Best Rearview Mirrors For Babies of All Types

The desire of every couple is to be able to consolidate a family and have children, once those children are born new desires, feelings and concerns arise, there are many fears and fears but the most recurrent is the security of that baby that has just been born, the need to confirm whether as parents you are doing well makes you increasingly try to devise new ways to protect your baby , to feel that you are providing security and a comfortable environment, that is why they resort to various techniques, gadgets and components that the hand of technology makes them achieve their mission: to make their children really safe.

Once the parents decide to go on a trip with the baby or just a little walk, going to the supermarket or the pharmacy can be quite an odyssey, doubts begin about the safety of the baby, what is better: to carry it in the mother’s arms in a car seat? There are many questions and it is there that the country’s legislation reminds them that the use of inverted baby seats is mandatory until they reach a certain age and that these seats must be accompanied by rear-view mirrors for greater safety and so everyone can go in their place, the baby in their seat and the parents in the corresponding seat, all safe and comfortable, for this they only need to have a rear-view mirror for the baby’s car seat that gives them an adequate view and so they can be safe and calm during the journey of their trip.

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There are many elements that must be taken into account when making the purchase of the rear view mirror for babies and here we show you all of them so that the purchase you make is effective and you get a product suitable to your needs and requirements.

The brand: it is one of the main aspects that you must take into account before choosing one product or another, you must look at the brand. If you choose a model from a recognized brand, you will have the certainty that you can choose to claim in case of imperfect or malfunctioning since they enjoy a greater guarantee.Another additional plus to buying a good brand is that these products have the characteristics that they offer, that is, if they tell you that it brings a chick hanging, it is most likely that when you open the box you will get the chick, this is just a saying; With this advantage of the guarantee, if you buy it and install it you do not feel that it meets your expectations, you have the possibility of returning it since the big brands always make efforts to ensure that their customers are always satisfied.

Materials: it is necessary that you always pay attention to the types of materials used in the manufacture of rear view mirrors for your baby, try to make your purchase of a product that does not break easily and is not easy to suffer. scratches. If the glass suffers a scratch it can cause problems in the vision that you will have of your baby. Look for products of the best quality, the safety of your baby is well worth it.

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Good hold:Nobody wants to be stopping every so often to hold the baby’s mirror again because it has fallen, so you should look for a mirror that provides good support. It is always recommended that the mirrors have at least two straps for fastening, although if they are models with four straps then much better. The essential thing is to maintain the safety of the baby and if an accident or emergency braking occurs, it could move or fall, thus causing problems for the vision of the baby that we carry in the back seat of the car. Your baby’s safety always comes first, so always try to buy quality mirrors. On the other hand, most brands and models of rear view mirrors have the great facility to adapt to the different headrests regardless of the type of car you own,

Proper size: size always matters, it is extremely relevant, so it is recommended to buy a model large enough but that does not take away your view of the traffic from behind. You should focus on the road so try to buy a big one but not enough that you can look at your baby without losing concentration on the road. That the mirror allows you to see your baby and that it is stable enough is essential, also try to hold it correctly so that it does not move a lot on the road.

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Is its use mandatory, can I be fined if I don’t wear it?

The baby rearview mirror is an item designed for the safety of the baby , it is very useful to see it while the car is moving and they are especially useful and necessary when the baby is in the baby carrier that must be placed with his back to the back of the chair of the driver or co-pilot.

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Since October 1, 2015, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has changed the regulations related to Child Restraint Systems (SRI), thus prohibiting the installation of child car seats in the passenger seat and allocating them to be located only in the rear seat , however there are some exceptions in which it is allowed to continue placing the seats in the passenger seat, these are:

  • That the vehicle does not have rear seats
  • That the rear seats are already occupied by other minors under 18 years of age who are less than 135 cm tall.
  • When not all child restraint devices can be installed at the rear, such as triplets, and the three chairs do not fit together behind.

In theory and practice it is assumed that children should always go in the back seats and in the new DGT regulations it is prohibited to install child seats in the front seat of the vehicle, so if it is used to carry babies A chair that goes in reverse (with its back to the pilot or copilot’s seat) requires that a rear-view mirror be used for rear seats and thus a solution is given to the problem of not being able to see the baby while driving the vehicle. The way of placing babies with their backs to the march is common, especially for babies under 18 months of age, as this increases the baby’s protection levels on the road.

