your shoulders and it has an even wider and padded belt which is ergonomic , designed to distribute all the baby’s weight between your waist, back and shoulders; so you don’t have shoulder and back pain just from holding the baby for as long as you want; This is why Dehang 2 in 1 dark red color is comfortable and safe , and you can use it from when your baby begins to sit up to three or four years .

It is great that you can use a single backpack for a long time, because being able to carry your baby with you for three years is the maximum, even when he is already walking, this backpack is ideal because it protects your baby from an early age, due to its design ; This way you can carry out your tasks and take him to the park to play and if he gets tired the good news is that this backpack, as its name indicates, is 2 in 1, it is a backpack to carry your baby and it is a removable stool.

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The lumbar stool is ideal for when your baby is tired and wants to sit down, it is very advantageous since it prevents him from sitting anywhere and getting dirty apart from the fact that the floor, sidewalks or anywhere can be full of bacteria and microorganisms already that everyone is treading different things; the solution is quick; the Dehang 2-in-1 stool in dark red color has a 45 ° angle to offer the little one a secure support, preventing them from falling; its frame is wide so that it covers all its buttocks , the strap that supports the stool is also wide; You can remove the straps and the baby will be seated with free movement on your waist.

This one is filled with ecological EPP safe for your baby’s skin, the color of the two-in-one backpack is dark red, really pretty; and its material is of quality since it is made of 3D mesh which is breathable for the summer season but also keeps the heat in winter; your baby will be cool because the airflow will be able to pass through the fabric and it will also be warm when it is cold; So you can be calm, but try to wear comfortable clothes to carry your baby in the baby carrier as your body heat will also keep him warm.

With Dehang 2 in 1 dark red you can carry your baby in various positions , both facing you facing you, and looking at the same place you are looking at, or you can also carry it on your back, and two other positions without The straps, using it as a stool, leave it at your waist without the shoulder straps so that the baby can explore the world freely and stimulate his senses of hearing, sight, smell, even touch. You will also be able to develop speech and be more sociable because the positions with the stool allow it, you will be close to mom but with the freedom to observe without the straps that limit your view.

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Mipies baby carrier

Another excellent baby carrier is the Mipies baby carrier because I know that you are looking for the best for your baby and that at the same time provides comfort to you; This is what I present to you this time, it is made with the best quality materials so that your baby can count on the security that you want to provide and the same security will be provided by this Mipies Baby Carrier Backpack.

This backpack is very comfortable and the best thing is that it is available in brown or gray, ideal for both boys and girls ; and it can support up to 20 kilograms as it is made of resistant haute couture and is compact, it is also foldable ; so you can put it on very easily and hold your baby next to you with your hands free to do your tasks with freedom of movement without neglecting your baby.

And a magnificent feature of the Mipies Baby Carrier is that it has pockets on the sides, ideal for storing your or baby’s things, for example you can have your cell phone, your ID, the baby’s vaccination card and your money there; Among other things that you need to take to the supermarket or a short walk for the enjoyment of your baby, because the moments with him are important from his first month of life, and such a comfortable backpack with pockets will also allow you to create the best memories of his childhood.

The Mipies baby carrier has an ergonomic design, that is, it distributes the weight of the baby so as not to hurt you while you load it, it distributes it between your hips and shoulders so that you do not feel lumbar or back pain because they are 20kg that you can carry and They are said to be easy, however, if the design of the Mipies Baby Carrier were not ergonomic, these kilograms would hurt you a lot and you would begin to suffer from your back without being able to carry your other children.

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It is pediatrician approved as the shoulder straps and belt itself, the entire design are padded ; It is a light and safe backpack which allows you to place your baby in various positions , the one that is most comfortable for both of you; you can place him in front of you, to feel his breathing and allow him to hear your heartbeat; Those beats that changed metaphorically speaking from the moment you found out that you were pregnant and that having your baby so close to you in your arms those beats intensify because love is so great that you cannot express it in words.

You can also place it by looking at what you see so that it observes its environment and learns from it; Well, that environment will teach you to socialize, it will stimulate your senses, it will develop language, and these are not the only benefits that the Mipies Baby Carrier gives you; Well, it allows you to carry out multitudes of tasks without neglecting your baby because it is very practical and versatile.

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I mentioned that it supports up to 20kg of weight, that is to say that you will be able to carry your baby with you for about four years , if he allows it, because when he learns to walk he will want to run through life and enjoy being chased by you; That freedom of movement may make her no longer want to be in her backpack but at least you will know that the Mipies Baby Carrier is designed to have it from birth until both of you are ready to stop using it.

