Best Microwave And Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizers

Babies are the most defenseless and harmless beings in the world, since from the first day of life they completely depend on another individual to cover all their basic needs, food, hygiene, etc. During that time they are also extremely vulnerable to the different bacteria that are in the environment, so it is necessary to preserve their health by giving them all the necessary care.

Faced with this situation is where the importance of bottle sterilizers lies, since bacteria tend to accumulate in their nipples or pacifiers if they are not given the necessary care , that is why it is essential to always carry out a deep cleaning of the bottles. themselves and sterilize them frequently.

It is not enough just to clean the nipples or pacifiers, because the bottle as such also requires deep care, since in spaces such as the thread of the lid or in the bottom of the pot, a large number of microbes tend to be lodged and can only be remove with the help of sterilizers

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At present there is a great variety of sterilizers on the market, so you can find different types and models, and in relation to the types they can be obtained in different shapes and sizes; although all of them meet the main objective, which is the sterilization of the bottles, only that they use different methods.

The most popular models or types are electric and microwave , among which they can be found with accelerated processes, others with much slower operation, some with a large capacity and others not so much. The important thing is that you choose the one that best suits your needs and, obviously, your budget .

Another of the existing sterilization systems is the one that is carried out cold , which occurs with the help of special tablets or a disinfectant liquid, this is placed inside the container with water in which the bottles are being cleaned, which they must be completely covered . This system turns out to be one of the most comfortable since it does not need heat, however it is one of the slowest because the process can take up to 30 minutes.

Sterilizers are not a 100% necessary accessory, since if parents do not have the economic resources to buy them, they can simply opt for the traditional method of boiling the bottles . The advantage of sterilizers is that they provide greater convenience for parents and less time is spent .

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Now, if you are thinking about the possibility of buying a sterilizer, there are certain aspects that you should take into account before purchasing one. First, you must establish the operating system you want: electric, microwave or cold.

Then, you should see the capacity of the sterilizer, the more capacity it has, the greater the possibility that you include different bottles and accessories at the same time, since you will have the advantage of sterilizing pacifiers, teethers, etc. Likewise, the duration of the cycle must be taken into account, some take a few minutes, while others may exceed half an hour.

It is very important that you verify that the materials with which the bottle has been made are 100% safe and do not contain any type of toxic, it is necessary to ensure the health of the baby . In addition to this, it must also be evaluated if the sterilizer has other additional functions, such as heating bottles.

One of the most important sterilizations that all bottles and accessories that your baby is going to put in his mouth must be perceived as soon as you buy them , remember that all these products go through different transfers since they leave the factory, so they are manipulated by many people and in all this process they are filled with endless bacteria, so for nothing in the world do you think of giving a completely new product to your baby without first sterilizing it.

An important aspect to note is that you should not touch any of the products that have been sterilized with dirty hands , as the entire process will be completely lost. All this care is essential during the first 6 months of life, since it is the time when they are most vulnerable.

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Electric sterilizers

Electric sterilizers are one of the best known and most requested on the market by most parents , since they generally have a large capacity and tend to work quickly, it is very common that they only take between 5 and 15 minutes in the sterilization process .

Its operation is very simple, because it is enough to add a little water in the container, connect it to the electrical source and it will start working immediately, the steam that is emitted from the hot water will help to sterilize everything that is inside, from the bottles to the pacifiers and teethers.

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Babymoov electric turbo sterilizer in cream color

The Babymoov is one of the most popular electric sterilizers on the market , which is known for performing a totally homogeneous and comprehensive sterilization, as the equipment is characterized by having steam outlets throughout its structure, which makes the bottles sterilize in 100%, plus the process only lasts 10 minutes.

One of the characteristics that differentiates it from other equipment is that it has a 2-in-1 operation, as it has a bottle drainer included, this allows the bottles to come out completely dry ; It also has a dispenser included. In the same way, it also has removable branches, which allow the user to have the possibility to modify the configuration of the sterilizer and adapt it to work with other types of products, as well as pacifiers and breast pumps.

