Youth Architect Force Supreme By Biotherm Homme, Analysis And Alternative

A firming, anti-irregularity and anti-wrinkle facial serum for all skin types, which aims to improve the quality of the skin’s structure, which has deteriorated over time.

It is the serum from the Force Supreme line (of which we have already analyzed the contour and the cream), with the star ingredients of Biotherm, Life Plankton and ProXylane.

It will be necessary to see in the INCI how these two active principles really work and in what position they are. To do this, we are going to do a complete analysis of the ingredient list.

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Now, we are going to analyze the list of ingredients of the Biotherm Homme serum.

Biotherm Homme Youth Architect Force Supreme Analysis

Summary analysis Youth Architect Force Supreme of Biotherm Homme

A short and promising list, but one that ends up disappointing from the very beginning. After the lubricant on duty, we found a silicone and an alcohol, two ingredients that I do not want to put on my face (especially on sensitive skin).

And behind solvents, humectants and stabilizers, a harmful preservative comes out.

It is an INCI that should be the other way around, since it is in the lower half where the active principles are found, both the famous Life Plankton and ProXylane, as well as other antioxidants, moisturizers and restorative ingredients.

Although I must make a note, both Life Plankton and ProXylane are ingredients with patents from L’Oreal, so they are not verified by independent research. We will have to believe what they tell us about these ingredients, or not.

The result is a very poor serum, with worthwhile ingredients in low proportions. Although it is at least low in preservatives and paraben free.


I always like to advise you on products that I have tried and that work, and this is the case with the Nezeni Cosmetics Intensive Antiage Serum. It is the one that I am using at the moment, and both because of its INCI and its price, there can be no better option.

And if you live outside of Spain, you will be happy to know that the brand already ships to all of Europe, the US, Canada and part of Latin America.

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