Best Hammocks For Babies: Precautions For Use And Types

The baby hammock is a very useful complement for parents, especially in the first months of their baby’s life, it allows them to be close to him while they carry out their daily tasks and allows the child to have a totally different perspective of the world than the one they use. has a usual way from the crib or stroller.

The hammock is a great ally to feed your baby or even to take a little nap. This article is very safe since it has a seat belt with which the child can be tied for protection.

It is recommended to use it on the floor, although there are more daring parents who dare to put it on the table, on the islands or peninsulas in the kitchen, but this is usually something very risky, especially when the child is already a little older and makes you a bit restless, this practice is not recommended at all and goes against the manufacturers’ recommendations for use and safety.

The children’s hammock should always be a reference for the safety and relaxation of the baby, it contributes to having more free time for the parents since there they calm down a little more.

This accessory is perfect to take advantage of the hours in which the baby sleeps in order to do other tasks or dedicate time to personal care, something so necessary especially when the child is very young.

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The hammocks are more than a place to put the baby while mom or dad are busy, they also bring small training centers and early stimulation with various accessories such as mobiles, lights, sounds and educational toys with which they can be entertained and educated at the same time.

At present, there are many companies that are dedicated to designing and creating articles for babies that offer an almost infinite range of products for your baby’s rest and learning. Both in department stores, or stores specialized in baby items and in online stores, the offer of many models of baby hammocks is incredible , so it is recommended that before choosing a particular model, you make a study of the advantages of each model that catches your attention and thus be able to establish the pros and cons of each one to make the most appropriate decision for you and your baby.

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The hammock you choose will accompany your baby in development and growth during his first months of life , so your decision is very important.

Almost by natural instinct, babies love to relax while they learn and it is for this reason that there are countless hammocks that present various recreational, educational and relaxing proposals.

To choose the most suitable hammock for your baby you must take into account certain recommendations:

  • Choose a seat that is padded, soft and soft to provide a more comfortable feeling for your baby. Also take care that you have the option of several positions.
  • Fun is very important , choose a model that has an activity center for your baby to entertain while learning.

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  • To help him relax and calm down in times when he feels uncomfortable in the hammock, choose a model that has a vibrating device.
  • If you intend to use the hammock in an open space such as the garden, the beach or the park, the hammocks with a hood are the ideal ones.
  • To make it easier to transport, it must have handles.
  • It must be a safe item , which complies with current European safety regulations, which has safety harnesses and locking systems so that it does not move or slide when the baby moves.

Remember that the hammock will accompany your baby for at least six months, so you must make the choice based on his needs, that is useful for him and allows him to develop properly since during this time it will often be the place of food, sleep and play. The baby bouncer can be used easily from the birth of your baby until he is six months old or until he weighs about 9 kilos.

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Is the hammock necessary for him to drink?

Acquiring a hammock has become a necessity almost as essential as the purchase of a baby changing table or a cot for co-sleeping, this is an article that during the first months of the baby’s life will offer comfort to the mother and the newborn. born alike .

These accessories for your baby are extremely useful during the first months of life , with the hammock they can be balanced calmly, while entertaining with the games, colors and sounds that most current models of hammocks bring, so parents or caregivers can have a free time for other activities.

Currently, the most important and recognized brands in the industry offer avant-garde models that range from the simplest to the most complete that you can imagine that provide security, relaxing music, multiple positions to lie down or sit, a variety of toys that stimulate the baby in its development and even vibration systems with different levels of intensity.

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From what age and until what age should the baby hammock be used?

The use of the baby hammock is recommended from the first days of life, placing it at a suitable level to keep it in the correct posture according to its age, and it can be used up to approximately 6 months or until it reaches 9 kilos in weight. However, there are some models of hammocks that can be used as chairs and can even hold children up to 15 months of age.

Each stage that your child lives in his hammock must live it to the fullest and for this each hammock comes with accessories that allow him to stay entertained in each of them.

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Types of baby hammock

In the current market, the variety of hammock offers available is wide, they vary depending on prices and models, depending on the different options available to them.

