Best Breastfeeding Pillows and Cushions

Raising a baby is a constant learning process , especially when it comes to the first child you have, since there is no manual that tells us everything we need to know regarding the care of the new member of the family.

Therefore, the most advisable thing to carry out a comfortable upbringing for the parents and favorable for the baby is to have the necessary implements that facilitate the upbringing process, in this way we avoid uncomfortable and very complicated processes.

There are thousands of products for the care of babies , we know that the most basic are bottles or bottles, pacifiers or pacifiers, cribs and cars. But, in addition to these, there are many others that help us in terms of cleaning and other aspects related to baby care, as well as sterilizing machines and furniture to change diapers.

In this case, we will talk about an accessory that helps us make the breastfeeding process easier, both for the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding can be difficult at the beginning, since the inexperience of the mother mixes with the fragility of the newborn and this makes it an uncomfortable and complicated process.

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Newborn babies are very fragile , so maneuvering them into the correct position is somewhat complicated and can be quite tedious for an inexperienced mother, which is why using an implement such as nursing pillows is quite beneficial.

Nursing cushions allow us to position the baby comfortably on the breast and in this way they can drink milk more comfortably, this also allows the mother to have one or both hands free to make sure of some other detail while the baby eats. , or you may just be more comfortable in the process.

These cushions are very suitable for new mothers, although a woman who already has experience can also make this process more comfortable thanks to this implement . The function of this cushion is simply to facilitate the breastfeeding process, so all women should make use of this tool, as it is quite helpful.

Nursing cushions can be made of different materials , but it is always sought that these are soft and can allow it to be adopted in a way that allows the baby to be comfortable while eating.

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These implements can also be used when the baby is no longer breastfed , since they are also suitable for the baby to lie down in the most conducive position to take from the bottle, both when they need help and when they can drink it themselves.

The cushion has a shape which allows it to be ideal for the baby to be fed in any way , since we know that there are babies who are fed with formula from their first day of life for different reasons, as well as others who are breastfed. maternal during the first months of his life.

Therefore, using the use of this cushion is essential , it is an extremely useful tool, it prevents the baby from drowning due to reflux and other factors. In addition, when the baby no longer needs a bottle, this cushion can continue to be used simply for convenience or perhaps saved for when you have another baby.

In the market there are many manufacturers of these products, so we can get several models of different materials , sizes and shapes. In this case, we will show you the specifications of the best models on the market so that you can easily compare them and choose the one that best suits what you need. Next, you will have all the necessary information regarding nursing pillows.

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Positions for using the nursing pillow

The nursing pillow can be used in many ways, since there is no rule that tells us the correct way to use it , everything will depend on the comfort of each person and also on the effectiveness that it may have on the baby. However, there are several positions considered common and can be recommended depending on each case, some of these positions are the following:

  • Cradle pose: This is the most common position of all. You should be sitting holding the baby horizontally and close to your breast so that he can take the breast milk correctly. On this occasion, the nursing pillow should be under your arms, this allows it to work as a support and also to cuddle the baby, but in a soft and comfortable way.
  • Cross cradle or cross grip: This position is the same as the previous one, the cushion goes under the arms, functioning as a support, but in this position you have to take the child’s head with both hands, instead of placing it on the forearm.
  • Rugby posture: In this position the mother should be sitting and the baby’s legs go under your arm, backwards, while the head should be in front of your chest. Here the cushion should be around the body and the baby’s body should rest on it.
  • Lying posture: Here the mother must lie on her side on the bed, the baby must be in front of her chest, the cushion goes under the baby, this allows the baby to rise to the correct distance and height for breastfeeding. This position is extremely comfortable and allows the mother to rest a little while the baby eats.

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As we mentioned before, this cushion is designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable, although it can also be used to give a bottle or bottle more comfortably, this allows it to be used by the father to feed the baby more easily. However, this cushion can be used for other purposes.

The cushion can be purchased before giving birth, and during pregnancy it can be used for the woman to support her belly on it and thus achieve the most comfortable way to sleep, one of the most common positions used in this case is that of snake type, the cushion goes between the legs, the belly and the tummy.

