Best Baby Changing Bathtubs

Your baby stayed inside you for nine months, and you know well that he really enjoyed his world inside your tummy; and for the most part it was because all that time he spent swimming in amniotic fluid while space allowed, then with a reduced space he was still in there with the same fluid but not being able to move much; at birth, guess what she will miss? It is for this reason that babies really like to take a bath because they were all that time in water .

And it is for this and many other reasons that you should bathe your baby, because from a bath multiple benefits are obtained such as: by sharing with him the bond between you and the baby is built and strengthened , you must talk to him, sing to him, the He will enjoy your voice while enjoying his magical moment, at which point you can transmit security and confidence, you will caress and pamper him while you bathe him, you will be communicating with him through contact, and this helps him grow and develop.

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It is part of their routine , there are babies who cry and have just eaten or slept, and yet they cry and cry, after you give them a bath they are happy , this is because they like to be in the water, and if it is summer with even more reason, there are babies who ask for their bath all the time, and you know it because nobody knows your baby more than you, even from the belly your baby loved that moment when you took a bath and let the water run all over you tummy because the inside was also refreshed.

Bathing him is something you must do from the moment he is born, but you should always be very careful in the first bath and even more so if it is the first time you bathe a baby; If a mommy tells you how to do it, you can accept suggestions, but you are the one who will do what you think best because it is your baby, not your cousin’s, or your sister’s, much less your mother’s or mother-in-law’s; However, if someone advises you not to use any type of product in your first bath , that is good advice; since the first bath should only be with lukewarm water and in its second bath if you can use neutral soaps but it is not ready for the shampoo yet.

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You will see how you quickly become an expert since you will bathe him daily , so by the time your baby is three months old, you can use his shampoo, and also his soap, his toys; And the truth is that a common bathtub will not be comfortable for you because you will not have where to put his things , then when you take him out you must move to bed where he will surely want to cry because in that transfer he got cold; In short, the solution to give your baby a rich bath, have everything you need at hand, and even be able to change it right there, it is a baby changing bathtub, it is what you need to make your life simpler than even your back You will appreciate it, it is comfortable, versatile and practical.

Bathing is a pleasant time for your baby, and it is part of their care and hygiene, however, as I mentioned, it goes beyond this, your baby while bathing enjoys, plays, touches, feels, interacts, learns and grows ; And for this reason buying the baby’s bathtub is not something that should be taken lightly, because the time that his bath lasts is a time in which you cannot and should not separate from him even for a second and for this it should also be a comfortable bathtub for you; and the most comfortable on the market are changing bathtubs, they have it all: good support, excellent height, and are multifunctional.

Of so many types of bathtubs that exist, low or high, large and small, and of different types of materials, your decision is not easy at all, you don’t even know where to start, you may like all of them or perhaps none of them is what you are looking for. and you think that by going on and on looking at some point you will come across the ideal; However, this search can be arduous and difficult, it can become stressful even if you have gone out to look for it before giving birth, or if you left after giving birth, which is even worse because you have to walk with your baby in your arms and this will hurry your decision and it may not be the right one.

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You should not worry about choosing a bathtub for your baby, because here in this article I have prepared a small list of the best baby changing bathtubs on the market; I will facilitate and reduce a little from thousands to a few, I will present its benefits and characteristics so that you know them, and I will tell you its model so that you can go out in search of that specifically and do not have to see and see the multiple options that in the end do not you know if they are good or not.

When choosing a changing bathtub for your baby, you should take into account some points that I want to present to you below.

Size and structure

There are bathtub changing tables that are foldable , and others that are a piece of furniture that has a bathtub and a changing table but is fixed ; It all depends on the space you have in your bathroom or in the baby’s room; since if your bathroom is small, it is advisable to buy a changing bathtub that you can assemble and disassemble easily and quickly; remember ironing tables, those so that they do not take up much space they unfold and fold again, with that same principle you can get some bathtubs. And if you have a large space then do not hesitate to buy a bathtub changing table, they are three in one; a great alternative.