Simple baby hammocks . These models are simple and very cheap, prices range between 20 and 40 euros. Your options are a bit limited, however they provide security and protection, two essential factors. The seat in the simple hammocks can be adjusted to different levels, they are padded and come in bright colors and suitable for each gender.

Intermediate hammocks . These hammocks are full of toys and dolls, light and various colors. Some models of hammocks can become rockers for the greatest enjoyment of your baby on which slightly older children can be mounted. There are even models that support children up to 15 months of age. They are generally unisex models, with beautiful and cheerful designs.

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Elegant and sophisticated baby hammocks . This is the top of the top of the hammocks, they are the most sophisticated in terms of their appearance, colors and functions. They come in bright colors and look great anywhere in the house. These models are more durable and can even support the weight of a child up to 2 years old, they are a bit expensive but all their functions are worth it.

All-in-one baby hammocks are hammocks that can be said to be almost capable of raising a baby on their own, they have music, rocking and vibrator options, light and color. Its clean and original designs with their rounded shapes seem taken from another world. They are high-level products but with all the options they have, they are well worth it. The hammock works as a seesaw and swing, with speeds and adaptable to the baby’s growth. They are beautiful, fashionable and cozy options that surely more than a pampering parent will want to buy their child.

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Which of all to choose?

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To choose the right hammock, it is essential to take into account several elements such as safety, portability and additional accessories that allow your baby’s experience to be more fun.

For some people, the most ideal hammock is the simple one, which stays still and avoids movements with which they fear that their baby will get out.

The various elements that must be taken into account when choosing a hammock are the following:

Variety of activities : a wise decision is to opt for a model that has an entertainment center with which the baby can always relax or have fun playing with comfort and safety.

Awning or hood : used for outdoor exits and thus keep your baby away from direct sun exposure.

Solid support bases : regardless of whether the selected model is totally solid or if it has the option of a rocker, it must have bases that support the baby’s weight without risk of accidents.

Vibration system : the vibration systems are very relaxing for the baby since their gentle movements remind them of the swaying they had in the mother’s womb, helping to calm even the most restless of babies.

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Comfortable seat: this component must undoubtedly be thick, soft and very comfortable padding. There are smooth plastic models that are not padded, they are easy to clean but do not offer the same level of comfort to your baby as the padded models.

Multiple positions: most of the current models offer the option of being able to change position with which you can place your baby at a certain level according to age or what you want to do with your child there, whether it is sleeping, eating or simply being a while playing while mommy is busy.

Safety: The safety of the baby is essential. The chosen model must comply with the necessary safety regulations and always guarantee the well-being of the baby.

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Precautions for use

Hammocks must be used correctly to ensure that they are safe to use.

Follow these tips so that the use of the baby’s hammock is something safe for their well-being and your peace of mind.

Security systems . Regardless of the place where you decide to place the baby’s hammock, it must be locked in the desired position and the baby’s seat belt must be placed. Always keep the child under surveillance to avoid possible accidents, remember that a baby should never be left unattended.

Support surface. Ideally, the baby’s hammock should be placed on the floor, not on another surface, even if it is rigid and has enough space around it. The sofa or the bed are never good places to place the baby’s hammock, it could be at risk of tipping over.

It should not be used in the car, for this there are approved and legally required protection systems such as baby seats and whose model varies depending on the child’s age.

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Should you wash regularly, how to do it?

Baby hammocks should always be kept clean either by means of a cloth or towels, the important thing is to keep the environment where the baby will spend many hours of the day totally clean.

There are models of baby hammocks whose linings are removable and can be perfectly washed in the washing machine without major inconvenience, however there are models that are not disassembled with the same ease, in that case it is recommended that the cleaning routine be carried out with a cloth damp or a soft bristle brush. You can also use wet wipes to remove traces of dirt or any spillage that happens when you feed your baby.

To disassemble the cover of your baby’s hammock it is recommended to follow the instructions for use that come in the packaging box when you make the purchase, if for some reason you do not keep it you have the option of looking for the instructions to disassemble the particular model of your little.