If you still do not have babies, the Mipies Baby Carrier can be an excellent gift to take that mommy in a babyshower, she will thank you infinitely because the bond that babies have with their moms from the belly will strengthen it even after birth, carry it in their arms providing protection is what will make mom very happy; because Mipies baby carrier is so easy to use, that it is the ideal gift.

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Manduca Mandala Earth

The next backpack that meets all the good characteristics that must be met to provide comfort for both you and your baby and any family member who wants to carry it is the Manduca Mandala Earth, which has an outer lining of a special canvas fabric. to protect your baby since it does not have chemicals that could be harmful to your baby, this canvas is very strong and resistant to support the weight of the baby and stay in good condition over the years, it also has a comfortable inner lining of cotton that protects and keeps your baby’s soft skin fresh.

This backpack is ideal to use from birth until the baby is three or four years old as it supports up to 20 kilos ; Its head support provides comfort to the newborn baby and as the baby grows it adjusts to its measurements because it has a rear extender and reducer , and you yourself will adjust the Manduca Mandala Earth backpack according to the growth rate of your baby It can be small or large and robust, as long as it does not exceed 20kg you can carry it safely.

This backpack is ergonomic, that is to say, its design is designed for your safety and comfort so that none of those who are going to carry the baby suffer back pain, shoulder or neck pain and less waist pain; It has a belt that distributes all the weight on the body and its shoulder straps are padded ; In addition, the bag protects the baby’s hips because it allows him to adopt the correct and comfortable positions, you can place him in various positions both on his back and in front of you, or to the side; according to his age so that he is learning from his environment or so that he can sleep peacefully if he is a newborn.

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It also has a backrest extension that holds the baby when he is older, and incorporates a fabric hood ideal for when there is a lot of sun and you want to protect his head or when it is very cold; or simply to cover it up when you fall asleep; It is the best to have so many excellent features in a single backpack, Manduca Mandala Earth is an excellent alternative, an investment that you will make when your baby is born and that will last you for a long time.

Manduca Mandala Earth is made with the best materials, as it is 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp to protect the baby’s skin. Its design is very attractive , it has beautiful fabrics and some embroidered motifs ; It is very light and you can use it from the first month, as soon as your baby has 3.5kg and up to 20kg, more or less from 0 to 4 years of age as I mentioned, or until you and your baby are ready for the next stage; Well, when he begins to walk he will explore the world from his small perspective and may no longer want you to carry him, the two of you should be ready for when they are no longer going to use the baby carrier and with Manduca Mandala Earth you will have plenty of time to prepare.

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BabyBjörn One Air

When I started the list I told you about an excellent model of this brand; but I want to talk to you about another model and it is the BabyBjörn One Air, a backpack designed for all the details that ensure absolute comfort for your baby and you; It has a very elegant design, it is dark in color but perfect for both girls and boys, it is a good size and very light; so carrying your baby and creating affectionate bonds while you have him in physical and visual contact with you is something you can do thanks to BabyBjörn One Air.

It is elaborated and developed with the collaboration of pediatricians who certify it since it provides the correct support to the baby , and adjusts according to its growth; since BabyBjörn One Air is perfect for babies from their first month of life thanks to its adjustable headrest , so your little baby’s neck will be protected until he can keep it on his own, and when he no longer needs the headrest he simply Go down and go, the backpack will be perfect for when it is bigger.

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The material used by BabyBjörn One Air is of absolute quality, its fabric is 100% cotton and it is made of breathable mesh and adapts easily to your frame; The pads have a polyester padding so they don’t hurt your shoulders; It is an ergonomic backpack for both him and you, because for him, the baby has a wide seating area, thus avoiding hanging; and of course avoid hurting your little one on the hip; and for you because it allows you to distribute the weight so that you do not have to suffer any type of lumbar pain or shoulder pain.

This weight distribution is thanks to the fact that it has an abdominal belt that will also make you support the weight evenly and you will hardly even notice the kg that your baby is increasing every day; since BabyBjörn One Air will be useful to you from the time your baby is born until he is about three years old ; long enough for you to whisper in his ear every day how much you love him And taking it with you everywhere will be so much fun for him that maybe three years is not enough to carry.

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Although it may have a slightly higher price than other baby carriers you should know that it is worth paying it because you will have to make only one investment, you do not have to pay more over time because the materials and the time for which it is designed will allow you to enjoy of its advantages more than three years; even after you stop carrying your child in a backpack; Its material will be so intact because it is of superior quality that you can give it to your sisters or cousins ​​and friends so that they also use it.

