Best Toilets / Wc Reducers For Babies

Giving up the diaper is not an easy task, it requires a bit of patience, dedication and love, however this sometimes titanic work can be made easier and more bearable if parents rely on objects designed to help them in this process.

The level of maturity of the child greatly influences the correct age to leave the diaper , however there are experts who assure that the average age to begin the removal of the diaper is around 18 months, at that time you can begin to stop using the diaper and educate them To start using a baby potty or, failing that, the toilet / WC reducer, there are those who say that you should not skip the potty phase, in this matter it is like talking about politics or religion, there will always be supporters and detractors of a And on the other hand, the important thing is that you choose what you consider most appropriate for your child.

At present there are models of urinals that are 3 in 1 and that one of their functions is that of a toilet / WC reducer , this following the trend that indicates that the baby must first go through the phase of the urinal until they are adapted to relieve themselves. without a diaper to finally be able to use the toilet reducer, in any case, the wide variety of models, sizes, colors, motifs and designs is so great that it will surely be difficult for you to choose just one without first investigating the benefits and cons of the different models of toilet / WC reducers.

The removal of the diaper is not as beautiful as it is painted in the movies or as chaotic as the friends could tell us, each child is a small world and with each of them the experiences are different, even those that are moms of several children will be able to verify That this assessment is true, even between siblings there are differences regarding the effectiveness of the application of a certain method.

With the use of toilet / WC reducers your baby takes another step to become an independent and autonomous child, capable of acting in certain aspects on their own, being able to take charge of their particular hygiene is an important step, it is It is known that at this stage you must accompany him, however feeling like a big person capable of going to the bathroom on his own has a significant positive effect on his confidence, so take every opportunity you have to reinforce how well he does it, the Tomorrow’s adult will surely thank you.

The entry toilet / WC reducer may seem like a safer, cleaner, more comfortable and more practical item than the urinal, since with the fact of not having to empty or clean their waste they give it many points in favor, however it must be taken into account take into account things like the age and size of your baby, if he is very small and his body slides through the toilet / WC reducer it will surely not be practical to use, the same happens with some children who feel insecure when “hanging” in the toilet, surely they will feel a bit worried about falling and that far from helping, it can cause negative effects, since although it is normal for them to feel fear of the toilet at some point, this must be overcome with the help of parents.

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Are toilet reducers necessary for the baby?

The toilet / WC reducers are highly recommended to make the transition process of the child from the diaper to the use of the toilet in the home bathroom easier .

The use of toilet / WC reducers is necessary especially when children are young, to be able to comfortably use the toilet in the bathroom at home without running the risk of falling into the toilet or hurting themselves from being held in the air.

The process of putting off the diaper requires the support of parents, their consideration and willingness to endure perhaps a few days with small spills and accidents, but nothing serious that a little water and love cannot remove.

Its use has spread over time and there are those who bet on toilet / WC reducers over baby urinals, in any case each parent will be able to make their list of pros and cons and thus decide the one that suits them best. to his son.

The fact that children see that they can pee and poop like Mom and Dad motivates them to use this product with a lot of enthusiasm, they are great imitators.

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From what age and until what age should baby toilet reducers be used?

The age at which they should begin to put down diapers and therefore use the toilet / WC reducer varies depending on the level of maturity of the child, there are parents who choose to go straight from the diaper to the toilet / WC reducer while Others go through the middle phase of using baby potties.

Pediatricians indicate that the average age to begin the diaper removal process is approximately 18 months and that by 36 months children are able to use the toilet in the home bathroom, it is possible that some children use the seat earlier or even after average age.

There are many factors that influence the age at which they should start using the toilet / WC reducer, the most important thing is that you go at the pace of your baby without stress , without pressure and without impositions according to “advice” from third parties who are not directly involved with your baby.

There are a few details that you can use as a reference to see if your child is ready to start diapering and can use the toilet / WC reducer:

  • If the child stays in a dry diaper for a long time.
  • Whether the child can sit up alone and walk well without adult assistance.
  • If the child can follow simple instructions, such as pointing to parts of his body
  • If the child uses actions, words or phrases related to going to the bathroom.
  • If the child wants to act like Mom and Dad do and wants to be seen soon as a “big boy.”