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Fabrication material

There are many materials, you must choose the best quality so that it does not deteriorate over time, and so that it supports your baby until he is old enough to use Mommy’s bathtub; the most advisable is polypropylene ; It is very resistant and durable, this referring to the bathtub itself, while if it is about the structure , make sure it is quite strong and that it supports enough weight, because you cannot risk that your baby is going to fall, remember that These bathtub changing tables are tall and therefore must be 100% safe, they must not wobble at all, they must be stable.

Bathtub shape

This is something that you should take into account since there are many ways, some with a minimum elevation to support your buttocks, others have a pad; Anyway, it is best that you choose one that is as anatomical as possible so that your baby will not slip, some include a bath hammock, these provide them with comfort since they are newborns and they still cannot sit down so it will make things easier. for you.

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And finally, take into account the way to fill and empty it ; Well, when it comes to changing tables, it is not the same as a traditional bathtub; look for one that is practical in this regard; In other words, if it offers you an airtight drain plug that would be a good option to choose. And also if it offers you accessories such as sponges , a case, and if it has wheels, among others, then do not hesitate, if it complies with all of the above then that is the ideal one for you.

Of these bathtubs that I have been talking about, you can find several types, for example there are changing bathtubs that are quite foldable so that you can take them when you go to travel, or there are also inflatable ones, others have a metal, steel or metal structure wood ; They are also usually folding except for the wooden one, which is a cabinet with drawers, changing table and also a bathtub. There are some that are tall and others that are not because they are designed to be placed on top of your own adult bathtub.

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Really being able to count on this wonderful invention is a relief, because if there is something that is done very frequently when you have a baby, in addition to bathing it, it is changing its diapers ; and it is good to have this changing table; There you place your baby and quickly and easily change his clothes and diaper as many times as necessary . These changing bathtubs have their own safety standards because like all baby products, they must be tested to see if they comply with the DIN standard in Germany, the NFS standard in France, and BSI in Great Britain and the European standard EN 12221-1. /two.

In order for a baby product in this case to be approved, infant bathtubs must go through a test that verifies the stability, they must support the baby who goes inside the changing bathtub and also his brother who hangs from the structure; Likewise, it must not have any pointed part that causes harm to the baby, nor must it have holes where the baby can insert his finger, their materials must be free of toxic, and the bathtubs and the PVC-lined foam changing table must be anatomical. non-toxic or other comfortable and safe material.

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Importance of baby changing bathtubs

These changing bathtubs are of the utmost importance and it is something that you must have on the list of everything your baby needs at birth; and it should occupy one of the first places, I would say before your stroller for example; because before taking it out for a walk in it you must give it a bath, that is to say that the first thing your baby does at birth, after his needs and eating is to take a bath; and this first bath will become an essential activity that you must do every day.

This is where the importance of bathing lies, because it will be a routine where you will connect with your baby, you will take care of him, because cleaning him is taking care of him, it is the same as feeding him, changing his diapers , sleeping, cradling him, it is the same as dressing him, Bathing it is one more token of love, and during this bath your baby experiences many different things, just like you, because for your part you will be afraid that it will slip , fall and hit you, and this is why it should be comfortable for you to be able to bathe it.

It is true that many risks are run when bathing a baby, I will not even mention them so that you do not feel afraid to bathe him, because I know that as a mother what you do a thousand percent is to protect your baby, and during the bath even more; This risk is reduced by having a changing bathtub; because they allow you to stand up and use your strength and maneuverability to hold your baby when he is newborn, and when he sits down, to be able to be close to him without getting tired, because common bathtubs generally place him on the floor for fear that Fall back with everything and baby and the “crouched” position is extremely uncomfortable.

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When you have a changing bathtub the security is maximum; The only care you must have is that your baby is not going to throw himself , but since you can stand next to him while he bathes then you do not take many risks; So you will not be so worried and you can give your baby a pleasant and fun bathing experience; because you will be sure that nothing will happen to him and you will be as comfortable as your baby.