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For cleaning, try to use soft products that are not abrasive and do not change the color of the fabrics.

Also clean each metal or plastic part that it has, each accessory or piece that your baby’s hammock brings, for that, take care of every detail and corner, you can use a wet wipe or a soft cloth for cleaning.

Remember that the fabric will be in contact with your baby’s skin so use mild cleansers and rinse thoroughly to avoid allergic reactions on your baby’s delicate skin.

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Bright-Starts Jungle Jungle Hammock Multicolor

It is a comfortable, light and versatile product to seat the baby and be able to observe it without having to carry it.

Its design is ergonomic and adapts to the baby making him feel comfortable, with very vivid colors, it will capture the child’s attention, who will be able to discover shapes and colors in a fun way , allowing color identification games to be developed, for the child’s learning .

This product has the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight structure for easy portability. The angled design allows baby to balance counterbalance with just a slight movement, making reclining in the hammock fun.
  • It is lined in a canvas of bright colors, stamped with figures of animals, so that you can get to know them and identify them in their characteristics, as taught by the adult who supervises the child. The chair has foam rubber padding that makes it padded and will not bother the child while sitting in it, as he will feel the softness of his crib, being able to sleep in it.
  • It has a padded handle , covered with brightly colored canvas, from which animal figurines hang, like a fun mobile that will rock as the baby rocks; They are at a suitable height for you to touch.

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  • From the sides of the chair, a padded bra is detached that will not hurt the baby’s legs, keeping the baby safe by preventing accidents from falls with movement.
  • At its base, it has rubber bands that prevent the hammock from sliding on the floor, with movement, being a safety element for the child.
  • It is recommended for use in children of three years, but it can serve as a resting place for younger children, always supervised by an adult. This hammock is ideal to have the child close , in a relaxed and entertaining way, as it can swing safely, learn colors, shapes and distinguish figures, without having to move.
  • It is ideal to have the child supervised anywhere in the house or during a trip, while they sleep peacefully and safely.

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Béaba Transat Up & Down I color gray

Like a throne for the king of the house , this novel hammock allows the baby to lean on; With its rocker-shaped base, it is ideal for little ones who are beginning to discover the world, as it can be fixed in a high position that offers many advantages for both babies and adults.

The chair can be reclined in three positions , depending on the need while the baby is in the chair; During the first months, it allows to have the child lying down and gradually, help him to remain seated while observing everything around.

The support tubes are adjusted in four different positions by changing the height of the chair; This way you can use it in various places and for different moments in the baby’s life, together with their parents or caregivers.

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It has the following characteristics:

  • The tubes that support the chair can be disassembled to make the chair look like a traditional hammock. This advantage allows the use to be prolonged when the child is a little older, since he does not run risks of falls due to movement, if he is at a greater height.
  • The rocker can be locked , giving greater security for the baby; You can also fix the chair to perform or participate in activities in which movement is not desired.
  • The chair can change position in three ways, which you can adjust according to need, just by using one hand, since its adjustment mechanism is very simple and quick to handle: so the baby can lie down, recline or sit , varying position quickly, for your comfort.
  • The chair is padded, to guarantee the comfort of the baby; It is also padded on the sides, preventing the baby from being hurt by movement .
  • It is provided with a lined and padded strap that holds the baby, ensuring their safety; It will not slip or fall with movement .
  • The adjustable height allows the baby to be cared for without having to bend permanently; This advantage facilitates the work of the parents or caregivers of the baby, since they will be able to bring them closer to the table, attend to them during the diaper change and other care, without suffering physical discomfort, since they will not have to bend their body.
  • The child will be well secured to the chair, thanks to the five security settings offered by the padded bra. It will not be able to loosen with movement, which makes this chair quite safe and reliable.
  • With this hammock , the baby will be able to participate in family gatherings such as meals , since its adjustable height allows it to approach the table, safely and comfortably.

