Best Mattresses For Travel Cots, Normal And Memory Foam

Ensuring your baby’s comfort is essential, particularly when it comes to sleep, it is something in which it is worth stopping to analyze what is best for him and make a good investment to ensure that he is comfortable and safe.

That the baby rests calm and happy is something really satisfactory for every parent , that is why it is worth knowing in depth about the subject and thus making the right decision to make your little child’s crib, an oasis of rest especially prepared with a lot of love.

If the baby rests, the parents also rest, so buying the best mattress for their crib is an investment with double benefits: child and parents rest.

The best mattress for a crib will allow a good rest and a comprehensive development. All children should feel safe and rest in a comfortable area.

Choosing the best mattress for our baby’s crib is a decision that requires evaluating many important factors. You have to avoid mistakes such as buying the first model you get or thinking that because they are light they will be the best, you have to think very well about the design of the crib and all the needs that your child has that go beyond having a beautiful one. crib leaving aside the most important thing: that children can rest properly for hours.

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At present the market for crib mattresses is increasingly saturated with models with different characteristics, one better or more irresistible than another. On many occasions, this wide variety of models available on the market makes the task of choosing the best mattress for the baby a titanic journey for parents, especially if they are first-time since on top of all the matter that overwhelms them like diapers, Bottles, clothes, diapers, strollers, blankets, urinals vs baby reducers and how much idea crosses the mind of a friend who wants to give advice or on internet forums, then this new concern comes together: buying the best mattress for the comfort and safety of your little one.

Regardless of the type of mattress that you end up buying for your baby’s crib, you should bear in mind that it is important to place a mattress protector that is breathable but that in turn has a protective layer that prevents liquids from entering the mattress and remains in perfect condition at all times.

There are different models of mattresses, one more advanced than another but all focused on the same: the comfort and safety of your baby, this is how you can get models that have a protective lining that is easy to remove by means of a zipper with which it is very easy to clean as it can be removed to wash. This is essential for your baby to feel and be safe, clean and comfortable.

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Something that is vital also when choosing the best mattress for your baby’s crib is that it has a degree of firmness that helps to be safe and that it avoids the dreaded sudden infant death or flat head syndrome. In this sense, the most chords are those that distribute the pressure proportionally over the entire surface of the mattress, with which your body can be balanced without pressure on the head, shoulders or hips.

The dimensions of the crib must be taken into account in the same way since there are currently models of cribs and mini cribs, both with different dimensions, for example the standard measure of mini cribs is 75 cm * 52 cm while cribs Complete ones have a measurement of 120 cm * 60 cm, this may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer since some offer custom measurements. Choosing a smaller mattress than what your baby’s crib needs could affect the baby’s rest and you run the risk of being trapped between the mattress and the crib frame.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that if the mattress you buy is larger than the crib, it may end up deforming over time, which will not fulfill its function, which is to provide adequate rest for your baby.

Speaking of the height or thickness of the mattress, it is recommended that it be between 8 cm and 12 cm, with this height it is enough to support the weight of the baby. However, in the market you can find some mattresses that are used for travel cots, these have a thickness of about 5 cm providing greater comfort and ease in transport, there are even folding mattress models to further facilitate travel and transfer.

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Importance of a good mattress for the baby’s crib

Ensuring a good rest for the baby is vitally important , that babies can fall asleep and rest during the night is essential.

It is known that sleep is a mental process in which the brain processes the information stored in memory, during sleep the blood pressure and the respiratory rate are lowered.

Good sleep gives the body the possibility of enjoying comprehensive well-being . Sleep is one of the most significant routines in the life of the human being, it is not only about physical health but also mental health.

Having a rest that is restorative allows you to have more productive hours of activity, energy and creativity, as well, if you rest well there will be no fatigue during the day, in addition, sleep habits must be created from the moment of birth, regulated and maintained over time, for brain growth and development.

During sleep, the body releases important and fundamental hormones in the growth process , they contribute to an age-appropriate neurodevelopment of the baby, and it acts favorably in the maturation of the central nervous system. During sleep, the most important function of the brain is fixed: memory.

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Sleep is compared to breastfeeding in terms of importance, both of which contribute to the proper growth and development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.

If your baby sleeps well, he is and will be a healthy child, so when children suffer from growth problems, it is common for doctors to evaluate the possibility that this deficit is related to sleep problems.

To contribute to the healthy development of your baby, you must create sleeping habits , know their rhythms, start with sleep on demand and as they grow, they must adapt their habits, so that they learn that the night is for sleeping and the day for being assets.

Another essential element is to respect the baby’s schedules, feed him well and keep him clean before bedtime . You can use various rituals to fall asleep, play soft music, lights and even read children’s stories.

A baby takes about a year to learn to walk while learning to sleep, with healthy sleep habits, can take up to four years or a little longer and influence positively or negatively (depending on the case) up to four years of life , so you must promote healthy sleep habits from birth and provide what is necessary for this to be fulfilled.