The comfort of these changing bathtubs is maximum and unique ; some have an adapter that is like an inflatable pad so that the bathtub can be adapted to the size of the baby; and when he grows up you take it off and use more space in the bathtub; in this way your baby is held easily and the bath will be safer and more comfortable for the spoiled.

In this sense, the importance of a changing bathtub is quite obvious once you realize all its advantages; and of course all the disadvantages that other common bathtubs offer you; They facilitate the daily task of bathing your baby, and also changing it, likewise with the additional compartments you can place the soap and shampoo, the towel and the change clothes ; everything will be at your fingertips and organized; The most important thing is that your baby enjoys his bath without taking any type of risks because, above all, the safety and well-being of that small and harmless baby is important.

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Features to look for in baby changing bathtubs

We have been talking about everything you should take into account when buying a baby changing bathtub, and this is part of its characteristics so I will mention the most relevant and the most common found in this type of bathtubs. children.

  • Fixed and folding : The changing bathtubs are generally thought based on a reduced space; and of course in the needs of your baby; For this reason, these bathtubs are usually foldable, although there are also fixed ones and with a chest of drawers design; The latter is not small or portable, it is fixed and somewhat large as it has drawers to store clothes and other baby things.
  • Safe: these changers are very safe, and even more so when they are from a recognized brand because they are subjected to all the tests to ensure that they comply with the established regulations, have stable structures and durable thermoplastic materials and also some have brakes already that incorporate wheels for easy movement, and a safety belt to hold the baby.
  • Non-slip: most changing bathtubs have a non-slip backing that prevents the baby from slipping and can lean on safely, because they will not slip or hurt themselves.

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  • Comfortable: the comfort of the changing bathtubs is not only intended for the comfort of the baby, but also for your comfort because with these changing bathtubs you will not need to bend over, as they have the right and precise height to make it really comfortable for you, and As for your baby, these bathtubs generally have the anatomical shape and ergonomic seats so that your baby enjoys his bathing session in total comfort.
  • Washable: like everything the baby must be washed and sanitized; These bathtubs are easy to wash (I’ll explain how to do it later), and all or at least most have an airtight plug at the bottom so that it is very easy for you to empty it.
  • Durable: changing bathtubs are designed for a specific weight and age, this will vary depending on the make and model of the bathtub you have purchased (in my list I will comment on the durability of each one that I brought you); the best ones are those that adapt and adjust to the size of the baby because they bear a lot of weight and therefore will serve you for a long time.

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How to wash them?

When you bathe your baby you can feel sure that you are fulfilling something fundamental in his life, such as his personal hygiene; by bathing him, you relax him, clean him, allow him to enjoy himself, play, and so while he entertains you, you soap him up, wash his hair; all this in order that at the end of the bath your baby is clean. It is great to do all this ritual daily, both you and the baby enjoy it to the fullest; However, focusing 100% on baby hygiene could make you overlook something just as important.

This important part of what you are probably forgetting is to wash your baby’s bathtub, it is just as necessary as the sterilization of the bottles, also of their pacifiers, and of their toys, because bacteria, and fungi as well as viruses are present everywhere; and although some make your baby’s defenses are created, other microorganisms could make him sick and it is what you least want when your baby is so small and defenseless; For this reason, your priority is to keep everything clean away from these bacteria and fungi that like so much to invade your baby’s objects, especially his bathtub.

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If you want your baby to always be healthy, washing the bathtub will contribute to good health and here are some recommendations on how to do it:

  1. When you finish bathing him, dress him and he is ready to pass it to his dad, return to the bathtub and with water rinse all the soap or shampoo residues that have remained.
  2. Once rinsed, you can use a detergent that is not very strong in smell but can disinfect.
  3. Use a sponge that is unique and exclusive for the bathtub ; obviously not the one you bathe your baby with, but you will have to wash the bathtub apart from any other.
  4. Once you have distributed the detergent throughout the internal part of the bathtub, proceed to pass it through the part
  5. Make sure you have washed the part of the drain well because these microorganisms especially like to lodge there.
  6. Rinse again with plenty of water , until you are completely sure that you have removed all the detergent from the bathtub.
  7. There are those who like to use alcohol , it is a good option but this does not kill bacteria 100%, you must complement it with all the cleaning described above.
  8. If you fear that bacteria and fungi still remain, then you can use hot water.
  9. Dry it with a cloth and that’s it.
  10. Do this procedure with each use.