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  • Its use is recommended until the baby weighs 9 kg, but its use can be prolonged thanks to its versatile height adjustment and great resistance of the material.
  • The chair has three adjustable positions, through which the baby can share with the family, at each stage of his development until he can sit alone. This hammock will comfortably help the baby to assert itself in its growth process, without having to suffer forced positions that can cause any damage due to the time spent in a certain position.
  • The lining fabric is neutral in color, which allows it to be combined with other colors , contributing to the decoration of the different rooms.
  • The canvas is washable and will not suffer damage or deformation if it is washed in washing machines; It is resistant to various water temperatures, the fabric will not deform or change its color.
  • Its light weight makes it easy and comfortable to move it from one place to another without representing any inconvenience to those who are caring for the baby.
  • It is provided with two handles, one on each side, as an armrest, lined and padded, in a resistant plastic of contrasting color, which gives life and will attract the attention of the baby, who is discovering shapes and colors in their process of increase.
  • The softness of the fabric will not hurt the baby with the friction of the movements, during its development and growth.
  • It is recommended to use it under the supervision of an adult .

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Electric Swing Caretero Nest Bugies

Comfortable swing to guarantee well-being to the baby from newborn to three months. Provided with lights and different types of music , with its soft movements, it will keep you relaxed and entertained, while stimulating your vision with its bright colors, helping to fix your eyes on the figures of the mobile that comes with accessory. The chair is provided with a retractable cover that protects the child from insect bites.

It has the following characteristics:

  • It is foldable, which allows you to store it without taking up much space. This advantage makes it ideal for small spaces , offering comfort also when transporting it in a vehicle. The chair, dismantled, serves as a baby carrier.
  • The chair is wide in dimensions, offering comfort to the baby, it is lined and padded, it has an internal pad that guarantees comfort and safety.
  • Its design provides security to the baby, which is adjusted in the chair. It comes equipped with a mosquito net to protect it from insect bites.
  • The chair has two recline positions , allowing the baby to be comfortable if he sleeps or if he is awake more reclined. You can receive your food in the most comfortable position, without risk of choking.
  • From the top hangs a merry-go-round with brightly colored toys that rotate while music plays that relaxes and entertains the baby.

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  • It has 12 melodies created to bring tranquility and serenity to the baby, which lull him and help develop the auditory faculties; they can be chosen via the function control on the top, where the swing movement is also controlled.
  • The control unit works with connection to a current unit or through four batteries.
  • It has five speeds of movement ; You can choose the one that is most convenient to calm the baby or to keep him asleep when he is lulled by a smooth and continuous movement that will give him security.
  • Motion control can be programmed to turn off automatically after thirty, fifteen, or eight minutes, depending on your need or preference. This function ensures the durability of the batteries, in case you forget to switch it off when removing the baby from the chair.
  • The base is firm and comes equipped with anti-slip rubbers that provide greater security when the swing is in motion.
  • The seat is padded , lined with washable fabric in a colorful color that stimulates the baby’s perception . The pillow is soft and comfortable, guaranteeing a pleasant rest.
  • To secure the baby in the chair , it has an adjustable strap in five parts, which will not allow the baby to slide out of the chair or fall with the movement.
  • It is designed for newborn babies or for babies weighing 12 kilos, as the chair is supported by a tube and would not support a greater weight.
  • The chair has a turning capacity of up to ninety degrees , guaranteeing versatility when using it, as you can change the position of the chair so that it swings sideways or from front to back, making it useful for all types of spaces.
  • The backrest can be tilted up to two degrees , providing comfort in the resting position, allowing the baby to continue looking around, without having to lie down completely.
  • Due to all these characteristics, it is not only an implement for rest, but also a learning and fun tool for the baby , helping parents in their physical, mental and sensory development.

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Fisher-Price 2-in-1 hammock / swing

Comfortable and light hammock that can be transformed into a swing . Designed in resistant plastic, it contributes to the rest and entertainment of the baby, with its two functions of use. It is also a learning center as it is equipped with bright colors and striking figures in the patterns on the lining fabric. It is foldable and can be transported or stored, without taking up much space. Its light weight makes it easy to transport it from one place to another.