In some schools they do not accept children with a diaper while in some nurseries they help them in this process they prefer to use the urinal than the toilet / WC reducer in any case you must evaluate very well what your particular situation is and then be able to make a further decision appropriate to your reality.

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Types of toilet reducers

At first glance it may seem that all toilet / WC reducers are the same, but boy is this statement totally wrong, the variety of models of toilet / WC reducers is incredible, there are some that are part of a larger whole: the Multifunctional urinals, in this case the urinal seat is disassembled and then becomes a toilet / WC reducer, there are also models that are created solely for this purpose: reducing toilets, however in this area there is also a lot of variety available.

There are toilet / WC reducers that are padded and with their ergonomic shape make your baby’s tail feel very comfortable while doing their business.

The soft plastic models allow children to experience the sensation of sitting on a toilet like large people, it adapts to their tail but maintains the shape of the toilet in the home bathroom.

The more sophisticated models have adjustable mechanisms with which by means of a small wheel it can be made to fix it to the toilet seat, thus preventing it from moving and making the child feel safer and not run the risk of hurting the thighs or the tail while getting on or off the toilet.

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Which of all to choose?

Choosing one model or another should not be taken lightly, it is important that the model of toilet / WC reducer that you are going to choose meets certain conditions:

  • That fits the size of your child
  • That fits the size of the bathroom in your house
  • Make it ergonomic
  • That your child feels comfortable in terms of the sensation it gives on the skin and the comfort it brings
  • That it does not hurt the tail or the legs of your son
  • Make it washable
  • Make it of durable and good quality materials

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It is not a question of fashions, it is not a question of being carried away by third-party comments, it is necessary that you carefully evaluate the characteristics of the models that have caught your attention and decide the one that brings the best benefits to your child, in the end it will be him or she who makes use of this object.

That it helps you to pass this stage satisfactorily, without trauma or major setbacks is important when choosing the best toilet / WC reducer for your child.

It is very important that regardless of which model of toilet / WC reducer you choose, you ensure that it is not excessively small because the same thing can happen as with urinals that are not chosen properly and if it is very small, your child’s tail may be left out. and therefore all the pee comes out of the cup. Girls are usually most comfortable with toilet / WC reducers as they feel safer, while boys prefer urinals.

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Precautions for use

Currently there is training underwear for children designed to make the learning process easier in which your child will stop using the diaper permanently. With this type of clothing you prevent spills or at least avoid accidents in case your child cannot go to the bathroom on time, use this type of clothing while it adapts to the use of the adapter or reducer of toilets / WC, you can also choose to dress him in easy-to-remove clothing to help him undress more quickly.

When using the toilet / WC reducer you must ensure that it is well fixed on the lid of your toilet in the home bathroom or in the place where you are installing it to avoid that your child suffers small mishaps, that the toilet / WC reducer slides and fall into the toilet or suffer scratches or small cuts if the lid is moved.

Try to keep your toilet / WC reducer clean and in perfect condition, clean it regularly and try to use cleaning products that leave it free of germs and bacteria , it is vital that these cleaning products are not abrasive so that the cleaning is not damaged. surface of the reducer or the delicate skin of your child.

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Should they wash regularly, how to do it?

The toilet / WC reducers must be cleaned regularly, for this you can use commercial products that are used for cleaning bathrooms or plastic surfaces, everything will depend on the manufacturing material of your child’s toilet / WC reducer.

Some recommendations for cleaning the toilet / WC reducer:

  • Use mild products, which do not damage the surface of the toilet / WC reducer
  • If the material used is only plastic, it is not padding, you can use running tap water and mild soap
  • Rinse the toilet / WC reducer well so that no cleaning product remains
  • Use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush to avoid scratches
  • Clean the toilet / toilet reducer frequently
  • After each use of the toilet / WC reducer, check that there has been no leakage or spillage, if positive then try to clean it instantly
  • In any case, you should always dry the toilet / WC reducer, whether you wash it one way or another, you should keep it dry

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BabyBjörn toilet seat in white and red

Each child is a small individual world and different from the rest, even different from their siblings, that is why the needs of each one are different from each other. BabyBjörn has functional products designed for the comfort of children in the bathroom, especially when the process of putting off the diaper begins.