The cushion can also be used to raise the legs to improve circulation and also to support the back . For its part, in terms of use on the baby, this cushion can be used as a nest surrounding the baby, in this way we prevent it from moving and falling while sleeping.

This versatility gives this product additional value , as you can get a lot out of it once your baby is no longer dispensing with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. As well, although it may not be a totally necessary product, it certainly provides a very good function and you can use it for various things, so it is worth buying one.

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Nursing pillow, hard or soft?

Nursing cushions are the same as normal pillows , but less stiff. Therefore, they are soft implements which adapt to the body of the baby and the mother, thus providing greater comfort. Nursing cushions are not hard, the only variant there is with respect to the shape of these cushions.

There are two-shaped cushions, of the farrier type, which are pre-designed in a U-shape –or as the name says: horseshoe- and there are the pillow-type cushions , which are simply elongated.

Elongated nursing cushions can be adapted to the shape of the horseshoe cushion , making their use more versatile, however, horseshoe cushions can simply be used that way, therefore choosing between one and the other will only depend on one personal appreciation.

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How to make a nursing pillow?

As you will see, the breastfeeding cushion is not essential , but without a doubt it is an extremely useful accessory, since it allows us to feed the baby comfortably and we can also use it for various purposes.

In the market we can get many models of breastfeeding cushions, however, these products are extremely simple to make, so if you have some skills in the area of ​​sewing or you like crafts, you can make your own breastfeeding cushion, everything what you will need is the following:


  • 1 meter of basic cotton fabric
  • 1 meter of printed cotton fabric
  • 1 kilo of cushion filling
  • Pattern


On the internet you can get several patterns of different sizes , you can choose the one that you like the most. Then, it is best to wash the fabrics before using them, since they usually shrink and therefore it is better to prevent this before starting to sew.

Then, we must take the patterns and trace them on the fabric , we must cut two equal pieces in the basic cotton fabric and sew the edge of the two opposite pieces, but we must leave a free piece, this to be able to fill the interior of the cushion.

After sewing this, we must turn it over so that the seams are on the inside , then we must fill the cushion and the amount of filling will depend on whether we want the cushion firmer or softer.

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Finally, we must sew the cushion in the part that we leave without a seam so that the filling does not come out. In this way we will have the cushion ready, now we have to use the rest of the fabric to make the cover and thus prevent this cushion from getting dirty, since the cover can be easily removed and washed.

So, to do this we have to cut two other pieces, but in this case they must be longer than the previous ones , these must be 10 centimeters longer and must be able to overlap above the main cushion. For the cover we have to finish the edges and place the pieces facing each other and sew the entire edge.

Then, we turn this piece over through the hole that we left to insert the cushion and it will be ready, we just have to place it above the cushion and we will have a perfect cushion with a cover included.

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Can it be washed, how do you wash the nursing pillow?

We all know that the best thing to do when raising a baby is to have everything very clean and neat, since in this way we avoid the development of infections and diseases in the baby, therefore we must keep everything very hygienic and even sterilized.

Therefore, we must assume that this implement must be neat, however, it is somewhat difficult to wash a pillow , since the filling loses consistency and shape, it is also a complicated process for it to dry completely, in the best of cases. We must take it to a dry cleaner to make the process easier. However, we cannot expect to bring the pillow to this place every time the baby spits up or vomits on the pillow, as this can be a recurring occurrence.

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What should we do then? The best thing to do to provide a quick and easy cleaning of the breastfeeding cushion is to use a cover or lining on the cushion, in this way if it gets dirty we simply have to remove it and wash it as if it were just another item of clothing much more comfortable and easy.

The covers for these cushions can be purchased independently, that is, there are brands that sell covers or linings especially for cushions -either horseshoe or elongated-, although there are products that come with the cover included for greater comfort.

So well, in this way we will have the hygiene issue completely resolved , with having a couple of covers on hand we can keep the cushion completely clean every day and thus prevent it from smelling bad or generating any problem in the baby’s health.

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Jané nursing pillow

Feeding a newborn baby can be very difficult, especially when it comes to a new mother . The posture that the body must adopt to be able to breastfeed correctly is uncomfortable if you do not have good support, since it can hurt the back, the arm that supports the baby gets tired and so on, so having a breastfeeding pillow is quite a lot useful, since it makes the mother can rest comfortably to feed her baby and he will also be more comfortable while he is being breastfed.