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Tips for your baby to rest comfortably

  • Not putting him to bed tired, sleeping on demand while establishing a healthy sleep habit, keeping him from being very tired, and not keeping him awake for long.
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature, some doctors recommend keeping it between 18 ° C and 20 ° C of temperature since it is the ideal one so that the brain development can take place in its maximum expression.
  • If your baby wakes up at night, do not play with him, only carry out activities inherent to feeding and hygiene.

The most important thing of all is where they will sleep, a suitable, comfortable, safe and comfortable mattress. None of the above recommendations on sleeping habits would be very useful if it is not accompanied by a good mattress on which your little angel can rest peacefully throughout the night.

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Features to look for in a crib mattress

In the different department stores you can find a variety of mattresses in many organic and synthetic materials or combinations of both, with which children will be able to rest and sleep peacefully.

The different models of mattresses that can be found in stores are:

Spring type

This model of mattress for baby crib distributes the weight load of its small body evenly over the entire surface, it is very padded and provides a quality rest. The price of these mattresses are generally a little higher because the production process involves a greater investment, this is how despite its multiple benefits, it is common to see how people opt for slightly cheaper models.

HR model

It is made in the form of a closed mattress of the highest quality and high density foam rubber which provides greater support for the core.

The different clothing materials that can be found in stores are:


This material provides a superior adaptability to the baby, with its extra padding of 2 cm. memory foam offers the comfort and security that your baby needs.


This mattress made of latex which is a natural material, is a very hygienic and silent product that allows you to obtain the maximum possible comfort.

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Polyurethane foam crib mattresses

This type of mattress provides great adaptability, in the technological aspect it can be said that science has advanced a lot in favor of the adaptation of HR foams to adequate rest, with these technological advances it has been possible to obtain foams of great density and of open cell which greatly facilitates the perspiration of the materials used in the manufacture. These mattresses are generally used in cheaper crib models, however the cleaning process can be more difficult compared to mattresses made with other materials. Nowadays it is common to see how in the market there is an increasing variety of mattress models for cribs made from natural elements such as aloe vera, mallow or soy essential oils for the cores.

To make a really smart purchase, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • You must test the firmness of the mattress:  Choosing an excessively light or soft mattress is the most recurrent mistake made by parents when buying mattresses for their baby’s crib and the most important thing is that the ideal mattress is far from these two characteristics . From the outset, you must tactilely test if the mattress is firm evenly, for this you can press the edges and the central area of ​​the mattress slightly.
  • If the mattress you choose is made of foam, you must take great care at its height since these types of materials tend to lose thickness with time and continued use. There are mattress models that come with a kind of perimeter barrier inside to contribute to a better position of the baby, placing it in the center of the crib while sleeping.

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  • Verify that the manufacturing fabrics are certified: You must verify the origin and certification of the mattress manufacturing materials. You must ensure that the fabrics are as natural as possible and that chemical agents are not involved in the manufacturing process that could be harmful to the health of your baby.
  • There are certifications such as Oeko Tex with which consumers can be sure that the manufacturing standards are correct. The type of fabrics used in this type of manufacture is generally more durable and natural to the touch.
  • That contributes to the prevention of allergies: a fundamental aspect to take care of the skin and the health in general of your baby is that the mattress covers are washable at a temperature of at least 60 ° C, for which the models with side zippers are an excellent option. Washing the mattress (the protective lining) at a high temperature helps to eliminate the dreaded mites and bacteria that could trigger multiple allergies.

How to wash them?

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Taking into account that most of your baby’s time during his first months of life spends in the crib, sleeping, it is essential that you keep this area clean.

It is inevitable that at some point there will be leaks from the diaper or that the mites want to do their own thing, so over time it is possible that your baby’s mattress will get a little dirty.

Your baby’s immune system is fragile, it is in full development, therefore, it is necessary to prevent the mattress from becoming a source of diseases. Keeping your baby’s crib mattress clean will keep it healthy and healthy.

This cleaning task is an easy thing to do with little effort.

Here is a small (but valuable) list of tips for you to effectively and efficiently wash your baby’s mattress:

  • If the model of your mattress is with a side zipper, you only have to open the zipper and remove the lining, proceed to wash it in a washing machine or by hand with a mild detergent and at a temperature of approximately 60 ° C with which you can guarantee the elimination of bacteria and mites that are present and that are very harmful to the health of your baby.
  • If you have a complete mattress model from which the lining cannot be removed, proceed to clean it with wet towels, preferably antibacterial.
  • In both cases, dry well to avoid that the humidity present in the mattress does more damage than if you left the mattress with some dirt.
  • In the same way, you can try to dry clean or vacuum the mattress of your baby’s crib with some regularity, also try to change the bedding regularly.
  • Above all, avoid the use of strong detergents, abrasive or highly toxic products with which your baby could have some kind of reaction.
  • There are companies that provide the service of washing and disinfection of mattresses, some provide home services and others require that they be brought to the premises, in any case if you do not want to risk washing the mattress of your baby’s crib, you can choose this wonderful option.

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From what age and until what age should the crib mattress be used?