BabyBjörn toilet seat in white and red is a very comfortable and super safe toilet seat for the little ones in the house. With the BABYBJÖRN® Toilet Seat you can achieve an ideal fit on the toilet and you can remain very stable while maintaining the proper posture to relieve yourself and feel comfortable. This toilet seat is extremely easy to remove and clean. Due to its soft shape, the sensation it produces when sitting is very pleasant and it is an ideal complement to the BABYBJÖRN® Stable Bench.

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Some interesting facts about the BabyBjörn toilet seat in white and red

  • Its use is recommended from 2 years
  • It is a safe and ergonomic seat, adjustable to the toilet seat and your child’s body
  • It is an easy item to put on and take off
  • It is adaptable to most models of toilets
  • Has a splash protection system
  • it’s very easy to clean
  • Brings a practical handle to hang it when not in use
  • It is light and weighs only 400 g
  • The material used in its manufacture is free of heavy metals and pollutants
  • It complies with current legal regulations so it is a very safe item for your child
  • Its designs in cheerful and fun colors motivate the child to use the toilet reducer and learn to go to the bathroom alone

It does not have sharp edges that can be in contact with the skin of your little one, avoiding the possibility of damage, it adjusts to the size of the toilet seat the first time of use , then your little one can put it on and take it off on his own without having to do nothing else to achieve an adjustment.

BabyBjörn toilet seat in white and red is easy to clean and with its practical handle it can be hung up once it is finished using it.

Remember that to keep it free of germs and bacteria, you should clean it after each use preferably.

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Tomkity folding toilet seat for children

Tomkity folding toilet seat for children is an extremely hygienic and easy to move reducing toilet / toilet seat , when it is folded it takes up very little space, it makes it easier to visit the bathroom with your child.

It is a very safe product as it has two tabs to fix the adapter and prevent it from moving.

It is made of materials of the highest quality, healthy and friendly to the environment. It is non-toxic and very safe to use.

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If you are one of those people who is afraid to take your child to a public bathroom (who is not?) This product is very practical since you can take it and use it anywhere, thus avoiding the risk of contagion by germs and bacteria present in the toilets public.

Specifications of Tomkity Folding Kids Toilet Seat

  • It is comfortable, light and foldable: when folded it measures only 18 cm * 15 cm, unfolded it measures 28 cm * 36 cm and its weight is around 300 grams, which makes it a very compact product and easy to take on a trip.
  • The material of manufacture is a solid plastic that is very easy to clean.
  • Its size is universal, so it fits and installs in most toilets.

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BIGWING folding and portable toilet seat in blue

Buying the BIGWING folding and portable toilet seat in blue is a success since it helps children to adapt to the use of the toilet in the home bathroom without further complication and because it is a portable product it can be used anywhere At the moment, you can take it with you wherever you go and thus not interrupt your child’s routines, and it is also very practical and hygienic.

Its use is recommended for children 18 months and older and up to approximately 4 years.

It is made of the highest quality materials, it is durable and resistant.

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It is a washable and reusable product, just by using soap and water you can clean your BIGWING seat to learn to go to the folding and portable toilet in blue.

It is safe, non-slip, has 2 non-slip rubber base pieces and a locking mechanism that allows it to maintain stability and adapt to different types of toilets.

It is a product that has an excellent price-quality ratio since for a small investment you can obtain a product that will help you a lot in the arduous task of removing your child’s diapers.