The BabyBjörn One Air backpack allows you to carry your baby in four different positions , the first one I already mentioned is that you can carry it in the newborn position because it has its headrest; Likewise, since you will not need any adapter because this backpack is anatomically adapted to your baby who is growing daily; You can wear it sitting in front of you, with the position that favors it with the legs apart because it allows the development of the joints in the hip, this is of the utmost importance in its first months.

You can also carry it in the upright position that is recommended since it keeps the airways free and by having it in front of you yourself you can monitor its breathing for greater safety. Another position is with the arms and legs free so that it develops its muscles, and its balance, you place it facing forward or you can also carry it on your back if it is already larger so that it feels a little more independent.

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Manduca Absolute Blue

When you are looking for quality and economy in a baby carrier you can choose one of the best on the market and that I include here in the list since it has wonderful features that will make you live a beautiful and safe carrying experience for a long time; is the Manduca Absolute Blue baby carrier, so that you look no further and feel confident about acquiring a true backpack exclusively for you and your baby.

This Manduca Absolute Blue model is very sophisticated , and although it is black with dark blue, if it is your decision you can also use it for girls; just buy her a pair of matching bows and flowers and voila; It is worth it because this design is ergonomic so you can carry your baby from one place to another, with maximum comfort from the first month of birth until he has 20kg ; that is to say when it approaches its 4 years; enough time for you and your baby to stay well together; because the Manduca Absolute Blue backpack adapts to the growth of your child without the need to attach an extra accessory.

The belt of this backpack is of an anatomical shape specially designed so that the weight of your baby rests on your hips in addition to your shoulders , so you will not have to feel any kind of discomfort in the back or neck; Because thanks to its shape and its padded straps, even the shoulders will not suffer, you will be able to carry the baby for all that time without noticing that they are gaining weight month after month.

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In addition, Manduca Absolute Blue allows the baby to sit comfortably, and does not dangle since the bag that shapes the backpack is of a suitable size so that his legs are separated and his body leans on his pomps; This allows the correct development of your hips and back. This and other reasons make this backpack an excellent alternative, it provides security and confidence to both you and your baby, although the main thing is that your baby is placid while you carry it.

The seat reducer makes Manduca Absolute Blue ideal for newborns and when they grow up they have a back extension that supports your baby when he is older; because this backpack thinks about the constant growth of your baby and because of this and the weight gain it is easily adjusted; For this same reason, it has a three-point safety clasp so you can adjust the belt and no accident occurs.

Manduca Absolute Blue does not leave anything out when it comes to providing all the maximum comfort to the baby; And that is why it also includes a fabric hood that will protect your baby when he falls asleep, both from the sun and the cold, depending on the weather it will be very useful. And to keep it comfortable, it allows you to place it in several different positions , you can place the baby in front of you, or behind you, or on your hip facing you so that you always make eye contact and enjoy his smile whenever you can.

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BabyBjörn cover for baby carrier

Again I want to talk to you about BabyBjörn, this time it is a cover for a baby carrier that has the same excellent quality and offers the same protection as the ones I mentioned earlier; but this is a very beautiful cover to carry your baby; it is special for cold seasons; Well, in addition to protecting it, it keeps it warm; it will feel like when it was in your tummy.

It is a pleasant cover because its fabric is so soft, made of a fleece fabric that will keep it entourage since it repels water and is also thick and therefore resistant to wind; they are perfect qualities for winter; you can go out with your baby without fear of catching a cold, or being cold; and inside it you will feel very comfortable and warm; In addition, he will be very happy because he can accompany you wherever you go without inconvenience.

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The great thing is that you can use it by placing the baby facing you or looking where you are looking; They are two positions that provide comfort; and his head will also be protected since it has a hood that will provide protection against the cold; the BabyBjörn cover is harmless and approved according to the standards for baby products; it won’t cause allergies or anything like that.

It is a good size just so you can put your baby when you have it in the baby carrier; since that is what it is designed for; Even if you have brightly colored backpacks, this cover is black; that is to say, a neutral color to match you with the backpack you have; because its main objective is to shelter the niche when you are carrying it in its baby carrier; It is very resistant to cold weather and wind as well as when it is raining.

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FA Sports Lil Boss Kids Carrier

I promised that it would be a list for all tastes and that is why I have told you about different baby carriers, all ergonomic; from those that you can use in the first month of birth to three or four years, as those that are only used from six months and include a stool; or the one that is light and small but only lasts up to a year and a half; in short, a variety of the best baby carriers on the market; And to continue with the variety, now I want to talk to you about a special backpack for those parents who like the mountains since FA Sports Lil Boss Kids Carrier is a baby carrier designed to carry your baby with extreme comfort.