The baby must use the mattress for the crib from the moment of his birth, so that he gets used to his own space and feels comfortable in his small but beautiful world. It is advisable that the mattress is not second-hand to avoid possible inconveniences or health complications in your baby, since it has been shown that babies who use second-hand mattresses are three times more likely to suffer from Sudden Infant Death , the Causes are not clear, however statistics state that children are more likely to sleep on used mattresses than children who sleep on new mattresses , so in this case it is better to be safe than sorry.

Regarding the age to stop using it, some experts assure that it ranges between 1 year and a half and three and a half years , in any case the rhythm must be set by the child since some develop independence before others and it is possible that they meet the three and a half years they recommend and still not have the appropriate level of maturity to go from crib to bed.

If your child is very active in the crib, has already learned to go to the bathroom on his own and can get on and off the bed with ease, it is an indication that the time has come for him to start sleeping in bed and not use the crib more.

In the event that a new little brother comes on the way, it is advisable to treat the case with silk gloves, there are many changes that are coming in their lives and it is best to ensure that they do not feel jealous or feel left out. for the arrival of a new member of the family.

Keep in mind that in this transition process it is possible that the child wants to get out of bed and return to the crib or cry at night for fear of being in a larger space , in any case you must take into account the level of maturity of your child and of course what is of most benefit to him, especially in terms of safety.

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Cot mattress Ecus Kids OXSI crib mattress perimeter zip and anti-suffocation face

One of the main things that are taken care of when having a baby is to define which mattress will be more comfortable and safe so that they rest comfortably without running any risk .

In this sense, technological advances in tissue creation and design have been aimed at satisfying these concerns that arise as medical science discovers new pathologies that could even cause death , such as death by suffocation or development. of skin allergies that can lead to serious problems for the baby.

The textile industry has advanced in the search for alternatives that reduce or guarantee the non-existence of these risks and is presenting high-tech novelties that, in addition, are accessible to all, thus contributing to the general well-being, especially that of babies. that so much care and dedication require.

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Attending to personal health needs, it does not forget the comfort and freshness that are essential for the comfort of the smallest of the house , guaranteeing a peaceful sleep, without surprises due to the heat and the parents, tranquility, during the hours of baby rest.

Likewise, the need to create ecological textiles that contribute to the environment and provide immediate solutions to the demands of a consumer who is increasingly aware of what he really wants is highlighted .

Under these premises, this comfortable mattress for babies has been created , which provides security and confidence to parents, during the first months of the child’s life. The fabric of its lining is designed to prevent deaths due to suffocation, thanks to its unique construction. It is ideal for the different seasons of the year and its resistant structure provides durability.

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Ecus Kids OXSI crib mattress perimeter zip and anti-suffocation face has the following characteristics:

  • It can be used from one of its sides, according to needs . On the one hand, it is provided with three-dimensional tissue, specially designed to prevent deaths from suffocation , which is the greatest fear of parents, from when the baby is newborn, until completing the first year of life, the period in which it has the highest incidence. this type of death in infants. On the other hand, it is covered by padded fabric, which allows perspiration to circulate, generating freshness , ideal for the summer season.
  • Its measurements make it ideal for cribs whose measurements are 120 long by 60 centimeters wide . It is recommended to check the size of the crib to avoid making a wrong purchase. To enjoy the benefits of the mattress, it must be purchased before the crib.
  • The two-sided lining has a zipper to remove and wash it; The fabric does not deform when washed and dried, making cleaning very easy and guaranteeing the durability of the fabric, as it is open-pored.
  • It is ideal for winter, thanks to its bamboo fiber fabric , which is an organic fiber that makes it ecological and its texture is much softer than cotton, being comparable to the softness of silk, it absorbs much more than cotton. cotton and it is an anti bacteria fabric thanks to its natural properties; it dries in less time than other textiles and continuous washing does not make it lose its softness. Bamboo does not require chemicals and, therefore, the bamboo fabric fiber is totally pure and will not affect the appearance of any type of allergy.
  • The bamboo textile fabric provides anti-suffocation properties, as air circulates without obstruction through its three-dimensional design, superimposed fibers, which guarantee air circulation, while guaranteeing permanent freshness.
  • Its padded side provides comfort and warmth for the winter season , without losing its softness qualities.
  • The core of the tissue, with an open pore, constantly oxygenates the crib , providing well-being for the baby and preventing contagion with diseases that circulate in the environment.
  • Neither the fabric nor the structure of the mattress are deformed by use , since the structure is designed in such a way that it constitutes a unit devoid of joints or cuts, guaranteeing permanent comfort for the baby.
  • The special characteristics of three-dimensional bamboo fabric do not require it to be washed in specialized places , it can be done in the comfort of home, without fear of losing its special qualities.

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BaByBed memory foam mattress for babies

For those who bet on the highest technology in the design of non-deformable fabrics and structures , the memory foam mattress has the answers. This textile technology was developed by NASA to guarantee relief to the skin, under the pressure of the speed of a spacecraft taking off. This fabulous discovery of space safety is now available for the safety and comfort of the baby.

The human being requires comfort in the hours of rest, to renew energy; In terms of babies, comfortable sleep has a decisive impact on their growth and development ; Having a mattress designed with high spatial technology is not only a novelty, but a guarantee, since it was adapted to needs that, although common, are not for that reason less important.