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Now when the baby is placed on his back there is the problem of not being able to see him and monitor that he is well or has any need, this is solved with the rear-view mirror, especially if you travel alone with the baby in his chair and there is no Companion in the car that can assist you if you need it on the road. It is necessary to maintain eye contact with the child to be sure that everything is going well, or to be able to reassure him in case of crying and thus avoid feeling abandoned or neglected, getting bored on long trips and starting to cry.

It is for this reason, in view of the needs of parents to have their babies watched, due to the regulation that requires placing baby seats in the back seat that it is necessary to use rear-view mirrors and in view of this need, they have given an important step for companies that are responsible for developing products to provide safety and comfort to parents and children.

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How many rear view mirrors are required in a car?

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Current legal regulations regulate the issue of rear view mirrors both in their size, mode of placement, angle of vision, the housing and the resistance with which to drive using approved and adapted mirrors according to the vehicle model that is owned.

There are different generalities to take into account, such as the fact that the existing contour between the mirror surface and the protective shell must have a distance that is greater than 2.5 mm measured along the entire perimeter of the mirror; in the same way, it is necessary that the piece with which each mirror is fixed to the vehicle must be such that the axis of rotation or rotation is capable of yielding easily in the direction in which the impacts occur, this in case of accidents.

The number of rear-view mirrors required in each vehicle will depend on the type of car, the use, the type of mirror, among others, for its classification there are five categories:

  • 1: refers to the Interior rear view mirror
  • 2 and 3: refers to the main exterior mirrors of the car
  • 4: it’s the wide-angle exterior mirrors
  • 5: these are the proximity exterior mirrors
  • L: These are basically the main exterior mirrors in the case of a motorcycle.

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The use of rear-view mirrors for babies is added to the previous list, although they are not mandatory according to the DGT, their use should be tacit if babies under 18 months are carried in the vehicle according to current regulations on use of baby seats since 2015.

The rear view mirrors are essential elements to ensure the safety of the vehicle and the rear view mirrors for babies are equally essential for the safety of children who are in the car . In the same way that driving a car without rear-view mirrors apart from being illegal, is considered something reckless, it happens with the rear-view mirrors of babies, it is something unthinkable to drive the vehicle without being able to see the baby in the journey, it is something that would totally blur the driver and It then creates a risk on the road to focus on the baby because it does not have a mirror to facilitate viewing.

In all vehicles the obligation is to have at least two rear-view mirrors, although in most cars there are three. It is mandatory to have at least the left outside rear view mirror (which is the one located on the driver’s side) and also the inside center rear view mirror. However, there is a vast majority of cars that have an exterior rear view mirror on the right side (the passenger side), which is mandatory in case the interior center rear view mirror cannot be used.

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Are they really useful?

The rear view mirror for babies is a product whose use, over time, has become very fashionable among parents and those responsible for babies since it is very gratifying that while driving the car you can have a clear and precise vision of the baby , resulting in peace of mind knowing everything is going well, particularly when the baby is too quiet, so it is always good to quickly check if it is because he has fallen asleep.

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Using these mirrors gives parents peace of mind , they are legal so it is certain that no fine will be received when they are momentarily detained by the security forces to know if everything is fine, on the contrary, their use is has spread as a result of changes in legal regulations by the DGT. An increasing number of people use this type of mirror in the headrest of their vehicles in order to be more relaxed with their babies.

The rear view mirrors for babies are wide, for this reason its use is extremely easy and allows an ideal angle of vision without having to make a lot of effort , you can always see the baby in his seat, thus avoiding distractions that could separate our view from the via.

When buying them you will notice that they are a great purchase for a small investment of money and if this purchase is made online, the amount of products offered will be much greater than even if you went to a store specialized in baby products or in the area. of babies from a department store, being able to obtain extremely competitive prices in relation to the quality of the mirrors offered.

The use of rear view mirrors for babies will definitely change the way of driving, being able to go more calmly with your baby safely in his seat.

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How to attach the baby rear view mirror?

If there is something easy to install, that is surely the rear view mirror for babies, it is something that in a couple of minutes you will have solved and thus you will have your mirror installed for your baby’s safety and your peace of mind.

There are models of rear view mirrors that due to their simple mechanism can be placed on the headrest of the rear seat, being safer and more comfortable for both: driver and baby.

In the same way, there are models that can be anchored by means of suction cups in the window glass of the rear doors.

You just have to follow the instructions and either with one or two pairs of clasps, or by means of powerful suction cups, you can install your baby’s rear view mirror and thus drive calmly.

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VicTsing car rear view mirror 100% shatterproof

To be able to observe the baby while driving, when it is located in chairs whose orientation is facing backwards, 100% guaranteed resistance. VicTsing. Rearview.

