Best Potties For Children And Kids

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The first milestone that marks your child’s life from changing from being a baby to becoming a boy is to stop using the diaper and begin little by little to voluntarily control his toilet bowels. This task can be made much easier by using a cheerful and colorful potty with which he feels safe.

It is necessary for the children to buy a small toilet bowl or a urinal with which to simulate the use that will later be given to the toilet, this is something that begins around 18 months as a gradual process training for your life of grown children and a little more independent.

However, these levels of autonomy vary depending on the maturity of the children, some reach it even a little earlier, but do not be scared if your little one manages to do it a little after that age, instead use the tools you have at willingness to help them in this beautiful and chaotic process in which they will go from the diaper to the urinal and later, to the toilet like all big and independent children.

Leaving the diaper is a task that involves both parents and children , it should be a process in which everyone learns a new lifestyle, away from diapers and increasingly closer to the autonomy that being able to pee as big people. To carry out this task it is important that parents prepare a suitable, comfortable and even playful environment so that the little one does not feel any type of rejection in the face of this situation that can already be a bit uncomfortable due to the novelty it represents in daily routine.

To help them in this process, the different companies that develop implements for babies and children have created urinals with novel designs, with lots of color and fun elements to make this process something with which children do not suffer traumatic ways and instead can have fun while they train to put off the diaper.

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An important aspect to take into account during the process of leaving the diaper is that no matter how much advice you receive from family and friends, what is going to be for you and your baby is what they feel most comfortable with, it will not be strange to get you with friends who have gone through the same experience and want to make you follow in the same footsteps, although the advice is listened to and appreciated, there is no reason to follow all of them to the letter. Create your own routines with your child, design strategies adapted to their needs and buy the potty that you consider most appropriate, after all, the child is yours and it is their interests that you should worry about and in which you must take care to satisfy.

When you begin to learn about the many benefits of using the potty for your child’s training, you realize how happy they will be when diaper changes are no longer necessary or have to deal with large bags full of diapers, wet towels and creams.

Your attention should then be focused on getting a good quality product for your child since it is a fundamental factor to know what to choose when you make the purchase of this element so necessary for your child to take the step from baby to big child.

You should then choose the one that helps them the most to obtain favorable results, that helps them learn to relieve themselves in a fun and confident way. This is a super important step in the life of every baby, he turns 18 months and begins a new stage of his life, so the best support you can give him is to buy a potty with which he feels safe and confident. Learning to go to the bathroom on their own is a feat of human beings and the most valuable thing is that they do it being just small creatures, this is their first step to independence as a human being, so it deserves to be paid Due care and is celebrated as a very important event, this will help strengthen your confidence and you will feel accompanied at this crucial moment in your life.

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Is the infant potty necessary?

When the time is right to say goodbye to diapers, you should be aware that this work can become a titanic task and start the third world war with your baby if you do not take it easy and seek to give it a fun twist. Remember: it is a cumbersome process for you, but it is also a cumbersome process for your little son who sheds the few vestiges that he has left as a defenseless baby to enter a world of big people where he will be able in a short time to share the bathroom like everyone else. an older person, just as their parents or older siblings do.

There are many experts in the field who assure that the use of baby potties is considered a great ally to help in this transition , it helps the little ones get an idea that the next step will be to start using the bathroom. It is important to note that this stage of the infant potty is necessary, because your little one may leave the diapers but this does not guarantee that he is ready to go straight to using the bathroom.

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Simple things such as the child’s height must be taken into account, it is not only necessary that they learn to raise and lower their pants, nor that they learn to wash their hands after going to the bathroom, they must also be able to reach the bathroom comfortably and be able to use the toilet without inconvenience, so while that moment arrives you should train him with the potty so that he does not lose the impulse and the emotion of stopping using diapers, while he reaches the necessary height to be able to use the bathroom as a child more big.

Changes are not always accepted the first time, it is very common for your child to present some type of rejection of the change from the beginning, so you should try to make this situation easier and bearable, buying a potty is almost necessary if you want Small go through this stage without major trauma, in addition, the manufacturing companies are in charge of doing wonders of something as elementary as a urinal, there are countless models with the most curious options that you can not imagine, they are sounds, animals or funny figures, bright colors, all in order to make your baby feel good in this process of leaving the diaper and becoming a big child.

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From what age and until what age should the infant potty be used?

