Anti-Stretch Mark Oil From Bio-Oil, Analysis And Alternative

BioOil is one of the first words you will hear when you are pregnant. Made with PurCellin Oil, which prevents the oil from being greasy, promoting its penetration into the deepest layers of the skin.

It is a product that helps moisturize and relieve all kinds of skin conditions; but its main claim is its ability to keep skin supple during pregnancy, to help prevent stretch marks.

Vitamin A, vitamin E, and calendula, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile oils all smell amazing together, and thousands of women swear it was their (not-so-secret) weapon against stretch marks .

It’s time to discover what Bio-Oil oil is made of, and we are going to do it by analyzing its ingredients, as we have done in this Analysis of the Best Anti-Stretch Mark Creams on the market.


Bio-Oil anti-stretch mark oil analysis summary

It starts with basic ingredients such as traditional Vaseline, but little by little it includes active ingredients with more anti-stretch mark capacity.

Vitamin A ( retinol ) is one of those that are in greater proportions. It is an ingredient that increases collagen and elastin, however I am concerned, as it is one of the ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy , since it is toxic in high concentrations and can cause malformations in the fetus.

Vitamin E follows closely, along with other active ingredients that increase flexibility , healing , cell renewal, and moisture in the skin.

But from the bottom half of the list there are only fragrances and perfumes (more than 10), many of them irritating, sensitizing and allergenic.

Although it has good anti-stretch mark active ingredients , all those fragrances can irritate the most sensitive skin. Everything will depend on the area and the type of skin.


The Akento Cosmetics option also includes good anti-stretch mark agents that promote healing, improve elasticity or deeply hydrate the skin, but it spares the whole series of fragrance ingredients that do nothing good.

And as you know, the best option will always be the one that behaves in the most respectful way with the skin, while offering effective results .

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