Best Sun Protection Creams For Lips

Mainly, you have to know that the lips are a very sensitive area of ​​the body . These are the gateway to the oral cavity and therefore, to the digestive system. The lips are made up of a muscular portion covered with skin and also contain a mucosa inside.

The skin that covers the entire formation of the lips can be very susceptible to various factors, in some cases they react to products that we apply on them and in other cases they can be affected by factors of nature, as well as temperature, sun, humidity and others.

Similarly, one of the most influential factors in the condition of the lips is undoubtedly the sun, since it acts in the same way as in the rest of the skin. UVA and UVB rays can cause serious damage to the natural state of the lips.

One of the most common symptoms of the effect of the sun on the lips is the swelling of these , it is also one of the most difficult problems to solve. Identifying that our lips are experiencing a harmful sequel is very simple, since the sensation is quite remarkable.

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The most common signs that the lips are suffering from an unfavorable reaction are the following:

  • Sensation of heat and throbbing lips. This is a clear symptom of a sunburn.
  • The lips will begin to chap.
  • The skin on the lips will feel extremely sensitive, especially when it comes into contact with food and when it is touched.
  • Scabs develop due to cracks, bleeding and scaling may occur.
  • There is obvious pain.
  • The color of the lips will be a very strong red, unusual and a burning sensation may also occur.

In this way, we can see that the lips can burn in the same way as any other area of ​​the body when exposed to the sun for long periods of time , especially if no protective measure is implemented.

This problem is more noticeable when we spend a day at the beach or in the pool on a summer day, since it is when the sun’s rays have a greater radiation on the skin. However, the lips can also be affected in winter due to low temperatures and also by the sun’s rays, which although they do not have the same intensity as in summer, these are still an influencing factor on the skin, especially when it is see reflected in the snow.

So well, we can deduce that the lips need the same care as the rest of our skin when it comes to exposures to the sun. This may be something that many see in a common way, but there are really people who are unaware of this possibility so they can suffer greater damage by not taking any prevention.

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But how can we protect our lips from the sun? Some may think that we should apply the same product that we use on the rest of the skin, but instead we can get products specially intended for use on the lips, since these being the “door” of our mouth, we need a product that it is not toxic if it makes contact or enters our oral cavity.

On the market there are lip balms, lip moisturizers and even sunscreens for lips, which are products that generally come in presentations such as makeup lipsticks, but in this case they are care and protection products. These do not have any makeup effect, but simply protective, so they can be used by men without worrying that the lips will end up a darker pink.

In addition , most of these lip balms use a mixture of various properties , that is, they contain vitamins to nourish the lips, waxes and other components to prevent dryness and also sunscreens or other substances that prevent sunburn. In this way, we can achieve total lip care with the use of a single product.

However, it should be noted that there are thousands of brands and presentations of these products on the market, so making a decision and choosing a brand can be somewhat complicated. But, to help you choose the best one, we will leave you below a review of the best lip protection products, so you can compare their compositions more easily and find the one that suits your needs.

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Nezeni Lip Stick with Sun Protection

I bring you one of the best lip balms on the market in Europe , a Spanish laboratory that has products with a low amount of preservatives , if you do not know what the combined effect is, I recommend that you read the article on the best anti-wrinkle creams .

It is also one of the few brands that put the INCIs knowing that they do not cheat before buying it, check it out here .

Here are the properties and benefits of its ingredients:

  • Castor Oil: Protects the skin and softens it, curing it from flaking and small burns. It acts on dry skin as it is a natural moisturizer that helps keep moisture in the epidermis easily.
  • Rosehip  Oil : Oil of natural origin, with emollient and nourishing properties. Softens and improves the condition of the skin.
  • Caprylic Oil:  Helps to maintain moisture in the skin and leaves a feeling of softness.
  • Sun Protection:  Combination of filters that ensure ideal protection from UVA / UVB rays.
  • Vitamin E:  Antioxidant action. Protects skin cells against free radicals and UV rays. Effective for the regeneration and healing of skin tissues.
  • Beta-carotene: Natural antioxidant from plants. They provide benefits for the skin, in its maintenance, in the formation of vitamins and reducing the degradation of nutrients in the body.

If you want to use safe cosmetics for your skin, although it is a little more expensive than the rest of the products, I recommend this brand, for me today it is more important to have the security of better long-term health than to save € 2 🙂

You can buy it online on their website:

Nivea sun lip balm, SPF 30

Nivea – Sunscreen lip balm, sun protection factor 30

Nivea is a brand known worldwide for its personal care products. This brand produces from moisturizing creams, to deodorants and sunscreens, so there is not a detail that escapes the products of this brand.

