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Baby changing tables are a very important tool for parents , who before opting for one should take into account some fairly significant general advice, because, just as there is a wide variety of models of cribs and strollers, there are also different types of changing tables. , so users before making the purchase should see which one best suits their needs.

In most cases, baby changing tables are made up of a small mattress covered by a waterproof material, generally the mattress is made of foam rubber, which not only makes the changing table soft and soft, but is also quite resistant. . That is why from now on the different types of baby changing tables that currently exist on the market will be shown.

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Types of changing tables

  • Changing mattress: this is the most basic model that exists today, since it is basically a waterproof mattress, which can be placed on all types of surfaces. This type of changing table is characterized by being quite comfortable and practical, its small size makes it very easy to place in any space and to transport without any problem; It is portable. All you need to do is place it on a flat, stable surface .
  • Inflatable changing table: it is the ideal type of changing table to transport it anywhere, even more so if you will go out alone or with the baby alone and you need practical things. Generally, the material used to make this exchanger is non-toxic PVC , which provides security to users that there is no risk of toxicity, it also has a safety valve to ensure that air does not escape. To use it, it should only be inflated when needed and deflated once it is finished using , this feature makes it the ideal changing table to go on a trip. However, a great disadvantage that it has is that it is not so firm compared to others, so it is not recommended for daily use.
  • Changing table with legs: the design of this changing table is very similar to a table and that allows it to be placed on various places, such as: the bathtub, the crib and, in some cases, on the car. Currently, these changing tables are manufactured with various compartments, which gives users the convenience of storing in fact the products they need to clean the baby, such as: diapers, wet wipes, anti-nappy cream, etc. In general, this type of changing table is for domestic use only and those that are foldable are preferred so that they do not take up as much space in the home.
  • Changing bag: this changing bag is one of the favorites for parents when traveling, since its practicality makes the entire transfer much more comfortable. The design of this changing table is as its name implies, as it is a bag in which the baby’s accessories can be stored and it includes a folding changing mat .
  • Changing bathtub: this is one of the practical models to use at home, as it is a two-in-one. It consists of a bathtub that has a built-in changing table, which allows parents to save a little money . Currently, there are several models of this type on the market.

Changing tubs

As mentioned before, bathtubs – changing tables are a type of baby changing table that is quite useful for use at home, since there are two pieces of furniture in one. Some of the models that can be found in the market are the following:

  • Bathtub – folding changing table: the most relevant feature of this model is that its legs have been designed in the shape of an X, this in order that it can be easily folded. On the bathtub you can place the flat surface that it has incorporated (the changing table) and on it you can put the baby to change it.
  • Bathtub – non-folding changing table: in general terms, this type of changing table is practically the same as the previous one, since the only difference between the two is that one folds and the other does not. Regarding its use, it works in the same way by placing the changing table over the bathtub.
  • Bathtub – changing table for bathtub: this model is a small piece of furniture that is designed to adapt to the bathtub of the home. Thanks to its adaptability, this model becomes one of the favorites for those users who do not have much space at home.
  • Bathtub cabinet with changing table: this is considered one of the most complete models in this category, as the bathtub and changing table are integrated into themselves. An advantage of this type of changing table is that thanks to its appearance, after use it can be seen as one more piece of furniture and for daily use in the room.

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Babies are the most special and defenseless beings in the world who, from their first day of life, fill their parents’ lives with joy and enthusiasm, however they are also completely changed, since from that moment the responsibilities are intensified threefold and sometimes parents are filled with fear and uncertainties, even more so if they are new.

One of the things that most puzzles parents is the excessive dependence that these little ones have on their parents, not only for the fact of food and transport, but also that during the first years they do not control their sphincters, which means that they must use diapers until they learn to identify when they feel like going to the bathroom.

During this period of time, parents find it necessary to carry hygiene accessories to carry out a diaper change anywhere, for this it is necessary that they always carry a changing table , preferably portable and very easy to use. Also at home it is important to have one, as this element helps make life easier for the mother and is more comfortable for the baby.