The use of the potty usually begins at 18 months, which is when doctors recommend starting training to stop the diaper, however the beginning and end depends primarily on the level of maturity of your little one, each child is a world apart and not you should be discouraged if yours starts a little “late” in relation to the other children contemporary with him.

To master the use of the potty you must follow a series of stages and after these, your child will be able to use it without problems after a few days or weeks. Something very important that you must take into account is that you should not force him or force him to enter this stage of his life before his body is properly prepared, only then can they have positive results and accumulate pleasant memories for posterity with which you will feel of having supported your son in the project of becoming a big boy.

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You must teach your child in various tasks, small but necessary to ensure that the work bears fruit, is growing and understands so you must start by explaining your expectations and what you need him to do in this process, you must teach him to undress, to proper grooming, including flushing as your responsibility every time you use the potty and last but not least, keeping your hands clean by washing them after using the toilet.

This is something that requires patience and dedication , remember that you are dealing with a child who is just beginning to see the world from another perspective, from the angle of someone who is growing up and needs the support of their parents to form a healthy character and habits. hygiene. Do not forget to praise every little achievement, reinforcing good actions with positive expressions are crucial. The important thing in principle is that your child internalizes the true use of the potty, and with that you guarantee success at the beginning of the process. He won’t stay small for life, so enjoy his growth!

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Reinforce his confidence and allow him to feel safe, let him know that if there is something that makes him uncomfortable or scared, he has Mom and Dad there, for him at all times and places, to support him in this process. It is important that you do not force him if he feels insecure, try to offer him security without much pressure. Give him time to get used to the idea that from now on his needs will be on the potty and that diapers are now a thing of the past.

It allows him to become familiar with the new object that has come home to him: the potty, to look at it, detail, touch and know, to feel comfortable and to establish a sense of belonging. You can help in this part of the process by placing it in a place that is more convenient for access, in this part of learning and adaptation you should not confine it to the bathroom only, you can place it at the foot of the bed or in the place where you usually play small, that is within your reach and you can access it when you need it.

To get familiar you can try to start sitting him with clothes and once the days have passed and he has gained confidence, then try to start using him without clothes, with this you will show him that he must undress before going to the bathroom and he will associate this with the use of the urinal for the disposal of feces and urine, thus understanding that everything has its place.

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This task is not a two-day task but it is not for life, once you have passed the adaptation process and your child uses the potty as a daily routine, you should be clear that this process should be temporary and that approximately at 36 months you should start with the process of changing the urinal to the toilet and there you should introduce another novelty in your life: the reducing toilet seat.

The most important thing is that you must arm yourself with patience and maintain a positive attitude , do not despair if at some point a small accident happens, remember: it is small, it is learning. To make it more comfortable and bearable, you can help him by dressing him in comfortable clothes, easy to remove. Learn to know their signals, their faces or cross their legs, point out their private parts, each one develops their own way of non-verbal communication that tells you that the time has come to go straight to the potty to avoid accidents that could cause setbacks if mishandled.

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Types of infant urinals

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Currently there are countless types of urinals, from the traditional ones to the most incredible, fun and crazy models, all made in order to make this process less traumatic for the little ones.

There are traditional models in the shape of a toilet, perhaps with small designs or animal figurines, to the most original ones with castle shapes, thrones, motorcycles, buses and there are even those that resemble a small toilet.

When it comes to ditching, parents really commit to their children in order to get through this stage successfully , that’s why they do whatever it takes to make diaper ditching truly successful, and this is easier to achieve by choosing the right products and accessories to make the child feel more comfortable. Buying a potty that your child likes is a good first step in leaving diapers behind.

There are urinals so original that they even play a song, they have a space to place the toilet paper and they are a beauty.

It can be said that there are basically three types of urinals: the traditional one, the toilet lid reducer (if we can classify it as a urinal, or at least as a fundamental element to leave the diaper) and finally the most modern, sophisticated and fun.

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Traditional urinal

It is the model that we have always known, the simple model that basically fulfills its function but does not provide any extra benefit other than helping your baby to put off the diaper. They are made of plastic of different colors, occasionally they are made with figures of animals or children’s characters, some have decorative stickers.

Reducing toilet seat

It is an object that adjusts the size of the toilet seat to the correct size for your child’s body. There are models with handles on the sides, padded, with anti-splash covers, there are also simpler covers that only serve the function of adjusting the size of the toilet.