Viscoelastic technology provides great benefits for the baby’s rest and safety ; It prevents surface pressure from occurring, which causes it to wake up, interrupting sleep in its deepest phase, which is when it exerts its effect to renew and repair the body, causing irritability in the baby, in the middle of the night, or when waking up after a superficial sleep, due to the pressure of the mattress.

According to the specialists, to achieve optimal rest, the mattress should not be hard or soft, the green school mattress provides this middle point, almost impossible to achieve, because in its structure it is adaptable to the body, molding itself to the shape, depending on the weight , thus achieving the exact balance to guarantee a good rest.

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As viscoelastic is a viscous material, there is no risk of deformation or any type of mites will adhere to its surface, adding to the guaranteed sleep, durability and health prevention.

This BaByBed memory foam mattress for babies has the following characteristics:

  • The viscoelastic layer, with a density of forty-five kilos, is designed with open pores; It also has an elastic polyurethane core that makes it elastic , with a density of twenty-five kilos for every three millimeters of density, thus giving it the appropriate firmness.
  • It has a reinforced edge that prevents lateral deformation.
  • It is padded, as it is made of a mixture of fiber and visco duly calibrated for the exact balance in the viscoelastic properties that prevent the effect of rubbing a surface on the body.
  • The firmness of its structure and the consistency of the viscoelastic fabric, allow perspiration, preventing the appearance of any type of mites; it also does not allow the incubation of bacteria that produce fungi with humidity.
  • The polyurethane core, designed in accordance with the requirements of viscoelastic technology, makes it non-deformable .
  • Its design and structure with high-tech material, prevent it from emanating or absorbing heat, this athermic quality is complemented with the quality of molding to the body avoiding pressure and friction of the body, allowing the baby to sleep together. deeply, without any discomfort that will cause you to startle that will interrupt your sleep.

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  • By preventing startles and agitation during rest hours, it improves blood circulation, becoming an element of prevention of death by suffocation, which usually occurs during the first months of the baby’s life, until reaching the first year of age. .
  • Its elasticity and moldability will make it adapt to the baby’s body and it will regain its smooth and flat shape when contact is interrupted. It is one hundred percent anatomical.
  • Elaborated in accordance with the base requirements of the textile evaluation test system contained in the 100 Oeko-Tex form, which makes it worthy of the quality guarantee of the stretch fabric manufacturing derived from the ISO-17050 standard .
  • It offers a two-year guarantee of optimal use of all its qualities.
  • The composition of its fabrics, which are treated with dispersed dyes , provides a combination of cotton and polyester plus viscose and polyester.
  • Its internal structure is made of foam made from polyurethane .
  • The development of high technology in its composition does not allow the use of other materials such as colorants, plasticizers or dense metals.
  • Made under strict control of curing methods and chemical formulation , it guarantees that there is no such product.
  • Its compounds are slightly flammable, which provides security if it is exposed to fire, as it is made from chemicals that are less susceptible to reaction.
  • Its elaboration observes the highest standards in environmental protection and under strict hygienic measures and industrial safety.

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Naturalia memory foam baby crib mattress in white with gray

Many are the advances in the field of industrial textile development, which combined with anatomical studies, allow to establish notable differences, according to personal benefits , when buying a mattress for the smallest of the house.

On this occasion, the presentation of a mattress designed for optimal rest taking into account the most important seasons of the year (winter / summer) that guarantees the well-being of the baby and the tranquility of the parents, while providing prevention in health matters, stands out. .

Technological advances are also taking into account the development of ecological textiles , to guarantee the contribution to the care of the environment and which is made mandatory in times of global warming.

With technological advances, buyers have become more and more demanding and when it comes to guaranteeing safety and comfort for the baby, which will give them peace of mind, they are looking for cutting-edge technology, comfort, security and good prices.

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Within the textile developments, the viscose, one hundred percent ecological, stands out, since it is the product extracted from soybeans, which when converted into textile fiber provides benefits in terms of avoiding perspiration, is soft to the touch and much cheaper to when choosing a mattress that adapts to the body and responds satisfactorily to climatic variations.

It offers the same feeling of weightlessness that makes it easier for the baby to have a deep sleep, which will improve blood circulation and affect its development.

Naturalia memory foam baby crib mattress in white with gray, this mattress has the following characteristics:

  • Very soft touch fabric , which makes it very pleasant to touch with the skin.
  • Two sides, to be used according to the weather . The viscose fabric side will give the baby a feeling of weightlessness and softness when in contact with the skin; Its moldability prevents pressure on the body, preventing discomfort and shock during sleep.
  • You have two guaranteed rest options in the two most important times of the year which are winter and summer; On the sides, the textile is designed in three dimensions, with perforations along the entire edge, which guarantees air circulation, permanently oxygenating and avoiding the effects of heat on the mattress.
  • It has been guaranteed as a fabric that does not contain chemicals that could be harmful , according to Oeko-Tex- standards.
  • The core of the mattress structure is made of polyurethane , which provides resistance and firmness, with a height of 12 centimeters that make it comfortable to handle.
  • The design of the mattress structure contains a more viscoelastic viscous mixture , which provides its main quality of not generating or receiving heat, through a system that allows storing information on the shape of the body, which avoids pressure due to friction. and helps prevent muscle aches due to position.