It has the following characteristics:

  • It is portable and lightweight , it can be placed anywhere in the house without taking up space.
  • It is provided with music and sounds of nature and some animals, which can be heard clearly. It allows the child to relax with music and learn to distinguish different sounds, as well as distinguish each animal, becoming a learning center, stimulating sight and hearing.
  • With six movement speeds , it can be programmed, although it has an intelligent movement system, which is activated according to the baby’s weight, automatically adjusting the intensity of the movement.
  • When used as a chair, it has a very gentle vibration system that helps the baby to relax easily.
  • The emission of sounds of nature will help in their learning to identify animal sounds, which they will be able to know in a visible way, in the elephant and lion dolls that in their attractive and striking colors, will keep the baby entertained while learning .

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  • It works with batteries that facilitate its operation without having to move it manually; the baby will spend moments of relaxation, learning and fun thanks to its multiple functions, being able to remain seated or reclined, thanks to the shape of the chair.
  • It provides security, through the strap that adjusts in five points , preventing it from slipping or suffering accidents due to falls due to failures of insurance.
  • The chair is lined with soft, resistant and washable fabric that does not hurt the baby’s skin with movement and rubbing. Its striking colors help to capture the attention of the baby, teaching him to distinguish colors.
  • The dolls that hang from the top, make it an exercise center , as the baby will stretch to touch them, learning the difference in textures and motivating the child in the execution of various movements that favor their psychomotor development.
  • Its light weight and collapsible design mean it can be easily moved from one location to another and stored without taking up a lot of space.
  • The movement, vibration and musical controls are located on one side , facilitating its handling from the most comfortable location of the person who programs it.

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Chicco Balloon 2016 hammock with lights and sounds in gray

Comfortable and fun, it gives the baby security, relaxation and fun . Through your sound system, you will be able to leave messages for the baby. Versatile in its design and functions, it can be used in different ways, depending on the needs.

It has the following characteristics:

  • System sound with six songs for babies ; It also brings six sounds of nature and the novelty of being able to record voice messages or the baby’s favorite melody to play it as many times as you want. This function will help the baby to feel safe listening to the mother’s voice when she is not there, or it will be able to relax more easily with her favorite song.
  • It brings a play center with brightly colored dolls and lights that to the beat of the melodies will keep you entertained for a long time; as he progresses in his growth, he will be able to touch the dolls, while doing stretching exercises while playing, favoring his physical, visual, auditory and sensory development.
  • The play center is removable , allowing it to be placed in the crib or in another place where the baby remains, ensuring fun and learning.
  • The brightly colored lights that are turned on in the game device, help in the visual and sensory development of the child , from the first month of life, serving as a constant stimulus for their intelligence.
  • The design of the chair is covered with soft padded fabric for baby’s comfort ; on top, a headrest has been added, which prevents the baby from assuming a dangerous position during the first months, before it develops firmness on its head; When the baby is older, it can be removed, thus ensuring greater comfort and safety.

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  • It is foldable and can be stored comfortably , taking up little space. Its light weight allows it to be easily and safely transported, as it has two sturdy canvas handles that allow it to be moved with the baby sitting on it, without fear of accidents due to falls.
  • It is provided with a removable base, which gives it two functions: as a chair and as a hammock , facilitating fun and comfort for the child with safety and comfort.
  • When used as a chair, it has a vibration system that lulls the baby and brings serenity and relaxation, while listening to its pleasant melodies or the recording with the mother’s voice or a song of your choice.
  • It can be used from the first day of birth and its use lasts until the child reaches 9 kilos in weight , it is the most recommended, so that the use as a hammock is not diminished by supporting a greater weight. As a chair with vibration if it can be used for a longer time.
  • It comes with a bag for storage and transport without getting dirty or damaged.
  • It works with batteries , both the game and sound device, as well as the vibration system, which facilitates its use since it does not require manual impulse.
  • The back of the chair offers four reclining positions , to adapt to the baby’s needs for rest or play.

