Bitter Orange Essential Oil: Contraindications, Benefits And Uses

Nature has given us everything we need to live, in a beautiful and constant way. Although, all these gifts have given us great contributions and as thinking beings we have discovered how to make the most of them, discovering from their composition to how to obtain or generate new compounds with them.

Such is the case of bitter orange essential oil , a compound with a long history in medicine, which has stood out for its healing properties being of great benefit to our well-being and health. Its transcendent history has led it to be known throughout the world and used by many sectors.

It should be noted that although this oil provides us with great contributions, it is not exempt from also presenting negative effects , which is why it is essential to know everything about it. Characterized by use in the pharmaceutical industry and in homes, much compared to sweet orange essential oil, but noted for its particular qualities.

In this article we seek to present you from the most basic to some more complex knowledge about bitter orange essential oil from its origin, properties, benefits, uses to where you can buy it and how to use it, which you must take into account before using it.


What is bitter orange essential oil?

It is an essential oil extracted from the bark of the leaves of the fruit of a citrus tree called orange, in detail bitter orange. This tree is characterized by its quality of only contributing sour orange or bitter orange , which is why it has been named, its fruits and other derivatives.

This essential oil that can be extracted from the orange tree stands out for its amazing and particular aroma, which has made it ideal for aromatherapy , also thanks to the contribution it offers in natural therapeutic treatments. And the great benefits it brings to the body for its calming capacity, as well as the improvements in natural cosmetic problems.

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Origin of bitter orange essential oil

Originally it is believed that the first orange tree or orange tree was harvested in China , this being its place of origin, which is why it is also believed that the first appearances and applications of bitter orange essential oil occurred there.

However, as time has passed, this bitter orange crop has spread throughout the warmer areas of the world. Highlighting countries such as Paraguay, Spain, France (further south) and Algeria as the largest growers and producers of this essential oil, from where they are taken to all corners of the world.

From these areas as well as in South America, which currently has one of the largest quantities of orange trees, they are distributed for use in cosmetics, medicines and in therapeutic problems.

What is bitter orange essential oil for?

Perhaps it is the question you ask yourself the most, that is why in this chapter we will tell you what this essential oil is for. They are the main conditions that it can treat , keep them in mind and see if you present any and this oil serves you.

  • As a slimming, that is, to lose weight.
  • Combat stress, nervousness and anxiety, it is ideal for these conditions.
  • Regenerator of cells, perfect for the skin.
  • To treat acne problems.
  • With problems that affect the menstrual cycle.
  • As an eliminator of spasms, contractures and tension.
  • As a skin brightener.

If you have some of these problems, bitter orange essential oil is ideal for you . Later we will tell you what are these properties that manage to act on these problems and how exactly it is used to treat these problems.

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Bitter orange essential oil properties

There are many health benefits that we can obtain and this is due to the incredible properties that it possesses, which make it useful to solve many diseases and use its use . Here we leave you the main properties of bitter orange essential oil.

  • It is a natural antispasmodic
  • A natural antiseptic
  • A natural diuretic
  • A natural antidepressant
  • A nourishing and hydrating toner
  • A natural painkiller
  • A natural sedative
  • A natural aphrodisiac
  • A natural carminative
  • Rebalance your nervous system
  • Cell regenerator
  • A natural anti-inflammatory
  • Natural depigmenting
  • Moisturizing
  • Dandruff
  • Hair conditioners and fixers
  • It is high in vitamin C

We also find some components that are of great benefit to solve the problems that may arise and are part of its properties.

  • Magnesium: A compound that our body needs to stimulate intestinal peristalsis and eliminate many toxins from the body. Ideal to alleviate the problems that have to do with constipation.
  • Fiber: It is a compound that destroys pathogenic microbial flora, which is perfect for promoting a natural bowel movement.
  • Potassium hydroxide: One of the elemental compounds for the body, since it helps eliminate fat. It acts directly as a cleanser and a hepato-protector.
  • Sodium hydroxide : Keeping our digestive metabolism healthy is essential for good health, as this helps protect the gastric mucosa.

How to obtain bitter orange essential oil

Surely you wonder how do I extract bitter orange oil? We tell you that it can be quite simple. But it requires a process in which it is necessary to be very careful, since some of the components used in this production can be harmful to the skin when you have direct contact.

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In industry, the leaves are used and the essential oil is extracted by steam expansion But even more, you can do it from home. It is achieved by extracting the oil, directly from the fruit . Here we leave you the way to do it, you will see that although it is easy it takes time and respective precautions.