In this way, we can be sure that this brand is of high quality and therefore its products will provide a totally effective service at home in one of its ranges.

In the case of lip protection, Nivea has a wide range of products from this line . We can get a wide variety of moisturizers, which keep the lips nourished and free from dryness. These come in various scents and colors, so that each user chooses the one they like the most, either because of the color or smell, although they will always have the natural version for those who just want a way to moisturize their lips without painting a shade of pink. .

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These Nivea moisturizers provide us with some protection against the sun’s rays, but there is also another product specially oriented to these cases.

When we go one day to the beach, the mountains, the park, or we practice a sport that involves long exposure to the sun, our lips need special protection, as they are more prone to sunburn and damage.

On those occasions, it is best to use Nivea lip sunscreen . This is composed of an innovative formula of Nivea Sun protect technology. This product is also enriched with vitamin E and flower extracts, which guarantee total lip care.

The power of this lip balm not only provides protection against the sun’s rays, but also makes the lips remain moist and soft , thus avoiding any signs of dryness, flaking and cracks.

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This lip balm has an SPF protection level of 30, which guarantees the protection of the lips for more than half an hour, so we can be sure that we will not suffer any damage while we are under the sun of a summer day or any other season of the year.

The vitamin E that this lip balm contains is extremely beneficial, since it is one of the most effective antioxidants that exists, therefore it acts in a great way as a cell renewal and prevents aging marks.

This lip balm is approved by dermatological laboratories , so its application is totally safe and it is very unlikely that an unfavorable reaction such as an allergic reaction or irritation will develop.

In conclusion, this product is the most recommended for general lip care . It provides total protection against the sun’s rays and prevents burns, inflammation, swelling, dryness and other unfavorable effects on the skin that covers the lips.

If we take into account the opinions provided by the buyers of this product, we can confirm that it is a protector that acts in a great way , its protection is extremely effective and there are no negative complaints that show any unfavorable effect caused by this product. In addition, Nivea is a very common brand and can be found in any pharmacy, market or perfumery, so acquiring it is very simple.

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Carmex SPF 15 Cherry Lip Balm

The Carmex brand began its history in 1937 and has since been dedicated to the production of personal care and hygiene implements. Since its inception, this brand has been characterized by being very traditional and despite evolving, they have always maintained a fairly small production line dedicated to the specialization of their products.

In this case we have a lip balm that provides a sun protection of 15 SPF , which is ideal for daily use, instead of long exposures such as on a beach day. So if you want to buy a product that you can carry in your bag and use it during a normal day, this could be the ideal one.

The Carmex brand balm also has a formula that implements a quite pleasant cherry smell, which leaves a quite good feeling on the lips. This product prevents the absorption of UVA and UVB rays in the skin of the lips, so we avoid burns and dryness caused by the sun.

The formulation of the balm also includes moisturizing properties, which keep our lips moist and free from bleeding, cracks and cuts caused by lack of moisture and excessive dryness.

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One aspect that stands out about this product is that its power works in a great way not only against the effects of the sun, but also protects us from the harmful effects caused by other environmental factors, as well as very dry air, humidity and wind. .

If you already have chapped lips due to different factors, with the use of this balm you will be able to repair this damage and return to looking smooth and free of cracks . Another plus of this product is that its composition contains menthol and lanolin, which also helps to eliminate germs, so we avoid the development of infections and fungi, such as herpes.

This brand also remains within the environmentalist line , since animal tests are not used in the production of its products, as is the case with many other cosmetic industries.

So, in conclusion, this product can be ideal to use in your daily routine instead of a makeup lipstick and also for male use , since it protects and moisturizes without providing any type of coloration on the lips, it also has an odor pleasant.

The small and compact presentation of only 6 x 3 x 9 cm is quite conducive to taking the balm with you everywhere without it being a hassle. The ratings of this product are positive, so there is nothing more than to limit this review, it only remains for you to make a decision regarding the choice of the most appropriate product for your needs.

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Intensive Care Lip Balm

This balm belongs to the Burt’s Bees brand and it is a lip balm that offers intensive and immediate care for damage to the lips , such as burns, extreme dryness, cracks, rashes, allergies and all kinds of wounds.