Thanks to the branches, already mentioned, this sterilizer is capable of reaching all corners of the bottle , specifically, the bottom of it where food remains are usually left and, therefore, it is the cradle where most of them are formed. of bacterial agents and that if not completely eliminated could be very harmful to the health of the infant.

This system is completely exclusive, since each of the branches has steam nozzles that allow such deep sterilization to be carried out . Steam is expelled from the main section so that it reaches everywhere.

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Harting + Helling bottle sterilizer in white

The Harting + Helling sterilizer uses the electric operation system and has a capacity for 6 bottles. The duration of the sterilization process with this device only lasts 11 minutes, which means that it is quite fast; In addition, it allows the user to save electrical energy because it only uses 500 watts of input power and has a built-in thermostat regulator switch.

Regarding its capacity, the Babymoov is capable of handling 6 bottles in the main branches , but in turn it has small sections that serve to place the lids and another 6 double sections in which the pacifiers and threads can be placed.

For its part, there is also an audible alarm that indicates the moment in which the sterilization cycle has finished , in addition there is an automatic shutdown, this gives the user the peace of mind of not having the need to stay in front of the sterilizer waiting finish working.

Users who have already used this sterilizer highlighted that it is quite functional and spacious, so it allows you to put several large bottles at the same time without any problem, as well as on the upper part you can place the lids, nipples and pacifiers. They also highlighted that it is easy to use because it is enough to add the water in the corresponding space and then press the power button . In addition to this, it has an LED light that indicates to the user that the sterilizer is working.

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Nuk Vapo 2 en 1

As its name indicates, the Nuk Vapo 2 in 1 device complies with two types of operation, on the one hand it is a sterilizer that helps eliminate all bacteria and germs that can be found in bottles and on the other hand it is a steamer capable of cooking vegetables, meat and fish; It is capable of maintaining all the vitamins and nutrients of each of the food that are cooked.

Regarding sterilization, it is capable of keeping the content sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid remains completely closed, it is also an appliance that contributes to environmental protection , since it works only with steam and does not need to use any chemical product to carry out your job.

A great benefit that it has is that it is compatible with all types of bottles that the Nuk brand has. The tray is the one that these are placed is completely removable, which facilitates the cleaning of the same.

This sterilizer has an automatic shutdown , so you can be sure that the equipment will stop working as soon as it finishes its cycle, whether it is sterilizing or cooking.

The Nuk 2 in 1 also includes several accessories that facilitate its use , such as a bottle with tweezers, which are ideal for extracting the bottles once they have been sterilized to avoid burns; Also included is an accessory basket and bottle holder.

Several user opinions highlighted that it is a very useful device and that it allows a large number of accessories to be sterilized in a very short time, making the life of parents much easier. However, regarding the cooking function, they stressed that it is not very good, since the food is not fully cooked and it takes a long time.

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Jané universal sterilizer for 6 bottles 0m +

Jané is one of the most recognized brands worldwide for its development of products designed for children’s use , which covers absolutely all the categories that may be considered necessary for a child: clothing, hygiene and health products, toys, accessories for the food, etc . The best thing is that all its products are manufactured under strict quality controls, which guarantees the user that he is acquiring a totally reliable product.

The Jané brand universal sterilizer is a product that came to relieve stress for new parents , as it gives them the opportunity to sterilize up to 6 bottles and accessories in a very short time. In addition, thanks to its translucent cover, the user has the opportunity to view the entire interior of the sterilizer and see how it works.

This device has the automatic shutdown function , a feature that provides great peace of mind to parents, who often neglect many things to be aware of the baby and tend to forget the things they have left on. In addition to this, it has a light indicator that meets the objective of indicating that the equipment is working correctly.

On the other hand, it is an artifact that contributes to the protection of the environment because it does not use any chemical product to function.

Most users agreed that it is a fairly efficient and excellent quality product, which fulfills all the functions it offers in an optimal and safe way. They also pointed out that its design helps it to function as a decorative element in the space it is placed.

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Chicco Steril Natural 2 in 1

Chicco is one of the most recognized brands worldwide in the production of products for children , so it could not be left out in the creation of bottle sterilizers that are a necessary element during the first 6 months of the baby’s life, since these are very defenseless and they need everything they use to be free of bacteria and germs .