Specifications of the BIGWING folding and portable toilet learning seat in blue:

  • Size of the BIGWING folding and portable toilet seat in blue unfolded: 35 x 29 CM
  • Size of the BIGWING folding and portable toilet seat in blue folded: 18 x 15 x 5 CM
  • Inner packaging of the BIGWING folding and portable toilet seat in blue: EVA bag
  • Outer packaging of the BIGWING folding and portable toilet seat in blue: box

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Jerrybox Foldable Toilet Lid for Kids with Drawings, Compact and Portable for Travel

For many parents, going out for a walk, traveling or eating with the family can become a nightmare when children say I need to pee !, since in many public places the bathrooms are not in the best conditions of health, At that time, holding on to your head is not enough, there is a latent need waiting to be solved, that is why it is always advisable to buy a Jerrybox folding toilet cover for children with drawings, compact and portable for travel, with it you will save a lot of headaches and you will not have to go through the fears that arise when you take the child to an unfamiliar bathroom.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere, but at least at home you know your hygiene habits very well and you can rest assured that you are in a healthy and safe environment, when it is not possible it is always good to have your Jerrybox toilet lid on hand. Foldable for kids with drawings, compact and portable for travel.

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The Jerrybox Travel Kids Toilet / Toilet Reducing Lid is not just for traveling use, it can also be used at home. It is a very convenient product for both parents and children. With this article, the training phase to use the urinal or the toilet of the bathroom at home will become much more bearable.

For children to learn to use the toilet on their own and without fear, the Jerrybox folding toilet seat for children with drawings has been specially designed, compact and portable for travel. It is a comfortable product and a lot of fun! With this product you will be able to eliminate all the fears of your child in front of the toilet since even to put it together there are fun moments.

This lid is foldable and can reach dimensions of 18 cm × 15 cm × 5 cm, so it is very easy to transport it inside a diaper bag, a backpack or travel suitcase. It has an extra bag that provides greater convenience and portability with which it can be carried almost anywhere you go.

With Jerrybox folding toilet cover for children with drawings, compact and portable for travel, you can prevent your children from being in direct contact with toilet surfaces in public bathrooms, providing them with effective protection against germs, bacteria and agents that are harmful to them.

Its cleaning is very easy, it can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or by spraying it with a disinfectant spray after use.

Its design has anti-slip pads and a closure to maintain stability in the place where it is placed, it is safe and does not slip, that is why it is safe for your baby.

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Reer reducing seat for WC in blue color

Being able to go to the bathroom alone as grown-ups do is a source of pride for children. With Reer reducing toilet seat in blue, the difficult task of putting children off their diapers and going to the bathroom alone can be achieved with greater ease.

It is very versatile and easy to place, it can be easily adapted to all toilets , even children can place it alone on the toilet seat and thus immediately reducing the size of the lid so that children can use it.

It is portable and can be carried when you have the opportunity to go on a trip so that your child can continue with the process of adapting to the use of the toilet, it is a simple and effective product that can be adapted to any toilet.

Advantages of using Reer reducing seat for WC in blue color

  • Allows the child to easily adapt to the toilet in the home bathroom
  • Adapts to different types of toilets
  • This product is ideal to take on the occasion of a trip
  • Provides greater comfort for your child to relieve themselves without discomfort
  • It is easy to install , even children can place it on the toilet.
  • It is easy to clean
  • Measures 28 x 29 cm

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Rotho Babydesign reducing seat for WC in light blue color

The Rotho Babydesign reducing toilet seat in light blue color is a simply great product that can be adapted to any toilet seat, it allows you to install it on the toilet seat very easily, it has two rods to keep it fixed and prevent it from move or slide, it also has a non-slip rubber with which your child will feel much safer when going to the bathroom.

It is made of high quality resistant material , its structure has a matte surface, which prevents the baby from sticking.

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This particular model of Rotho Babydesign reducing toilet seat is blue , however there are plenty of fun colors that make it a very attractive product for your child.

It meets buyers’ expectations and is a favorite for its simplicity and quality.

It is an extremely light product that weighs only 222 grams and its size is compact, measuring 35.6 x 27.9 x 15.2 cm.

Its use is recommended for children from 12 months to 4 years.

It is a high quality product , a great investment that every parent will want to make to help their children in the difficult but beautiful task of growing up into big kids who no longer wear diapers.

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