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  • The design of the fabric that covers the mattress is stretch ; Due to the combination of its components, it is very soft to the touch, and is also elastic.
  • Due to its technological composition , which does not resist weight, it allows it to adapt to the core.
  • Its compact vegetable fiber fabric prevents the adherence of mites , providing health and well-being to the baby’s delicate skin. The compact tissue prevents death by suffocation, since the nature of plant tissue allows air to circulate through the shape of the tissue in three dimensions.
  • The mixture of components does not contain dangerous substances , which could be harmful to the baby’s health.
  • It guarantees a rest, safe and hygienic , being one of the most outstanding qualities, since the health of the baby, in all senses, is the most important and is tested and proven, with the use of this mattress.
  • It is ideal from the first months of life, and its use can be prolonged until the baby leaves the crib and goes to a single bed.
  • During the winter months, the anti-gravity system it has, not only provides comfort to the baby, but also provides the necessary shelter so that their rest is not disturbed due to the cold.
  • Upon losing contact with the body, it recovers its smooth and flat shape, as it is non-deformable on its surface and sides, thanks to its contour reinforcement system, extending its durability period.

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Schardt children’s mattress 60x120x9cm

The needs of the baby are so varied, such as the offers to guarantee a comfortable and healthy rest , which affects their good development after a good night’s sleep. Likewise, in the advancement of its growth stages, it has the ability to interact in other spaces, this circumstance being a matter of concern for parents, who will not want factors of environmental changes that require mobility, affect the baby’s rest. .

To meet these expectations, this mattress brings together all these properties , with tranquility being an added value due to its versatility of use.

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Schardt children’s mattress 60x120x9cm It has the following characteristics:

  • Made with a medium firm foam core , it offers the possibility of comfortable rest, as it is neither too hard nor too soft, allowing the baby to feel comfortable in its crib. This core facilitates the prolongation of its use during the first year of life.
  • Its measurement of sixty centimeters wide by one hundred twenty centimeters long, plus nine centimeters thick , make it ideal for a travel crib, guaranteeing the baby a safe and comfortable rest, even when away from home and away from their usual crib. It cannot be folded, but because it is not that thick, it can be conveniently placed inside the car, without using a lot of space.
  • It is provided with a 100 percent cotton cover , which provides softness and warmth in the winter season, more freshness in the summer season.
  • It is padded with a perforated fabric that allows perspiration, preventing the heat generated by the body from remaining on the mattress, making the baby uncomfortable. This breathable fabric, interspersed with one hundred percent cotton fibers, prevents the adherence of mites and fungi, caused by humidity.
  • The cover can be removed and washed at home , without having to resort to specialized washing centers; dries quickly, allowing the crib to be cleaned before the baby needs to use it again for rest.
  • Ideal for demanding parents who also watch over the economy, this mattress provides what is necessary to guarantee satisfaction with the baby’s comfort , which is the most important thing when choosing.
  • It can be used both in the permanent crib and in the travel crib , preventing the baby from missing its usual resting place, which usually generates night-time shocks, which affect its development by interrupting the deep sleep that is required to guarantee a restful sleep. .

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Bolín Bolón mattress for mini anti-suffocation crib

For foresighted parents who are growing in obtaining items for the baby, according to individual requirements, this mattress is ideal to start. Nothing is more exciting than choosing little by little what the baby needs, buying with caution, while he is growing and his needs are greater.

During the first three months of the baby’s life , constant supervision is essential, even during sleeping hours; the mini cribs, which allow you to move it around the house while you are in the kitchen, laundry room, study or other room, allow you to observe it closely.

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This mattress has measures that are perfectly adapted to the standard mini crib , providing comfort and safety to the baby.

Bolín Bolón mattress for mini anti-suffocation crib has the following characteristics:

  • Designed in flexible foam rubber , it is not hard and this quality allows it to adapt to the baby’s body without causing discomfort due to excessive hardness.
  • It measures 27 inches long, 18 inches wide , with a thickness of 4 inches, allowing it to fit perfectly in the standard mini crib.
  • It is lined with a plastic material , which can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth; this liner is fixed. It is designed with small perforations that allow it to breathe, which prevents it from storing the heat that is released from the body.
  • Ideal for beach areas or in the countryside, where the baby can sleep satisfactorily, without surprises that interrupt their sleep.
  • In its internal structure, the material is one hundred percent polyester and although it is a synthetic material, it provides freshness and air circulation benefits , through the small holes with which the plastic lining is provided.
  • During the winter season, it does not represent excessive cooling problems and will react well in controlled temperature environments ; that is, air conditioners and heating system.
  • As it can be cleaned with a damp cloth, it adds value to the economy of the home , since it is not necessary to clean it in specialized washing places, or the use of anti-allergic soaps. A little water is enough so that its surface remains the same as the first day of use.
  • The reinforced edges of the plastic sleeve prevent it from deforming with use. Although it is recommended for the first three months of life, due to its size and low thickness, it fully satisfies the baby’s rest needs and the economy and tranquility of the parents, who will be able to observe the baby while it sleeps and wherever it is. bedtime.
  • The versatility of use , allows the baby not to feel strange when leaving the house, as he will sleep serenely, even when he is not at home, at bedtime.