Portable Travel Changing Table

Going on a trip is an adventure full of many experiences, even more so if the trip is made in the company of children , because thanks to their innocence they come up with endless things that make everything much more fun. However, the task of traveling with children is not easy at all, since it is a great responsibility, especially if they are babies and cannot defend themselves.

In the latter case, it is vitally important that adults are prepared with everything the baby needs to be able to defend himself and one of the things they should carry is a portable changing table, since it is a very useful product that is useful for position the baby and change it .

Generally, a baby changing table is usually made up of a mattress made in foam form, which in turn is lined with a waterproof cover that allows it to be easily washed. In most cases, these changing tables are very comfortable and quite sturdy.

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One of the great benefits that a portable changing table provides is that it not only serves to change the baby, but also allows the accessories to be stored, which makes everything much easier to transport. Therefore, it is a product that all parents should purchase to ensure this incomparable comfort.

In addition, it is of great help if for any reason you need to leave your baby with someone to take care of him, because in the portable changing table you can leave everything he will need during your absence: diapers, wet wipes, change of clothes, bottles , antipañalitis cream, toys and anything else you consider necessary. Without a doubt, it is an investment that must be made and thus make life easier for everyone.

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Baby Diaper Changing Kit

The portable diaper changing kit for babies from the Crystal Baby Smile brand is characterized by being an extremely safe and practical product, as well as having an excellent quality that makes it one of the most preferred by users . This has a waterproof padded mat, which can be easily attached and removed whenever necessary; It has comfortable measurements of 64 cm long and 55 cm wide, more than enough space to place the baby.

This kit is quite light and very spacious , something that allows parents to keep everything very well organized, since thanks to its large mesh and its zippered pockets everything that the baby will need can be stored, be it diapers, creams, clothes, oils and even toys . It allows parents to keep everything close at hand and not neglect the baby at any time.

This is the perfect solution for parents to completely say goodbye to heavy bags and clutter, because in an everyday bag there are no compartments to put all the baby’s things. Using this kit, comfort and order are guaranteed, in addition to the front there is a pocket secured with its closure, in which parents can place the first-time things they need, such as: keys, mobile, documents identification, money, etc.

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The material used to make this exchanger is not toxic at all, it is free of azo dyes and phthalates . It is completely safe for the skin and without risk of causing any type of allergic reaction, in which case this should happen, a specialist should be consulted to determine the cause.

Something important to highlight about this changing table is that it can be moved anywhere, because while it is folded it is quite compact and light, but when unfolded it reaches up to 104 cm, enough space to place the baby completely and protect it from any surface unsanitary.

Without a doubt, this Crystal Baby Smile portable changing kit is designed to completely cover the needs of its users , making them feel pleased and satisfied. In addition, when purchasing the product a guarantee is included that will allow you to try it and return it in case it was not to your liking.

Among the opinions of users who have already used the product, the positive aspects stand out, as many agree that it is really very practical, spacious and very easy to transport ; They also highlighted how comfortable it is for the baby due to the padded mat and its length, since in fact the child’s body is not exposed or comes into contact with any unhygienic surface.

However, some users pointed out that the product is not so easy to fold, or to open when the baby is carried , but this is something that each parent improves over time; no activity is easy to do while holding a baby.

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BTR Baby Travel Changing Table

When you are a parent there are a series of accessories that can save your life completely and baby changing tables are one of them, because they get us out of trouble when we have to change the baby and there is no clean surface to place it, that is why it is so It is important to acquire one that meets all your needs.

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The BTR changing table is one of the most useful on the market, as it is ideal for going on a trip . This has dimensions of 80 cm x 54 cm enough space to put the baby and that it does not come into contact with unsanitary surfaces, it also has an extra pocket that is deployable and measures 20 cm , in this you can store some things that are considered necessary for the baby.