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From what age and until what age should changing baby bathtubs be used?

This issue of age and weight is something that is of great interest, because the baby is growing very quickly, and if you have him cradled today, tomorrow you will be running around the house. For this reason, due to the rapid growth of your baby, you want to buy a changing bathtub that will be useful for a long time, that will support your baby for many years, but how long can these changing bathtubs be used? I will give you this answer after some recommendations below:

The moment of changing it to the bathtub that you and your husband use will depend exclusively on the model and brand you purchase, as each manufacturer uses different materials; some can be fragile and others very strong and durable; Some can support up to a certain amount of weight and others are designed for a certain age, since the sizes vary, and I repeat, the materials vary, their models are different and all this influences the age limit that your baby can use these changing bathtubs .

When you decide to buy these changing bathtubs remember everything I mentioned that you should take into account for your comfort and safety, you can read it at the beginning of the article and in the characteristics; precautionary measures must be taken to ensure the most pleasant bath for your baby; Possibly at first you will feel fear, use warm water, if you see that you feel intimidated because the bathtub is large and the very small one then use the inflatable seat, or a special hammock for the comfort of the little ones, and if you can sit alone, then put toys on him and make sure he doesn’t want to lean over to the sides of the bathtub; because it is at a dangerous height.

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Never take your eyes off the baby while you bathe him in these changing bathtubs, if you become careless for a second an inevitable accident could occur, the baby is not aware of the dangers, but your duty is to protect him, and teach him to that is learning from small; When bathing, she can even drown with a toy, she can also fall, but all this is avoided if you are a careful and responsible mommy.

Your baby will enjoy their bath from the moment they are practically born until they are old and they have to be bathed again by someone; But not all your life you will be able to use the changing bathtubs of course; and according to safety regulations, the recommended age is 2 years and that his weight is 13.6 kg; Manufacturers may vary this age limit and weight as it will all depend on the material of manufacture of the changing tub.

In this article I will talk to you about the brands and of course the weight limit they support and the age, so that you buy the one that seems best to you and the one that suits your needs; Well, as I mentioned, I just want to make your choice easier, reduce you from thousands to less than 10 best changing bathtubs on the market; so that you buy the best one for your baby and the choice is not made so complicated for you.

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Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue

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The first bathtub that I want to talk to you about is the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue, a very beautiful bathtub and it has everything that makes you happy, and of course your baby, because you know well after everything. I have been explaining to you that the bathroom is very important for him and not only to be clean but also to develop, and to grow.

That is why I wanted to introduce you first to Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue color as it is unisex , it works as much as if you have a girl, as if you have a boy; its blue color is tender, it is relaxing and it will also attract your baby; and its design is elegant, the truth is very complete; It is a folding changing bathtub so it will be easy for you to store it anywhere so that it does not get in the way; and for when you are going to use it, you deploy it and that’s it; It is very compact and very easy to transport it even with one hand because it has two practical wheels .

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This changing bathtub can be used from the birth of your baby and up to 10 kg; Enough time for you to enjoy with him the best moments of his life while he is still a baby, because when they pass the first year of age they grow extremely fast; And it will be his age so that you can bathe him in the family bathtub without any problems. When he is a baby you can use the bathtub as it has a semi-reclined side , and by the time he can sit down, use the part where he can be completely seated to play with his special bath toys.