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Ecus Care anti plagiocephaly crib mattress

Guaranteeing comfortable and safe rest for the baby in the house is not an option but an obligation of every responsible parent. The market offers multiple alternatives, ranging from the most sophisticated, to the simplest and most economical, but even so, the concern persists as to whether the baby is actually giving the best to the baby.

One of the problems that generates the most concern, because it affects the baby’s bone structure, is the crushing of the head due to remaining in the same position for a long time, repeatedly, as is often the case with newborn babies, who cannot change the position at will; This deformation is called plagiocephaly.

This mattress has been subjected to comparative studies, by means of which it has been determined that its design far exceeds other offers on the market , since it has the power to prevent this deformation from occurring by 70%, by avoiding in that percentage that the head be under pressure. This verification has earned it certification from the Ministry of Health.

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The characteristics of this Ecus Care mattress anti plagiocephaly crib mattress are the following:

  • The covering fabric allows air circulation , guaranteeing freshness and comfort, as it does not retain the heat generated by the body.
  • Its design allows the baby to be kept in an ideal position that contributes to the prevention of digestive tract disorders , since by tilting it, it will not run the risks common to the production of reflux; Likewise, it alleviates respiratory tract diseases, notably affecting the low probability of the so-called sudden death occurring.
  • wedge with an inclination of twenty degrees can be added, optionally, indicated by doctors for the care and treatment of diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, flu with nasal obstruction, which usually alter the baby’s sleep hours, generating irritability and increasing the discomfort of these pathologies.
  • The twenty degrees of inclination, does not allow mucus to accumulate in the upper ducts, preventing coughing attacks and nasal obstruction, it will allow you to breathe more comfortably.
  • The design of the wedge has an exact inclination, which responds to the medical recommendation with precision , preventing the placement of other objects from causing more discomfort than well-being, and may even compromise the life of the baby.
  • The wedge remains firmly attached to the mattress , guaranteeing that its function will not be affected, when it undergoes any rolling.

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  • You can place your baby in a reclining position after each feeding, with the assurance that they will not suffocate due to the reflux of babies and will avoid irritation and stomach upset.
  • The wedge adaptation system is a zipper that adjusts to the edges of the mattress, making this process simple, practical and safe.
  • It is easy to transport , it can be packed in the form of a tube . When it is to be used, it takes two to three days to wait for it to reach its shape to ensure optimal use.
  • Its measurements are adapted to the standard size of cribs ; it is two feet wide by one hundred twenty centimeters long. This mattress can be obtained in other sizes, according to the requirements.
  • The composition material of the coated textile provides softness to the touch and does not generate irritation when rubbed and is washable . It does not suffer deformations.
  • The internal material allows air circulation and does not allow the adherence of mites or the proliferation of fungi due to humidity.
  • From the first month of birth, the child will enjoy a pleasant rest .

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BaByBed Cloud memory foam mattress + Mattress Protector for crib

This mattress meets the highest quality standards , being made with high technology developed in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), who are concerned about the effects of the pressure of space suits on the body of astronauts. At the time of takeoff, he created this novel fabric known by the name of vioescolástica, whose purpose is to reduce the textile pressure on the body that, when transferred to common life, guarantees optimal rest, without interruptions.

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BaByBed Cloud memory foam mattress + Mattress Protector for crib has the following characteristics:

  • This innovative textile design has a three-dimensional fiber , with variable density depending on the needs, which guarantees softness, moldability and air circulation, which provide additional health benefits.
  • In order to optimize the effect of pressure by having the body in a state of relaxation and that due to the force of gravity it becomes heavier, it has been designed with a two-centimeter viscoelastic upper coating that gives it forty-two kilos of density. .
  • At its core, elasticity is guaranteed to the polyurethane, in a proportion of twenty-five kilos by three m of density.

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  • It is padded thanks to the mixture between fiber and visco , which provides moldability and adaptation to the body, without suffering deformations. It recovers its original signature, upon losing contact with the body.
  • Due to the three-dimensional design of the fabric, it allows the free circulation of air , preventing it from retaining the heat emanated from the body and not allowing it to be contaminated with mites or bacteria.
  • It does not heat up in summer or cool down in winter, thanks to its heat-regulating properties ; neither does it retain the heat emanating from the body. Its composition of mixtures based on the development of high space technology, make it anatomical .
  • Its measurements are twelve centimeters wide, one hundred and seventeen centimeters long , it is recommended to measure the crib before purchasing it or, if you definitely do not resist this high-tech mattress, buy the crib after having secured the mattress.