This 100% shatterproof VicTsing car rear view mirror is a highly original product with which you can gain control over what is carried in the back of the car, especially if it is the baby who is located in his car seat as indicated the legal provisions, that is to say that if it is under 18 months it must be placed on its back in the opposite direction to the movement of the car.

With this mirror placed on the headrest of the seat where the baby is located, you can always see what happens to him while he is driving.

This mirror is made up of a system of three easily adjustable pieces for greater peace of mind for parents.

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The three pieces that make up the system are: the base to place the kneecap, with which it adjusts to the headrest by means of two fully adjustable straps, these straps have a quick closure with which the mirror can be easily removed in case that an elderly person is going to use the seat where it is installed. A plate on which the ball joint is placed that serves as a union between the mirror and the base. Its operation is really similar to that of mobile supports. And the rear-view mirror, wide and with a small curvature that helps us have a greater field of vision.

This 100% shatterproof VicTsing car rear view mirror model is a light, easy to use and high quality product that will surely be the favorite accessory for the safety of your baby.

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  • It guarantees compliance with legal provisions for the transport of children by car, as it allows you to take care of children while you are behind the wheel, without having to transgress the law and ensuring that the child travels safely. This mirror has the following characteristics:
  • It covers the field of vision to a wide extent , guaranteeing the safety of the baby, as it will be able to prevent any situation, by having the ability to anticipate or attend to them in a timely manner, with the help of this rear-view mirror, designed for the safety of children and the tranquility of adults.
  • With the installation of this mirror, you will be able to observe what the baby is doing in his chair , without having to look away while driving the car; Due to its curved design and clarity , you can look closely without the risk of distorting the image. Some inconveniences such as drowning due to vomiting, poor posture when falling asleep, which may cause some harm to children, can be addressed urgently, thanks to the use of this mirror.
  • Designed so that it can rotate 360 ​​°, which makes viewing more flexible at a much wider angle, ensuring the possibility of observation without having to make forced movements; all you have to do is look in the mirror to check the baby’s condition.

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  • It does not present handling difficulties when installing or uninstalling it; It is equipped with a system of straps that adjust in both directions from the headrest of the front seat to the baby’s position, allowing the most convenient angle to be adjusted ; its weight is very light, which facilitates its transport and can be stored comfortably without taking up much space.
  • It is compatible with the design of all seats , which makes it standard and can be used in all types of vehicles; It has a buckle that allows it to be adjusted in such a way that it remains firm, without fear that with the movement of the vehicle it will slip or fall. In this way, you can drive without having to monitor the safety of the mirror installation .
  • Its design offers, in an accessory way, components that guarantee that it does not suffer deterioration , since a coating of acrylic material, around the mirror and protects it from tears; It also has a support made of rubber insulating material , which prevents it from breaking when being hit by falls.

Technical details of the VicTsing 100% shatterproof car rearview mirror:

  • Dimensions: 13.78 x 7.68 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 13.4 oz / 380 grams

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TopElek baby car mirror with convex surface

Convex in shape and made of material that cannot be broken , the TopElek mirror allows one to observe the behavior and posture of children when traveling in the seat that is placed at the back of the vehicle; By complying with the law regarding where children must travel, you can monitor the baby’s movements and be alert to prevent any inconvenience.

It is an easy-to-install product and can be adjusted to the headrest by simply pulling the two tie ropes (horizontally and vertically). Once the support has been installed, the mirror is fitted and it is adjusted by moving until it reaches the necessary location, it has the great advantage that it is a robust and hard product, so it does not move easily and the selected angle is maintained. .

Its panoramic design allows viewing with a greater range of vision, eliminating possible dead spots.

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This innovative mirror has the following characteristics of preparation and use:

  • Its convex design , with larger measurements (a height of 7.68 ”and a width of 13.78”) allows it to cover a much larger area of ​​vision, making it useful for observing the entire area , so that you can be attentive to everything what happens in the back of the vehicle.
  • It can be adjusted at an angle of up to 360 °, this adjustment is made with the button that is available for this purpose, granting flexibility and expanding the viewing radius, being able to clearly observe the baby ; so you can tell if you are comfortable or if you feel bad, just by looking at it.
  • Made with high quality material , this mirror is designed against breakage and the glass material prevents scratching, making it very practical since this quality increases its useful life. Being unbreakable, it guarantees safety to children, as well as to all occupants of the vehicle.
  • It is 100% compatible with head rests that have an adjustment system; It is equipped with straps and buckles that allow double adjustment, guaranteeing firmness when it is attached to the seat back. If the vehicle headrest is fixed, this mirror will not be compatible.
  • It is designed inside, with a soft sponge that protects the glass, which serves as support and protection so that it is not damaged or broken. Its size and weight allow it to be transported and stored without any problem, making this mirror an essential element for its safety, versatility and image clarity .