It is a bathtub with an ergonomic design , because the main thing is the comfort of your baby, Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue color offers the greatest comfort both in the bathtub that has an anatomical shape and non-slip applications , as in the changing table, since it has an extremely soft removable reducer ; and the one that you can wash whenever you want precisely because you can remove it and put it on and it is washable.

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The good thing about so many great features is that you don’t have to worry about whether you are a short mom or a tall mom; Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue color allows you to adjust it to 3 different heights to suit you, if you are short, use the third one, so that you can calmly reach your baby and make sure you provide the necessary protection and hygiene. ; While if you are tall or medium, you can use either of the two remaining heights so that you do not have to stand up very much to bathe your baby and do not damage your back.

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Filling the bathtub is very simple, and it is even easier to empty it since the Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue has a drain so that you can empty it quickly and also a coupling for the shower head; Practical and easy to use does not end here, because you can close it very easily because it has intuitive buttons so that you do not complicate everything by closing it to store it and free up space, perhaps in your bathroom because it is very small, or in the bathroom. baby because if she crawls I could knock her down; It is always good that after bathing the baby you close it and place it in a safe place.

Among the things that includes Chicco Cuddle & Bubble compact changing bathtub in blue I can give you one of the best news, and that is that it includes many accessories, I begin by telling you that it has its lower tray so that you can place the products you are going to in it. to use in the baby during his bath and also the clothes and the diapers; and likewise the organizer that it brings included and its jewel and a container for you to keep the sponge without a lid. I have nothing else to tell you because as you see this changing bathtub has everything you need, however you can continue to see the others on the list so you can compare a little.

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Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink

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The second bathtub that I want to talk to you about is Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink is a very beautiful changing bathtub for the princess of the house because it is in pink; for a pampering mom it is the ideal changing table; because your baby’s hygiene can be fun and comfortable for both her and you; in this way both will enjoy this daily ritual that is bathing and your daughter will grow while playing, bathing and having fun.

This changing bathtub is perfect for small homes , which therefore have very small bathrooms and a bathtub changing table generally has a somewhat large size and ends up getting in the way where you put it, however that will not happen to you with Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink color since it is Fully foldable , it closes in the shape of a scissor, which makes it an ideal bathtub for bathrooms with little space.In this way, when it is collected, it will not occupy a lot of space, but on the contrary, it will be kept in a small space without getting in the way of a time you use it.

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When your baby is born, he is ready for a bath, you can buy him Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink so that he can wait for her at home and release it from birth, and until your baby weighs 11 kilograms , as it will already be in a the right age for you to bathe her in the family bathtub; In other words, when he is one year old, you can give the changing bathtub to another member of the family because your baby will not need it once he weighs 11 kilograms.

When they are 6 months old, babies tend to be very restless, it is part of their growth; And thinking about this, Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink has protective rollers that give your baby maximum safety by avoiding these falls and blows; Although you can’t neglect them for a second, it’s nice to have this feature.

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The bathtub is made of a flexible material , to give your baby absolute comfort; and it is very practical because such flexibility allows it to be folded without you having to store the bathtub in another place, to empty it is also very easy because it has a drain tube so you don’t have to empty it with so much effort; When the bath is finished it is easy to extract the water, really easy and effortless.

The changing table is very practical, it opens easily so you can put the diaper and clothes on your beautiful princess ; and it is comfortable, beautiful with a drawing in the center, and an ideal size for your baby to fit in his changing table until he is one year old; from birth and for twelve months Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink will be a very versatile companion that will make you happy and your baby even more so.

Plastimyr Plastimons flexible bathtub in pink has a lower tray that is really very useful since when you are going to bathe your baby you need to have at your fingertips things such as the clothes that you will put on her when she finishes bathing her and her diaper you can put the shampoo and soap and why not? the towel itself, so you don’t have to neglect yourself and leave your baby alone because you don’t know what can happen in the blink of an eye, that is why whoever uses these changing bathtubs must be super careful and responsible moms because they are tall and the baby may fall and hit very hard.