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BabyBjörn Balance Soft – Cotton hammock

Designed with modern lines, it is lined in antiallergic cotton fabric and is certified with the guarantee of the Öko-Tex 100 regulation, providing peace of mind for parents and safety for the baby. It comes in colors that are pleasing to the eye and that serve to combine rooms, providing elegance, while representing a comfort device for the smallest of the house. The softness of the fabric, combined with the design of the chair, offer a cozy space for the baby, making him feel safe and comfortable . You can rest, play and sleep at will.

It has the following characteristics:

  • No batteries required . This ergonomic chair will be the baby’s training center to develop the upper and lower muscles, as it balances with the baby’s movement, allowing it a pleasant and fun sensation.
  • It can be used from the first months ; the design of the chair offers that it is comfortable and well supported, preventing it from slipping.
  • Its use continues with the growth of the baby and serves as a comfortable seat until it reaches the age of three years. It is used to decorate the baby’s room, you can use it to watch television or simply rest in it, lulled by its gentle movements.

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  • The hammock works with the vitality of the baby’s movements, being very useful for the motor development and the balance of the child, if the movements are strong, it will rock faster, but without this entailing any danger.
  • If it is a newborn, you can rock it with a gentle push of the hands or feet , it does not require effort to give the child a smooth and continuous rocking.
  • The padding that cushions the chair is polyester; It brings a safety harness , where the child remains firmly in the chair without risk of falling with the movement.
  • The chair has been designed to ensure the baby’s position, guaranteeing that he will not suffer any problems while developing his muscles, as he will be comfortable and in a suitable position for good development.
  • It is foldable and light weight , which allows it to be stored without using much space, you can also transport it to the park, the beach, to any place where the baby is comfortable and can have fun safely.

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Babymoov Bubble A012416

Comfortable hammock for the baby, with fabric in soft tones, padded and easy to disassemble for washing, it allows the baby to have fun while it is in the sight of the mother or her caregiver, it is necessary to spend only quiet moments to improve its development. Let him enjoy the movement of the seesaw while he watches the toy.

It has the following characteristics:

  • The adjustable seat can be reclined in 3 positions. The center position can help babies with reflux to digest more easily.
  • The seat is composed of a padded fabric rectangle to form an ergonomic seat that adapts to the baby’s body. The seat also has a removable and washable cover.
  • The seat belt , which usually has a separator for the legs, keeps the child in the seat and thus prevents dangerous falls.
  • The handles allow easy transport of the hammock and the little one.
  • In general, the backrest can be reclined in different positions , until it reaches horizontal, ideal for sleeping.
  • The structure is foldable and with double safety lock , to avoid accidental closing.
  • All recline mechanisms have an anti-lock system , providing greater security, as it prevents accidentally moving to the desired position while the baby is in the chair.
  • The rocking chair is perfect for the baby to relax for a good time, play and learn , without fear of an accident happening.
  • It has a movable arch that supports dolls that attract the child’s attention and stimulate stretching exercises that contribute to their psychomotor development, while educating them on touch.
  • It has a non-slip base that provides greater safety to the child while on the move, allowing it to be placed on any surface without running any risk.

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Fisher-Price – Grow With Me Bouncer, Funny Monkeys, Green

This multifunctional hammock accompanies the baby’s growth and development in the different stages from the moment of birth; Provided with several functions, it acts as a hammock, rocker and fixed chair, for the enjoyment of the baby in a safe device, which also helps in their psychomotor and sensory development, stimulating touch, sight and hearing, in a didactic and entertaining way .

It has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Comfortable and versatile hammock that is both a rocker and a fixed chair, adapting to the baby’s growth stages. While it is newborn and during the first months, it provides serenity and comfort while helping to awaken your senses with its vivid colors and dolls of monkeys with a suitable design to educate the baby’s touch.
  • It has the following characteristics:
  • The seat is adjustable, being able to choose to feed the baby without taking him out of the chair; If it is to provide rest, you can recline providing comfort and convenience.
  • It has an assurance system, with straps that hold the baby to the chair, preventing him from falling. It fits in three essential places to ensure the desired safety.
  • The legs unfold, to change the mode of hammock, rocker or chair. In the chair mode, the legs are firm, so the baby can sit up.