It is a baby mirror that is sure to do wonders for more than one family in distress with babies and the need to transport themselves in a vehicle, since it meets the expectations and safety needs that they require to be calm while driving.

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The product packaging contains:

  • A TopElek panoramic baby car mirror with convex surface
  • A Belt for attachment to the headrest
  • A piece that allows the union of both parts (mirror and belt)
  • Installation, use and care instructions manual.

XCSOURCE wide angle mirror panoramic view

Complementary Internal Mirror for the Vision of the Rear Part of the Vehicle , with Fixing Clip; 300mm dimension. MA164 XSOURCE.

The XCSOURCE wide-angle panoramic view mirror is an ideal complement not only for the viewing of babies in the rear of the vehicle but also to help improve the range of vision of people with hearing problems, as it is a mandatory requirement of the DGT so that this type of people having a limited sense must have greater access to the vehicle’s corners.

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Its particular characteristics will allow you to:

  • Having a rear-view mirror designed to cover the blind spot , offering a panoramic view, with an elegant design, thus providing a different touch to your vehicle, while being a guaranteed safety device .
  • This XCSOURCE wide angle panoramic view mirror can be adapted directly to the rear view mirror , through a resistant bracket that can also be attached to the front visor, providing a double field of vision .
  • Due to its special design, the XCSOURCE wide-angle panoramic view mirror makes driving actions safe , facilitating decision-making by providing a wide and clear view.
  • With its great design, it is possible to prevent the vibration caused by movement , generating damage to the mirror, in terms of loosening and losing effectiveness, as it does not have firmness, in the internal part it is protected with flexible fiber washers , which prevents it from the mirror is out of adjustment.
  • It is created with a dimension of 300 millimeters , which is equivalent to 11.8 inches, make its wide size, cover the entire blind angle of the visual field, making the actions necessary when backing up the vehicle or passing another when it is safer. makes it necessary on the road.
  • It does not present any type of discomfort or difficulty when placing it in your vehicle or removing it when you consider that it is not necessary. It does not leave any mark where it is placed.

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Sumex Super Panoramic Mirror “XL”

Rearview. Super Panoramic Mirror “XI” SUMEX 2808460.

This is a mirror that meets and exceeds the expectations of its buyers and users, provides certainty and guaranteed safety with its use.

Designed with a standard size of 17 inches, it offers a wide view that ensures safe driving.

This super panoramic rear view mirror has the following characteristics:

  • With its convex shape, the Sumex Super Panoramic Mirror “Xl” offers super panoramic vision that facilitates safe maneuvering of the vehicle, preventing accidents from not having good visibility.
  • To install properly, you just need to place it on the inside rear view mirror of the vehicle, without this action posing any difficulty.
  • The dimensions of this rear view mirror are 43 centimeters long by 8 centimeters high. The Sumex Super Panoramic Mirror “Xl” is of a standard size that does not require changes in the original mirror of the vehicle, as it only has to be placed on it, to have a better vision .

Its use is recommended for drivers with vision problems and special needs so that driving is much safer.

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Eximtrade Adjustable Rearview Mirror

Internal Mirror for Eximtrade Vehicle. Fits 360 ° Rotation

This internal mirror for the vehicle allows the baby to be observed when they travel by car , facilitating legal compliance that requires this device to be available to guarantee the safety of the child during any trip.

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Made of highly resistant material , it has the following characteristics:

  • It is composed of a resistant glass, which does not break when receiving an impact ; its shape is convex, which allows it to cover a wide observation area. It is placed on the headrest of the rear seat, although it can be placed on an accessory support in case the seat is not equipped with a headrest, such as a triangle, since its light weight allows to implement alternatives in a practical way without fear of being detach .
  • You can have a wide view of the baby and the entire area of ​​the vehicle with the Eximtrade Adjustable Rearview Mirror, being able to anticipate any eventuality of bad position in the event of a sudden movement when driving, or if the baby feels unwell, you will be able to attend to it quickly, by the vision clear that this mirror offers .
  • The Eximtrade Adjustable Rearview Mirror has a compact and strong design, it is resistant, made of a high quality plastic , which gives it a light weight . This feature makes it easy to transport comfortably and its size allows it to be stored without taking up much space.
  • The glass is shockproof . Does not break. It is a mirror that also guarantees the safety of the occupants of the vehicle , as it will not fragment if it were to suffer an impact.
  • It can be adjusted to the user’s preferences with comfort and ease, thanks to the fact that it can be rotated through a 360 ° angle, which gives it versatility and makes it very practical and easy to adjust.
  • The size is ideal , not only to occupy little space, but also to offer a vision capacity appropriate to the observation needs in order to keep the child safe; it is 15 centimeters high, by 22 centimeters high .