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Cute Brevi diaper and bath changing table made in Italy in pearl color

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The third on the list is Lindo Brevi diaper and bath changer made in Italy in pearl color, an excellent alternative in case you do not yet know the gender of your baby and want to buy it before you know it, or before it is born, because it can occur like many cases where the doctor says it is one sex and at birth it turns out to be the opposite sex; so the best thing to do is buy a unisex changing tub to play it safe.

With Lindo Brevi diaper and bath changing table made in Italy in pearl color you will have a wonderful experience when bathing your baby, it does not have to cover a lot of space, because once you use it you can fold it since its beautiful and modern design allows it to Foldable so that you can store it in any corner of the house without occupying a space that you need, or in the bathroom, which are generally small and with a changing bathtub inside it would make it even smaller, but not in the case of Lindo Brevi diaper changer and bathroom made in Italy in pearl color because just fold it and place it behind the bathroom door or any other door, you will see that the space it occupies is very little.

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It is very easy to transport it from one place to another, you do not have to carry it although it is very light, it has four wheels, in this way you will not only move it from one side to another when it is folded but also when it is open, and do not worry Since to prevent you from moving unexpectedly, two of these four wheels have a lock , so when you lock them you do not have to move while you bathe your baby calmly and with complete confidence.

When your baby’s bath is over, you should only use the changing table right there so that you can put on his diaper and clothes without having to take him to another place; It is something very practical and fast, surely what you need because that is why you are looking for a changing bathtub, that is, two in one ; you can keep it open in his room to change it whenever he deserves it; And if you see that it is getting in your way, without so much complications move it to the side where it does not bother you because you must remember that it has four wheels for easy transport.

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And let’s keep talking about ease; Well, Lindo Brevi diaper changer and bath made in Italy in pearl color is very easy to fill it, and after you bathe your baby and dress him, and they relieve you of the position of changing mommy, you can empty the bathtub easily because it counts. with a drain pipe ; just put it down and let it drain completely, then proceed to wash it as I explained in this article and don’t forget to dry it with a clean cloth; never put the changing table on it while it is still wet because fungi and bacteria can spread or a soggy smell can occur you better make sure to dry it very well after emptying it.

The manufacturing materials of Lindo Brevi diaper and bath changing table made in Italy in pearl color are of excellent quality , its folding chassis is made of varnished metal , its bathtub is anatomical for maximum baby comfort, its changing table has safety edges for prevent the baby from falling, and you can change it quietly; And it also includes a tray for you to place the objects you use during the baby’s bath and also what you use at the end of the bath, such as her clothes and diaper.

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Star Ibaby Bebe Aqua folding bathtub

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Let’s continue with this wonderful list of ideal bathtubs for babies, this time I will present a bathtub designed for those moms who have a small home, and want a large bathtub for their baby, this Star Ibaby Bebe Aqua folding bathtub supports up to 36 liters of water, so that your baby can enjoy a pleasant bath; And the best thing is that you can even fold its four legs so that it is so thin that you can place it anywhere in your house and you will see that the space it occupies is very minimal.

It is a bathtub that you can place in shower trays and also if you like to travel, and the places where you go there are no special bathtubs for a baby, and of course putting it in the shower with you is not an option because you run a lot of risk. soaping it is really dangerous and by the way is very uncomfortable; That is why Star Ibaby Bebe Aqua folding bathtub is an ideal bathtub for travel because in addition to what I mentioned to you that it is folding and takes up little space, this bathtub weighs very little , it is really light, only two kg ; That is why it will be simple and comfortable to take it with you on the trips you make.

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It has an easy-to-grip design and shape , and by which you can hang it after use; and measures 81 by 46 centimeters and 22 open, while closed has a measurement of 81 by 46 and 6 centimeters; once you use it, wash and dry it; remember how important this is, as much as bathing your baby.

With Star Ibaby Bebe Aqua folding bathtub you can go from one place to another with complete confidence and comfort, because there is nothing more beautiful than being able to give your baby the bath he deserves, because this is part of his life, this relaxes him It makes him happy and of course you too, because if the baby is happy the mother will be too.

