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One of the most sensitive areas of the skin of the face is that of the eyelids, made up of really thin skin (they are barely 0.33 mm thick) and therefore very delicate and easily irritable.

Its location makes us overlook it when following a skin care routine, so it also tends to dry out easily. But beware! being so fragile and dry, and being in constant motion (from blinking) it is often the first to show the first signs of aging.

In order to start treating the area, it is necessary to leave it completely clean. It is vital to remove all makeup, dirt and grease  every day, as the consequences of not doing so are disastrous. Appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, dull skin without energy, clogged or inflamed pores, even eye irritation.

To do it correctly, nothing better than a special make-up remover for the eyes . In this sense, you will find hundreds of products on the market, but to make things easier for you, we have taken the initiative to recommend only the best options.

Nezeni Cosmetics Micellar Water All in 1

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If most of the time you go to sleep without removing your eyes out of laziness, with this Nezeni micellar water you can complete the entire face cleansing process with a single product, and in very few passes.

Being all in 1, it will help you to remove makeup from the eyes and face, to cleanse the dermis of impurities and dirt accumulated during the day, and even to tone and hydrate the skin.

With a water base and a very mild but effective surfactant in the form of micelles, it manages to remove even the most stubborn mascara and the most persistent mascara in a single stroke .

Its natural ingredients are what we like the most, they do not cause any irritation or itchiness in the eyes, they do not damage the eyelashes, and they even limit preservatives to a minimum to avoid damage due to accumulation.

With aloe vera to hydrate and regenerate ; apple extract to increase circulation and protection ; ginger extract that prevents the degradation of collagen fibers ; firming oat extract , and salicylic acid that exfoliates and renews the skin.

Your eyelids will be clean, hydrated, and calm like never before.

ROC Double Action Eye Makeup Remover

For RoC, the health of your skin and your eyes is paramount, that is why it has created this double action lotion to remove make-up and cleanse the skin around it with a single application. Not only does it leave a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, it also  strengthens the skin. 

Thanks to its biphasic formulation (water and oil) it removes all makeup, even waterproof and with which other brands have difficulties. It has oil, but it does not have alcohol, very appropriate to avoid creating irritations or allergies.

  • Contains special oil to nourish and counteract the oiliness of the complexion.
  • A  mild nonionic emulsifying surfactant is also among the formula.
  • Panthenol is a great moisturizer and soothing for the skin.

The results are very favorable, you will keep the skin healthy, hydrated, purified, and best of all, you will feel more toned, with more shine and softness.

It can be used in the morning using a cotton ball or with the fingertips , it will help to energize the skin to face  the day; plus another application at night to clean and remove makeup.

When the product is on the skin, make gentle circular movements to activate circulation and oxygenation.

Garnier Skin Active Makeup Remover 2 in 1

Garnier makeup remover is also a two-phase formula made up of 30 percent oil and 70 percent water. A dual action formula  that removes makeup quickly and effectively, without damaging the lashes.

The oily phase acts quickly to effectively remove the waterproof mascara, on the other hand, the aqueous solution favors the protection and nutrition of the eyelashes so that they do not suffer any damage and without leaving the skin greasy.

Enriched with Arginine , it leaves a really comfortable sensation on all skins, even the most sensitive, and can also be used by contact lens wearers, as it is  ophthalmologically tested .

It goes a long way, just use a small amount to get the job done, but be sure to shake it first if you want to benefit from its full potential.

Rub it gently around the eyes, for a moment you may notice that it feels oily but in reality it will not leave you that greasy effect, ideal for use in sensitive areas.

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Biotherm Biocils Eye Make-up Remover

Biocils works intensely to remove makeup and dirt that accumulates on the eyelids and the eye contour, minimizing the loss of eyelashes thanks to its large amount of  essential oils.

These oils loosen the mascara and waterproof mascara from your lashes so you don’t have to pull them, and they also protect and strengthen them so that none of them come off. What’s more, it promotes its growth naturally.

Removes make-up in a single pass , leaving the area free of eyeliners, mascara, shadows, etc. It is a dermatologically tested product to give you greater safety and does not cause any redness or irritation. It also doesn’t leave you that oily feeling in your eyes.

Vichy Pureté Thermale Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover

high quality and efficient product specially designed to end long-lasting makeup, which is waterproof, in the shortest possible time. In this way, you can efficiently leave your eyelids clean and makeup free without the need for an additional cleanser.