Modern urinals

They are so original that anything you can imagine can be a reality, the manufacturing materials, models, motifs, designs, colors and functions are almost endless. There are modern urinals with motifs for girls and boys, in the same way there are some that are unisex. There are some made of wood that look like little chairs. There are also models of urinals with faces with funny faces, music to relax your baby. The wall urinals are very in vogue and they are mainly used when you have a little prince at home, there are them with music and anti-splash cover.

In the market today there are many urinals that even fulfill several functions, they also serve as a stool or step so that you can reach the sink and wash your hands after relieving yourself.

In short, the variety of urinals at your disposal is wide, so it can be adapted to the needs of each of the children.

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Which of all to choose?

The choice of the ideal potty for your baby will not be dictated by fashion, nor will the comment of your friend who did great with a certain model and fatal with many others, with the infinity of brands and options to choose from, you must take into account that the main reason for choosing a potty is your little one, to satisfy their learning and adaptation needs , to be friendly with them in a way, so that they can learn to go to the bathroom and put off the diaper without this being a traumatic experience.

You already know that there are infinite options, anatomical urinals, light, with silicone, with or without legs, padded or simple, with sounds, with lever to lower the chain, with slots for toilet paper, in the shape of a motorcycle, a car, bus, throne or rustic chair, with animals or funny faces, there are multiple options that when choosing can make you go crazy, but calm down, you will always find the ideal one for your baby!

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Do not think that you need to do a marathon race to choose the ideal potty, but do not think that everything will be very easy, the key is that you always take into account the needs of your child, that the potty you are going to buy is in accordance with their level of maturity and of course their tastes, it is not the same that he is a shy child or a child a little more outgoing.

From the outset your little one will surely not know what the potty is about, so you must go step by step and start with the right foot choosing the ideal one for him.

Take into account factors such as the manufacturing material, the colors, the functions and the space to deposit the waste, with some models you will think that the space is very small and that a risk of spills may occur.

If you live in a small space, you will surely want some discretion, in that case you can choose a potty maybe a little more minimalist or multifunctional so that when it is not used as a potty you can use it as a chair or as a step.

Surely you have many doubts when you go to buy your baby’s potty, keep in mind that it can be large and take up a lot of space or small, light and transportable, whatever suits everyone at home but especially the little one who starts this rude task of putting down the diaper.

The infant potty is one of the fundamental pieces for the transition process of your child from baby to child, that is why it is considered a continuous learning process and is considered the first great step to their independence as an individual. Because of their size and abilities, it is uphill to pretend that they go straight from the diaper to the bathroom at home, this is how the potty is the kind of intermediate stage for this process, even if you don’t believe it, using a potty will give your child a new perspective on the world and brings him closer to the world of adults without neglecting his childhood stage.

To make the purchase of your baby’s first potty you must take into account certain elements: if it has extra accessories, the dimensions, the ease of cleaning.

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How to wash it?

It is essential to establish hygiene habits so that this stage of adaptation to the potty is in the best way. You should try to have the urinal clean so look for a practical and easy to clean model, if it is removable much better for cleaning.

If your urinal is removable, cleaning is much easier since you can work each piece separately and thus keep it under sanitary control. Try to choose a urinal whose interior container to collect the waste should be easy to remove in order to empty the waste directly into the toilet for a more adequate cleaning.

This is one of the most important moments in the life of the baby and every aspect must be taken with great care and attention.

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The easiest way to keep your urinal clean is to wash it with a bactericidal cleaner and rinse it well before drying it. Keep in mind that there are models of urinals that are multifunctional so there are cases in which one of its functions is a game, for some it may seem somewhat repulsive but if you have a proper cleaning it will not be in any danger. However, it is convenient that from time to time you explain that it is not a surface intended directly for games.

Human urine is sterile, except for the occasions when there is a urinary tract infection and if your child is the only one who uses the urinal, there is no risk.

There are people who recommend emptying the waste directly into the toilet and then rinsing it with the bath or shower water, it is advisable in any case to have healthy hygiene habits, wash with soap and water, use some antibacterial liquid, rinse well and dry .

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Precautions for use

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Using the potty seems to be something simple that does not go beyond what we all know it requires: hygiene. However, there are other aspects to take into account and they are directly related to the adaptation and maturity needs of your child.

Avoid accidents by teaching him to lower his pants with agility, you can help in this task if you dress him in easy-to-remove clothes, this will also help reinforce his confidence .