In addition, the baby can continue to use the cushion when he begins to drink from the bottle and then he can also use it to sleep , so the use of the cushion never ends, this makes it worth your purchase.

In this case we have a Jané brand cushion, which comes in three pink, blue and green presentations. This cushion has measures of 15 x 50 x 39 cm , which make the cushion quite comfortable, since due to its size it covers a considerable surface, although there are larger and more robust cushions.

The Jané cushion comes with a small integrated cushion , which is intended to support the baby’s head, it is a kind of smaller pillow, so that it can adapt more comfortably. However, those who have already purchased this product claim that there is very little use to this little accessory.

Regarding the weight, this cushion weighs 599 grams , which is ideal to move, since it is not a weight that bothers. However, the filling of this cushion has received several criticisms, since there are those who consider that it is very soft or very rigid, it is also pointed out that over time it loses its original shape and consistency.

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If we talk about hygiene, this cushion comes with a removable cover, so it can be easily removed and washed when needed, this allows us to always have the cushion in good condition and free of vomit or other dirt.

Babies vomit easily and it is normal for them to regurgitate when they are lying down eating, so the cushion can get very dirty , the good thing is that in this case what will be affected is the cover and not the cushion as such, which is quite a lot. relief. But, it must be noted that the small pad that is integrated into the nursing pillow cannot be removed, which is quite annoying, there are more criticisms regarding this accessory.

If we take into account the opinions of those who have already purchased this product, we will find points in favor and points against . The good thing that stands out about this product is that it has a low cost, so the other details may be acceptable if you relate them to the price of the product, that is, you cannot demand a lot of quality since it is an economical product. However, there are negative aspects that do not have to do with this detail, but have to do with the design of the cushion, as well as the fact that it has a small cushion integrated that causes discomfort and also that it cannot be removed.

So well, this option has to be evaluated by its pros and cons and from there determine if it is a good option or you prefer to spend a little more for another cushion of higher quality and durability.

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Nursing pillow, pregnancy and maternity pillow

We already mentioned that nursing cushions can be used for many purposes, even before giving birth , after having the baby and also later when the baby can eat, making it an extremely useful and versatile implement.

This cushion is of the pillow type, that is, it does not have the predetermined horseshoe shape, but is elongated, its measurements are 132 x 30 cm. In this way, we can see that it is an extremely long cushion, which allows us to use it in different ways. The length in these cushions is extremely beneficial, as it gives it more uses. This cushion can surround us completely and if it is used as a pillow during pregnancy, it will easily reach from our belly to our head.

The material used in this cushion is extremely soft, so its use while we sleep is very comfortable, as well as provides comfort during breastfeeding and makes the process easier.

Because the shape of this cushion is adaptable , we can also use it to surround our baby while he sleeps and thus prevent him from falling, the cushion will serve as a nest.

This cushion comes with a cover, which can be removed to be washed, the cover has a zipper to make it easier to use and guarantee that the cover will stay in place and will not come off.

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The fabric of the cover of this cushion is soft and safe, the material is hypoallergenic, thus avoiding possible allergic reactions to contact with the material.

There are many points in favor of this cushion, since due to its design, material and other details they make it an extremely good product, without many reproaches . The cushion can be used when you are pregnant to sleep better, when the baby is born you can use the cushion to breastfeed in a comfortable position, in this way the process is easier and when the baby is older, you can implement the cushion as a support anytime you need.

The usefulness of this cushion is inexhaustible, so the investment is completely worth it, since it is not a product that you will leave behind when the baby grows , as is the case with other accessories.

If we go to the filling of the cushion, this specifically is made of polystyrene foam, it also integrates micro-beads with a diameter of 0.5 – 1.5 mm, in this way the pillow is totally flexible and can be placed in different ways. Also, this filling allows consistency and softness to be maintained for a long time, that is, the original state of the pillow is not lost.

If we take into account the ratings of this product, those who have already bought it mostly agree that this is an extremely good and quality cushion , there are no negative ratings, since the cushion is as it promises and there is no one you have had a bad experience with this accessory.