Something extremely remarkable about this changing table is that it is made with waterproof materials, which makes it extremely easy to clean, this prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating. On the other hand, the changing table has a clip closure that allows it to be placed in the car, in the changing bag or simply carried individually.

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It is important to note that the baby should never be left alone on the changing table, nor should hygiene products be left within reach, as they can grab them and could cause unfortunate accidents.

Among the opinions of the users, they highlight that it is a very useful product and very easy to transport, since being folded as a folder makes its transfer much easier, in addition to that in the pocket that it has incorporated you can store some things that the user deems necessary.

It was highlighted that the product has an excellent quality-price ratio , since its great utility is in line with the amount that must be paid for it. In addition, they pointed out that it is quite padded and when deployed it is super wide, which is quite beneficial for the baby.

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iRegro Portable Baby Diaper Changer

The iRegro portable changing table is one of the best quality on the market today, it is waterproof, which allows it to be very easy to clean so that bacteria and germs do not accumulate. This model is extremely easy to transport, as it folds and is totally compact.

This changing mat is very useful to change the baby at any time it is needed, since it is enough to place it on a flat surface and that’s it, because it is padded and has zippered pockets in which you can store some things that are considered necessary.

Something very particular that this changing table has is that if it is disassembled by the closure it can be used as a bag or only as a changing table , everything will depend on the preferences of the users.

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The material with which this changing table is made is waterproof Oxford cloth , which is completely safe for the baby’s skin, it is non-toxic and is free of azo dyes and phthalates, therefore you can be sure that it is not it will generate no allergic reaction.

Among the opinions of the users, it stands out that there is a good value for money , since the amount to be canceled is perfectly adjusted and is adequate with respect to the functions that it has. In addition, they highlighted that the design is not only extremely practical and comfortable, but it is also very beautiful.

In most of the comments, the practicality of the different compartments that this changing table has was highlighted, which allow the user to have at their fingertips all the products they need to perform the baby’s hygiene and do not see the need to neglect this in no time.

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Summer ChangeAway portable changing table

The Summer Infant brand has been in the market for more than 20 years and over time it has been characterized by producing excellent baby care products, which have been designed to give parents the opportunity to have ample comfort, in addition to the excellent safety for babies.

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This portable changing table is everything any parent needs to feel like a superhero and be able to care for their children as they should without any worries, as this product provides endless comforts and functions that will help make any outing or trip with the baby is an easy task to do.

The Summer ChangeAway has two mesh pockets that are large, it also has another pocket that is made of transparent plastic , in these the user has the possibility of storing all the hygiene products they need to clean the baby without any problem. making it easy to have everything at your fingertips. In addition to this, when folding it there is a velcro closure, which ensures that each of the implements that have been placed inside remains in place .

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A great advantage of this changing table is that it adapts perfectly to the baby’s car or stroller , which allows it to be very easy to move, since parents do not have the need to carry it carried on the shoulder, something that generally turns out to be very annoying and not at all comfortable.

As for the more detailed specifications, it stands out that the dimensions of the extended padded mat is 61x33cm, enough space for babies in their first months. On the other hand, the weight of this changing table is only 259 grams and its dimensions in general are 32.2 x 19.4 x 2.8 cm

Users who have already bought the product pointed out that it is indeed quite comfortable and very practical, however most emphasized that the compartments were a bit small, so that many accessories could not be put in. It is a changing table that is ideal to go out for an afternoon and carry a few things, but if it is to spend the whole day on the street or take a trip, it is quite short.

They also highlighted the fact that it is waterproof, since it is very easy to wash ; frequent washing prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating. It is necessary to emphasize that with baby things you have to be extremely careful, since they should not be exposed to much environmental pollution; Babies are very young and do not have the right antibodies to fight all infections in the environment.

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Changing mat

Changing mattresses were designed to provide ample comfort for babies at all times , as well as to give parents the peace of mind that their children are safe, comfortable and that they will not be at risk of coming into contact with unhygienic crowded surfaces. of bacteria and microbes.