The Chicco Steril Natural 2 in 1 sterilizer allows the user to use it in two ways, one is complete with its full capacity (up to 6 bottles) and the other is compact, adjusting the size according to the accessories to be sterilized (they can be only 2 bottles). It is an artifact that in just 5 minutes meets its objective and provides protection for up to 24 hours .

It also has an automatic shutdown function , which gives users the peace of mind that the appliance will not stay on for longer than required, so as soon as it finishes its cycle it stops completely.

It is compatible with all Chicco brand bottles and accessories. It is capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs that can be found in bottles and accessories. In addition, it contributes to environmental protection thanks to the fact that it does not use any type of chemical additives.

Something very beneficial about this sterilizer is that its size is quite small, so it does not take up much space in the kitchen, even less if only its reduced base is used.

It is important to note that this appliance should not be used outdoors, that is, exposed to the sun or rain, so doing so could lead to damage to it. In the same way, although this is a product to sterilize children’s things, it does not mean that they can use it, so it is very important to keep it out of the reach of the little ones and thus avoid unfortunate accidents .

Similarly, it is necessary to keep it away from hot areas and avoid placing it on unstable and heat sensitive surfaces . It is important that you never remove the lid of the appliance when you are working or bring your face or extremities too close, as the hot steam could burn you.

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Philips Avent SCF285 / 02

Philips is a brand with more than 20 years in the market and in its Avent range has been dedicated to the production of baby products and sterilizers are one of them , this time we will talk about the SCF285 / 02 model, which will be characterized Because it is 3 in 1 and has an adjustable size that adapts to the user’s needs.

The 3-in-1 functionality consists of the following:

  • Small size: ideal for sterilizing small accessories such as pacifiers, teethers, etc.
  • Medium size: designed for the sterilization of medium accessories such as breast pumps, cutlery, plates, etc.
  • Large size: suitable for sterilizing up to 6 bottles.

This is an ideal sterilizer for large bottles, since it has adequate space for it. Its operation is extremely fast, since the entire cycle is carried out in just 6 minutes and it turns off automatically, something that gives users the assurance that the appliance will not last longer than adequate and will not consume excess energy.

Its sterilization process is so effective that it can kill 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs, best of all, it does it without the need to use toxic products . The sterilization effect can last up to 24 hours as long as the bottles remain inside the device and the device is tightly closed. In addition to this, teethers, pacifiers, plates, cutlery, etc. can also be disinfected.

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Cleaning the sterilizer is very easy to perform, which allows the user to keep the heating plate completely clean; This ensures that every time the product is used there is 100% clean steam.

Regarding the opinions of the users, the fact that it is a very useful, effective and excellent quality device stands out, in addition to its variability in sizes, it is very convenient to sterilize accessories of different sizes , which can be done by separate or unifying all in one.

Some of the things that should be taken into account is that the base should never be submerged in water, much less the network cable or the plug. For this reason, it is necessary to review the instruction manual at all times, especially when cleaning for the first time.

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Chicco Steril Natural 3 in 1

This Chicco brand model is very similar to the Philips Avent model mentioned above, since it also has 3 different sizes that allow the user to adapt it according to their needs. What differentiates this model from the other is that one of the compartments is suitable for use in the microwave (duration of 3 minutes). For its part, the compact size saves up to 25% of energy, something that is of great benefit for the preservation of the environment.

The sterilization cycle only lasts 5 minutes and the effect can be maintained for up to 24 hours if the products remain inside the equipment and it is perfectly closed. This sterilizer is capable of killing bacteria and germs by 99.9%, which provides great security to parents and, above all, to the baby, who will be fully protected.

Users highlighted the fact that it does not take up much space in the kitchen thanks to its reduced base, in the same way they pointed out how pleasant it is its variety of sizes and that its adaptability for microwave allows them to get out of trouble with a 100 sterilization% safe and efficient.

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Dr. Brown’s electric sterilizer

Dr. Brown’s is a world-renowned brand with more than 20 years in the market , which over time has been dedicated to the efficient elaboration of completely innovative products that favor and promote the nutrition and optimal health of babies.

