Biotherm Homme Facial Cleansing Gel, Analysis And Alternative

This Biotherm Homme cleansing gel for normal skin perfectly cleanses the skin, leaving it ready for shaving, as it softens the skin and hair.

It contains a high content of minerals from Thermal Spring Water Enriched with multiple vitamins and beneficial ingredients, which prevent the skin from drying out, while eliminating all impurities and accumulated dirt. The skin is clean, revitalized and supple.

As assets it mentions that it contains a mild biological cleaning complex, and marine plant derivatives, a terminology that does not make it very clear what ingredients it includes, so we are going to analyze the INCI to find out.

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Biotherm Homme Facial Cleansing Gel Analysis

Summary of Biotherm Homme Facial Cleansing Gel analysis

This cleanser for normal skin uses a lubricant and anti-irritant moisturizer as the first ingredients, a nice addition to keep your skin moist.

Then surfactants appear, which are quite mild. And lauric acid, a moisturizing and antibacterial agent, which is unfortunately irritating.

But from this ingredient, the list becomes complicated and begins to appear perfume, phenoxyethanol (a toxic preservative), chlorphenesin (another irritant preservative), parabens, dyes, and other ingredients that are toxic for development and reproduction.

Only copper gluconate is saved, which is a good ingredient to regulate fat and favors the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

It is a pity that a cleanser is spoiled like this, which could have been a good option to remove dirt from normal skin. But it has too many harmful ingredients so that would be completely out of the question.


Undoubtedly, a much better option is Nezeni Cosmetics micellar water, which has known how to make good use of ingredients, avoiding those that can harm us, and choosing the most beneficial ones to achieve healthier and cleaner skin.

It is the cleaner that I am using at the moment, and I will tell you why in its complete analysis, which you have in the link above.

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