Give him rewards for each achievement, in this process there is no small achievement, they are all valuable and deserve a celebration so do not forget to congratulate him when he uses the potty either voluntarily or on your initiative.

Take care of the delicate skin of your little child, try to keep him always dry and clean, change his clothes regularly, so even if he no longer uses a diaper he will continue to feel cared for and prevent bad odors or damage to the skin if there is a small spill. It is essential that you always keep your clothes clean.

Choose a place in the house that is easier to clean, that is accessible to your baby and in which he can be under surveillance and provide assistance when necessary.

When your child is using the potty try to stay close, watch his movements and avoid playing with the waste.

Show your child the proper use of the potty , that he begins to be a responsible person from an early age and that he must lower the chain each time he uses it.

Keep the potty always clean, that it is an object that is located in an environment free of dirt and bacteria is essential for the good health of your child.

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Reer children’s potty with blue lid

Check Price

The Reer children’s urinal with blue lid is a urinal that resembles a real toilet but in miniature size, adapted to the size of your child and thus motivates him to use this wonderful urinal specially designed to help him in his development, its ease of use and cleaning helps increase and positively reinforce your self-confidence.

Its ergonomic shape, its ideal height and the stability it offers at the moment of use make it an ideal product to start the process of ditching the diaper and starting life as big children.

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It has a folding hood that allows cleaning in an easy and efficient way, without wasting on water or cleaning products beyond what is necessary.

This fabulous Reer children’s potty with blue lid is made of polypropylene, which is why it is a very durable product.

Its measurements are 17 cm in the central part and 24 cm in the back where the backrest is located.

Its robust design makes it a very stable product, its great resemblance to the toilet makes it very attractive to children.

There is a cleaning trick that you can apply for greater comfort for you and safety for your baby, put a little water in the bottom so that when he does his bowel movements you can clean it more easily.

It is a urinal that fulfills its function perfectly and for its simplicity it is preferred by many parents who begin the process of removing their babies’ diapers.

It is composed of 4 elements of the highest quality polypropylene.

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Fisher Price potty How much 3 in 1

In the process of learning to put down the diaper, it is convenient that the child’s potty is a fun object. Another of the essential characteristics is that it must be comfortable so that you can get to know it more easily, its colors are cheerful and its designs are very fun, everything that helps to leave the diaper faster is always welcome. Fisher Price is a brand that has been striving for many years to empower children’s abilities through creativity, product innovation and fun.

Potty How 3 in 1 is Potty, learning seat and stool in a single product , it has 3 different functions which makes it the ideal complement. In particular, the stool option allows you to more easily reach the sink of water to clean your hands after peeing or pooping.

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This wonderful product can accompany your child during their learning to put down the diaper and start using the bathroom at home like the largest members of the family.

It emits 4 melodies that reward the achievements of the child, every little success counts to make your child feel special, this option works with 3 1.5 V AA / LR6 alkaline batteries that are not included in the purchase package so you must purchase it separately.

The Qua Cua 3 in 1 potty from Fisher Price is a very practical and comfortable product that in a way helps you clean the area where it is located since it has a removable splash guard for hygiene.

Its backrest is really very comfortable and it comes with a very funny duck face that will win your child’s heart (and yours too).

Made of excellent quality materials, the Qua Cua 3-in-1 potty by Fisher Price supports up to 45 kilos, that means that if your child is sturdy, they are completely sure that they can use this potty without risking breaking and damaging it. so tail.

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Mattel potty I learn and have fun

The Mattel I learn and have fun Urinal looks like a real toilet and is designed with the purpose of making the child familiar with the use of the real toilet in the home bathroom, in its design they incorporate a lever so that they can flush a Once you have used it, at the other end it has a holder for the toilet paper roll and the seat has its lid.

As your child grows, the Mattel potty I learn and have fun adapts to its size: when the child is beginning the learning phase it is recommended to use it on the floor for greater comfort, when growing or exceeding the stage of adaptation to the urinal you can remove the seat cover and adapt it to the toilet cover serving as a toilet cover reducer and thus start going to the bathroom as a larger person, that surely likes all children and helps them to boost your confidence.

Every achievement must be rewarded and with the Potty I learn and have fun from Mattel it is possible to reward each achievement of your little son, this is how when he achieves a success he has at his disposal different musical sounds to reinforce that if he can leave the diapers.

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Its cup is easily disassembled so that you can clean it and keep this space so important for your child, free of germs and bacteria.