The electric sterilizer of this brand is one of those products that provides great comfort to parents, since it allows them to sterilize up to 6 large bottles without any problem. The cycle time is only 12 minutes, something quite acceptable compared to other models , it also has an automatic shutdown that saves energy and prevents the product from overheating.

One of the accessories that is included with the sterilizer are tweezers that are used to manipulate the bottle once it has been completely cleaned, these prevent the user from running the risk of getting burned and at the same time getting the bottles dirty again.

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Using this sterilizer is very easy to do, as you just have to plug in and press the power button to start the process . The button lights up and that light indicates to the user that it is operating. Another thing that it has is a removable basket, which facilitates the loading and unloading of the bottles.

Among the users they highlighted its functionality and practicality to carry out the sterilization process, they affirm that it is quite effective and that it complies with everything that is offered. They also pointed out that there is a good value for money, since the amount paid is adequate for the product.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric

The Closer to Nature sterilizer from the Tomme Tippee brand is one of the most elegant and compact on the market thanks to its design, so it not only works as an appliance, but can also serve as a decorative tool for the entire space that is placed. .

The sterilization process is quite fast, as it only takes 5 minutes to finish the cycle; In addition, you do not need to use any type of chemical or toxic products that could put the baby’s health at risk. The sterile effect can last up to 24 hours if the bottles remain in the sterilizer and the sterilizer is kept tightly closed.

When starting the process, the power button lights up in an orange color , which indicates to the user that the process is being carried out, as soon as it finishes it turns off automatically and you only have to wait 3 minutes while they cool, both the bottles and the accessories extras that have been placed.

As for the opinions of the users, the positive opinions stand out, as many point out that it is quite fast, has a large capacity, is silent and the automatic shutdown is ideal for forgetful parents. They pointed out that it has a good value for money, since the amount paid is in accordance with the functions it offers .

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Microwave sterilizers

Microwave sterilizers are one of the different operating systems used by these appliances , those that are designed to work in microwaves have a design capable of withstanding high temperatures, generally taking between 5 and 8 minutes to carry out the entire process.

It is recommended that you never remove the lid immediately, since the steam contained could generate severe burns, so it is preferable to wait a little and when doing so try to lift the lid at an angle, trying to open one side first and come out hot steam over there.

It is necessary to wait, at least 2 minutes, to be able to remove the bottles, as these are also hot and you have to wait for it to cool.

To avoid the risk of fire, it is necessary for the user to follow each of the instructions in the manual to the letter , since the corresponding amount of water must be added to prevent the base from melting due to high temperatures. temperatures that can be experienced inside the microwave.

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In the same way, you should refrain from introducing metallic objects , since these have a natural reaction with the microwave that can cause sparks and even fatal fires. Likewise, avoid overloading the sterilizer, so before buying one you must ensure that it has a size that fits the needs of each person.

One of the most notable advantages of this type of sterilizer is that they turn out to be much cheaper than electric ones , in addition, it can be used differently from the microwave that is already in the home, since the procedure is very simple to carry out, It only takes a little water and 2 minutes of time.

Reer microwave baby bottle sterilizer

The Reer brand microwave bottle sterilizer is one of the most popular on the market and one of the most classic in this range. To use it, you only need to fill the container with a little water, which will heat up and the steam will perform the function of sterilizing the bottles and accessories.

This has a capacity for up to 4 bottles and their respective accessories, which is quite effective ; the height of the bottles should not exceed 16 centimeters. The storage basket is ideal for holding all kinds of small parts that you want to clean. To carry out the disinfection process, it is not necessary to use any type of additional chemicals or toxic elements that may be harmful to the environment and even to the health of the baby.

Something very beneficial is that it has a bell handle, the main objective of which is to protect the user from suffering burns caused by hot steam and at the same time provides reliability to maintain the sterilization of the bottles and accessories.

This sterilizer is not recommended for sterilizing glass bottles, or any metallic object that could generate an explosive reaction with the microwave.