Homemade Bitter Orange Essential Oil Preparation

From home you can do it, you must work in a clean place. Make sure that there are no children nearby and that the spaces you use are not within their reach.


Vodka (Yes, you read that correctly) and it must be pure , bitter oranges , regular coffee filter or some cloth that serves as a strainer , A glass container with a lid.


The main and essential thing is that you have a pair of gloves to start with the elaboration (they can be made of latex), the reason is that the oil can cause certain types of skin irritations, as we already mentioned.

We must peel all the bitter oranges very well in order to obtain all the peels. You should try to remove as much as possible all the white parts of these shells, so that they are completely without them.

The next thing is to grind all the shells until there are only very small and thick pieces left as a result (you can do it with some grated, in the blender itself or one of those small seasoning slicers).

These oranges are placed at the base of a glass container, preferably one that has a lid that fits. Once you have put everything in the base of the glass container, you proceed to fill with the pure vodka, you must do it until it exceeds the bitter orange peels by about two centimeters.

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The next thing is to cover it well (that is why you must adjust the lid) with force you must shake it for a couple of minutes. You should do this at least three times a day, its importance lies in the fact that this way you will get much more oil.

Ideally, while the container is not shaken, it should be kept in a sunny place . So the heat helps you create much more oil, ideally for at least 14 days. With the help of the regular coffee filter or the cloth, you should strain the mixture from the glass container. The resulting liquid is collected in a bowl and filtered again if necessary.

It is transferred from the bowl to a flat and wide plate. This should be covered with cheesecloth and let it evaporate at room temperature, we recommend that for at least three days. This is done so that the remaining alcohol in the mixture can evaporate and we only have the essential oil of bitter orange as a result, ready.

Bitter orange essential oil benefits

Thanks to the properties already mentioned, bitter orange essential oil offers great benefits . In this chapter we will tell you what these benefits are that you can obtain just by using a little of this oil .

Benefits in the stomach area: Among the main benefits is acting on the digestive system and improving it. This same benefit works to relieve constipation.

Prevents all types of cellular mutations that occur. The cosmetics industry has benefited greatly from this oil and we will show you why. Nourishes, soothes and softens irritated skin.

Eliminates the callused parts, especially of the feet and hands. Hydrating and revitalizing this skin that is very dry, irritated and flaky. Fight acne from the root and blackheads. Helps the production of collagen in the skin, showing great improvements. Ideal for the fight against wrinkles and aging.

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It has the astringent and antibacterial capacity, which benefits oily skin. Helps cleanse while toning (especially the face). Beneficial if you are looking to combat stress marks. Incredible for lightening (or even removing) sun product stains on the skin.

By eliminating toxins, it easily detoxifies the body and provides relaxation and happiness. Due to its ability to absorb and retain fragrances, the perfume industry has benefited greatly.

It benefits the immune system, helping to prevent and fight bacterial diseases. Stabilizing aromas. Providing a pleasant smell.

Contraindications and side effects of bitter orange essential oil

The benefits and contributions we have seen now are great, but not everything is like that with bitter orange essential oil. We must take into account the contradictions and negative effects that it can cause . The first thing is that you do not apply it before exposing yourself to the sun, since the risk of suffering burns is very high, and we remember that this oil is photosensitive.

The most severe contraindications occur with people who maintain a treatment that contains cyclosporine, which is why we recommend not using it in this case, as well as with people who are treated with antidepressants.

There are certain diseases with which we do not recommend consuming it, such as severe hypertension, diabetes mellitus, prostatic hypertrophy and glaucoma. If you are cautious you should not combine this oil with caffeine , as it makes you more prone to alterations in blood pressure or heart rate.

In general, medications are usually accompanied by a space where the most considerable precautions and recommendations are detailed , if you get it in a certified place you should also bring it. An example would be the following.

Precautions: Inflammation. Irritating to eyes and skin. Skin sensitization. It damages the aquatic environment.

Recommendations: Keep away from fire or sources of sparks. Wear gloves. If it falls into the eyes or skin, wash immediately with plenty of water, otherwise changes are seen, go to the doctor. Vote both the product and the recipient.

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Bitter orange essential oil as a natural treatment

In aromatherapy and as an essential oil for massages

Both uses as a natural treatment are given in order to relax the body and provide a sensation, it is said that natural because the oil is used directly on the body or organism .

