Biotherm Biosource Anti-Pollution Stimulating Tonic, Analysis And Alternative

A hydrating and stimulating facial toner that removes residual impurities while hydrating and toning the skin, preparing it for the next steps of skin care.

Leaves skin clean, fresh, smooth, radiant and comfortable; minimizes pores, making it an ideal toner for normal and combination skin.

It is formulated with L’Oreal’s patented ingredient: Life Plankton, rich in nutrients, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. They do not advance any more assets, so we are going to dive into the INCI to see what it is made of.

Remember that we have also done this with more products, and you can read it in this analysis of the Best Facial Toners , so you don’t have to break your head trying all the toners on the market.

Biotherm Biosource Anti-Pollution Stimulating Tonic Analysis

Summary analysis Biotherm Biosource Anti-Pollution Stimulating Tonic

It is a formula to avoid, for many reasons. Already at the top of the list are three preservatives, two of them harmful and irritating, something that does not bode well.

As assets, there are only 4 amino acids, an antioxidant and a moisturizing ingredient that prevents water loss from the skin. Life Plankton is too low, as are amino acids, so I highly doubt it will deliver great results.

However, the list is full of preservatives, many of them irritating or toxic; and fragrance ingredients, which in many cases are irritants or allergens.

It is a very extensive INCI, the longest we have seen, but it really does not add anything good to our skin. I would avoid it completely, but especially sensitive or dry skin, as it has alcohol in it and is full of irritants that can make it worse.


A much more recommended option is Nezeni Cosmetics micellar water, with much more moisturizing and purifying actives, and with a much smaller amount of harmful ingredients.

They have been able to take better advantage of the ingredients since although there are also quite a few, the vast majority provide something good.

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