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Lulando, pillow for pregnant women

A nursing pillow is extremely useful when you have a baby and even from pregnancy, since women can suffer a lot to get a comfortable position in which to sleep , in these cases the pillow can provide the necessary support that the baby needs. belly of a pregnant woman. Therefore, this implement can be used from the first moment of pregnancy and even after the baby has stopped being breastfed.

In this case, the Lulando brand cushion is somewhat different from all the other models, since its shape somewhat mixes the horseshoe model with the normal pillow. This cushion is elongated and curves in the shape of a crescent at the tips, its length is 130 cm and it is 60 cm wide.

The size of this cushion is ideal to provide comfort during rest and also when having to breastfeed a baby . The cushion can also be used when the baby learns to eat on its own from the bottle or simply when it wants to rest or rest on the cushion.

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Using the cushion during pregnancy is very beneficial, since we can place the head at one end and at the other we can place the legs intertwined, this position makes the nape, spine and hip align, and thus we can avoid suffering from aches, pains in the body and swelling.

Also, thanks to this pillow we can acquire the following benefits:

  • Total body support in pregnancy while falling asleep
  • Provides a comfortable and stable position while breastfeeding
  • Serves as support after pregnancy, both for the mother and the baby

The material used for this pillow is high quality cotton, which is very pleasant to the touch due to its softness. In addition, the cover that covers this cushion is removable, so it can be removed to wash more easily, this cover is also zippered, which guarantees that it will not come off by accident.

The cushion filling is made of polyester fibers , this provides air circulation, which helps it not accumulate moisture or develop fungi, it also makes the pillow retain its original state for a long time, that is, the pillow can remain soft and fluffy for a long time.

The Lulando brand ensures that this cushion is of the best quality and that the materials used are the safest on the market . The product also comes with a travel bag, to easily store the pillow and thus be transferred anywhere without much problem or complication.

This breastfeeding pillow or cushion comes with a very nice and modern printed design , so it looks great and goes with any decoration, since it is very minimalist, uses neutral and soft colors, and this does not cause any visual impact.

One hundred percent of the ratings of this product are positive, all the people who have bought this cushion assure that it is of great quality , very useful and comfortable, it can be used for a long time and for different purposes in great shape. It could be believed that it is even the best model on the market, so if you have the possibility of purchasing this product, you should not hesitate too much.

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Theraline nursing pillow red

It is not essential, but it is quite useful to have a breastfeeding pillow since the woman is pregnant , as it is very useful even at bedtime. We know that pregnant women can suffer from different problems during pregnancy and although by general knowledge we can believe that they sleep easily, actually sometimes falling asleep is a considerable problem, since the size of the belly, the weight and the movements of the baby can disturb the comfort of this.

Therefore, in those cases it is best to use a pillow that helps you find a comfortable position with which you can sleep without problem . Well, then it will be very useful for breastfeeding and other baby needs.

It seems that the bigger and more stuffed the cushion is, the better, as it is more moldable and more comfortable , which is why in this case the cushion measures 80 x 53 x 18 cm and weighs 1.6 kg. measures make it extremely comfortable and can be used without problems for sleeping and feeding the baby.

This product comes in a red design with a flower print, so it is considered neutral and unisex . The filling is quite soft, although there are buyers who claim that it is too little for the total size of the cushion.

The cushion comes with a cover that can be removed very easily to be washed, in this way we do not have the need to wash the whole cushion, but only the cover can be washed and exchanged so that the cushion is always completely clean and free of bad smells.

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The cover is made of cotton, so it is very soft and provides comfort in every way , it is very good for the baby and for the mother, it also provides the necessary comfort to sleep without problem.

If not because there are some users who consider that the product comes with very little filler , the other ratings are totally positive and the comments of the people confirm that it is a quality product and works excellently for everything that it promises.

Therefore, if this design is to your liking and you do not see any inconvenience in the characteristics of the product , you can choose this brand to purchase your breastfeeding pillow.

It should be noted that this brand is also implemented in many maternity courses taught in the area , so it can be considered that this is a guarantee that it is a quality implement.