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Baby Comfort bathtub support amplitude white

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And in case you have a bathtub, here I present a folding support, it serves both to place the bathtub and to place the changing table, it is very compact and safe . It has an ideal size to avoid that your back suffers the consequences of the long time that your baby takes to bathe because comfort is both for you and your baby, it is something that you must do together, you must always be by his side to transmit everything your love while you bathe and protect him. That is why you can count on Bebe Confort white amplitude bathtub support to place your baby’s bathtub and changing table so that everything is more practical and comfortable.

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Wooden baby bathtub cabinet

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So far I have presented you with different options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs; You have a girl in pink, or a boys in blue, also a unisex pearl color, I have brought you bathtubs for the trip, or simply the support that you use for the bathtub and changing table; everything is already in you; But if you look at all the previous ones, they are designed if you have a reduced space and that is why they are all foldable, however this time I want to talk to you about one that does not have this feature but it is a dream come true since there are three in one.

I’m talking about a wooden baby bathtub cabinet, it is a changing table, and at the same time a bathtub , but the best thing is that it also works as a chest of drawers since it has drawers with metal guides that allow you to store all the baby’s things there; In one of its four drawers you can store their clothes, in the other their diapers, in the other the accessories that Wooden Baby Bathtub Cabinet has included and that I will mention later, and in the last one you can store their shoes or anything else what you wish.

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It is an excellent alternative if you have the space because, as I mentioned, the wooden baby bathtub cabinet is not foldable, the changing table measures 85 centimeters high by 50 centimeters wide; and you can choose between several designs such as: pink polka dots, light blue polka dots, light blue stripes, beige stars, pink stars, light blue stars, camel polka dots and pink stripes; As you can see, you have a variety in color and design for you to choose according to the sex of your baby tenderness.

Just as you can choose between the colors and the model of the changing table, you can also do it in the type of furniture, you can choose between the following: Beech, Wenge, Cherry, Walnut and White , the latter combines for any decoration you have on the baby in his room, be it girl or boy, although the other colors are also good; They are neutral colors that will also combine you wherever you place it.

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One of the wonderful characteristics that the measurements have are 85 centimeters high by 50 centimeters wide; and you can choose between several designs and it includes some gift accessories, and tell me who doesn’t like gifts? Especially to a mommy who lives buying everything for her baby, when she includes a gift her eyes shine, and you can be happy because Wooden Baby Bathtub Furniture gives you these things: safety scissors, synthetic sponge, musical brush and comb, thermometer bath and water duck.

The bath thermometer next to the water duck will make your baby’s bath a unique experience, since with one you can place the water at the point they like best, neither too cold nor too hot, with the bath thermometer you make sure that always have your baby’s preferred temperature, and with the water duck your baby can have fun and entertain himself while you wash his hair and lather it, so you can enjoy as much as that of this daily routine that should be above all pleasant.

With the wooden baby bath cabinet you don’t have to worry about the drain, it is very easy to empty the water ; It has a bucket, and it also incorporates wheels so that you don’t have to make any greater effort when moving the Wooden Baby Bathtub Cabinet from one place to another; but at the time of introducing your baby you must put the brakes or wheel locks that are included for their safety.

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Multicolor baby bathtub

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The next bathtub that I want to talk to you about is the Multicolored Baby Bathtub, like most of the ones I have talked to you about, it is an excellent changing bathtub for your baby from birth until it reaches its first birthday, enough time to give your baby the most pleasant bathing experience possible; since it is specially designed for your baby, and of course for you; so that you have your baby at a good height that does not harm your back.

With a multicolored baby bathtub you can bathe the baby from when he is newborn and until he is semi-lying six months , and from when he is six months old until he is twelve months sitting, because it has two anatomical seats that also have non-slip ideal Prevent your baby from slipping during his bath, because if that happens he will really be very scared, and he could associate the bath with something bad, but it will not happen with Multicolor Baby Bath thanks to these non-slip pads.