In most cases these mattresses are made of waterproof material , which makes it very easy to clean; In addition, its measurements allow it to adapt to all types of surfaces.

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When choosing a changing mattress it is important to take into account certain aspects , since there is a great variety in the market and it is necessary to choose the one that really suits all needs, since it is useless to select one that does not fit with what is required.

It is important to take into account the design of the mattress, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of safety, comfort and practicality.

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It is necessary to watch over the shape of the mattress , since some have raised sides, which helps to prevent babies from falling or making a sharp turn. However, this can turn out to be a bit uncomfortable as the baby gets older because it starts to get smaller and smaller.

In general, changing mattresses are designed to be placed on solid bases , therefore the materials used to make them are soft and waterproof. Regarding the material, you should make sure that it is not cold to the skin contact because that will make the baby uncomfortable during the change. It is necessary that you have the measurements of the furniture in which you will place the mattress, since these vary and it will not help if you buy a mattress that later does not fit the base.

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Bébé-Jou plasticized changing table with 101 Dalmatians design

The Bébé-Jou plastic changing mat is one of the most resistant on the market , which gives parents the assurance that if the little one urinates, the liquid will not be transferred. This changing table has an extra padding that has a totally ergonomic shape that benefits the baby’s posture, it can also be found in different colors and designs, which makes it serve as a decoration for the child’s room.

In general, the measurements used for these mattresses are usually adapted to different spaces of daily use, such as bathtubs, beds and dressers .

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One of the materials that this mattress has is the comfortable PU foam, which provides it with a long duration of useful life and is of great comfort for the little one . In addition to this, there is a proportional space so that the baby can support his head and neck very well. For its part, the edges they have are ideal to ensure that the baby does not fall; Of course, the latter only works the first few months that the little ones are not as mobile.

Most of the materials used help protect the environment, keeping it completely safe and free from harmful substances.

As for the opinions of the users, many highlighted that it is really beneficial and that it has an excellent quality-price ratio , since the amount that has to be paid is nothing compared to the large amount of benefits that it gives both to the baby and to the parents.

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Bébé-Jou white plastic changing table

The white plasticized Bébé-Jou changing table is of high quality compared to other models on the market, as it is manufactured with the best comfort foam and PU elasticity, this gives the product a long useful life and comfort is preserved throughout over time.

It also has special depressurization characteristics, which allows the baby to have the necessary support for his head and neck , two parts of the body that during the first months must be taken care of very well, since a sudden or very strong movement it could be unfortunate.

A great benefit that this changing mattress provides is that its sides are elevated , which not only turns out to be comfortable and pleasant for the baby, but also provides greater security because it prevents the baby from coming out of the changing table in a moment of care parental; obviously this only works 100% during the first few months that babies are not as mobile.

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On the other hand, the materials used to make this product are totally healthy and safe, not only for the baby, but also against the environment, it does not contain harmful substances, and the Öko-tex and Toxproof are certified. The ventilated foam that is used prevents moisture from accumulating.

The size of this changing table is extra large , which ensures that parents can use it to change their babies for a long time without having the discomfort of the little one being tight, in addition, thanks to the edges it also reduces the possibility that an accident occurs.

Something quite characteristic is that this changing mat recovers its shape easily , which means that no matter how long the baby lasts on it, as soon as this mattress is removed it will regain its original shape.

Most users agreed that it is indeed a very useful product and that it fully complies with everything that is offered, they also pointed out that there is a good value for money , since what must be paid is adequate compared to the benefits that this grants.

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Belino plastic changing table with stars design and gray color

The Belino plasticized changing table is one of the changing tables for babies that belongs to the group of excellent quality products, that is thanks to its great fabric and spectacular design. This is characterized by being removable, it also has an opening in the lower area, which allows it to be placed in different places , such as: a dresser, the bathtub-chest of drawers and even in a convertible.

One of the great benefits is that the terry cover located in the center can be removed for washing , this helps prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating. On the other hand, the foam with which the mattress is made is characterized by being of high density and having a good consistency, this guarantees the comfort of the baby.