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  • The toys hang from a bar that can be disassembled; It can also be used as a handle to move the hammock from one place to another. This device helps the sensory and psychomotor development of the child, since it stimulates their movements.
  • Among the toys it brings, there is a colorful musical butterfly, which plays children’s melodies that relax the baby, stimulating the sense of audio.
  • The canvas that covers the chair, can be disassembled and can be washed in the washing machine and then in the dryer, it does not deform with the action of these washing machines.
  • It is of practical use from the birth of the baby, until it reaches 18 kilos of weight.
  • The multiple functions allow it to grow with the baby, since the different forms of use are implemented, to the extent that the baby needs it, without having to resort to another product to satisfy their needs.
  • When the baby reaches three years, he can have a safe rocker, to watch television, play in his room or simply rest, enjoying security, because the legs have a mechanism that prevents the glass from tipping over and swinging forward.

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  • You can adjust the vibration system that will keep the baby relaxed while sleeping or calm him while he can fall asleep. This function ensures that the hours of rest will not be altered by sudden movements that scare you and, on the contrary, increase comfort.
  • Its light weight allows it to be transported without difficulty. It is not foldable, but it does not take up much space.
  • It does not have to operate manually, it works with batteries, which guarantee that the baby will be entertained without the adult having to use their hands, interrupting any activity that deserves attention and will not have to neglect the baby, as it can be close to from where you are.
  • The toys can be disassembled, so that the baby plays with them independently, while learning textures, colors and sounds, which stimulate the development of their intelligence.

Fisher Baby Gear – Comfort and Fun Hammock, Green

This practical hammock is ideal to keep your baby relaxed and entertained in his first months of life ; its use can be prolonged for moments of rest when it is older; the chair is not adjustable and the baby will remain reclined, so that he can observe the dolls, while moving smoothly when the vibration mechanism is activated. Its bright colors stimulate the baby’s attention and help him in his psychomotor and sensory development.

The attractive features of this hammock are as follows:

  • It comes with a battery-operated vibration device, allowing you to continue your activities while watching your baby, but without having to interrupt them to rock him. This function provides relaxation and serenity , inducing sleep through the smooth and constant rhythm, making this hammock ideal for napping.
  • From side to side of the chair, it has a system to which an arch fits from which hang two toys with a soft and colorful texture , specially designed for children, with fun shapes, made of soft material and light weight.
  • The chair is lined with a soft woven canvas , which can be removed for washing. It can be washed in a washing machine without any damage.
  • The structure is made of resistant plastic , which does not deform and has anti-slip rubbers at its base, which provide greater security, by preventing the hammock from moving due to vibration and movement of the baby.
  • It works with a battery , it is recommended that you choose rechargeable pillars, so that the fun and economics do not stop.

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  • During the first months, it contributes to the sensory development of the child , stimulating them to fixate their eyes by attracting their attention with the movement of the dolls and their striking colors, which will make them concentrate on them and as they evolve in their growth. , he will try to grasp them, which provides stretching exercises , while discovering the sensation of touch.
  • The seat is ergonomically designed , lined with a soft and padded fabric that provides comfort to the child while reclining on it; It does not have the option to change positions, which is why it is recommended for the baby’s hours of rest and relaxation.
  • Bring two toys in the shape of colorful animals , which can be disassembled, so that the baby can play with them individually, when he is older.
  • The base, designed in resistant plastic in modern shapes , supports the chair, covered in padded fabric and has a capacity to hold up to nine kilos in weight . In the lower part, which rests against the floor, it has rubber bands that prevent the hammock from sliding with the vibration, making it suitable for resting on any flat surface.
  • Its light weight makes it easy to move anywhere ; It is ideal for the child to enjoy relaxation and comfortable rest, outdoors, without danger and without having to carry the baby all the time.
  • It has no difficulty when assembling it , it brings an instruction manual in several languages, the pieces are marked and well packed, taking care that they do not deteriorate, making this hammock a practical, safe and comfortable device to guarantee the well-being of the baby.

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