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Apart from its bathtub and its beautiful striking and comfortable changing table that by the way has safety edges to prevent the baby from falling, also the multicolored baby bathtub has very practical compartments for you to insert soap and sponges there, also shampoo ; the baby shower bucket and any toy or thing you need to have at your fingertips.

You will not have to worry about the way to empty the bathtub, you do not have to use any kind of force to load it full of water since the Multicolor Baby Bathtub has a drain plug so that you can empty it comfortably and effortlessly; Once you dress your baby and put his diaper on the changing table, that is, without moving anywhere, you can drain the bathtub and let it drain completely to wash off the soap and shampoo residue and then dry it.

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Intex inflatable baby bathtub and hand pump

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Finishing the list of the best bathtubs on the market, I want to talk to you before ending with this wonderful list of one that is inflatable , something different from what I have been talking about but really practical and you will love it once you have it, Let me tell you about Intex inflatable bathtub for babies and manual pump so that you can see its characteristics and benefits in case you are not sure you want a changing bathtub, you can then opt for this alternative.

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This Intex inflatable bathtub for babies and manual pump is ideal for the baby from birth; and until he is twelve months old , you should not worry since this bathtub has non-slip strips to prevent your baby from slipping while bathing; which makes it safe for your little baby, and you can rest easy, always taking care of your baby while you bathe him but with confidence that Intex inflatable baby bathtub and manual pump has the ideal to provide protection.

Among these features is Intex inflatable bathtub for babies and manual pump incorporates an elevator to give the baby stability and you greater comfort; This convenience is also provided by its way of emptying it, because you don’t have to load it and turn it over to empty it, you just have to lift the drain plug that it includes.

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Intex inflatable bathtub for babies and manual pump includes a couple of essential accessories for a bathtub of this type, such as the hand pump so that you can inflate it without much effort and a kit of patches in case you puncture it and see that the air it escapes through a hole, although you should always take the necessary precautions because the material, although resistant, could puncture and break, and you know that this type of bathtubs can throw out the air and practically become useless if it escapes while you bathe your baby.

Its manufacturing material, as I told you, is resistant, it is vinyl , and its finish is extra soft , I really thought that this bathtub will make mommy’s life a little easier; You can inflate and deflate it as many times as you want so that it does not take up much space when storing it, and also so that you can easily transport it, for example when you go on a trip.

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Brevi reversible changing mat bagnotime bianconiglio 501

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To finish with this list that you cannot deny how varied it is, I want to tell you about a changing bathtub that has an innovative design; totally thought about the comfort of your baby, because this bathing should not be taken lightly, a bath for a baby implies much more than hygiene, it increases their cognitive development; explore, imagine, learn, and there are many benefits apart from this that are obtained from the baby’s bath; Because you must have noticed that after bathing them they make them sleepy, it is because it relaxes them a lot, and it also refreshes them and finally makes them happy.

And there is no better way to be a part of it all than buying a changing bathtub that has six different height settings ; and each one can be moved a maximum of eleven centimeters; And the good thing is that this allows it to be placed on top of the family bathtub ; Even when it has an irregular shape, the important thing is that it is 90 cm wide at most.

It is a bathtub approved with EN 12221 , it has adjustable feet-clamps in different positions and independent of each other; allowing a displacement between 6 to 14 cm; and it has double security , the bathtub is 17 liters , and its changer is of excellent quality, which has its corresponding safety edge ; They are comfortable and high so that your baby will not fall or hit himself when he turns over.

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So with Brevi reversible bathtub changing table bagnotime bianconiglio 501 you have a bathtub, also with a changing table; and you can use it in as many shapes and heights as possible; You can adjust it and place it on top of the family bathtub for which it is not ready yet but it is good that it becomes familiar with that space where daddy and mommy bathe and where the baby from one moment to the next can also use, but in the meantime he must enjoy your Brevi reversible bathtub changing table bagnotime bianconiglio 501.

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