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Order is such a beautiful thing; while you are single without children you like to keep everything in its place; you have a closet with several compartments to store your clothes and shoes; you have drawers to store underwear and stockings; others to store lingerie, while you store bath products in other drawers in the bathroom; in short, nothing is thrown on the floor, or on the bed or furniture; in the kitchen everything is on the shelves; like someone who says ¨Everything in its place¨ and that makes you happy; There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your house clean and tidy, and order is achieved by keeping everything in specific places such as the shelves, the closet and the drawers or dressers .

Everything is beautiful while you are single, you have control of that order, of that organization; but when you decide to marry and have children, there you must control more than one; Your husband may help you to keep the house tidy, while your son will do the opposite, since for each thing you keep, he will get two; Especially when it comes to their toys, a toy can be lying around for four hours without your baby looking at it, and you just have to take it and put it away so that he wants to play with that toy.

It is something normal, since since they are babies they need to develop their imagination; However, whether it is messy or not will depend on you; You must teach them that since they are old enough to understand simple things; nothing complicated for their age, for example from the first year of life they begin to imitate many of the things you do, try to sweep and give them a broom (if they already know how to walk) and you will see that although they have not even learned to speak they will want to sweep as you are doing; It is small if, however there is no age to begin to instill values ​​in it , since they are born you begin to teach love, and a love actor is to teach him all the good things so that he is an excellent person, among them being orderly .

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Although it is true that at that age you have to let them play ; since play is a basic element in your baby’s life, it is something fun and necessary for their growth and development, it keeps them active, strengthens their abilities, they learn about life from play, from their imaginary world; When your child plays he is learning many things at the same time, they learn to face over and over again situations that at first they think they cannot solve but that each time they try they end up mastering it, or adapting. Your child discovers, their personality is formed, they explore new things, colors, shapes, and develop their imagination.

It is really important that your children grow up in a play environment, because with it, they will be able to develop different physical capacities, because if they run at home they will exercise, develop their psychomotor coordination, strengthen their muscles, bones, and even their lungs; And after a long day of games, your child will want to sleep because of the fatigue he feels and his mind will be deep and very productive since everything he has played will be moving in his mind while he sleeps.

And if you have colorful toys, you will also have excellent sensory and mental development since your baby will differentiate between sizes and textures; between shapes and a variety of colors; Also these toys will help you experience emotions such as joy, anger, emotional feelings because they will getting attached to one another toy ; And all this will help your baby to grow up to be a boy or girl with a high intellectual capacity, with a capacity to love and value things and people. Do you want a smart and loving child? Let him play.

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Also through play you can learn habits of cooperation; because if you have siblings, cousins ​​and friends, playing with them will be much more fun; Well, what use are so many toys if you don’t have a partner to share it with? they enjoy it much more when they can get along with other children their age; and sometimes it is difficult for them to want to share their toys, but that you should also teach them from a young age.

Sharing their toys with other children, interacting will allow them to develop their language, it will expand their vocabulary; and in itself all his cognitive development will be expanded. Toys for babies and children promote creativity, intellectual development, their social learning; toys are more than just objects as you can see; and from the moment he is born until a time comes when he does not want to play anymore, generally when they enter adolescence, during all this time you will have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of toys, not counting those that you will have donated to be able to have the house tidy without so many toys thrown on the floor.

It is very fun for your children to play, and you saw that it gives them many advantages, but it does not seem so much fun to have to pick them up, when they ask for them it turns out that they are already tired, they complain, and of course it may be because it is also the attitude you take (stop and think about this) you have to teach him that putting away toys is as fun as taking them out to play; And your attitude has to be positive, because if for you it is annoying and exhausting that is what your children will believe.

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That is why the best way for your children to learn from a young age to be organized with their toys is to buy them a striking toy organizer ; that inspires fun and entertainment, that is designed especially for them; you place it in his room and show him joy and enthusiasm; while explaining what that organizer is for; but look for the best words, remember that they are children and in their mind it is not responsibility and order what they want to learn; but to build, destroy and rebuild without consequences; they are not ready to assume any kind of bad consequences.

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All that is in his head is fun and more fun; so teach him to put his toys away but first as if it were a game; Use your imagination; compete with him, see who keeps more toys, select them by categories and use a toy organizer that has several compartments; have fun while you teach your child to be orderly; Because using a toy organizer is very beneficial for when you have a child who has many toys , they do not have to be thrown away, they can be in one well-organized place without them being in the way of the whole house.