This product has a peculiarity, which is the use of korum in its composition . Korum is a fruit from India, which is traditionally used as a condiment in this culture, but in the cosmetic world it has been implemented for a long time for other purposes. Korum helps relieve skin rashes, especially those related to allergic reactions, as well as small wounds and burns.

As well, Burt’s Bees balm implements korum butter in its formula, as well as uses cocoa butter – which is essential for lip care – and also uses shea butter.

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The combination of these ingredients makes this balm extremely effective in the care and protection of the lips, so its use is highly recommended, especially when you have to face very low temperatures or very dry environments, since the dryness that can be obtained in these conditions is quite considerable and with this balm the harmful effects caused by this can be avoided.

It should be noted that Burt’s Bees balm bases its composition on the implementation of butters , instead of waxes as other products do, which is much more beneficial for the care and moisturizing of the lips. This method allows you to protect your lips from all kinds of factors for up to four continuous hours.

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This presentation of Burt’s Bees balm is an odorless and tasteless balm , making it a totally unisex product. However, we can get this same balm in other presentations where we can choose the scent of our preference if we wish.

Another quite striking aspect of this product is that it is hypoallergenic , so it is impossible for any unfavorable reaction to develop on the lips from the application of the product. Knowing this, we can be sure that the use of the balm will not have a negative effect on our skin.

If we take into account the evaluations of this product we will achieve that it is a very effective balm, all buyers agree that it acts in a great way and produces immediate relief in any problem that occurs on the lips. All ratings for this product are positive and confirm that the product is of very good quality. It is also highlighted that being hypoallergenic it can be used in all cases without worries about allergic reactions. So well, there is nothing more to say about this balm, if you want a product of great protection for your lips, Burt’s Bees is the best option for intensive care and treatment of the lips.

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La Roche Posay Anthelios XL

La Roche Posay is a French brand that has been known since its inception for producing special products for extremely delicate skin . This brand has been in the market for more than 30 years and is recommended by more than 25 thousand dermatologists around the world.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of La Roche Posay products is that since their inception they have implemented water from a stream located in France , exactly in an area that bears the name of the same brand (La Roche Posay).

It should also be noted that this brand has more than 25 patents and has a laboratory that constantly conducts research, so they are constantly evolving and specializing their products to the needs of people.

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In this case, we have a La Roche Posay Anthelios balm . This product provides sun protection and hydration on the lips, so it can perfectly combat dryness, cracks, burns and small wounds on the lips, as well as protect us from the sun’s rays and prevent the unfavorable effects caused by it and by changes. Of temperature.

This balm contains 50 SPF protection , which makes it a highly effective product in terms of Uva and UVB protection. La Roche Posay Anthelios can be used daily as part of the routine, although it also works excellently if we want to implement it only for the protection of the lips on a day at the beach or pool.

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People who do sports that involve long exposures to the sun, both those practiced on land, water sports and winter sports, should protect their lips , since they can also suffer burns from the sun’s rays. It must be remembered that sand and snow reflect the sun, so exposure to the sun in these cases can cause greater damage, therefore all the skin and lips must be well protected.

La Roche Posay Anthelios is a product specially designed for the care of delicate skin and we know that the lips have the most fragile skin lining of the entire body , so the use of this product is extremely beneficial both to avoid sunburn as to moisturize the lips and avoid dryness due to other factors.

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The way to use this product is simple, but when you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time it is best to apply the balm thirty minutes before sun exposure and touch up the application every two hours and after contact with water for long periods of time, such as when we take a bath in the pool or on the beach.

The brand makes special mention that this product is for external use only and should not be consumed under any circumstances.

So, finally, we believe that undoubtedly this balm is very effective and of good quality, the history and reputation of the brand confirm it, so you can buy this product with your eyes closed and without hesitation. In addition, all the buyers who have purchased it have given it a positive rating and highlight that La Roche Posay Anthelios protects the skin of the lips in an excellent way and prevents any damage caused by the sun and other factors.

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Vichy Capital Soleil Lip Stick SPF 30

The Vichy brand focuses on the production of skin care products that respond effectively to the needs of men and women in the face of the different factors that can affect the state of this delicate organ.

Vichy has an extremely wide range of products designed to provide an effective effect in the protection and prevention of skin damage, as well as in the hair field. Vichy products can be found in various presentations, among which we can differentiate products with a matte finish, invisible, for sensitive skin and other details that we can imagine.

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In this case we have the Vichy lip balm from the Capital Soleil line, which is a lipstick or lipstick that contains sun protection. Exactly, this balm has a protection level of SPF 30, which is very good for everyday lip protection.