In the case of aromatherapy, it is placed directly on a scent. A few drops of this essential oil are enough, they help to increase the body’s energy (providing a soothing sensation of well-being ) and as a result leaves a feeling of happiness , ideal as an antidepressant for symptoms of fatigue and anxiety .

It is used as a sedative in people suffering from nervousness, stress, and symptoms of depression . Acting as a natural relaxant for the body, tranquilizer and ending these symptoms.

In the case of massages, it is applied directly to the skin (you can combine with other oils, but by itself it is incredible) . If you want to act on a specific region, you must add it there and massage in a circular way for at least 10 minutes. Then the skin is left to rest for 10 more minutes, so that it absorbs all the nutrients and properties.

As a product in gastronomy

Indian cuisine has stood out for using it naturally , both the fruit and the oil. From green fruit for juices and ice creams, the same fruit juice as a marinade for meats and salads to the essential oil used in drinks and liqueurs.

Bitter orange essential oil uses

Its use in different areas in the commercial industry has become great and outstanding . Being used in an infinity of new products that appear on the market based on or with this essential oil of bitter orange . Here we leave you the most common uses and in which products you can find them, as well as what are the problems that they deal directly.

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In the cosmetic industry

There are many benefits that the cosmetic industry can obtain from this essential oil of bitter orange. Reason why they have decided to implement it in their products, given all their properties they have developed them of different types and here we show you some.


Due to this property, as in other citrus fruits, it has the ability to stimulate blood irritation and lymphatic drainage . It is used for the detoxification and purification of substances that the body discards, as well as for its smell, mostly in medicines and direct application.


Due to this property, it has the ability to regulate metabolism, especially carbohydrates and fat . This bitter orange essential oil is widely used in anti-cellulite creams, slimming and firming creams. As well as ingredients that act directly on the stomach.


Due to this property, it has the ability to directly stimulate the regeneration of skin tissues and improve its condition (texture and shine) . Used as an ingredient in foot creams, anti-wrinkle creams and tonics that provide luminosity (sunscreen).


Thanks to this property it has the ability to provide relief from inflammations of any kind, in various areas (whether external or internal) of the body. It is used in medicines that relieve fever, since it acts on the pain, infections and gases that it causes. It is also used to help with antibiotic side effects .


This property makes it be used to treat cases of infections present in open skin wounds , helping to disinfect these wounds while providing protection to the affected area by eliminating bacteria that seek to grow. Many pharmaceutical industry treatments use it , such as ointments and creams.


Thanks to this property they are capable of adsorbing liquids and it has been used to prevent the massive loss of water from the skin . It stops dehydration, which is why the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries use it as a compound in creams, ointments and lotions.

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In gastrointestinal disorders

  • It is used to help in cases of ulcers, constipation and diarrhea.
  • To regulate the levels of fats and sugar in the blood, especially to lose weight.
  • As a stimulant of blood circulation and cardiac tonic (purifying the blood)
  • Used in liver disorders, acting from medicines.
  • Used in billiard gallbladder disorders, also as a medicine.
  • Used in kidney disorders, in those problems of grit and stones. Ideal to improve the symptoms caused.
  • Used in bladder disorders, with medicines that help with fluid retention.
  • Used in sleep disorders as a sedative to rest and relax.
  • Used in vitamins C, to improve the immunity of the defenses against colds, bronchitis and flu.

Due to its property of containing vitamin C

This is perhaps its greatest use. Both the fruit and the essential oil. Bitter orange contains large amounts of vitamin C. The pharmaceutical industry owes much to this compound, which has been able to present itself as the number one and essential vitamin in the body.

From the birth of the small, doctors recommend that you start consuming this vitamin. The best products are based on the fruit or natural essential oil and very few (scarce) use it in a synthesized way.

These vitamins are usually found in four presentations.

  • Drops : Ideal for the little ones who still do not have teeth and cannot consume them in tablets. The recommended dose is 5 to 6 drops per day for three months, three months off and do the same again consecutively.
  • Tablets (caramelized): Perfect for those children between the ages of 5 and 12. They come in the shape (and flavor) of orange candy. The recommended dose is one tablet a day for three months and two months off, so on consecutively.

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  • Soft capsules or soft pearls: Recommended by specialists for adults, since we all need vitamin C in our body. One capsule every day for one month and three months off.
  • Ampoules: These are oil-based compounds exactly, they are used to treat emergency cases where vitamin C is very scarce (extremely). The dose is usually lower. Three blisters, twice a year, every three years.

Other therapeutic uses of bitter orange essential oil, given its properties

In addition to the aforementioned properties that the pharmaceutical industry benefits from, let us remember that it has others . So in this part we have dedicated ourselves to showing you how these other properties are used.