However, you should be careful with the one you choose since if you buy one with heavy drawers they could cause harm to the child if they fall on him by accident; or if you buy one with folding doors, it can bruise or pinch your fingers , and there are other risks, it is best that it is one with drawers that do not weigh, preferably made of fabrics and that are with or without mini doors so that it is not difficult for your child keep their toys, you should also ensure that it is his height or not higher than the one that is unattainable, because then you will not be motivating him.

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Are toy organizers necessary?

The question that some moms ask themselves when they have a child with many toys is that toy organizers are really necessary? It is a question they have because they generally have a shop window at home baskets or boxes used to store toys; However, when the child has a room decorated with a favorite cartoon character, those things do not attract him to keep his toys because they are adults, they do not fit in his room in his fun world.

So a toy organizer is necessary ; If you buy it ready then you can save a lot of work and you will also find it with different motifs that will attract your attention; however you can also choose to make a home organizer with recycling material ; fabric of clothes that you no longer use, boxes, hooks, paper, paints, and everything that you use to make yourself and with your baby a toy organizer.

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It is important that you have one at home for the reasons that I have already given you, the baby as he grows will make you buy, because you must buy him toys that adapt to his age; a rattle will no longer serve you when you are a child capable of assembling and disassembling; you will want for example some laymen; and so on until you have a whole universe of toys in your room, and if you imagine the panorama without an organizer then you will see that it is really catastrophic; It will seem that a hurricane has passed in your baby’s room, I say a hurricane; an earthquake itself joined to the hurricane and all natural disasters together.

If you can visualize life with a baby, his toys and without a toy organizer? Actually the usual approach of having the room tidy out of obligation is something that will frustrate your children; This is why, although it is necessary, (because it is) to have a toy organizer, you should not force your children to save after playing, it is not a matter of forcing them but rather of motivating them, of teaching them how I told you before, of a fun way; make organizing your toys also a game at first.

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Once you learn the importance of being orderly; He will only want to do it because to see his room so beautiful after collecting his toys and keeping it in that organizer so according to his age; so eye-catching for your child; that will also motivate you more; and being organized in your room will also teach you to be organized in your life, in your thoughts and in your time; even if it is a habit that must be taught yes or yes; The best thing is that you know how to teach him, buy him his toys, all the necessary to contribute to his psychomotor and cognitive development, and at the same time a toy organizer to instill in him a habit that will serve him all his life.

How do I do it? You think that it is very difficult, because they start to leave toys thrown everywhere as soon as they turn one year old; when they are already walking around the house; and really if it is difficult to teach him to talk or to put off the diaper, it is much more difficult to teach him to put away his toys, or at least that is what is believed; When they are young like that, it is best that you teach them by example, do it yourself, and have fun doing it, show an attitude that amuses your baby, tell them keep this, it’s your turn, let’s both go best.

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After it is older, you can tidy up the room and make it as beautiful as possible, and then you take a photo of it and put it in a place that your baby can see easily; so you can see how nice your room was before you throw away all your toys; it is a visual aid and motivation ; likewise when you have to pick them up then help him ; play him his favorite song, invent a game, colors, or sizes, speed, develop his creativity, tell him that the toy organizer is a robot that comes from the future and wants me to feed it with toys; there are no limits to this, try to be creative.

My last recommendation is that you do not force him , I know I already mentioned it to you but this is very important, forcing him, making him cry, or blackmailing him could give him the wrong message; Although you can tell him that a toy could make you fall if it is not in his place, but do not tell him that if he does not pick it up you will not buy more or things like that; since these teachings are for the whole life, not for that one moment; and when he grows up then he will be easily blackmailed by people because that is what Mom taught him, so try not to give him the wrong message; you just want me to learn to be orderly.

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Types of toy organizers

In the market you will find toy organizers that differ according to their material; that is to say, there are them in mdf, in fabric, and in plastic.

The toy organizers made of mdf , wood fiber material are safe for children since they are light, and these organizers are resistant over time, however they do not resist water or humidity so they must be located in dry places and prevent the child from getting it wet; generally they are closet type with several compartments and with doors; So you only have to be careful that the child does not want to climb it; for this reason you must fix it to avoid accidents.

Those made of fabric are generally homemade, a long strip with several pockets where you can store the smallest toys; However, in the market you can find them of different types, for example bath nets, to store shampoo, soap and bath toys for your baby; or bags that are hung on the wall of different sizes and shapes so that the child stores his toys and his room is tidy. Likewise, the previous ones, that is, the mdf can be combined with the fabric ones , because there are toy organizers whose frame or skeleton is made of mdf and their drawers are made of fabrics printed with the different motifs of cartoons or other drawings.