It is advisable to use this type of product on a daily basis, since we can have considerable exposure to sunlight every day, which in the long run produces quite annoying damage to the skin of the lips. Among the damages that can clearly develop is dryness, cracking and in more serious cases we can suffer burns that cause burning and swelling.

This protective balm is very high protection and also keeps the mouth moisturized and free from cracks and flaking, so it can be used both on sunny days and in any other season to protect against dryness caused by temperature.

Similarly, the formula implemented by Vichy for this product is special, its purpose is to prevent the penetration of UV and UVB rays in order to protect the skin from cellular and superficial damage.

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The Vichy protective balm also implements a hypoallergenic composition , which is free of parabens, preservatives and other compounds that can be harmful to the skin and cause allergic reactions. The product is especially for cases of sensitive skin that have to carry a rather delicate dermatological control.

One aspect to highlight about this product is that the formula is enriched with thermal water from Vichy, which has soothing, fortifying and regenerating properties.

This product does not contain colorants or fragrances, so it can be used in men and women without problems due to coloring of the area or annoying odors. The presentation of the balm is in a stick, such as a lipstick, this allows its application to be very easy and fast.

In addition, it can be used -if you like- in other areas where the skin is very sensitive in addition to the lips, as well as on the cheeks, cheekbones and nose. It is recommended that the application be before being exposed to the sun, preferably 30 or 20 minutes before and it should also be touched up every two hours and when leaving the water.

This product, as can be seen, is of high quality and provides a fairly effective effect and protection, which is very appropriate both for everyday use and for care on special occasions such as a summer day at the beach, the park, the pool or the mountain.

Those who have already used this product agree that it is of good quality and meets the expectations and advertising sold by the brand. Vichy’s protective lip balm is very effective and can take care of the condition of our lips even in the most adverse situation and environment. All the ratings obtained by the product are positive, so the purchase of this balm is fully guaranteed and you can choose it without any worries.

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Piz Buin Mountain Suncream + Lipstick SPF 50

Piz Buin brand lip balm is a product designed to protect lips from environmental factors that can affect it, as well as temperature, wind, humidity (or lack of it) and of course the sun’s rays.

The formula of this product was specially produced for people who require very high protection against the sun’s rays, so we can deduce that this product was designed for athletes who have to expose themselves to the sun for very long times and also for people who practice mountaineering or are going to do an outdoor activity that requires sun protection, both on the skin and on the lips.

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The lips are exposed to damage in many aspects , we not only have to think that because we are under shade we are not causing any effect on them, since seeing very cold or very hot, high or low temperature and very dry environments are conducive to causing lip damage. Therefore, we must protect them in all cases and if possible on a daily basis.

Although, it must be borne in mind that occasions such as a trip to the mountains or a day at the beach require much more care, but we should not think that at another time we have to be calm about lip care, and also of the skin in general.

Therefore, although this product seems designed for those who will be exposed to natural environments for a considerable time, we can also use and harness the power of this product simply to take care of ourselves on a daily basis.

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This Piz Buin balm has a fairly high protective power , its SPF level is 50+, so we can be sure that we will not suffer burns when using this product. Piz Buin lip balm uses the same protective mechanism as sunscreens for the skin, so it keeps us protected for longer than a common lipstick.

In addition, the protector is resistant to water and perspiration, so its effect lasts longer and is not affected by these factors. Similarly, it is recommended to retouch its use at least twice a day or as you see fit.

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In very cold environments our lips can crack and dry out, and in more serious cases these effects can cause minor injuries and bleeding, so we must have a protector on the lips, thus avoiding this effect. It should be noted that these cold environments are not only natural, but an office with very strong air conditioning can also cause these damages, especially when we have sensitive skin.

The Piz Buin protective balm comes in a 22.3 ml presentation , which is compact and small, so it can be carried around without implying an annoying load. As well, this balm can be taken on a trip without problems or also carried daily in the purse or in the pocket for everyday use.

This lip balm is of high quality and the level of protection it provides is highlighted, this is vastly greater than that of any other product, so it is the most recommended for athletes and people who tend to do outdoor activities constantly. Although, in the same way, you can implement its use on a daily basis and thus take advantage of its great effect. In addition, the positive ratings of this product endorse its quality, most of the buyers who have made use of this protector assure that its effect is very good and they have no complaints about it.

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Aloe Lip Balm

This lip balm is from the Aloe Plus brand and more than a sunscreen, it is an especially natural moisturizer and lip balm, formulated with oils and natural components that ensure hydration and improvement of the condition of the lips.