Eximtrade Adjustable rear view mirror is a product that ensures safety and tranquility when driving with babies in their seat located in the back seat, the price-quality ratio of this product is unsurpassed and is one of the favorites by parents today .

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DEDC Car Rear View Mirror

Internal Mirror For Vehicle DEDC.

It is designed in the form of a monitor , to be placed on the headrest of the rear seat, allowing you to monitor the baby during travel. It has a base that makes it easy to rotate until the proper adjustment is achieved, guaranteeing a wide field of vision, which provides security and tranquility in the care that must be provided to the child.

This device has these interesting characteristics:

  • It is ideal to be able to observe the child located in the back of the vehicle, since it provides a clear vision, making it safe during the movement, because it offers security.
  • Made of high quality glass-like plastic, the DEDC Car Rearview Mirror is a highly resistant product to shocks and does not break, being safe for the occupants of the vehicle and especially for children.
  • It is provided with a base that secures the mirror to the supports, which allows it to be securely fixed ; It also has straps that are tied to the headrest of the rear seat of the car.
  • It has a 360 degree adjustability, being able to adjust to particular needs, expanding the angle of observation.
  • The convex design of the DEDC Car Rearview Mirror provides a greater range of vision of the rear area of ​​the vehicle , allowing to anticipate any eventuality in a timely manner.
  • This mirror is accompanied by clear instructions , which facilitate its installation and way of using it, facilitating the user, optimizing the use of the device, as well as the way it should work.
  • Installation is very simple, it does not require a technician to be called ; once installed, you can check its effectiveness and usefulness, which is guaranteed.
  • The size makes it very attractive, since it offers a fairly wide view , which is an advantage. Best of all, it is the size it has.
  • The DEDC Car Rear View Mirror has three components namely:
    • to mirror
    • A counselor and unions
    • A base to fix it to the headrest
  • By following the instructions in the manual for installation , there is no risk of it coming loose with movement.

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HR kids rearview

Co-pilot Rear View Mirror, for the Control of Children Located in the Rear Part of the Vehicle. HR. # 10410701.

Designed in a slightly smaller size than standard vehicle rear-view glass , it offers the possibility of observing, from the passenger’s position , children sitting in the back of the car, as required by legal regulations.

It offers these characteristics, which make it attractive for its practicality:

  • Its size is 4 centimeters high by 15 centimeters long , it is a little smaller than conventional mirrors, because it is located in the front glass of the car, on the passenger side and its dimensions do not interfere with the function of the normal mirror.
  • Once placed, the HR children rear view mirror does not slip and offers an ideal field of vision for the control of children sitting in the back seat, during trips.
  • It is attached using a sturdy plastic pacifier or suction cup , which has a good grip and does not slip. HR kids rear view mirror is made of glass-like plastic, which does not break and the vision it offers is very clear.
  • It is adjusted manually, like traditional mirrors, which provides ease in handling and orientation of the mirror, for effective control of the state of children sitting in the back of the vehicle.

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300mm panoramic rear view mirror

Designed in a convex shape , this mirror offers a much wider panoramic field of vision than normal mirrors, which guarantees safe maneuvering when driving both day and night.

This innovative mirror has the following characteristics:

  • Its dimensions, 300 millimeters, makes it wider, favoring the field of vision . It is curved, to ensure a very good quality panoramic view.
  • It is attached to the device of the car to support the rear-view mirror, by means of a clamp that fits in a standard way, leaving it firm, without the vibration of the car during movement, affecting it.
  • The 300mm panoramic rear view mirror is made of glass-like plastic , which provides sharpness, making visibility adequate at night or day, while offering safety to the driver and passenger, as it is unbreakable. Two qualities that give this mirror an optimal rating in the market.
  • It is very light and the clip is secure , thus preventing the 300mm panoramic rear view mirror from detaching while the car is in circulation.
  • Due to the wide field of vision, its use is highly recommended so that drivers feel safe when backing up or overtaking vehicles , as the 300mm panoramic rear view mirror greatly reduces the chances of an accident occurring due to poor display.

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