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And finally the plastic toy organizers ; This is rarely with children’s motifs since they are usually transparent and what varies is the color of its cover; You get them in different sizes and they are more in the form of boxes with lids; Children do not like them very much but mothers love them because they fulfill the function of storing toys, and you can have them of all sizes and with covers of all colors. These are the main types of toy organizers; And if you don’t know which one to choose, let me guide you a bit in this article, as I have prepared a list of the best toy organizers on the market and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Which of all to choose?

Among all the types of toy organizers that there are, the advantage is not of one in particular since they all have their advantages; And you just have to keep the following in mind before choosing a toy organizer for your child:

  • Height: you should choose a toy organizer that is not so tall, remember that you need it to be comfortable for your little one, not for you; That is why they must be sized according to the size of your child, not very unattainable because you will not be able to motivate him, simply if he sees it larger than he will feel that it is not his.
  • Material and quality: This is your decision, since the important thing is that whatever material you choose is of quality; If it is plastic, remember that they are usually transparent and do not attract much attention to children; If it is in mdf, you must take the necessary precautions because, because it is resistant, your baby will want to get on it and could have an accident; you must fix it very well to a wall; And finally, if it is made of fabric, it has to be a strong fabric that supports the different textures of the toys so that it will not break easily.

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  • Design and appearance : the design of the toy organizer will depend on the type you choose, since the plastic ones are usually shaped like boxes of all sizes, while the fabric ones can have different shapes, but a long strip with several pockets it is the most common; but the truth is that there are many shapes, for example: with shapes of animals with open mouths; and finally the organizers in mdf or combined are very practical and have several compartments, generally of various colors and with a good size so that they do not take up much space in the baby’s room, which is generally small. Regarding the appearanceThe first thing is to select a special one for the sex of your child, if she is a girl, choose one with her favorite colors; or with her cartoon character that she likes the most, generally from Disney and the colors for her could be pink, fuchsia, purple, or for children who like Mickey, and highlights blue or black colors; This will be a personal decision but inclined towards the tastes of your baby.

By taking into account these things that I just mentioned then you will be able to make the right choice; and if you do not know where to start because the market offers you more variety than your brain can process, then you can guide yourself with the list that I have prepared for you later, first it will be good to teach you how to make an easy homemade toy organizer, and then I invite you to see the wonderful list of the best toy organizers that you can buy ready-made.

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How to make an easy toy organizer?

The toy organizer is really a necessity, and you will realize it is when your baby is one year old, you will see that there are more and more toys, those that you bought from birth, those that were given to him on his birthday, or at Christmas, those that you buy for no reason just because you or your son liked it; and it is good however the disorder will be great when you do not know where to store all these toys; This is why you can make your own homemade toy organizer if you do not want to invest money in one.

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I will teach you to make the easiest of all; the cloth one: you will need a clothes hanger, needle, threads of different colors, a fabric one meter long by half a meter wide unicolor, and four cuts or scraps of about 50 cm wide by 25 cm long; Each cutout should be in different colors. You can preferably use your baby’s favorites or you can alternate between solid colors and prints. or simply use a white fabric and decorate it yourself with cold paint (it will not be washable) or with liquid embroidery (if it is washable) and make the designs of your preference, or place the names of the type of toy that will go in each pocket or compartment.

After having all the materials then on a table or on the floor, where you feel most comfortable; he proceeds to stretch the fabric that is one meter long ; and try to place the cutouts that fit the width as they will be the same width as the long fabric; there you will see that they fit exactly; remove three and leave the first; You should sew the bottom and the sides to this , but not the top; you need to make a pocket.

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With the following squares you will sew in the same way as with the first one, but with a variant, which is that you must hem each cutout 5 centimeters ; and sew this is so that the space is visible, the pocket opening is more visible and it is easy for your baby to insert his toys there.

Once you have sewn all the squares with the respective threads, then to finish sew the hook at the top, you can put a somewhat thick eye-catching ribbon; I leave everything to your imagination; when you have sewn everything with the included hook then you will have your fabric toy organizer ready; finish decorating it with whatever you want, try not to use plastic applications because the baby or child can tear them off and try to put it in their mouth.