We all know that many times, due to very different factors, our lips can suffer very serious damage . The most common damages are those developed from dryness, since this makes the skin that covers the lips become rough and susceptible to cracking, in this way small wounds and bleeding can occur that cause a lot of pain and / or burning .

Therefore, it is very important to keep the lips moisturized and well nourished . We can achieve this thanks to products specialized in this effect as well as this lip balm with aloe vera from the Aloe Plus brand.

This balm mixes a series of various vegetable oils which have moisturizing and protective properties against harmful environmental factors . This product is very effective in moisturizing, nourishing and softening the lips.

It should be noted that this balm is waterproof , so its use is not affected when we have a drink or take baths in the pool or on the beach. In this way we will be protected at all times, although it is recommended to carry out touch-ups as we see fit.

Although the purpose of this lip balm seems to be the care of the lips only, it also contains chemical filters that make it work as a shield against solar radiation , thus avoiding possible burns caused by the sun.

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This product is ideal for daily use, as it is quite compact and its presentation is intended for men and women . In addition, its composition makes it perfect for any occasion, be it a trip to the beach or the mountains or simply to take care of our lips on a daily basis.

The base of this lip balm is aloe vera , this compound works as a soothing, reduces inflammation, helps to heal, moisturizes and nourishes the lips, thus avoiding any negative effects that provide a bad appearance.

Aloe Plus brand balm has an emollient effect , so it softens and improves the condition of the lips in case of severe dryness, but if not, this product will prevent the development of this condition in the best way possible.

The lips can also be damaged by the use of makeup , so you can start using this product as a base before lipstick and thus avoid the damage caused by these.

Most buyers assure that this is a quality product and all agree that it leaves the lips very soft and hydrated, without traces of dryness, so we can conclude that this protector acts effectively and efficiently. Well, you can consider this product among your next purchases for personal care.

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Carmex Cereza Lip Balm Tube

This Carmex brand balm is a new presentation of the brand, which implements the same properties of its other lip care products, but in a liquid presentation in a tube similar to that of makeup lip gloss.

This Carmex Lip Balm comes in the same way with a cherry flavor and smell , which makes its use more acceptable for people, since the cherry sensation that it leaves on the lips is quite pleasant. But, as it does not cause any coloration, this can also be implemented by men without any problem.

Carmex Lip Balm has a formula that can protect the lips from the radiation of the sun’s rays, both UVB and UVA , so its use is fully recommended on those days where we will be exposed to the sun for a long time, as well as a walk or a visit to the beach or the mountains.

With this product we can be protected from the harmful effects caused by the sun’s rays in the mouth, thus avoiding sunburn, swelling, burning and the annoying dryness that causes the appearance of cracks on the lips.

This product is highly recommended and those who have already made use of it assure that it is of great quality , there are even those who affirm that it is the only one that gives them such a flattering effect on the lips, since other products do not exactly satisfy their need .

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For this reason we can say that this balm is very effective and can be used both for daily and routine application , or for specific occasions such as trips and tours in the open air. It should be noted that the protective power of this balm not only covers the needs in the face of high temperatures and the sun, but also protects the lips in the same way in very low temperatures and cold environments, since in these cases we can also suffer from damage to the lips. lips and especially dryness.

This product is long-lasting , so we should not worry about having to apply the balm every half hour, but we should only touch it up at the time we deem necessary, or when we already feel that the product has disappeared or was completely diluted.

It is highly recommended to use this type of product every day before leaving the house , since we are always exposed to the sun in one way or another, so it is important to always have the product at hand. In this case, you can take the Carmex Lip Balm with you everywhere due to its compact design, this will not be a hassle in your bag or even in your pocket.

You can use the protective power of Carmex Lip Balm as a base before makeup on the lips , since these types of products tend to dry out the lips and thus begin to damage, but if you use a protector such as Carmex Lip Balm you can avoid produce that annoying and unaesthetic effect.

So, without anything else to limit about the Carmex Lip Balm, it is up to you to consider this protector as the one indicated to begin to be used on a daily basis or perhaps on your next trip or vacation, but -without a doubt- that for sure It won’t be a disappointment when you start to implement it.

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JEEWIN Solar Protective Lipstick SPF 50

JEEWIN is a French brand , which has specialized in creating products that meet the special needs of athletes, sportsmen and other people who practice activities that involve prolonged exposure to environmental factors that can cause damage.

