Best Perfume Deals For Next Christmas

Today we bring you something very special, we all know that around the corner we have Christmas, a time of love, family and gifts, many times we do not know what to give to the brother-in-law on duty or even to our partner.

For some time now I decided that the best thing was to try to give something that I know they are going to use, for example, in the case of my husband it is not that he uses a lot of colognes, but since I like the smell that they always have, I give him some gift so that put it on.

The problem is that the ones I like are usually too expensive and it’s not that he is too busy trying to try a new one, so I almost always shoot the same 3-4 brands that I know don’t fail.

Well, as I am very petite and I am always looking online, the other day I found myself looking for  cheap perfumes on  to buy a couple of the fragrances that you like.

I spent a while browsing the store looking and I found that the difference with respect to the typical online perfumeries that I usually buy is € 3-8 , so I caught a couple of Carolina Herrera colognes and another for me a Amor Amor de Cacharel that I love.

The next day I received the package and when I opened it the first thing I checked was that they were 100% original , many stores or Amazon usually sell you old or discontinued versions, but it was not the case, since it had the new case that was bought my husband was still in the bathroom 2 months ago and I went for him to check it.

Important, when I buy online, I never take just one product, the reason is that they always tend to have free shipping from an amount, in this case it was from € 60 , and although I spent more than € 4-5 if you save, that is why I try to find cheaper prices.

In addition, the fact that it took only 24 hours to send it is something that I am already used to with amazon, but as a general rule not all online stores offer this service and when you buy on Thursday it is a joy to have the fragrance at home on Friday to use it on Weekend.

Navigating is very simple and the categories are well differentiated between men, women and children. The latter has some very cool perfumes, although I don’t usually throw them on my children, but for my nephews my sister-in-law always wants them to be scented, something that sometimes is not easy to find with so many perfumes something softer that works for children and here it is. .

With this is all, I hope you liked the article and if you need to buy a perfume for these holidays, both as a gift and for yourself, do not hesitate to check that in you will be able to have a couple of canes at have better prices than most and above with 100% original articles, if we add that they deliver them in less than 2 days, then we are before the good, beautiful and cheap.

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Kathie Sand always saw the world of beauty as the terrain on which to build her professional career, a goal that was clear to her when she was only 15 years old. Her great concern to expand knowledge led her to settle in Paris where she studied hand in hand with the best beauty professionals and with the most advanced techniques for skin care.

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