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Show your child what you did with so much love and patience; and teach him to keep his most precious toys there; For example, if you are a child, you can keep one or more toys in each compartment, for example: in the first compartment you put your cars, in the second your tennis or baseball balls, in the third your soldiers, and in the fourth pocket you can keep your stuffed animals. And if it is a girl; in the first he can keep his dolls, in the second his toy cell phones, in the third his tea sets, and in the fourth pocket his teddy bears.

However, although it is very useful to make a home organizer, sometimes it is not enough because the number of toys grows month by month, or year after year, so you will have to choose to buy a larger organizer, which It is much cheaper than investing in materials and time that sometimes a mommy does not have; Buy it already manufactured is more feasible and the time has come to move on to the list of the best toy organizers on the market.

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LANGRIA modular closet organizer in white with 16 cubes with doors, 1 clothes rail and decorative adhesive stickers

The first organizer I want to talk to you about is the LANGRIA white modular organizer closet that is perfect for your beautiful baby. Each door has a red kiss emblazoned on it , and the organizer is entirely white; It has no more and no less than sixteen perfect cube-type spaces to store your baby’s different toys in each one ; and many other things that will allow you to have your room always tidy.

It also has a bar that is used to hang your baby’s clothes, you will keep everything organized, and your baby’s room will look very beautiful with the toy organizer and more; because it not only serves to store toys but you can also store your baby’s shoes in the last four buckets; and everything will be protected because LANGRIA modular closet organizer has magnificent doors for each cube.

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It is wonderful to have such a large storage capacity; Well, as I have mentioned, as your baby grows, you will buy her, and they will give her more and more toys, more clothes and more shoes; and while using them all, it has to be kept somewhere so that the room or the house is not seen so untidy; And thus, when storing everything of your daughter in LANGRIA modular organizer closet, the excess space will make everything look tidy and beautiful; a place with space to move and with nothing thrown on the floor inspires a lot of peace.

And the good thing about this toy organizer is that you can use the cubes each one separately or join two, that is, use it in combination so that you have more storage capacity in case you have a larger toy; It is not mandatory that you stick with the shape recommended in the manual, but you can create different shapes with the cubes as you see fit, and in this you can involve your daughter so that both of you create the organizer in their own way, like the imagination. ask them.

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This useful and excellent organizer for storing your baby’s things also includes some practical labels that are to help you organize yourself even more ; These are very cute stickers that make it easy for you and your daughter to locate the things you have stored, a tag for clothes, another for shoes, and so on to locate a particular item that your baby has kept there and thus learn To be even more organized, she will keep each item on the label that corresponds to it and will also look for it when she needs it.

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LANGRIA modular closet organizer is of excellent quality; The frames of each cube are made of steel to resist up to 10 pounds of weight that you introduce; connectors are made of strong and durable plastic; so that you can join the tubes and that they do not move or oscillate; this way you can build your organizer to your liking without fear of breaking anything.

The total measurement will be 147 2 centimeters by 37 centimeter s if you make it 4 by 4 cubes because each cube measures 35 centimeters by 35 centimeters ; to which you can introduce things that weigh up to 4.5kg each; enough stamina for you to store enough things in your LANGRIA modular storage closet; very versatile and useful indeed.

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DELTA CHILDREN Disney Minnie and Daisy toy box

The two previous models are ideal for children of 5 years if you see it that way; at this moment I want to present you a toy organizer model that is very striking ; It’s Minnie Mouse and Daisy, two popular cartoon characters that your little one sure loves; it has a fuchsia background color with those perfect drawings of your favorite characters , seeing your toy organizer so beautiful you will want to purposely throw away your toys without intending to play with them, just to be able to store it in a fun way; I tell you that he will like to play ordering more than anything else

Your princess having a DELTA CHILDREN toy organizer toy box with Disney Minnie and Daisy design in her room, she will always want to keep it tidy; It is an organizer that is made with the best materials, it has wood and printed fabric ; that is, the Minnie and Daisy design is printed both on the fabric of each drawer and on the wooden part that gives body to the organizer; This main structure is made of lacquered MDF , very resistant and also easy to clean; Do not do it with a damp cloth because you could damage it but you can remove the dust easily, just wipe it with a duster or dry cloths.

DELTA CHILDREN toy box with Disney Minnie and Daisy design has a box that goes at the bottom covering the entire width; there it is ideal to put big toys; while the one in the middle is divided in half; In other words, they are two perfect boxes to place different toys in each one; and finally the main one; the one that goes up, this one is divided in three boxes, the measure is a little smaller; there your baby can introduce smaller toys; Doing so will teach you to be orderly; and it will also differentiate between shapes and sizes so that you store your toys according to the size of the compartments.