The products of this brand seek to protect, prepare and recover the physical damages that athletes or athletes can suffer for environmental reasons . In this way, these products seek to perfectly mix ergonomic presentations and effective compositions and formulas.

JEEWIN is recognized by a large number of athletes around the world , not just in France. This brand orients its products for all types of athletes, from those who practice mountain sports to those who are more adept at water sports, they also include people who develop outdoor sports and also urban disciplines.

It should be noted that these products are not only designed for this type of case in terms of their formulation, but also their presentations seek to provide good performance and functionality , so that they are easy to carry and use products easily by people.

JEEWIN brand products are made completely free of chemical compounds, they do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol or alcohols, that is, they are one hundred percent natural products. The efficacy of these products is proven even in the most extreme conditions and it has been recognized – by dermatologists and athletes – that the use of the JEEWIN brand fulfills its function before, during and after sports practice.

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Those in charge of the design and formulation of the JEEWIN brand products are French dermatologist experts , who are especially dedicated to eco-responsibility, so we are sure that these products are totally environmentally friendly.

In the case of JEEWIN Protective Lipstick, this is also designed for use in athletes, since this lipstick hydrates, protects and repairs the damage that can be caused to the lips due to extreme conditions, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, cold or drought.

This lipstick has a higher fixing power than other protective lipstick , so we can be sure that its use is totally safe and durable while we are doing the physical activity that is our responsibility.

The composition of JEEWIN Protective Lipstick is free of allergen compounds , so there is no danger of developing negative effects in the mouth, or irritation or allergies, since it is a natural product.

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The protection level of JEEWIN Protective Lipstick is 50 SPF , which provides full protection from UV and UVB rays. The formula of this product contains sunscreens and vitamin E, which keeps the lips healthy, nourished and moisturized.

In addition, it should be noted that we can also get completely natural ingredients in its formula such as shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil. All these ingredients contribute to the care of the lips and help to keep them soft and free of any problem.

Obviously, the product does not contain colorants, so when you open the JEEWIN Protective Lipstick bar we will find a white product and its aroma is vanilla, but very faint, therefore the use of this does not cause any discomfort.

Regarding the design and ergonomics of the packaging, this JEEWIN Protective Lipstick comes in a small stick, which weighs only 4 grams and contains a lipstick, just like a makeup product. The highlight of this design is that it comes with a cord at the top to hang the product around the neck and have easy access to it when we have to touch up.

JEEWIN Protective Lipstick is highly recommended for all types of people and those who have acquired it confirm that it is of good quality, all their evaluations are positive, so if you want to choose this product, you can do it without having any concern that you prevent.

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The Australian Gold brand sunscreen is a stick product, similar to a lipstick, which is intended to be used on the lips, but also on other delicate areas such as the cheekbones, cheeks and nose . The use on tattoos or scars that need special sun protection for the rest of the body is also highlighted.

Well, we can see that this protector does not limit its use to the lips , although it works very well in that area. It can protect this part of the body from UV and UVB rays, as well as from dryness caused by the sun and various environmental factors.

The presentation of this product makes it ideal for travel , as it is quite portable and contains 14 grams, which makes it a fairly durable product. The level of sun protection of this product is 50+ SPF which ensures that we avoid damage to the skin caused by radiation from the sun’s rays.

The Australian Gold protector is waterproof, it can last up to 80 minutes on the lips without water or any drink eliminating its effect. As well as, we can be safe while taking a bath at the beach or the pool, since the protector will not fall off.

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As we mentioned at the beginning, this protector -unlike others- can be applied to the skin, but its use on the lips is also approved , something that does not happen in an ordinary protector, since we cannot apply a cream or protective spray in the mouth because we could run the risk of ingesting the product and causing damage to the body.

However, the Australian Gold protector offers us a fairly versatile use , with which we can cover the care of our lips and other small delicate areas. It is quite good to know that we can use it on scars and tattoos, since normally we do not know special measures to treat these cases.

A detail to highlight is that the use of this protector is totally invisible, it will not leave a white layer on our lips or skin and it will be acting optimally, this allows us to use this product both for the beach or the mountains, as well as for daily use in our daily routine, since day after day we also suffer from exposure to the sun and other environmental factors that cause damage.

As well, the Australian Gold protector is quite good in terms of quality, design and use . All the users who have acquired it have given it the highest score, since they have been able to verify that it works in a great way, is effective and meets the expectations and the expected result. Therefore, you can opt for Australian Gold if you think that these characteristics are what you were looking for in terms of a protective lip balm.

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