Every parent of a child 18 months or older should buy this product, it is something wonderful from the moment you buy it, it comes perfectly packed so that it arrives at your home in excellent condition.

It is used for training to leave the diaper from the first moment you consider that your child is ready, he can use it without supervision and still be safe, this is important for them to develop their autonomy healthily. All its parts are removable, which makes cleaning easier.

Its cheerful colors make it striking in the eyes of children, who will feel safe when using the potty. It has different sounds and music that are activated when your child uses it correctly, for this function the use of alkaline batteries is required.

It includes a splash guard to keep the space clean, especially if the person who is going to use it is a small male.

Its use is recommended from 18 to 36 months of age.

When you buy your Potty I learn and have fun from Mattel you will receive:

  • 1 Potty I learn and have fun from Mattel
  • 1 Instructions for use manual

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Green Frog Urinal

Urinal with green frog design is a trainer urinal that helps little ones to stand up and aim while maintaining balance even without being able to reach the toilet at home, with this they train to keep the bathroom free of splashes.

Its design is interesting and attractive that draws the attention of children, its tongue is a propeller that rotates when it comes into contact with the child’s pee, this makes it very fun and surely your child will not want to pee anywhere else. than in his fun green frog urinal.

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Its design is versatile, light and comfortable to install, move, disassemble and clean. Its size is appropriate for young children and as it is removable, the height can be adjusted as your child grows.

For its installation it does not require supports on the floor since it uses suction cups with which you can stick it to the wall easily and not invasively since once you no longer need a urinal for your child or require to change it there will be no mark or evidence of its existence on the site.

It is made of the highest quality polypropylene, is very durable and does not lose its qualities or color with use. Its size : 30 * 21 * 17CM make it ideal for children from a young age (from 1 year even) to children of approximately 4 years.

Due to its light weight of only one kilogram, it is easy to take anywhere and thus you do not interrupt the process of putting down the diaper nor do you have to improvise with your child when you are away from home.

Steps for installing the Green Frog Urinal:

  1. Fix the base with the two adhesive suction cups on a smooth surface, preferably ceramic or similar to ensure that it does not slide or fall (if you need to install it on other surfaces, you must use screws to fix it).
  2. Place the inner bowl (the frog’s mouth)
  3. Ready to use

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First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Urinal with Sounds in Red

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First Years Disney Mickey Mouse urinal with sounds in red is an extremely funny urinal with the image of the iconic and beloved Mickey Mouse, the quintessential Disney image, with its striking colors it is an attractive object for the little ones in the house.

Its design is designed for the comfort of children in this process of leaving the diaper , because changing the stage should not be traumatic, with this First Years Disney Mickey Mouse urinal with sounds in red color, all the work is more fun and easy to do. wear.

It has multiple functions: it can be used as a urinal, as a toilet seat adapter / reducer and also as a step or stool to reach the sink.

It is an easy product to disassemble and clean, made of high quality and resistant plastic. It is unisex and can be used by boys and girls alike.

The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Potty with Sounds in red has sounds that are activated when Mickey’s hand is held with his famous Hooray encourages children to keep doing it.

First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Product Specifications:

  • Product Weight First Years Disney Mickey Mouse 1.8 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions First Years Disney Mickey Mouse 32 x 32 x 19 cm
  • Batteries: 2 AA included
  • Minimum age recommended by the manufacturer for use from 1 to 3 years
  • Maximum permissible weight 22.7 kg

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BabyBjörn potty chair in turquoise color

This BabyBjörn potty chair in turquoise color is designed under high quality standards, it is ergonomic and resistant , its soft edges give the little ones incredible comfort. It is an ideal item especially when your child requires to sit for a long time since its backrest is high and it has armrests that allow it to stay relaxed and comfortable all that time.

Features of the BabyBjörn potty chair in turquoise color

  • The bottom has a rubber edge to give it more stability
  • The interior of the urinal is removable for easy cleaning
  • Its armrests and high backrest provide comfort
  • Has splash protection
  • It is made of polypropylene plastic (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) without BPA
  • Weight: 900g
  • Dimensions: 36 x 35 x 31.5 cm

Advantages of the BabyBjörn potty chair in turquoise color


Its soft edges provide comfort to your child, with its ergonomic design and its resistant materials allow the child to remain seated for a long time. Allow the child to relax while sitting down.