This property allows it to be used against the side effects caused by spasms . It is used occasionally against continuous coughs, seizures, cramps and pains in the pit of the stomach . Doctors recommend using them immediately when these spasms occur , so the body will not suffer as much damage.


As we have mentioned, it benefits people who suffer from a depressive disorder . This property allows you to calm the body and mind of the person. Thanks to its ability to lead positive thoughts, recommended for use by various therapists.

It should be noted that it is very effective in cases of postpartum sadness or depression . Later we will explain why, in the chapters of for pregnant women, bitter orange essential oil and orange essential oil for children or babies.


This property, even if slight, is outstanding , which is why it is widely used as a eliminator of frigidity, impotence, erection and loss of sexual interest in couples . Those who use it the most for these benefits are men, we note that it also helps increase libido.


This property allows this bitter orange essential oil to be used in treatments against symptoms (from pain in the body, especially in the chest, indigestion to general discomfort) all these consequences of excess gas in the body.

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This property makes it essential in the use of shampoos , the organizations that manufacture these seek to attract the attention of the potential buyer. And dandruff is one of the “fungi” that most affect today, the active extracts that this oil has reduce the effects of “flaking” hair. You see it, ideal to use against dandruff.


The same active anti-dandruff properties are responsible for helping in the fixation and durability of hairstyles . They are used in high humidity or sunny environments. Its properties allow it to withstand both climates. The hair care industry has decided to use it in their conditioning and hold products.

This property also helps to increase blood pressure, it is highly recommended and used for cardiovascular problems. Calming each and every one of the annoyances caused.

For pregnant women, bitter orange essential oil

You are pregnant and you wonder, Can I use this essential oil of bitter orange with my condition? The answer is yes, you can use it . Remember that although pregnancy is exciting and joyful, it is not saved from presenting complications. These negative symptoms can become a big problem and that is why the use of this oil is present .

Ideal to combat some problems caused by pregnancy , from relaxing to treatment with anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend that you talk to your doctor mainly , who is the one who decides the dose you are going to use. In the same way, here we leave you the way of how and in what perfect quantity to use it.

In the bath, 4 or 5 drops of the oil are mixed directly with the water (preferably warm). This will improve circulation and protect the skin from stretch marks. If you decide to apply it with other products such as oils, lotions or creams, we recommend that in 50 ml of any of these products you add 4 or 6 drops of the oil and apply.

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It can be used in a diffuser , the dose we recommend is 5 to 6 drops with a little water. Try to do it with breaks so you don’t over-overwhelm the scent and make it bothersome. If you have constipation (because of the belly) you should apply it in cream. With the help of a compress (or towel) you apply it to the abdomen and massage for 15 minutes.

Bitter orange essential oil for children or babies

Yes, this product can be used on children and babies, as long as you have the necessary care . It is generally used as a diffuser, to provide children with a quiet and relaxing break. Recommended to place it half an hour before the child or baby goes to sleep, so that the environment of the child’s room absorbs the aroma.

The recommended dose, which you can consult with your bed doctor, is three drops of bitter orange essential oil in the diffuser. This dose will guarantee a full rest , but be careful and we tell you why, using it consistently can be overwhelming.

You should not use it in this continuous way, make sure that the diffuser has intermediate breaks . We recommend that you program it as follows, 20 seconds for the diffuser to act with the drops and 40 seconds for a pause. This constantly to ensure that the environment absorbs the odor without overwhelming the child’s airways.

Another way to find this essential oil on the market is in the presentation of vitamins , the drug industry has extracted its greatest property, vitamin C, and they have managed to convert it into products (vitamins) that are used from children to adults.

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We recommend consuming this essential oil of bitter orange through vitamins, for children it is easier this way and there will be no problems for them to accept them. It should be noted that adults also need a good dose of vitamin C from time to time.

Bitter orange essential oil expires?

The products generated with this bitter orange essential oil do expire , they usually have the date somewhere, not exact, but average . You should read on their packaging that they are not already expired or close at the time of purchase.

Bitter orange essential oil for joint pain relief

Joint pain is annoying and uncomfortable. They do not let us do all the activities that are common to us, they are perhaps the most common and worst . Which is why we thought it appropriate to dedicate a chapter to this very colloquial problem. We will present you which properties of this oil benefit as a treatment for joint pain .

Why is bitter orange essential oil for these pains? It is mainly due to its antispasmodic property, which is used to prevent muscle and joint pain.