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In total there are six boxes that are printed with pretty designs of Minnie and Daisy; and the total measurement of the organizer is 66.04 centimeters in height, by 63.5 cm in width and 29.85 cm in depth ; a perfect measure for your baby to feel the owner of the toy organizer, this will help him learn to be organized; because I told you above that if his organizer is unreachable then he will take it as something from mommy or daddy and he will not want or be able to keep his toys in it; but this is not the case with DELTA CHILDREN toy box with Disney Minnie and Daisy design; This is specially designed for girls as young as two years of age. Because it is not too early to learn to be orderly;A lesson that he will put into practice for a lifetime because it is something that is done until the last beat of the heart.

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Welecom Mesh Bathtub & Bathroom Toy Organizer with Suction Cup Holder

And in view of the fact that both the room and the bathroom must be tidy; I have included in my list this model of toy organizer, it is Welecom mesh organizer of toys for bathroom and bathtub with suction cup support, since your baby needs to have his things from his bathroom in one place; With this organizer you can have everything together, your bath toys together with your shampoo and soap so that nothing gets lost and to have it close to the bathtub.

It is an organizer for bath toys, made of fabric so that it does not take up much space; it has multipockets to keep the bathroom tidy ; In other words, with some of the toy organizers that go in the room like the ones I already mentioned, you will have your child’s room tidy; plus a bath toy organizer, also the bathroom will be tidy; Your whole house will be in perfect condition without scattered toys but with happy children.

Although it is mainly thought of bath toys; Welecom mesh toy organizer for bathroom and bathtub with suction cup holder also serves to store things like underwear if you want it that way; or you can also keep the little one’s story books, coloring books; your pencils and colors together everything.

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It is a good size; it measures thirteen centimeters by 18 centimeters; and the fabric with which it is made is washable, and very resistant; dries fast as it is made of polyester mesh ; and it has fasteners so you can place it where you prefer; it has two strong hooks to support the weight of what is inserted; since it has three upper compartments, and a large lower one; the top ones are for storing personal hygiene products if you prefer and the bottom one for the child to keep their bath toys.

Once your child is done enjoying their bath, it’s time to enjoy storing their toys in their Welecom Mesh Bath & Bath Toy Organizer with Suction Cup Holder; because having him near the bathtub gives him the message without you having to give it to him; the first few days tell him what it is for, keep his toys there, show him how nice the bathroom looks when it’s clean; You will see that in the next baths he will want to order it alone

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Disney wooden and fabric toy storage furniture Mickey Mouse design in blue

Among so many different options that I have prepared for you, you can see that I started with a white toy organizer that is ideal for girls, then I continued with a black one that serves children, and then I told you about one very beautiful for babies two years and older but female; after that I mentioned the bath toy organizer that works for both sexes; have a girl or a boy because it is a white mesh; but if you stop to see; I have been missing an organizer design for two-year-olds, if I already told you about Minnie with Daisy, this time I want to tell you about a Mickey Mouse toy organizer for the darling of the house.

It is a great organizer for the little one who surely loves this Disney character, and the best way to teach him to be tidy from his young age is to show him that organizing is also fun; And the colors and patterns on this toy organizer are especially eye-catching so your baby feels like organizing is part of the fun, too.

Store your toys in Disney furniture stores toys in wood and fabric Mickey Mouse design in blue is very practical since it has six drawers made of fabric and in which these Mickey Mouse characters are printed; to attract their attention, because at their age their main motivation is visual; and with this organizer you will be more than delighted.

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The drawers are divided as follows: the first is divided into three drawers to store toys of a small or medium size; or if you prefer you can keep books, or even clothes; in the central part there are two slightly larger drawers, there you can store toys such as teddy bears, and the last one is run; it is not divided and therefore is the largest; and perhaps the one that your baby reaches more easily so you will want to put everything there until it is full and you decide to start filling the ones above.

Disney furniture stores toys in wood and fabric Mickey Mouse design in blue is manufactured with high quality materials; the frame is in lacquered MDF; and the drawers are made of cloth; each one is printed with the Disney character Mickey Mouse.

Its height is 66 centimeters ; so that it is within reach of your baby, and is more motivated to be organized; because I give you an example; if you have a library at home and you want to read a book; just seeing it at the top could assure you that you will want to do other things before reaching for the ladder and reaching for the book; In other words, the desire is taken away from you; The same thing happens with children, if their toy organizer is unattainable, the desire to organize will be taken away.