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  • Thanks to its anti-body pressure properties, it promotes blood circulation, preventing the occurrence of the so-called sudden death, which usually occurs during the baby’s first year of age; Likewise, it reduces nighttime agitation, since the polyurethane core and the viscoeslastic layer provide an anti-gravity sensation that favorably affects the achievement of a deep, restorative sleep, which will contribute to the proper development of the baby.
  • It is non-deformable; The properties of memory foam allow the mattress to adapt to the shape and position of the body, but it recovers its smooth and straight condition, when it loses contact. It also has a reinforced edge, which prevents lateral deformations.
  • It comes with, as an accessory, a waterproof protector, which guarantees that the mattress surface is secured against the spillage of liquids that would generate stains. This cover is washable, dries easily and does not require washing in specialized places.
  • Regarding its technological composition, this mattress has a two-centimeter viscoelastic layer on the top , providing a density of forty-two kilos. The density of the polyurethane in its core, in terms of elasticity, is twenty-five kilos per cubic meter, providing firmness.

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  • The padding is produced by the mixture of fiber and visco, which when integrated into a three-dimensional design, multiplies the flow of air currents that prevents contamination with mites, bacteria and fungi, which could cause serious skin problems for the baby.
  • It has a guarantee of two years of optimal use, and can be extended according to the variations in the baby’s weight.
  • The properties of the two-hundred-gram stretch-type fabric have been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the ISO-1750 standard, providing quality control certification, the fine textile threads are dyed with polyester threads dispersed up to one hundred percent. cent, providing a combination of materials in a perfect proportion of cotton and viscose plus polyester.
  • The high technology of its composition makes it worthy of the pre-certification of the Oeko-Tex 100 standards. The padding foam is entirely polyurethane; It is guaranteed that it does not contain mixtures of toxic substances that could be harmful to the baby by causing any type of allergy.

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Träumeland children’s mattress

Expecting a baby makes the mother and the whole family start looking for alternatives to enjoy the presence of the baby from the first day of birth, without neglecting their comfort and well-being.

One of the most decorative and practical alternatives is the wicker bassinet , a traditional mini crib that lends itself to the finest decorations; However, preparing the bassinet is not always easy, when it comes to the mattress, as it has to meet special characteristics so that the baby rests properly, without suffering any risk.

The standard measurements of the wicker bassinet are also a problem; Likewise, if it is about mini cribs already made, or bassinets that are already ready, they come provided with plastic mattresses, not very soft, that generate heat and pressure to the baby’s body preventing a relaxed and restful sleep, I feel this mattress, the solution of these problems.

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This mattress adapts perfectly to the stroller , providing comfort when going out to the park to sunbathe.

Träumeland children’s mattress is made with high quality materials, it has the following characteristics:

  • Its measurements are seventy-eight centimeters long, by thirty-six centimeters wide. They fit perfectly in the mini crib, wicker bassinet or stroller.
  • Padded with a soft fabric covering , it does not cause discomfort to the skin due to friction.
  • The thickness of the foam padding provides security to the baby along with a feeling of soft rest, without suffering pressure against the body that will interrupt their sleep because they do not feel comfortable, which often causes irritability.
  • It comes with a cover that can be removed for washing ; It can be machine washed and does not warp, nor does the fabric suffer alterations.
  • Its oval edges provide a special design so that it adapts exactly to mini cribs and of course to wicker bassinets that are oval in design. The adaptation to the stroller, does not represent any problem.

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Delta-Baby SJ 7A Supreme Sleep mattress that adapts to the shape of the baby

The baby begins to advance in its development. How to keep it safe without losing comfort ? Designed for children who are gaining autonomy in movement and are already turning in the crib or bed, it provides a practical, technological solution, without losing the qualities of comfort, providing greater safety, according to the baby’s requirements.

It has an innovative design that provides comfort and safety ; Coated with technological tissue prevents deformation of the skull, by remaining in the same position for a long time

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This new Delta-Baby SJ 7A Supreme Sleep mattress that adapts to the shape of the baby, is characterized by:

  • Design thought to keep the baby reclined in a natural way , guaranteeing prevention of suffocation due to reflux; Likewise, it facilitates the baby’s breathing in case of diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma.
  • The twenty degree incline makes it ideal to avoid sudden death during the first year of life.
  • Multipurpose . It can be used in the permanent crib, the mini crib, the stroller or any surface where the baby rests, making it feel comfortable.
  • The inclined position favors the development of the back muscles.
  • Memory foam pillow, gives it elasticity and moldability that thanks to its elasticity, will make it adapt to the baby’s body and will regain its smooth and flat shape when contact is interrupted. It is one hundred percent anatomical.
  • The structure of its design and elaboration based on the development of high space textile technology developed by NASA , such as viscoelastic, a material with gradual viscosity, there is no risk of deformation or any type of mites will adhere to its surface. , adding to the guaranteed sleep, durability and health prevention.
  • It comes equipped with two cylindrical cushions that fit on each side of the support mattress , to avoid accidents of falls, if it turns unexpectedly. These cushions fit snugly and will not slide off with your baby’s usual movement.