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Boppy nursing pillow for babies from 0 to 12 years

Boppy brings to the market a breastfeeding pillow in the shape of a horseshoe or crescent, this is ideal for breastfeeding babies , as well as it can serve as a support for the mother when resting or for the baby.

This cushion has an ergonomic design which adapts easily to the mother’s contour and for this reason it is easy to place the baby in front of the breast to be breastfed . This implement is not essential for breastfeeding, but it helps to a large extent in this process, since it allows the woman to stay comfortably in the same position and thus avoids back pain.

The breastfeeding cushion also provides comfort to the baby , since he can be perfectly curled up to eat and also give his mother more mobility, since she may be left with one or both hands free.

In addition, this cushion is versatile and you can continue to use it until after the baby no longer needs to be breastfed . Thanks to the quality of the filling, it does not lose its consistency over time, so you will have a soft and fluffy cushion for a long time.

The dimensions of this cushion are 75 x 45 x 83 cm , which shows us that although it is not very long, thanks to its horseshoe shape it is adaptable to the shape needed to breastfeed and it is also quite tall and thick for that the baby is at the right height.

The total weight of this product is 2.2 kg , which is considerable and is also a reflection that the cushion is sufficiently filled, which makes it a very comfortable product.

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This Boppy brand product can be found in three different models , that is, it comes in three different prints. However, the three models can be considered unisex, since they are very neutral motifs, one is of trees, another of pink flowers and another of blue circles.

In this way you can choose the design that you like the most, or the one that best suits your baby , since we may prefer a flower cushion for a girl or blue for a boy. Therefore, the decision is free and you have options to choose the one of your choice.

Most of the ratings for this product are positive and many mothers say that it is the best cushion they have been able to try during their pregnancy, because it is a high quality product, the filling does not wear out and its use is extremely comfortable, too. The versatility of this cushion is highlighted, since it is easily used both in breastfeeding and for other purposes that we want, as well as at bedtime or for the baby to simply lie down.

We can consider as a point in favor of this product the fact that we have variety to choose the design of the cushion, since we do not have to settle for a single pattern, but we can choose the one we like, something that the other brands.

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Flexofill nursing pillow 2008-2-540 midi

As mothers we always want our children to be as comfortable as possible, especially due to the fact that the moment of breastfeeding is something totally sacred , a bond that grows between mother and baby, and for that reason we must make sure to find a good way to be able to do it.

Many times being new mothers can make us make certain mistakes with our babies, one of them is that many times when we want to breastfeed them we look for a pillow to place them so that they can feel much more comfortable , however this is not usually one of the best ideas we can think of .

For that reason getting breastfeeding pillows is one of the best things we can have, however not all brands of these pillows are totally good , everything will depend on the quality they have and the durability they have, that’s why this is one of the best there is.

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This nursing pillow has the following characteristics:

  • It measures approximately 170 × 34 cm.
  • It comes with a cover with an owl design in beige.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Both the inner and outer covers are made of 100% cotton. It also includes a closure to make washing much easier.
  • The filling is made of small EPS Toxproof microbeads.

It is perfect for breastfeeding the baby , especially due to the fact that this type of pillows surround the mother making a perfect height for the baby to rest on the breast, without the need to feel uncomfortable at any time and that the mother should not do either. so much effort to support your baby.

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However, this type of cushions is not only used for the baby, but the mother, either while pregnant or after giving birth, can use it to rest her body , due to its excellent shape, and it is a perfect lift for Rest feet and knees, especially in that stage of pregnancy where the kilos and weight increase.

It is also a very place for the baby to sleep since due to the shape it has, it gives the feeling that the baby is being carried in the arms of its mother , which makes me feel much safer, and it will rest for a long time. more time.

People who have tried this product have given it a high rating , not only for the pillow model, but also because they assure that the quality is really good, and that despite the time and use that they have used, it is still totally intact.

What stands out the most are the five stars that this product has, due to the great acceptance it has had before the public , especially because the moms who have used it, consider that it is a multifunctional pillow, which can not only be used for comfort of your baby, but also for the comfort of each one of them.