Its intelligent design allows the potty to stay on the floor without slipping or slipping , the child can sit for a long time without their legs falling asleep since its smooth and rounded edges are comfortable and pleasant to the contact with the skin, it does not remain snug but has plenty of leg room so you can sit and stand comfortably.


With its splash guard it allows you to keep everything your child discards (pee and poop) inside the potty and when finished, you can remove the inside to empty and clean it.

To clean it, you don’t need to do many maneuvers , you must take the handle that is under the splash guard, empty it and clean it under the running water tap.

Because it is a product with a minimalist design, with simple and straightforward lines, it prevents the accumulation of dirt.

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Pourty 30104

The Pourty Potty is a wonderful urinal for children from an early age , for ease of emptying the contents avoiding mess or spills, it has a unique pouring chute and an anti-drip lip.

This product is a children’s favorite. They love it because thanks to its large flat seating area it is very comfortable for them, parents also like it because it is easy to empty and clean, with this potty parents avoid the cumbersome task of cleaning spills that have occurred with others models of urinals. With its handle on the front it makes it easier to collect debris.

For its washing it only requires ordinary tap water.

The seat surface is very wide and ergonomically designed so that children feel comfortable while doing their business.

The Pourty 3104 is made of a thick and very resistant plastic, which makes it more stable and resistant to shocks.

The Pourty Potty is very comfortable, just like traditional urinals, it is as easy to empty and clean as removable two-part urinals and with its great design it is an extremely hygienic item.

It has been created with the comfort of children and parents in mind.

Pourty 3104 Features

  • Product weight Pourty 3104 458 g
  • Product dimensions El Pourty 3104 30.5 x 24.1 x 16.5 cm
  • Recommended age range for use from 6 months onwards to 3 years.
  • Gender Unisex
  • Minimum recommended weight for use 455 grams
  • Maximum recommended weight for use 36.3 kilograms

The Pourty 3104 is a very simple product, which can be used in a temporary stage of adaptation of the child to not using diapers, it has an excellent price-quality ratio.

Advantages of the Pourty 3104

  • It has a handle on the front to facilitate grip
  • Its rear opening is a great invention that greatly facilitates the evacuation and cleaning of the urinal, with this it can be located directly under the tap without spillage, in the same way this opening serves to check if the baby has finished making their needs, especially this function is very useful when the baby still does not know how to speak and warn.
  • The edges of the potty seat are wide and comfortable.
  • It is a light and stable product, made of very resistant material.

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Fisher Price Adjustable Potty White

Fisher Price adjustable potty in white is a sophisticated product, designed to provide your baby with safety and hygiene.

Its design includes a backrest, comfortable armrests and allows height adjustment at two different levels, depending on the size of your child, with this it can be adapted to almost any child of different ages, in a way you can say that the potty grows with your child, thus helping him throughout the process of putting down diapers until finally reaching the toilet in the bathroom at home.

It is completely removable and allows it to be easily cleaned, being a comfortable and stable set for greater safety of children.

Its dimensions and robustness make it necessary in the process of leaving the diaper, its measurements are 35 * 35 cm and with the backrest it manages to reach a height of 42 cm, if you want to store it, take it apart and it measures only 24.5 cm in height.

Its pristine, white and shiny surface highlights the feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness. It is very functional, safe and comfortable for the little ones in the house. It is somewhat similar to the urinals in the bathrooms at home.

Its splash guard helps prevent your child from dirtying the floor from spills or any accident that could splash out of the potty.

FISHER-PRICE is a company that is dedicated to thinking about children and their growth, that is why it develops an infinity of toys and elements that contribute to their development, growth and adaptation to the world in a playful and safe way. With the Fisher Price adjustable potty in white, it helps the little ones in the house to easily get into the habit of urinating.

Fisher Price adjustable potty in white is made entirely of very safe plastic so that your child can use it with the confidence that they will not suffer any type of accidents that put their physical integrity at risk, all its edges are rounded

Features of the Fisher Price White Adjustable Potty

  • It has an adjustable height of two levels to adapt to the height of each child.
  • It has armrests and a high backrest that give the child a feeling of comfort and security.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for regular cleaning.
  • Splash guard to avoid accidents.
  • Recommended age: 12 months – 4 years.
  • Product Weight Fisher Price Adjustable White Potty 2.4 Kg.
  • Product Dimensions Fisher Price Adjustable White Potty 25.5 x 36 x 34.5 cm.
  • Recommended age for use 12 months to 4 years.

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