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  • It is ideal from the first months of life , and its use can be prolonged until the baby leaves the crib and goes to a single bed.
  • Its adaptable quality to the baby’s body prevents crushing of the head due to remaining in the same position for a long time , repeatedly, as is often the case with newborn babies, who cannot change position at will.
  • This innovative textile design has a three-dimensional fiber, with variable density depending on the needs, which guarantees softness, moldability and air circulation , which provide additional health benefits.
  • It is non-deformable ; The properties of memory foam allow the mattress to adapt to the shape and position of the body, but it recovers its smooth and straight condition, when it loses contact. It also has a reinforced edge, which prevents lateral deformations.
  • It does not heat up in summer or cool down in winter , thanks to its heat-regulating properties; neither does it retain the heat emanating from the body. Its composition of mixtures based on the development of high space technology, make it anatomical.

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EK Handel Travel Folding Crib Mattress Folding crib mattress

The EK Handel folding cot mattress is the perfect complement to the travel cot , it is foldable so it can be transported very easily.

It has a nice cover with sheep designs which makes it a very cute mattress, however it is a bit thin and is not waterproof, so it is recommended to use an additional cover to keep the mattress in perfect hygienic conditions.

Its thickness is perfect, it is very soft, it is used for the travel cot, it is light and comfortable for your baby. For its price it is really a good product, it is one of the cheapest on the market, which is why it is an excellent option. For the aforementioned reasons, it is not recommended to use it in the home crib, because it was designed exclusively for the travel crib, in fact it comes with a cover with handles to make it easier to transport it.

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It has an excellent value for money , it fits several models of folding cribs available on the market and for sporadic use in travel cases, it is perfect.

Below you can find out the characteristics of the EK Handel Folding crib mattress:

  • It is foldable
  • Helps you save space
  • Includes storage and transport bag
  • Its soft cover is washable
  • Design: light blue with sheep
  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 120 cm x 6 cm.
  • Manufacturing material: on the upper cover it is made of polycotton (60% polyester / 40% cotton) and on the lower cover it is made of durable fabric with a foam filling.
  • Its removable and washable cover at 30º C.

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Ecus Kids GOLI travel crib mattress in gray

Ecus Kids GOLI, travel cot mattress with perimeter zip, Gray

The Ecus Kids GOLI travel crib mattress in gray is a Goli brand travel crib mattress that does not deform and is one of the most breathable on the market.

This fabulous mattress is made in one piece without cuts, which provides your baby with a greater feeling of comfort while sleeping.

So that your baby does not have to be changing mattresses, with which he can have sleep disorders, you can use it as a crib mattress and a travel crib mattress indifferently.

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It is made of a 3D fabric that allows maximum evaporation and breathability . Its cover is removable thanks to the fact that it has a zipper that makes cleaning easier.

The Oxígena® HR core. The 5cm open pore of the Goli Parka Travel Crib Mattress allows greater breathability, oxygenation and alignment of your baby’s body while lying down. It is non-deformable and because it is made in one piece, it offers greater comfort to your baby while he sleeps.

Thanks to its 3D fabric that allows it to have greater evaporation and breathability even when the baby is away from home, this is the ideal mattress for the travel cot to prevent the baby from missing his mattress and becoming uncomfortable while sleeping outside. home. You can use it both as a crib mattress at home and as a travel crib mattress. This model resembles a school mat and can be used with the peace of mind that your child will sleep peacefully on this fabulous mattress.

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Asalvo folding mattress for crib with transport bag in chocolate brown

Asalvo is a brand that specializes in making happy babies and calm moms. They are dedicated to the design and marketing of childcare products that accompany the life of the child from birth . Asalvo products are synonymous with safety, quality, innovation and design. They offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of children and their mothers.Asalvo folding mattress for crib with transport bag in chocolate brown is a folding mattress that offers maximum comfort to the baby wherever you go, it has a soft and padded surface for a better rest. It is a product that can be used in various models of travel cribs since its universal size allows it to adapt to any brand or model.

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The Asalvo folding mattress is foldable and easy to transport. Includes a cloth bag to match the beautiful chocolate brown color of the travel mattress lining.

Characteristics of the Asalvo folding mattress for crib with transport bag in chocolate brown:

  • Open mattress measurements: 5 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm.
  • Folded mattress measurements: 15 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm.
  • Mattress weight 798 grams
  • Recommended age for use (by the manufacturer) 0 – 4 years
  • Gender Unisex
  • Type of material used in its manufacture: polyester and nylon

The packed product box includes:

  • Chocolate brown Asalvo folding mattress
  • Transport bag.
  • Instructions for use

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Altabebe mattress for travel cot in navy blue

Altabebe mattress for travel crib in navy blue is a light, compact and easy to transport mattress, specially designed for travel cribs . It is a multipurpose product since once the child no longer needs the travel cot it can be used as a play mat.

It is a very comfortable mattress, ideal for the baby’s rest. With a perfect hardness so that your baby can obtain maximum comfort at bedtime.

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Features of the Altabebe mattress for travel cot in navy blue

  • It is compact
  • Is light
  • Easy to transport
  • Ideal to be used as a play mat
  • Is washable
  • It is super padded
  • Altabbebé mattress weight 699 g.
  • Altabebé mattress dimensions 120 cm x 60 cm x 4.5 cm.
  • Recommended age for use (by the manufacturer) 0 – 4 years
  • Type of material used in its manufacture: 100% microfiber, 100% soft foam padding.

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