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Songmics children’s folding shelf in pink

When it comes to talking about the best organizers on the market, I cannot leave out Songmics children’s folding shelf in pink so that your spoiled baby’s room has more space to play, and her toys are not thrown away; Since this organizer has nine cubes that measure 35.5 centimeters each, an ideal size so that your baby can have her room tidy by storing her things in each of the Songmics cubes pink folding children’s shelf.

It is a very safe organizer , it has neither edges, nor is it heavy, nor less doors that pinch; Its construction material is of high quality , the shoe rack plates are made of PP plastic , the connectors are made of ABS plastic and the tubes or wires that make up the main structure are made of metal, and none of this is at risk for your daughter; It really is very light although it is capable of supporting up to 10kg , and for you to assemble yourself, the Songmics children’s folding shelf organizer in pink includes the screws and plugs to hold the shoe rack to the wall.

Its design is very stable ; and it is simple so you can assemble and disassemble it with total ease , and the best thing is that you can do it in different ways, there are several that you can do and the manual that includes helps you with this; you just have to consult it and have fun putting together the organizer in the way that your princess likes best; square, rectangular, ladder-shaped; imagine and develop her imagination so that together you can create the best toy organizer.

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Due to its size you can place it anywhere; not only in your baby’s room, you can also place it even in the bathroom to store her accessories and bath toys, because you can use the nine cubes separately or join two; everything will depend on you and the space you have.

Among so many benefits it is also found that its plates are waterproof so they are resistant to humidity, dust and even mold; so you can keep it clean very easily; It will only be enough to wipe it with a damp cloth and clean it completely with confidence.

Each cube has its door where a series of striking drawings is printed that are specially designed by Songmics children’s folding shelf in pink so that your girl will attract her attention and from a young age she learns to be tidy; because it is something she must do for a lifetime and there is no better way to learn than by making her toy organizer hers, because it is just the way she likes it.

I mentioned the measurement of the cubes, which is 35 centimeters, but I forgot to mention the total measurement when assembling it as it is mainly recommended, that is, stacking cubes three by three; the final measurement is 112 centimeters long x 35 centimeters deep x 112 cm wide ; the best size so that you save space and can fit perfectly in the baby’s room or anywhere you want because you can use it too.

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Wardrobe shelf for clothes and toys in white with animal motifs

And with this Wardrobe shelf for clothes and toys in white with animal motifs I will finish the list of the best toy organizers, so that the balance is not lost, because the top one was pink for the spoiled ones of the house, and as you have I have noticed that I have always presented one for the girls and another for the boys; that’s why this organizer is ideal for the prince of your heart.

It is white with beautiful designs of animals and a child on each door, it is perfect for storing your child’s toys and also if you prefer their clothes, this design is designed for that little one who likes bright colors and drawings of animals; This stimulates his eyesight and being pleasant to him, he will always want to put all his toys away after he has had fun with them.

There are nine perfect cubes to free up space and keep the room tidy without toys lying all over the floor; it fits many things; and combines perfectly with any color that you have painted your child’s room; in addition to that Wardrobe shelf for clothes and toys in white with animal motifs can be assembled in different ways according to the user manual that is included; so don’t miss out on this so you can have fun with your child creating the toy organizer in the way he likes it the most.

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It is made with the best quality materials , PP plastic that is very resistant and the rods are made of metal; that guarantee that it will support up to a weight of 30kg ; It has measurements of 114 centimeters high by 114 centimeters wide and 38 centimeters deep; each cube measures 36 2 centimeters and has a bar to hang your baby’s clothes; It is very versatile really, you can store as I just told you the clothes, also shoes, and you will still have cubes to store all your toys.

Assembling it is as simple as possible ; you do not need additional tools; Try to do it together with your baby so that you can teach him that it is fun to assemble his toy organizer and that it will be even more fun to be able to keep all his things there; because it is with fun that a child at his young age likes to learn; Once you see how cute they were, then proceed to put away toys through an entertaining game, so you will be motivating them to be tidy without forcing or frustrating them.

As I told you this is the last one on my list; and the decision to choose the best is up to you; the one that fits your needs; I tried to offer you variety, from simple colors to the most striking; for girls and boys, 16 cubes and also 9 cubes; And you even have a bath toy organizer; a whole variety so that you can make the best of your choices ; Believe me, it is worth stopping to think and choosing a toy organizer for your baby because for them the important thing is to play and for Mom the important thing is to maintain order while you allow your baby to grow by developing his imagination through his toys .

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