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Philips Avent SCF281 / 02

The Avent range of the Philips brand has been characterized by the manufacture of excellent quality products for optimal baby care , one of its products is the microwave sterilizer that allows the admission of up to 4 bottles and performs the sterilization process in just 2 minutes, it also results in the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

The duration of the cycle could vary, since it will depend on the power of the microwave , the variation can be the following:

  • 1100 – 1850 watts = 2 minutes
  • 850 – 1000 watts = 4 minutes
  • 500 – 850 watts = 6 minutes

The size of this sterilizer makes it one of the favorites when making long trips, as it is quite comfortable to transport . It also fits perfectly in most microwaves on the market today.

For its part, it has safety fasteners that are cold to the touch and allow to keep the lid fixed, this ensures the user that he can remove the sterilizer from the microwave without any problem and reduces the risk of possible burns.

Among the opinions of the users, considerable variability was found, as some expressed their liking and satisfaction with the product, while others pointed out that it was not as spacious as they thought. However, all of this is quite subjective because everyone’s experience is completely different.

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Jané microwave sterilizer

The Jané brand microwave sterilizer is of great help to ensure the health of the baby and avoid exposing it to bacteria and germs that could cause countless diseases. This device can sterilize up to 6 bottles and includes an additional basket for nipples and other accessories; In addition, it also includes tweezers to facilitate their extraction once the sterilization cycle has been completed.

One of the things to take into account before purchasing any microwave sterilizer are the dimensions, both of the sterilizer and the microwave that you have at home, because it will be useless to buy a product that in the end cannot be used because it does not fit the space intended for heating. The dimensions of this sterilizer are 20 cm wide x 16.5 cm high.

One of the advantages of this microwave sterilizer is that it saves energy , which helps to contribute to the health of the environment. In addition, it does not contain any type of chemical products that can cause damage, the plastic used is completely BPA free.

Several users compared their experience with this product against other experiences with other similar devices and pointed out that the Jané sterilizer is quite useful, practical and very efficient. They emphasized that there is a good value for money, emphasizing that it could be considered economical compared to all the functions it offers.

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Tigex 80600624

The Tigex sterilizer could be considered the fastest currently on the market, as it is capable of sterilizing up to 5 bottles and their accessories in just 3 minutes if a 1000W microwave is used. This has a basket with supports that act as a chimney to distribute the steam throughout the bottle reaching the bottom of it, thus guaranteeing excellent sterilization.

The basket also has a built-in stand that works as a drainer for bottles and accessories . In addition, one of the advantages it has is that the sterile effect can be maintained for up to 24 hours, as long as the device is kept tightly closed. For its part, the handles that are on the sides help to block the container , this guarantees that no type of accidents occur; burns are usually very common and must be avoided at all costs.

At the end of the sterilization cycle, the equipment will be quite hot, so it is recommended to use special gloves, a cloth or, in the best of cases, wait for it to cool down a bit . It is a product that should always be kept out of the reach of children, especially if it has just been used and has hot water inside.

Regarding the maintenance of the appliance, it is very important that anti-limescale tablets or any type of sterilizing solutions that can be toxic or very abrasive and end up damaging the equipment are not used . To clean it, just use hot soapy water.

Regarding the opinions of the users, the fact that it is a fairly good, resistant and excellent quality product was highlighted, which has a small size that makes it fit in most of the microwaves on the market. In addition, it has an excellent value for money, since it turns out to be cheaper than other offers on the market and has more and better functions.

Dr. Brown’s 156896

The Dr. Brown’s brand is known for its manufacture of products designed to preserve human health and hygiene. This time we will focus on the exclusive range for babies, specifically on bottle sterilizers, which turn out to be very beneficial for the radical elimination of bacteria and germs.

The Dr. Brown’s 156896 sterilizer model is designed to use the microwave system , so the materials in which it is made are quite resistant to heat, it has a special tray in which the bottles and their accessories must be placed. ; you can put up to 4 bottles.

The specific measurements of this artifact are 17.3 X 29.5 X 29.5 cm. The time it takes to carry out the entire sterilization cycle is between 5 and 8 minutes.