This product is composed of 2 eyelash protective ingredients: Taurine and Arginine These nutrients sink deep to the root of the lashes,  strengthening the follicle and helping it to grow and increase its volume .

Its formula is very effective, so a single application will be enough to achieve a deep cleaning without leaving a halo of fat or tight skin.

As a complement, it is suitable for sensitive skin and even contact lens wearers. It does not generate any negative effect on your eyes or skin, such as redness, irritations or anything similar, in addition the formula is free of parabemos , does not produce allergies, and lacks odor.

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Nivea Double Action Eye Makeup Remover

Nivea Double Action Eye Makeup Remover provides all the power you need to remove every residue of makeup from your eyes , while caring for and protecting the eyelashes and skin around the eyes. Provides unparalleled care and protection thanks to Cornflower Flower extract, with remarkable soothing and anti-irritant properties.

Being a two-phase product, it has an oily part that is responsible for descaling the most stubborn makeup, and another watery part, which protects each strand of eyelashes, in such a way that it does not provide greasy effects either. It offers a fast and very effective action without drying out or irritating your skin.

One of the things to keep in mind is that these two components are together, but not mixed, so you must vigorously move the container so that they can come together and offer the desired effects. Use a cotton pad or the pads of your hands to spread the product over the entire area.

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Lancaster Eye Makeup Remover

Lancaster has created a biphasic texture eye make-up remover  ideal for cleansing the skin of your eyes and lashes. Its formula enriched with Cornflower and Chamomile botanical extracts will help you get rid of all the makeup you put on, even the waterproof options.

It adapts to any type of skin, as the calming effect of its active ingredients provides the rest that exhausted and stressed skin needs from the day’s work, as well as deeply cleansing without leaving a greasy feeling.

There are several ophthalmological and dermatological studies that support what we have exposed, and its effectiveness is applicable to anyone regardless of age. The main goal is to get rid of shadows, mascara or eyeliner, and this is more than enough.

The cornflower flower infused in the formula provides great softness, and the chamomile water  deflates the skin of the eyes , leaving them visibly more rested and full of energy.

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Clarins gentle make-up remover for sensitive eyes

This innovative formula allows you to remove all makeup much faster than any other product on the market. In two phases, your goal is to remove makeup as quickly as possible, also counting those that are waterproof.

The first, the oil phase, dilutes the most resistant makeup, while the second, the aqueous phase, gets rid of dirt and impurities without damaging the skin tissues or eyelashes.

It is highly refreshing, this quality has been included to relax the most sensitive area, such as under the eyes and the eyelid area.

  • Contains organic rose flower water: with a  soothing , moisturizing and refreshing effect
  • Organic Cornflower Floral Water  softens and relaxes the skin.
  • It also contains organic chamomile extract: great anti-irritant and relaxing.

The express term that we have used is because its effect is immediate to clean and remove make-up, it does not require massaging or dragging the cotton towards the skin, it is just enough to wipe it gently. You can be sure of something, it does not require another because it removes even the waterproof in just an instant, leaving the skin more nourished and soft.

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Avene Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

There are many make-up removers on the market, but finding one that does not cause discomfort or allergic  reactions and that performs an effective cleaning, there are very few. One of those privileged ones is Avene Eye Makeup Remover, created to facilitate makeup removal without damaging your skin or eyelashes.

It will not cause any damage, it does not irritate, it just refreshes clean, and relaxes the skin favorably, it contains Avène Thermal Spring Water , which calms relaxes, providing a soft and irresistible freshness on your skin.

Every day we are exposed to  adverse environmental factors , such as dust, humidity, or wind, which leave thousands of dirt particles  on the skin, and if we add to this the use of makeup, a product that acts by cleaning and protecting is necessary. skin to remove impurities and premature signs of aging.

Avene make-up remover water meets the needs of each skin, restoring its natural shine, as well as the energy and cleanliness it should have. A  professional product  that will give you nutrition and vitality.

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Clinique Rinse Off Rapid Eye Makeup Remover

Clinique’s formula is designed to remove make-up from the eyes without damaging the lashes , brows and the rest of the skin. Pays special care in the eye area, without leaving itching or irritation. From this point of view, this is an innovative two-way makeup remover that removes makeup after just one stroke.

Dermatological studies verify its effectiveness , showing that it does not cause any irritation or itching, much less allergies or irritations. It is indicated with complete confidence also for users with contact lenses.

Even the toughest makeup dissolves easily, and is removed after wiping with a cotton pad. The quality of its components favor the removal of makeup, and as it does not include oil, it can be used even on oily skin.

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