A homemade recipe that we recommend preparing with this essential oil to soothe joint pain is the following. 6 drops of bitter orange essential oil and 6 drops of a vehicular essential oil (such as sweet almonds or sesame), mix and apply to the affected area. We recommend that you quit and act naturally as you should.

Home remedies with bitter orange essential oil

We have seen how easy it is to obtain bitter orange essential oil in our homes, but we have another piece of information for you. You can prepare your own remedies at home , easily and simply too. You can use these to alleviate any mishap that we have noted above, here we leave you some of these recipes for you to prepare.

A home remedy to combat cellulite

It is a cream that you can create yourself and with few ingredients, ideal for those annoying cellulite that usually affects women, especially on the legs.

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24 drops of bitter orange essential oil (use a standard dropper), 12 drops of rosemary essential oil, 10 drops of juniper essential oil, 100 ml of almond oil, 1 glass container.


You must put all the oils in the glass container and cover it. Shake vigorously until everything is compacted and ready.


We recommend that you apply it daily, on clean skin (perhaps after a bath) and that you help yourself with a gentle and constant massage (at least for 10 minutes)

A remedy for those tired feet after a long routine

Thermal waters? Yes, these are good. But you can bring the relaxation and effects of those waters to your home, or at least to your feet. Here we leave you a combination that will help you alleviate those discomfort caused by shoes, walks and hours of feet, even with those calloused and dry feet .


12 drops of bitter orange essential oil (homemade or the one you find in the pharmacy), 2 tablespoons (large) of Epson salts, water, a large and spacious container.


Boil the water in a pot (bring to a boil), remove from the heat and wait a few minutes until the water is warm, when this happens you must place it in the container (make sure it is a container without other additional use).

Add the drops of bitter orange essential oil and the tablespoons of Epson salts, stir the water until everything has been well compacted, sit down and place your feet in the water.


We recommend doing it at least once a week (when you find the time), each assignment should be from 10 minutes to 15 minutes

A home remedy for varicose veins

A mixture that will help you with those problems of varicose veins , you can mix the ingredients in large portions and store the mixture in a container (preferably glass) but it is most recommended that you mix them before application in the following way .

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4 drops of bitter orange essential oil, 10 ml of avocado oil. Your hands (as long as they are clean)


If you want to prepare enough mixture, get a glass container (with lid) and mix both ingredients, the essential oil of bitter orange and the avocado oil in much larger quantities.

If not, on your own hands (specifically on the bowl) you place both ingredients and rub very well. Apply on the area affected by varicose veins


As we said, we recommend making the mixture the instant you apply it. You should do it on both legs once or twice a day every day, or at least with a single day in between.

A 100% natural and homemade deodorant

A product for both men and women , vital for everyone. Especially at those hours of going out and for people with a tendency to sweat . We leave you one of the recipes that can best serve you, so that in a natural and simple way you can fight that bad smell.

Ingredients: 2 drops of bitter orange essential oil (for one application), 60 drops of bitter orange essential oil (for a fortnight of application), 2 drops of sage essential oil (for one application), 60 drops of essential oil sage (for a fortnight of application), 5 ml of aloe vera gel (for one application)

Also 150 ml of aloe vera gel (for a fortnight of application), your own hands (make sure they are clean) and a glass container with a tight lid.


In the container (case of the fortnight) or in your hands (for one application) add both essential oils and aloe vera gel, mix until everything is compacted, apply on the skin of the armpits.

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We recommend applying it twice a day and if you prepare the straight for the fortnightly duration, tighten the lid well before putting it away. Try to use it after getting out of the shower and then wash your hands well. Massage well and steadily for at least 30 seconds.

Home remedy to restore shine and attack hair breakage

The first is a hair mask based on the integral oil of bitter orange. Ideal to give the hair a natural shine and protect the break. Here we leave you a recipe that you can prepare at home, with a perfect recommendation for a shampoo, which can help as a remedy in the same treatment.


15 drops of bitter orange essential oil (100% natural), 100 ml of sweet almond oil (100% natural), half a glass of aloe vera gel, 2 tablespoons (large) of shea butter (100% natural) .


You must put everything in the microwave, the almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter, mix until everything is well compacted and homogeneous, add the essential oil of bitter orange, you must mix until complementing and place on the hair .


You must apply it from the scalp to the tips (everything, without missing anywhere), after 5 minutes it must be removed and washed (with plenty of water), after 5 more minutes wash your hair as usual.