However, among the opinions of users, many highlighted that the sterilizer is much larger than indicated, so it is recommended to measure both the product and the microwave before purchasing it, in this way you avoid running the risk to buy something that in the end will not be able to be used because of its size.

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Philips Avent steam sterilizer bags

Philips Avent sterilizer bags work with steam and are very easy to use, they have a viewing window in which you can see everything that happens inside them . In the pack offered by Philips Avent you can find 5 bags suitable for use in the microwave.

This is one of the most comfortable and practical sterilization methods that exist, since in said pack of bags up to 100 cycles of the process can be done , since each bag can be used up to 20 times and the pack includes 5, as shown. mentioned above, which each package can last a minimum of 3 months if the bottles and their accessories are sterilized daily; if not, they might last a little longer.

These bags have a check box in which the user can mark each time they use it, in this way they have the possibility of keeping track and knowing when is the right time to dispose of any. In the same way, each one has on its packaging some pictograms that indicate how they should be used .

Something very characteristic of these bags is that they all have a safe area, it is a space through which they can be taken after you have completed the cycle without risk of burns.

The time it takes for these bags to sterilize is only 90 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest and most effective methods . It is an ideal product for sporadic use and, obviously, for traveling, as they are extremely easy to transport and do not take up much space; They are also ideal to carry in the baby bag and leave them in care.

Each bag can hold up to 3 bottles with their accessories or, if necessary, 1 breast pump . It is only necessary to add 60 ml of water for the process to be carried out.

Baby Due Microwave Sterilizer

The Baby Due sterilizer is suitable for use in the microwave, it does not need the addition of chemical products to carry out the sterilization process, since it only needs a little water, therefore, no unpleasant odors or flavors are generated. .

In this, up to 3 bottles and their accessories can be sterilized at one time, and it only takes between 5 and 8 minutes to complete the cycle (it may vary depending on the power of the microwave); This is one of the reasons why this product stands out in the market, thanks to its capacity and speed.

It is important that before using the sterilizer for the first time it is washed well, since being a factory product it goes through various places before reaching your home and in all this process it fills with bacteria; you can use a soft, damp cloth for this. In the same way, before entering the bottles they must be washed previously, remember that the sterilizer is only a deeper cleaning.

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that it should not exceed the time placed in the microwave, follow the instructions expressed in the manual to the letter, since in this way you will avoid accidents or misuse the device and may damage it irreparably.

Among the opinions of the users it stands out that it is quite small, so it fits perfectly in most microwaves; as well as its effectiveness and its excellent quality.

BébéConfort express bottle sterilizer for microwave in white

The BébéConfort is one of the fastest bottle sterilizers on the market, capable of completing the entire cycle in just 3 minutes or less. In the basket where the bottles go there are small holes that help the steam circulate better throughout the space, making sterilization more effective, and you do not need to use any type of chemical product.

One of the great attributes of this sterilizer is that it has 3-in-1 operation, as it has cold sterilization, hot sterilization and a bottle drainer, all at the same time. In the same way, it has a large capacity where it can hold up to 6 large bottles.

On the other hand, to help facilitate its use, diagrams are included in which it is specifically revealed what goes in each compartment, this is very useful to organize everything correctly and without mistakes.

Among the opinions of the users, its great capacity stood out, but at the same time, emphasis was placed on its lightness and ease of use. The fact that the cleaning procedure is very easy to perform was also emphasized.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature for microwave

The Tommee Tippee brand Closer to Nature sterilizer has the ideal microwave operation system, it takes between 4 and 8 minutes to sterilize up to 4 bottles and their accessories. In addition, it is able to keep the bottles and their accessories sterile for 24 hours if the lid is kept tightly closed.

Something quite characteristic is that its compact model allows it to be used at home and in turn can be transported to various places. The material in which it is made does not contain BPA, so there is no risk of suffering an allergic reaction.

It also includes tweezers that help remove the bottles and their accessories after the sterilization process.

Users highlighted that its measurements are the ideal ones so that it fits perfectly in most microwaves, they also emphasized its excellent quality and the comfort that it generates to be able to transport it everywhere.

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