The FA Sports Lil Boss Kids Carrier backpack will provide you with extreme safety and comfort , I mean by extreme that this backpack is not just any backpack like the ones I have been presenting to you; This super baby carrier backpack has a system of straps that are quite padded and adjustable so that you can have perfect stability and prevent your back from wearing out due to the weight of the baby that is increasing month by month; Due to its ergonomic design, you can safely and confidently enjoy this FA Sports Lil Boss Kids Carrier backpack.

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It has an umbrella type cover to protect your baby from the sun; and that’s not all, it is also capable of protecting it from the rain; you can carry your baby against all odds, on a sunny day take him to the park, and if it gets cloudy and it rains you have nothing to worry about because this great backpack will provide optimal protection for your baby; It is more than a dream come true for these parents who always try to take care of their babies every second and in all kinds of weather.

With FA Sports Lil Boss Kids Carrier you will be able to count on multiple network compartments, and also with bags that are removable and zippers on many sides so that you can store many things both yours and the baby; So if you decide to go on a picnic you don’t have to pack a lot of luggage, just keep everything you need and essential in your baby carrier to spend an excellent day with your baby without forgetting anything because you will carry everything in your backpack.

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Its design is really eye-catching ; At first glance you will see it large and heavy, but this backpack who does a true honor to its name of ¨ backpack¨ because you keep many things in it and also carry your child in a comfortable and practical way; since it is like a very complete shelter for your baby against everything that I mentioned before, wind, rain or sun.

Although it is of a size, let’s say that a little big is not very old; it only weighs 2.3kg ; and this is due to the fact that it has focused a lot on the comfort of you and the baby and for this reason it has a thick and quite padded belt removable chin pad so you can wash it; and the shoulder straps are also quite padded and comfortable; And it also includes a chest strap so you can adjust the baby carrier.

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Each of the straps included in FA Sports Lil Boss Kids Carrier are adjustable so that you and your baby feel comfortable enough in case of going on a long hike in the mountains; or the park; This is why it has a skeleton or a frame that gives it a solid placement; all this provides security so that you can initiate your baby in the world of mountaineering; or in outdoor activities.

This is why it has all those compartments that I mentioned to you; Taking the baby on an adventure will require food, diapers, bottle water, wipes and all of this can be carried with the baby in a single baby carrier; Thinking of you that you like this type of adventure and that your baby will be fascinated that you make it part of it.

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Montis Explore Evolution

You will think that the previous backpack is perfect for you because it was what you were looking for since you are a person who loves adventure, but since I want you to be able to compare, I bring you another special baby carrier backpack to take your baby to the mountains or anywhere you require long walks and being exposed to the weather, both sun and rain; it’s about Montis Explore Evolution.

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This baby carrier can support up to 25kg; and she herself weighs only a little more than two kilograms ; it has a bottle holder for you to carry the baby’s water; it has a safety harness and sun and rain cover; what I just mentioned to you; This feature is perfect for mountaineering, as it may be the case of an inclement sun and from one moment to another it could start to rain and you will have nothing to worry about.

Although it has compartments , the best thing is that it has an integrated backpack that is removable ; There you can store everything you need for that picnic, that outdoor activity with your family. Its colors are very striking and neutral because the combination of orange, red and gray make it ideal for both girls and boys ; it’s great that it’s unisex; because even if you acquire it when your baby has not been born there will be no problems because its colors are neutral.

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It has a forehead pad and the harness is five-point safety ; you can also regulate 6 different heights and Montis Explore Evolution also includes rear ventilation ; and also reflectors ; and it has other excellent characteristics, such as for example that it allows perspiration since it is made with quality material that is anti-allergy and tear- proof, making it a really resistant baby carrier.

Its skeleton, or frame, is rigid to give it a solid shape and to support the weight with the baby’s swing while you are walking; It gives you comfort both for your back and for the baby’s back since its straps are padded and the infant backrest is also padded; as well as its chest belt is padded and adjustable.

It is very easy to use since the baby’s access is lateral, and the experience of taking him to know nature on long walks, be it in the sun, shade, wind or rain, be prepared for everything by carrying his things in the compartments that it includes or in the removable backpack; It is a unique experience that will give the child many learnings and wonderful memories that he will live with you from his young age; and being big he will thank you.

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