The promise is due, you can use this mixture to make shampoo. Only 10 drops of organic shampoo should be added (it is usually without chemicals or odor) and mix again until everything is compacted again. You can use it whenever you need and want it, much better if you do it with the mask.

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A zen air freshener, promote peace and joy in your home

A set, characterized by its ability to harmonize the environment. Helping with mood and nervous system . This oil is incredible to permeate spaces and provide tranquility, well-being and an exquisite aroma . We leave you the recipe so you can prepare your own home air freshener.


10 drops of the precious bitter orange essential oil, 10 drops of petitgrain essential oil, 5 drops of liquid soap, 1 spray, 100 ml of water


Start by adding the 100 ml of water to the sprayer, then you must add the liquid soap and both oils and mix well; spray on the house (especially the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom)


We recommend doing it every two days at least, as well as you can add other oils (that you like for their properties or smell) and give the air freshener your personal touch.

Other simpler recipes that only consist of mixtures

To ease the mind, in cases of disturbances (especially emotional)

Mix bitter orange essential oil with neroli and sweet orange essential oil, apply on the areas where you have accumulated tension with a gentle massage.

To ease the mind, in cases of depression

Fill a tub or bathtub with warm water, add 4 drops of bitter orange essential oil and 2 drops of neroli, Mix until compact and take a long bath.

To soothe the body, cleaning in cases of oily or combination skin

Ideally, a mix of bitter orange essential oil with Australian sandalwood oil and ilang – ilang. Apply to the face every night and remove the next morning.

To soothe the body, cleaning in cases of sensitive skin

It consists of a mixture of 2 drops of bitter orange essential oil, 2 drops of geranium essential oil (diluted) and 20 grams of cream (preferably natural, that is, without added chemicals or fragrances), before going to bed, apply it on the face and remove the next morning.

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These are just some of the most basic recipes, which serve as a remedy to treat problems of fatigue, discomfort, marks, bad smells or others . We recommend using it at home thanks to the great benefits that this oil provides, in its formal presentation as in any of these home remedies.

Alternative uses for bitter orange essential oil

In addition to the uses that we have already mentioned, other alternatives that we can find are the gastronomic case of food , since this essential oil is used to give a strong and different flavor to beverages of different types, sweets (most fruits) and countless more dishes.

It is also used in the industry as a fragrance for soaps, lotions, creams (anti-stretch marks, anti-wrinkles and others), shampoos, moisturizers, styling creams, conditioners, such as certain types of non-alcoholic drink concentrates, air fresheners, deodorants, bakery and pastry products, juices and even chocolates.

Ideal to fight fungi . It is used on infected skin, being effective particularly for the treatment of nicotic infections and athlete’s foot. There are several factories that make products such as talc or anti – athlete’s foot powders that use this essential oil of bitter orange as an integrated compound.

It is used in products to control gum bleeding, perfect for fighting periodontal disease. There are several medications that use it in its formula. Its ability to improve chronic fatigue, regulate appetite and reduce general weakness makes it widely used in the preparation of tonics used by people who suffer from any of these problems.

One of those uses and which is presented as one of the best properties of bitter orange essential oil is its ability to reverse cancer-causing bacteria in the body , yes, cancer-causing bacteria. This is due to its high levels of limonene, which can shrink tumors and in turn protect DNA from acquiring cancer cells.

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For this reason it is used by many patients as a natural treatment to treat and prevent cancer, doctors recommend it . If you know of someone who suffers from or is prone to this disease, keep in mind to recommend this essential oil of bitter orange to consult with your doctor.

Where to buy bitter orange essential oil?

Now that you know so much about bitter orange essential oil, you probably want to try it and your question is Where do I buy it? Although, you can find it in some pharmacies and natural apothecaries , some places need a prescription while others do not, so make sure you know this information before requesting it.

If you want to buy it online because you don’t have time or for other reasons, we recommend you google this product in searches that are close to where you are, since currently there are pharmacies and drugstores that have an online sales system. Another good option is Amazon Remember that on the web you can find thousands of more options.

Bitter orange essential oil another additional fact

We can mention an important and historical fact, the scientific name that has been given to bitter orange to differentiate its qualities is Citrus (due to its genus) Aurantium L, belonging to the Rutaceae family. In this way it has been possible to differentiate it from the sweet orange.

It is very compared to sweet orange essential oil , however it is good to highlight the differences between the two. It is mainly due to the smell, since one is sweeter and stronger than the other. It is advisable to know exactly what each one provides.

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