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Cambrass Star nursing pillow in gray

Being a new mother may be one of the best experiences that a woman can have, the great learning that we have when having a baby is something totally unique, for that reason we must pay attention to each of the tools that can help us to do the work. mother can be much more practical .

Breastfeeding can possibly be a very beautiful act between mother and child, however it can end up being quite difficult since not all mothers do something so simple, for that reason if it is difficult for you you should look for a tool that can help you to speed up many more the breastfeeding process.

And it is that many times having our child in the arm can end up being much more uncomfortable, for that reason the best we can do is use an element that can make the baby feel much safer and more comfortable , which can favor both the mother and the little one.

It is for that reason that using this pillow can be one of the best things you can do, especially due to the fact that it is quite practical and also very comfortable for everyone , currently it is one of the most used and sold on the market thanks to all the advantages it contains.

It is highly recommended during pregnancy , as it gives the mother great comfort and a relaxing effect that allows her to rest much better. Then, when the baby is born, it improves posture when breastfeeding, and in the mother, it eliminates elbow, back and wrist pain.

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Even beyond maternity, this pillow is recommended for any adult , since it relaxes the muscles and the cervical, which makes it a really good element for traveling, it is also ergonomic, which ends up improving the quality of this product for whoever acquires it.

One difference that this cushion has is that it does not have a cover , so the best thing you can do is find a way to acquire one so that you can prevent it from getting dirty so quickly, that is why using a cover is a great idea so that this way it can stay clean for much longer.

It should be noted that the filling of these pillows is not made of balls as we are usually used to seeing them , it is a much more conventional filling , however the people who have used it say that it is totally firm, but that despite this it can conform to the body of the baby or the person who uses it.

Many people give this product five stars , husbands and mothers consider that it is one of the best models there is, since it ends up being quite comfortable for both the mother and the baby, for that reason they recommend it so much, so that others people have the opportunity to purchase this wonderful pillow and begin to enjoy each of its benefits.

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Generic breastfeeding cushion in gray

One of the things that usually happens is that many times we can have a lot of problems when taking care of our baby , especially because if we are first time breastfeeding can become a great journey for each of us.

From the pain that it can cause, to the love and satisfaction that we can have when being with our baby, we must take care of each of the details that exist with our children, and guarantee that they can have the best possible comfort , for that reason always a great deal of care must be taken.

Using a pillow is one of the things that is normally done, however what many mothers do not take into account is that using a conventional pillow can end up being quite annoying , since it does not provide the necessary support and much less the firmness that babies do. need.

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For that reason, using this pillow can be one of the best things we can use to breastfeed the baby , since it provides great comfort and also ends up being quite good for each of us since it can help us as a mother to be much less sore.

This particular breastfeeding pillow is quite good , it is an excellent rest cushion, which the baby can use until its first months of age, and the mother will have the opportunity to use it whenever she wants, it is very comfortable and practical which makes it quite ideal for everyone.

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The best thing about this type of pillow is that it helps the baby to have a good posture , and also the mother has the opportunity to avoid any back pain that may arise. Additionally, it comes with a cover that can be removed, which makes it much easier to wash, plus you can purchase an additional cover, in case you want to change the design from time to time.

The filling of this pillow is silicone hollow fiber , and the interior of the fabric is poplin, which makes it really great for the baby, since the fabric will be really comfortable for both the baby and the mother who uses it. use, so it is a great advantage for this pair.

When open, it measures approximately 1’30 which makes it really comfortable to use, for that reason it makes it a really good product for you and your baby. It is firm enough to hold the baby, however it is not at all uncomfortable for the baby’s body, so it ends up being quite good to feed the baby.

The people who have used it have evaluated it with the corresponding 5 stars, this being the highest score that can be given to this type of article , so it leaves us as a reference that it is one of the best things there is to keep comfortable. both to the baby and to the mother, so we should not hesitate to acquire it as soon as possible.

The high rating of this product makes it a great and high quality item to improve your and your baby’s rest .

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Babymajawelt nursing pillow with pearl filling

Feeding our baby can be one of the best experiences that as mothers we can have , it is an excellent connection that feels since you are in tune with that little person that you have cared for for nine months in your womb and that now you want her to have the greatest comfort when eating.