Regarding the opinions of the users, many assure that there is a good value for money compared to other more expensive products on the market and that they end up being of very poor quality. Also, they pointed out that the size is quite comfortable and that it adapts to different surfaces.

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In addition, they emphasized the great variety of designs in this changing mattress, something that allows parents to choose the one they like the most, thus obtaining a product that is not only completely practical and useful, but can also function as decorative element for the baby’s room; taking into account that the designs serve as a distraction for the little one, avoiding or reducing their crying when they change.

Rotho Babydesign changing mat with Lion King design

The Lion King design is one of the favorites and most sought after by parents , not only because of how cute and fun it can be, but it is quite useful and practical. This changing mattress has comfortable measures of 70 x 50 cm , enough space to place the baby and change it without any problem.

For its part, the material in which it is made is completely waterproof and is not toxic at all, which makes it much easier to clean it to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating, in addition, the fact that it is not toxic gives it reassurance to parents and protects baby’s skin.

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Another great benefit that the Rotho Babydesign has is that its base is quite solid and its sides are completely resistant , thus increasing the issue of the child’s safety, since these raised edges prevent the baby from falling or making any sudden turn during its first months of life.

Likewise, another variety of very beautiful designs is offered that are characterized by having very bright colors and that are very soft to the touch. However, some users emphasized that sometimes the material turns out to be a little cold, but it is something that can be easily solved with a slightly warmer cover.

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Pali Spa Gigi E Lele Piazzato 2-sided bath cushion

Pali Spa Gigi E Lele Piazzato is everything that parents have looked for to have greater comfort during the baby’s bath, because this bathtub cushion with 2 sides is quite a useful element, not only because it is washable , but because it provides a great comfort to the baby and makes everything much easier, in addition to having a wide durability.

The 2 sides that it has are essential to ensure the safety of the baby, as these railings prevent the little one from moving sideways and may fall into some small oversight of the parents ; This works 100% during the first months of life, since as they grow their mobility increases and it becomes more difficult to control them.

A great feature of this changing mat for bathtubs is that the interior of it is formed by a soft sponge , this provides even more comfort to the baby; In addition to this, the exterior material is totally waterproof and not toxic at all, so there is no risk of skin allergies.

Regarding the opinions of the users, they highlighted that it is quite useful and comfortable, and in most cases it was perfectly adapted to the different types of bathtubs in which it was placed. They also indicated that the design is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, as well as resistant and practical.

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Soft Baby Changing Mat by Petit Chat Owl model

The Petit Chat soft baby changing mattress is one of the most suitable on the market for changing the baby and ensuring its safety, in addition to being quite soft, soft and light , which is of great benefit to ensure the comfort of the baby and the practicality for the parents if it is necessary to transport it from one place to another.

With this mattress, parents can forget about the discomfort of other changing tables that did not provide any security and stability, since the Petit Chat changing table is characterized by being extremely stable , which does not move while the baby is being cleaned and changed.

Its ergonomic design makes it adapt perfectly to the shape of the baby , preventing it from feeling uncomfortable or in an annoying position. In addition, the material in which it is made is completely waterproof, which makes it much easier to wash and thus prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating.

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In general terms, the materials used are completely safe , that is, they do not contain any toxic substance that could endanger the baby’s health. Regarding its specifications, this changing mattress has measures of 50 x 70 cm , more than enough space to place the baby and change it without any inconvenience.

Among the opinions of the users, the fact that it is quite useful and that it has an excellent quality-price ratio stood out , as it turns out to be quite economical compared to other models on the market and optimally fulfills all the functions it offers.

In fact, they pointed out that it is one of the best changing mattress options on the market today, and the variety of designs makes the task of choosing much more fun. Being the owl design one of the favorites by adults and children, who are enthralled seeing the funny animal. Having these types of designs in the changing table makes everything much easier because the baby is entertained with the drawings and makes him move and cry less during the change.

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