This is a time when the baby must be totally relaxed, in this way not only will he feed better, but you will also prevent him from feeling uncomfortable , since if so, he will not feed correctly, and end up being hungry, whatever affects your eating schedule or development.

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Using a pillow is something that many mothers do, however they prefer to opt for conventional pillows that they normally use to sleep, however it is one of the things that should not be done since they do not bring the necessary support that the baby or the mother needs at the time of breastfeeding .

For that reason this type of pillows is one of the best things you can buy to make the breastfeeding process much easier , since both the mother and the baby will be much more comfortable and everything will flow much better, just by improving posture.

The filling of this pillow is excellent as it adapts to the body without losing firmness, but it also retains heat, which is great for a newborn baby as it is one of the main things you need. It also comes with a removable cover that is 100% cotton, which makes it really great for both of you.

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Its size is approximately 190 x 64 cm , enough for the baby to rest either while it is feeding, or to lay it on the pillow and rest. If you wish, you can find many more covers in the Babymajawelt store, of different models so that you feel much more comfortable to give it a new color, while you wash the one that is dirty.

The cushion filling is stars, eps microspheres, which makes it much more comfortable . People who have used it say that it is one of the best cushions that exist, especially because it has the ability to help not only the baby, but also the mother, since she can use it during and after pregnancy to sleep.

It has even been recommended in older people , which makes it much more practical, since once the baby has used it, it can be passed on to the grandmother or grandfather who will surely need it. It has a great score, which quickly expresses that there is nothing better than this pillow.

Many support its high quality and how soft and comfortable it can be, its design, size and shape make it really perfect for this type of activity , and that is why thanks to the people who have acquired it, it has been become really popular.

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Best breastfeeding pillowcases

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Dr. Brown’s S4015

When you have a breastfeeding pillow it is very important to have a replacement cover or in case the cushion does not include one , it is extremely essential to have a cover to place it on the outside of the cushion.

A nursing pillow can get dirty easily, since babies can vomit and spit up easily and very constantly, and it is not advisable to leave the pillow dirty, since it can cause bad odors and also infections or other diseases due to the dirt.

In this case we have a breastfeeding cushion cover from the brand of Dr. Browns, this cover has a measurement of 3 x 21 x 25 cm . So you should make sure that this measurement adapts to the size of your cushion.

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We may think that since it is a cover, the material or any other detail does not matter , but instead, it is quite necessary that it be made of a soft material and the more beneficial it is the better, since there are textile fabrics that are not very conducive to some purposes.

In this case, the best thing is that the cover is made of cotton and that it does not lose its quality when washed, therefore the cover of this brand uses a very soft and quality material, so that it is very comfortable for mother and baby. .

This case features a neutral light green design and is embossed with geometric shapes that looks quite elegant and minimal.

This product is quite good and of great quality, making it a great option to buy and start using. This product has an antibacterial design, resistant to stains and easy to wash.

Most of the ratings of this product are positive , since it is of great quality and all the people who have acquired it agree that this is the best case on the market, since it has quite good properties in terms of design. of the textile used in this confection.

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The Flexofill cover is designed to be used on pillow-type nursing cushions, that is, those that are long. This cover has a measurement of 62 x 33 x 15 cm, so it can be easily adapted to standard size pillows.

This cover is made of high quality cotton , so it is very comfortable to wear and thanks to its softness it does not cause discomfort. This cover can be washed easily, so it can be used without any inconvenience.

You can even buy several covers to be able to exchange them more easily and frequently, in this way we can guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of this implement that is so exposed to accumulating dirt.

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A nursing pillow can get dirty very easily , since babies can vomit and regurgitate while eating, so it is very necessary to have the possibility to replace the cover frequently, in this way we avoid running out of the possibility of using the pillow for be dirty or smelly.

That is the importance of having several breastfeeding covers, and it should also be noted that the quality of this also infers in the use of the cushion , since there may be some whose friction is not the most comfortable, so we must evaluate these characteristics before to acquire one or more of these.

However, all the ratings for this product are positive and buyers say it is a very good quality case. Therefore, if it adapts to the cushion you have, you can choose with your eyes closed, as it will not disappoint you at all.

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